How I Earned Extra Money

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The true story I am telling here commenced about 4 years ago and came at the instigation of my best friend, Suzie, whom I had known since our early school days.

It all began when Suzie offered to pay for a very expensive night out together when we had one of our rare evenings away from our husbands. Both husbands are very loving and easygoing men, but it was still a rare occasion for us to get out together alone.

I told Suzie I would pay for half of the night out, but she insisted on paying for it all. I quizzed her about how she could afford the money for the night out, as I knew they were only about as well off as my husband and I was and we weren’t very well off at all. Suzie simply said she had a source of money and all was well.

Suzie really had me wondering, over the next few days, about what she meant about having a source of money! She certainly didn’t have a job and I was sure she hadn’t been left any money by a rich relative so, what was the source! I kept at Suzie and in the end, she finally sat me down, made me swear never to tell anyone what she was about to tell me, and began her story.

Suzie was being used as a photographic model! Not just an ordinary photographic model, but a pornographic photographic model! I just couldn’t believe her!

“Yes,” she said, “it is true – I have been working about once a month doing pornographic work, but it just started with simple hand modeling and gradually moved on to much more rewarding work.

It appears she was in the local shopping mall when a gentleman stopped her and asked her if he may inspect her hands. She would have normally moved off and ignored him but he was really handsome and she was intrigued as to why he would want to inspect her hands. He told her he was a photographer and was in need of a hand model as his previous hand model had moved to another state and he had no replacement. He offered to explain it all to her there and then, but she was in a hurry so he gave her his card and asked her to call him soon. He also asked he not to tell anyone about his work and he would tell her more when they met for an appointment.

Suzie rang him later that afternoon because she was really curious about his need for a hand model! When she arrived at his studio, which was in a fairly isolated part of the city, he greeted her with open arms and told her she was just the person he was looking for.

He asked her to hold several objects in her hand – the first was a single long stemmed rose and he asked her to roll up the sleeve of her blouse as far as it would go so he could take a couple of photographs of her hand and arm. He also had her holding a candle and a banana. Suzie thought it was a bit of a giggle and went along with what he wanted. He asked her if she would come back the next afternoon and see what the photographs looked like and he would also explain more of the type of work he would be doing.

Next afternoon, Suzie arrived at the studio and was quite excited at what she would see. The photographer, George, told her the payment for her hand modeling service would be quite large because he didn’t just want her to hold inanimate objects like she had done the day before. Puzzled by this, Suzie asked him what he expected her to be holding during these modeling sessions.

His next statement really stunned her!

“Well, to put it as bluntly as possible so as not to confuse you – I am a pornographic photographer and you would be holding cocks to start with!” he said, with a kindly grin on his face.

“No way,” said Suzie, “My husband would never agree to that and besides, I am not that sort of girl!”

George’s reply was quiet and confidential – “He would never need to know, and besides, you would be earning yourself a steady income supplement. Lots of women earn extra money and I am sure you will consider giving it a go once you have thought it over!”

Suzie couldn’t agree with that thought, but when George explained she would receive $50 for each half hour modeling session, just for holding a man’s cock in her hand, it became another matter for her to think about.

George offered to show Suzie around the studio so she could see for herself what was needed for the modeling sessions. The studio building was quite large but divided up into a number of smaller studios and each was closed off with partitioning and doors for privacy.

Right there and then, George asked Suzie if she would give it just one try and see if she would change her mind – he would pay her if she wanted it, but he thought it would help her make up her mind.

Suzie is the sort of girl who will give most things a go and so, somewhat reluctantly, she agreed to try as he had suggested.

George took Suzie into one of the smaller studios and asked her to stand alongside a small table in the center of the room. The table was covered with a pretty, pale cloth and nothing else. Between the camera and the table was a tripod which held up a frame – it looked like casino şirketleri a large frame from an expensive painting. He asked Suzie to roll up her sleeve again and stand on one side of the table. Immediately she was positioned, a naked man walked into the studio, his erect penis jutting out sharply from his body. He moved to a position on the opposite side of the table and without waiting, placed his cock into Suzie’s open hand! Suzie recoiled a little but recovered quickly and looked up to see what the photographer was doing. He was busy aligning the cock and hand through the frame so that it appeared the cock and hand were the subject framed within the frame itself.

Six photographs were taken and then the naked man removed his cock from her hand and walked out of the room! Suzie was really stunned and couldn’t believe she had been holding this strange man’s cock for about 7 minutes and not a word had been spoken. Suzie automatically raised her hand to her nose and smelt it as if trying to make sure the man’s cock had actually been in her hand such a short time ago.

George told her it was all over and he was happy to pay her the $50 for her efforts and was sure she would be back when she really considered just how easy the money had been earned!

Sandra just couldn’t believe what she had heard! How could Suzie do that – but Suzie had a lot more to tell about her photographic work.

“George was right,” said Suzie, “I just couldn’t wait to see if there would be more work holding a cock in my hand – this time I vowed to myself I would talk to the man and give his cock a squeeze!”

When Suzie returned to the studio, George grinned at her and told her he knew she would be back and he had plenty of work for her to do, if she was prepared to do everything he told her.

