How I Really Took Her Virginity

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Years ago in my college years I found myself staying in a nurses’ dormitory. I was surrounded by attractive, horny, young women. Stuck in the middle of heaven.

I started dating one of the young ladies on my floor. We always had a great time going out to movies or other events. At the end of our dates we always found ourselves back in her dorm room on her bed.

Now my version of the story is that I was a gentleman and it took several dates to get most of her clothing removed. Her version is that we were pretty busy from the first date on.

She a very large pair of breasts and a nice firm ass. We started kissing and necking and I would work my way down to her neck and enjoy the smell of her perfume. I would feel her pulse in her neck, and listen to the moans of pleasure.

My hands would caress her front and back and eventually stroke her breasts. It was not long before the shirt and bra were removed and I would lick, suck and kiss her nipples and stroke the breasts with my hands.

The girl was very vocal and her moans and gasps would travel through the thin walls of the dorm. I later discovered that her roommate would alert a group of their dorm mates. They would pop some pop corn, and sit around in the adjacent room and enjoy the concert of love that was coming from my girl’s bed.

I would continue my trail of kisses downward while stroking her ass and her pussy. It was not long before our pants were unzipped and opened. She would grasp and stroke my cock while I rubbed and cupped her pussy. I would pull her panties aside and run Antep Bayan Escort my fingers up and down her pussy lips.

This girl produced large amount of secretions that soaked my fingers and her panties. I would bring my fingers up to my nose and enjoy the perfume she was making for me. I would gather her juices and use them to lubricate the shaft and glans of her clitoris. My fingers would continue to tease her until she would have a strong orgasm and alert the entire building that she was happy about it. She always claimed that it cured her headaches.

I really believe that I introduced her to the wonderful world of orgasms that year based on the surprised expression on her face.

In my explorations of her pussy I would work a finger into her vagina. Unlike my previous girlfriends this young lady had a hymen blocking the way. This discovery became an obsession with me. I really wanted to be the first man to fuck her.

In each heavy petting session the steps that we followed seemed to shorten. As I remember, we probably were skipping to the really good parts. In addition to my fingers I would roll on top and rub her pussy and clitoris with the tip of my cock. She would reach down and grab my shaft and guide it to the perfect spots as I stroked up and down. She began to thrust back with her hips and tilt her pussy up to meet my penis. Eventually the glans of my penis entered her vagina and pressed up against the hymen. She stopped me the first time and made me dismount. I returned to my room with a serious case of blue balls.

Several days later We repeated the steps and once more I was bringing her to an orgasm by rubbing my cock on her pussy. While she was in the middle of her orgasm, I inserted my cock into her vagina and pushed through the thin membrane. My erect cock was pushed all the way into her vagina up to her cervix. She let out a scream of pain that was probably heard for several blocks. The noise scared me, and I lost my boner. I returned to my room once again with blue balls, but this time I had a bloody red cock.

Our next session occurred several days later after her pain had subsided. She introduced a strange variation in that our foreplay was taking place on her roommate’s bed instead of her own. Perhaps she felt that we would not go too far if we were not on her own bed. My penis at this point was doing all of my thinking.

I mounted her and proceeded to fuck her. I would like to think that my thrusting lasted for an impressive time period. I was at the peak of my sexual abilities, and our bodies are designed to deliver the goodies as quickly as possible.

My thrusting increased in speed and intensity. She raised her legs up around my back and pushed back.

We were bumping our pelvic bones together. My balls were slapping her ass. My heart and breathing rates increased. At this point my brain was functioning just enough to make me grunt and groan in her ear. My skin flushed and so did hers. We both broke into a full body sweat. I could feel the landing gears pulling up my balls. My cock hardened and lengthened reaching down deep into her vagina.

My nerves started to tingle. I could feel the release coming. Almost there…wait for it. Up and over the top. Pulses of ejaculation releasing ribbons of cum deep into her pussy. Both of my testicles and everything that is attached had released all of my fluids. My semen splashed off the end of her cervix. I pushed up with my arms and held my cock deep in her pussy until the sensations ended. Victory at last.

My body released every hormone that it makes. Wave of endorphins flooded my system. My eye lids became too heavy to lift. My entire nervous system went numb. I rolled off of her and landed next to her side like a large fish that has been tossed to the bottom of the boat. I lay beside her with an open mouth gasping for oxygen.

If this was a typical sex story I would describe in detail how I rapidly recovered and had five other kinds of sex with her. It did not happen. My balls ached for two days. Nothing left to give her. I fell into my drugged stupor and slept for at least an hour. She did the same thing.

During our nap it must have started as a drip, and them progressed from a trickle to a small river. Most of the cum that I had injected into her unprotected womb came leaking out. A pool of semen full of my sperm formed a huge wet spot on her roommate’s bed. It leaked through the blanket and two layers of sheets. I am pretty sure it passed through the mattress and the bedspring to drip on the floor.

I left before hearing how my girlfriend explained that mess on her room mate’s bed. A day or two later I was in the room and her room mate came in with a glass of water. She never said a word as she poured it on my head.

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