How It All Started

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Everything has a beginning. Mine started a few months after the death of our next door neighbor.

The ravages of cigarette smoking had finally caught up with Mr. Bill. He was far too young at 54 to pass on. In addition to his 2 sons, both of whom were in the military, he left behind Miss Rose.

Miss Rose was 47; about 5’4″ tall and weighed about 160 pounds. She was a bit of a plumper and my family’s best friend. She operated a beauty salon in her home.

Shortly after Mr. Bill passed away, I began cutting Miss Rose’s lawn. It was the least I could do. Her boys were both friends; and she was Kitty’s best friend.

I never asked if she wanted it done; and when I started, I never accepted money for the job. We were neighbors; and that was the way it was.

I normally cut the lawn on Monday for a couple of reasons. Number 1, her shop was closed; and I would not be a disturbance to her clients. Number 2, I wanted the chance to chat with her and to let her know life would go on.

This particular Monday was probably the fifth time I had cut the lawn. I was wearing sneakers and a pair of thin cotton shorts. The heat, even early in the morning, was a kicker.

The shorts didn’t hide much or leave anything to the immagination. They were extremely brief and made of thin white material. The material was so thin, my bush made a prominent swell in the front. My balls swelled out the sides of the leg openings; and my cock would hang out one of the legs if I wasn’t careful.

I was 5’10” tall and about 180 pounds. I had just turned 18 the week prior. I was starting quarterback on our football team; and was being recruited pretty hard by 2 in-state colleges. I thought I was pretty average. I didn’t realize an 8 inch cock was unusual for someone my age. Nor did I realize balls the size of eggs were unusually large.

In any event, I had finished cutting the lawn and was sweat covered. Sweat had soaked through my shorts; and my dark bush was even more pronounced and visible.

Like most teenagers, it did not take much for me to get a hard on over. Heck, I got hard every time I saw Kitty walk through the house in panties and a tee shirt.

This particular day, Miss Rose came to the back door with a cold coke. She told me the least she could do was give her new boy a cold drink. She was wearing a semi-sheer nightie; I guess she did not realize the effect it could have on me; after all we were long time neighbors.

She invited me in to cool down; and I gladly accepted. Her nightie barely covered her goods; in fact her bare ass was showing, every time she bent over, canlı bahis as I followed her inside. Was it my fault I got a hard on?

By the time we sat down to chat, I had a raging hard on. It was all I could do to keep it in my pants. My balls were actually visible through the leg openings of the shorts; my cock would have been dangling out had it not been hard. My bush was thick; I had not yet begun to shave that area smooth.

We chatted for a few minutes; she updated me on how her sons were doing. Meanwile, I had stretched a few times while sitting there in order to get the aches out of my neck.

Miss Rose noted this. She arose without a word; went behind me and began to rub my neck and shoulders. It felt great; her hands were so talented. She was bent over behind me and the aroma of her perfume was hitting my nostrils.

My eyes were closed as I enjoyed her hands. I began to notice some oil being applied. Actually it was more like a creme; thicker than oil but very relaxing.

I didn’t even notice my cock straining at the waist of my shorts attempting to burst free. Nor did I think to question where the creme had come from.

What I couldn’t see was Miss Rose reaching down to her dripping pussy and catching her creme. I learned later that was what she was applying to my tense muscles.

She told me I appeared to be so tensed up; and she felt she should give me a back rub and massage to ease the tension. She reminded me I had already run 3 miles before cutting the grass.

All of that made sense; I agreed.

She walked back around in front and took me by the hand. She led me down the hall to her shop where she had a massage table. She told me to hop up on it after I removed my shorts. I looked at her uncertain if I had heard what she had said.

She smiled and asked how she could massage my butt muscles if I kept the shorts on. She offered me a small towel and told me to place it across my ass if I was shy.

She turned and walked out of the room indicating she would be right back. I stood for just a minute; then I dropped my shorts and hopped up on the table. I forgot the towel as my cock was so raging hard, I did all I could to hide it.

She came back a minute later; and told me to hold still while she adjusted the table. It tilted; and this allowed her to give total body massages.

She started at my ankles and began working up. She was applying a scented oil as she massaged each calf. As she moved up my legs, she began to spread them; she said she needed to do so in order to massage my thighs.