Her first 4 assignments were almost the same as the first – she had to hold a man’s cock in her hand whilst photographs were being taken. This time, Suzie felt more at ease and gave each cock a little squeeze which seemed to excite the men. When Suzie was holding the last cock, she felt very adventurous and started to stroke the man’s cock, but before she had been able to get very far, the photographer called a halt to the shoot and the man walked out of the room.

George called Suzie into his office and said he wanted to have a serious talk with her. Suzie wondered just what he could want and hoped he wouldn’t tell her there was no more work for her. George gave her a reassuring smile and said he was very happy with her work and wondered if she would be prepared to do a little more work which was a little bit kinky!

Of course, Suzie wondered just what ‘a little bit kinky’ meant. George said to Suzie, “Suzie, I can’t help notice you have wonderful hairy forearms and that is a great turn on to most men. I wonder if you would be prepared to use your hairy forearms in some of the pictures and this will add to the excitement of the photographs. Of course, we would pay you well for the photographs.”

Suzie was very proud of her hairy forearms – they weren’t gross or covered with thick hair, more of a soft downy fair hair. She was aware that lots of men had done all sorts of things to brush their hands along her forearms so she knew it was a turn-on for men.

She asked George what he wanted her to do and his words were very simple – “Just let my men rest their cocks on your forearms when we take the photographs”

This seemed simple enough to Suzie and she agreed.

On this particular day, Suzie was wearing a dress which had rather tight sleeves which went a bit below her elbows. George asked Suzie if she would mind taking off her dress as he didn’t believe it would pull up her arm far enough to be excluded from the photograph. Suzie agreed and was pleased she was wearing her new bra, even though it was really only a quarter bra which left the tops of her breasts bare, and she had on a rather small pair of thong panties which revealed quite a bit of skin.

George set up the scene with Suzie reclining on a couch with her arm resting along the armrest. The model came in and took his place standing alongside the couch, but resting his erect cock on Suzie’s arm. George fluffed up the fine hairs on her arm so that they sat up around the cock and told the photographer to get started. A number of shots were taken and the man seemed to be a little uncomfortable in so far that he moved his cock around on Suzie’s arm. Suzie liked this and moved her arm also. When the shots were finished, George told Suzie to remain without her dress and to come to his office with him.

George paid Suzie as arranged and she was quite excited as there was a little bonus as well. George said he had noticed Suzie hadn’t shaved her armpits and was this her normal practice. Suzie told him her husband had a bit of a fetish for hair and had asked her to let the hair in her armpits grow. Suddenly Suzie said “If it is a problem, I can easily shave my armpits – it doesn’t worry me at all, casino firmaları and my husband can easily go without that pleasure.”

George said, “On the contrary – I wonder if you would mind letting your armpit hair grow as long as possible as that is another great turn on for me – we would do a series as it grows!”

Suzie readily agreed with this and so, George took her back to the studio and had her lie flat on the couch with her arm raised over her head. This exposed the short hair which was growing there. It was, at this stage, about ¼” long and quite a lot darker than her forearm hair.

Another naked man came in at George’s request and laid his erect cock in her armpit! Suddenly, Suzie felt very aroused. In all of the photographs, none of them showed her face and she knew she couldn’t be recognized, but she knew her forearm hair was distinctive and if the photographs were shown locally she might be recognized. George assured her all the photographs were for overseas markets and none would be shown locally.

After changing positions so that the man’s cock appeared in a couple of different poses, George asked Suzie if she would be prepared to remove her bra and let the men place their cocks on her breasts. Now, this was different and Suzie felt the first feelings of doubt about these photographs, but eventually she agreed and removed her bra!

A series of photographs were taken with sometimes two erect cocks sitting on her breasts, and in one of these, the man straddled her stomach and placed his cock between her breasts and gently squeezed them over his cock. Suzie was getting really turned on by this, but George called a halt and told Suzie to get dressed. When she was back in his office, he again paid her, and quite an extra bonus, and told her to come back in another week when here underarm hair had grown more.

Wow, thought Suzie – I have earned just about as much money as my husband does in a week, and I have only been working for half a day! It would take a long time for the next week to pass so she could come back!

Suzie was a little disappointed with the speed of the growth of her underarm hair! She had hoped it would be much longer for her next appointment, but alas, it wasn’t much longer than before. George listened to her tell him about the lack of growth of her underarm hair and said “Don’t worry, it will soon grow for us and in the meantime I have some lovely rewarding work for you to do today.

George took Suzie into the studio and gathered some of the crew around him before asking Suzie to remove her dress once again. She was ready for this and had purchased some new underwear so she would look all the more sexy. She succeeded quite well. Her bra was absolutely see through and the matching panties were also totally see through – she knew she looked a bit like a slut, but didn’t worry about that – she wanted to get on with the action.

Of course, George asked her to remove her bra also and again took a series of photographs with the men’s cocks resting on her breasts and also pointing into her navel. She was proud of her navel as it was quite deep and attractive looking, so she had been told be plenty of men.

