How Large Can a Penis Get?? Pt. 02 – Close Encounter

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A few weeks earlier, two of my girlfriends and myself discovered that my neighbor has a penis that is beyond comprehension in size. We spotted him masturbating through his apartment window when he accidently left his curtains open. The most mind blowing thing he did was self suck his own cock which not only reached from his crotch to his mouth but actually needed to be bowed in order to get it into his mouth. Tyler’s dick wasn’t just big. It wasn’t merely monstrous. It looked like an actual medical condition.

Two weeks went by and although Tyler’s curtains were generally open in the morning he always closed them before 4:00 PM. I also began to notice that Tyler stuck to a very tight schedule. I could set my watch by the times I would run into him in the hall. Whenever we met I would always give a polite “hello” but I was always examining his pant legs. Tyler would wear the loosest jeans but I believe that I could just barely spot the tubular shape of his dick running down his right leg as he walked. Our conversations grew warmer, possibly because I had so many questions I wanted answered and was I crazy or was Tyler possibly a bit handsomer than he used to be.

Any woman who says size doesn’t matter is lying. Of course it matters but that doesn’t mean bigger is better. Some women prefer a more modest dick but it would be a very rare woman who prefers a tiny dick. Likewise, most women don’t desire an extremely large dick because they can be painful. My girlfriends and I will absolutely talk about the penis size of men we’re dating and there is definitely some bragging when your man is hung. There is something visually arousing and manly about a large penis and when I say large I’m talking maybe 7 inches or more. Few things look sadder than a manly man naked with a tiny penis.

With Tyler, everything was thrown out the window. I was shocked that his elephantine penis could even achieve an erection without knocking Tyler out from lack of blood. My girlfriends and I had conversations discussing how Tyler might even have sex and considered the possibility that he might be a virgin. How would a woman react if she saw Tyler’s penis with no warning? Would she run out the back door or say, ‘yeah, put that monster in me.’ I suspect I know the answer. What we all agreed on was that we needed to see that thing up close and personal.

We worked on formulating a plan to see Tyler’s dick. First thing was to get into his apartment, which was probably not a challenge for three young, attractive women. Next, was to get Tyler to reveal himself which, again, shouldn’t be a challenge for us. The plan was to knock on his door at about a quarter to four when he’s gearing up for his masturbation session and ask if he wants to party with three hot chicks. What man could turn that down? Our plan then was to improvise. Once we were in his apartment having drinks we would just make it up as we went along, although I was a little worried about Pam who tended to shoot from the hip and not think İstanbul Escort about what she was saying. I told them to make sure that Tyler didn’t know what we knew.

We were ready to put our plan into action and went to his door with several bottles of wine in tow. After knocking I heard some rummaging about and finally the door opened part way with Tyler’s heading peeking out and most of his body behind the door. “Oh, hey Lindsey. What’s up?” I told him that since we were neighbors we should get to know each other better and I wanted to introduce him to a couple of friends. Tyler looked back into his apartment and then opened the door to allow us in. “I.. um… you can sit on the couch” Tyler’s apartment had very little furniture or decorations. There was a desk, some shelving, a couch with coffee table and what we delightfully called his masturbation chair. His TV sat in front of the chair with some smaller pieces of furniture like an end table and other things.

Tyler turned his chair around and sat awkwardly, leaning forward with one leg folded over the other. It was clear he was attempting to hide his monstrous endowment and I’ll give him credit for not being the kind of guy who spreads his legs to show off enormous bulge. On the other hand, this is far more than an enormous bulge. This is a fire hose between his legs and it’s entirely possible that it has scared away women who have seen it so that he would prefer to keep it secret.

I got the feeling that Tyler was torn between wanting us to leave so he could get on with his business and enjoying having us in his apartment. Pam and Jill were not so cleverly trying to turn him on. Jill kept complaining about how hot it was in Tyler’s apartment and said she had an overwhelming desire to tear off her shirt. Pam asked for some wine glasses, trying to get Tyler out of his chair, but he just told her where they were in the kitchen. She came back, set the glasses on the table and bent over with her big ass waving in Tyler’s direction as she poured the wine. She turned and reached the glass out but instead of getting out of the chair he simply reached out his own hand and thanked her. “fine” said Pam and she walked over and handed it to him.

Jill and Pam start asking Tyler questions. How long have you lived in the apartment? What do you do for a living? Do you have a girlfriend? No girlfriend? “You’re single?” shouts Pam, “we need to hook you up.” Jill suggested introducing Tyler to one of her friends and asked Tyler to tell her something about himself. Something surprising. Tyler was reluctant but Jill kept insisting that there must be something he could shock us with. Very subtle. Tyler mentioned something about working from home and that he collects old video games. Jill responded by fake snoring. Tyler was biting his lip and looked around the room as if in thought and then just uncrossed his legs and sat up straight.