What I did not realize was this bahis siteleri also gave her a clear shot at my balls. As she began working up my thighs, she also poured some oil on my buttisimo cheeks. I could feel her pour some at the top of my ass crack; it felt so good as it began running down the crack and hit my balls.

Thank goodness she could not see my hard cock. I was embarrassed by that reaction. I wondered what she would think if she knew.

I didn’t know how to react when she began massaging oil into my balls. She hefted each one and massaged oil into the skin. I declare, it felt like her face was right on them; I thought I could feel her breath on them. My cock knew how to react; it got harder.

In hefting the balls, she could see the base of my cock and now knew it was hard. While she did not know the length, she could tell it was fat and had several large veins running up the shaft.

Her hand “slipped” and began running lightly up the base of the shaft. I thought I was going to die from embarrassment.

She could tell. She complimented me on my muscle tone. I did not realize which muscle she meant. She said she knew I must be popular with the girls at school and wondered how they could keep their hands from me.

She told me to roll over on my back. I did, not knowing what to expect. Imagine my surprise to find her topless and wearing just a pair of crotchless panties. I couldn’t help but stare; I had never seen a bald pussy before. truth was, I had never seen an older pussy before.

She resumed hefting my balls and massaging oil into the sac skin. My cock was stretched up my belly. As I later learned, she was impressed by its length. She later told me most men did not have 8 inches at their peak; I was certain to have 9 to 10 when I stopped growing.

She asked if she was making me feel good; I could barely nod my head I was still embarrased by the hard on. She sensed that.

She took my dick in her hand and told me how proud I should be of it. She told me she had a special method for massaging cock muscles.

With that she bent forward and began tonguing the head. Up to that point, most girls would only give me a hand job; they were afraid of pregnancy. This was a new high.

Her tongue was running from the head of my cock all the way to the base. When she hit the base, she would spit on my balls and massage that fluid in. What I did not realize was that massaging the balls increased the quantity of cum when a man ejaculated.

About three minutes later, she took the head of my cock in her mouth and began sucking. I guess she bahis şirketleri had some experience as she took my cock all the way to the base without gagging. Her head was bobbing up and down as she sucked for all she was worth. Over flow mouth juice leaked onto my balls and into my bush.

I was flying now She continued sucking cock for another 5 or 6 minutes. Who kept track of time with this much pleasure?

She lifted her head and told me she had an even better surprise for me. With that, she moved up; straddled my legs; and took hold of my cock.

She positioned it so the head was poised to spear her pussy through the crotch of her panties. She lowered herself; and kept going until she had my entire shaft impaling her. The look on her face was awesome.

She began rising and lowering herself onto my cock. Instinctively, my hands went to her ass and I held her hips to give her extra balance. With that she began rising and lowering herself with increased speed and intensity.

At the same time she was massaging both titties and tweaking the nipples. I was really enjoying the sight of her playing with those globes. The nipples must have been an inch long and as fat as anickel.

This went on for 15 minutes or so when I began to feel my cum build in my balls. I knew I was getting close to squirting. I told her I was getting close and she better stop. I did not want to get her pregnant.

She smiled and told me not to worry. She’d been neutered some years prior and could only give pleasure. No babies to worry about.

With that I began to rise and buck into her pussy. She swore later she could feel each squirt of my cum. I guess I bucked and fucked her for 2 or 3 minutes before my balls were drained.

She climbed off; moved back slightly; and went down on my cock again. 2 reasons, she later told me. First she enjoyed the taste of sperm. Second, she wanted me to fuck her again.

I hopped off the table after she finished me. I went to help her off; she told me to wait a minute. She’d leaked a mixture of cum onto the table and like a good trouper, she lapped the table clean. She commented she would have to get a new table if she didn’t take care of it.

Smiling she allowed me to assist her to her feet. She asked me not to be mad with her. She told me she had been lusting for some young cock for the past couple of months; and asked me to remember I was her first choice. She also said I would be her only choice if I could make myself available to her.

I was smiling when she also pointed out I could fuck her until her head was spinning and there would be no pregnancy to interfere with my college plans.

With that she took my hand and suggested we go to the bedroom and relax before we fucked again. I had no problem with that as I followed her back into the main house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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