After these photos had been taken, Suzie thought that would be the end of the session, but George had other ideas. He complimented Suzie on the manner in which she posed for the photographs and told her he knew she was enjoying the work. He then asked her if she would place a man’s cock in her mouth – not suck it, but just hold it in her mouth. Suzie hesitated for just a moment and then agreed with George’s suggestion.

Suzie was lying down on the sofa and the first of the men came over to her and extended his erect cock into her mouth. It didn’t go in very deep, just resting on her lips, but far enough in her mouth to give the impression for the photograph that she was actually sucking the cock. A number of photographs were taken and another man came in and repeated the procedure. Suzie was really turned on by this new step and suddenly realized just how turned on she was when she found her panties were really wet and now must be even more see through than before. She attempted to cross her legs on the sofa, but George simply grasped her ankles and moved her legs apart. It was then she realized that one of the photographers had been taking more pictures and these included the rest of her body whilst she was concentrating on having the man’s cock in her mouth.

It occurred to her whilst she was in George’s office collecting her pay plus her handsome bonus that the photographs which had been taken today had not only been of her body, but also of her face! This was something she was quite concerned about. She was still dressed only in her see through knickers and was sitting on the chair in George’s office. He came over to her and placed a reassuring hand on her shoulder and simply said, “I have already told you these photographs will not be seen locally – they are all for the overseas market!” George güvenilir casino then asked Suzie what her husband thought of her being in the pornographic pictures. Suzie surprised him by telling him she hadn’t told her husband anything about it at all! Suzie really didn’t feel at all confident about telling her Rick about what she was doing – he probably wouldn’t understand. After all, this was the first time she had strayed during their seven years of marriage.

After she dressed herself, she headed for home – happy with the pay she was receiving and also excited about the attention of other men’s cocks! She decided she would never tell her husband about it ever!

She had about 12 more sessions with George and his men, each time having their cocks in her mouth, on her breasts, on her forearms or in her hairy armpits, which had now grown to a lovely bushy crop.

She also knew the see through panties she was wearing on each visit was really turning on the crew and George. She loved all of the attention. She also realized none of the men, nor George, had made any attempt to hit on her for sexual favors and she was quite surprised because of the exposed way she was lying on the sofa for the photographic sessions.

The next time she attended, George called her into his office and told her she was ready for the next step in her career! Suzie wondered what this would be, but wasn’t kept waiting long because George said, “Suzie, you have done such a wonderful job, doing everything we have asked you, that I would like you now to start having photographs taken with you actually sucking the men’s cocks!”

Suzie reacted with surprise when George told her this, but she reasoned that if she had the man’s cock in her mouth, there wasn’t a great deal of difference between holding it and sucking it! She simply said to George, “Well, if that is what you want me to do, I guess I will go ahead and do it for you! What do I have to do exactly?”

George told her she would act just as she had before with the cocks in her mouth and on her arms and underarms, but the photographs would now be in the form of a series of photographs. These would be used in continental magazines which were not available in our country! He said, further, the photographs would be taken with different cameras that had very quick shutter speeds and this would look much more realistic!

Suzie agreed to all of this and so the series began! Suzie again stripped to just her see through panties and spread herself on the sofa ready for the men to come in. When they did arrive they immediately took up positions on either side of her placing their cocks into her armpits and on her forearms. A series of photographs was taken and then the first of the men moved to her head and placed his cock in her mouth. George had asked a makeup girl to attend to Suzie before the filming began and she applied a bright lipstick to Suzie’s lips, and she also touched up the coloring of Suzie’s nipples making them look more attractive.

When the man had placed his cock in her mouth, he began to move it slowly in and out. Suzie was well aware of giving head and had done this lots of time with Rick so she knew what she was doing! As the pace of his movement speeded up, she realized he was gradually moving deeper into her mouth and at times was just about deep-throating her! Suddenly the man grunted, held himself deep into her mouth and came! As soon as he had shot his first load into her mouth, he pulled his cock out and sprayed the next couple of jets of cum onto her face. This caught Suzie by surprise and all she could do was swallow the cum in her mouth and look up at George to see what he was going to say about this! She was sure this wasn’t what he had expected the man to do to her!

George congratulated her and immediately wiped her face with a cloth and kissed her lips! She was shocked! Before she had a chance to say anything more, the next man had his cock in her mouth and he was moving it in and out at a rather rapid pace! Suzie suddenly realized the photographs taken today were to be of her sucking off the men, not just appearing to suck them! She soon had a second load of cum in her mouth and, although she was shocked to a degree, she wasn’t as surprised as the first time! In the next 30 minutes, she sucked off 4 men and by the last one, she was starting to enjoy the work much more! She loved the taste of cum and realized the men all had a similar taste to her Rick and she loved the taste of his cum!

When the session was finished, George took her into his office and once again paid her well plus a very big bonus! Now she was in the big money! And best of all, it was doing something she really liked!

Suzie wasn’t silly and realized the next session would probably have her without her panties and perhaps even have a cock in her cunt! She wasn’t too sure about this – what would Rick say if he found out – but after giving it some consideration she thought she would go to the next session and see what came of it!

Well, the next step wasn’t as she had thought. This time George asked her to do exactly the same as she had in the last session but this time it would be filmed on video and would be an action scene!

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