Despite his new position, Tyler’s monster still wasn’t obvious and Jill Anadolu Yakası Escort kept on him. “Show something amazing, show us something SHOCKING.” Jill was either being dumb or had quit trying to hide that we knew. Tyler sat for a moment as if in deep thought, tightened his lips and then stood up and dropped his sweatpants to his knees. He was wearing boxer briefs which held his cock in place but there was at least 6 inches of meat past the bottom of his underwear with the head resting against his knee. “Don’t stop now!,” exclaimed Pam and Tyler pulled down his underwear and then kicked everything off so that he was buck naked from the waist down. Tyler stood with his hands on his hips with his head held up, his massive hose swinging between his legs with every slight movement.

My girlfriends and I had a plan and it worked out much more effectively than we ever expected. Unfortunately, our plan ended with Tyler showing his penis. Here he was with his kong sized dong entirely exposed and the three of us were just staring in mute silence. “What do you think,” said Tyler and he lifted his fat garden hose, holding it in two hands. He walked over to Jill and presented his penis to her as one might hand over a party sub. My girlfriends can tend to be some serious chatterboxes but in this moment their talking almost entirely ceased. “Oh God, it’s so heavy, God.” Jill was the first to touch the gigantic, fat member as she held it in her hands with a look that bordered on reverence. Jill looked at me saying, ‘It’s so hot, it’s so heavy.” She looked up at Tyler with a face that looked almost pleading. “How can it be so big?”

Now that we were up close and personal we were able to see something else about Tyler. His testicles were as big as tennis balls and hung down around 8 inches. Everything was shaven smooth and his balls looked like something you would expect to see hanging off a bull. I reached down and lifted up one of his balls with a hand while Pam tool hold of a section of his cock. At this point, the three of us each had ahold of a section and Tyler was back to having his hands on his hips. When I lifted one of his testicles he spread his legs slightly to make it easier for me. The three of us were making an examination with a few comments here and there about the weight and disbelief and the size. There was the occasional, “Oh, God” and “Holy shit’ as the three of us passed his dick around and occasionally held it with all six of our hands.

Despite being handled by three attractive women, Tyler remained completely soft although we had already seen that he was capable of achieving an erection despite the fact it would require a seriously relocation of blood. The three of us were handling his penis like a scientific examination with lots of head shaking and exhales of breath. Pam lifted the end of Tyler’s fat meat and rested it against her cheek with her head tilted down and eyes closed. Touching turned into caressing and caressing turned Kartal Escort into the occasional small kiss.

What was interesting was that of the three of us I was the only one who had ever expressed any fascination with large penises. In fact, Pam had been with a man who was 7.5 inches and said it was too big. When I told my girlfriends that I was interested in being with a large man I was talking maybe 8 or 9 inches, not 2 feet. Yet, there was some kind of power that Tyler’s penis held. It wasn’t even as if we were pleasuring a man. It was as if we were pleasuring some kind of abstract concept of a penis. Like a penis archetype blown up to colossal size. Tyler seemed like an incidental element in the equation. He was basically a pale, out of shape support system for a own penis.

What most enthralled me was how perfect it looked despite its immensity. It had a large, well shaped head sitting at the end of a long, thick, pink shaft. There were veins running all along the entire length and the tube was held to his body with a meaty attachment, presumably necessary to hold the extreme weight. Everything felt soft and beefy. I found myself mesmerized by his huge hanging testicles and my hand occasionally went back to lifting them up to measure their heft.

I considered stroking the penis but where to begin. Despite its size, it was still stubbornly flaccid. I could only stroke a section of it, not the whole tool. Wandering over to Tyler’s chair I grabbed the lotion and when I returned to my position, suggested to Jill she pull his penis taut. After she did as I requested I began to rub moisturizer along the entire length. It was now stretched to what I would estimate to be several feet of length. Then Pam and I begin stroking as Jill continued to pull. The funny thing was that there was really no conversation between us and Tyler. We continued to quietly pleasure Tyler’s penis even as he stood there silently. We had four hands rubbing the gigantic phallus as well as Jill’s hand pulling just below his cock head and there was still room for more.

The hard work on our parts was starting to pay off. Here were three women working one massive cock and I could feel it starting to fatten and firm up. Tyler even joined in which now put six hands rubbing his cock with a seventh stretching it although every once in awhile I would remove my hand from his dick to play with his oversized balls. It struck me as a little odd that Tyler started rubbing his own monster dick when he had three women working it but I have a strong feeling that Tyler had not had much experience with sex and masturbation was his go to for release. He was simply returning to his comfort zone.

It took some actual physical effort but Tyler’s penis gargantuan penis was finally engorged to its full monstrous level. The question was, what to do with it. It was like standing in line at the world’s scariest roller coaster and wondering if anyone had the nerve to ride. Looking at Tyler’s girth, all I can think is that there is no way that thing is going to fit. Plus, if he pushes it in too far it would be, at best, incredibly painful, at worst, physically damaging. What the hell were we going to do now that we had aroused this monster? This was a plan we clearly had not thought through.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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