How Life Changes Ch. 02

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I guess I should take a moment and describe Jason. He is 25 year-old slender 5 foot 6 inch male. He has blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes, and a butt to die for. He is, to say the least, a little on the feminine side. He is young enough to be my grandson. I hope he does not kill me.

He Jason woke me up my sucking on my cock and stroking my nipples. I pulled him up and suggested a shower and sex. We got in the shower and washed each others body getting it clean. We concentrated on cocks, nipples, and assholes. I really worked on Jason’s ass and got behind him and started to tongue fuck his asshole. Rimming was something I had only read about and very new to me. Jason was in lust as I stuck my tongue up his shit chute. I stroked his cock and kept my tongue up his ass, this was sex at is’ morning best

Jason was in heaven moaning and moving his ass into my tongue. Jason tensed up and cried out, ÒCUMMING.’ He came in the shower, a lot in the shower a few ropes and I was glad we were in the shower. I stood up with a raging hard-on and we dried off and headed back for the bedroom.

No Anal Ease this time and I pulled a condom on and grabbed the lube. I pushed him facedown on the bed and put some lube in his ass with my fingers. I pushed into his ass is one short stroke. I leaned over him and bit his ears and neck. I was going to mark him. He turned his head and we managed kiss. He pushed off the bed and I took this opportunity to attack his nipples. I pulled on them and got a moan out of him.

I began thrusting for all I was worth and twisted his nipples harder. He does have sensitive nipples. I backed off a little bit and Jason got into the doggie position. He was thrusting back into me and we both began to dance, or should I say fuck. He was stroking his cock and I was pulling on his nipples. I felt him cum and his ass tightened around my dick and I came into the condom as I bit into his neck. I left my mark on him. I slowly pulled out and removed the condom. We were going to leave a mess for the maid. I left five dollars on the messy bed

We got dressed and I took Jason to breakfast at the Village Inn. I drove him home and we kissed in front of his apartment and agreed to meet again. He gave me his number and I gave him my cell.

Jason called me and said there was a movie he wanted to see on Friday night. I drove over and picked him up. He got in the car and gave me a Deep French kiss to get the evening started. We drove to the theater izmir escort and got popcorn and drinks and found seats. Jason put his hand in my lap and began to stroke me. I asked him to stop or I would cum in my jeans. Jason complied and we watched the movie. After the movie I asked if Jason was hungry. He suggested we go back to my hotel room and fuck. We could eat dinner afterwards.

We got to the room and stripped each other off and headed directly for the bedroom. I offered to put some Anal Ease on his ass hole prior to fucking but he said he was ready now and suggested we just get the lube in and on me. We kissed and I pulled on his nipples as he stroked my cock.

We rolled into a sixty-nine position and sucked each other’s cock with wild abandon. I had been saving myself for our next meeting and came buckets about 5 minutes into the oral sex. Jason took a little longer but finished in my mouth and this time I managed to swallow all of it. We rolled onto our sides and kissed for a few minutes. I played with his ass and sucked on his nipples. Jason pushed me on my back and managed to get to my nipples he sucked on them and plucked them. He stroked my cock and got me hard again. Not bad for a 61 year old man and have not had to resort to chemicals yet. He reached into the nightstand and pulled out a condom and the lube. He put the condom on the tip of my cock and then used his mouth and throat to get it the rest of the way on my cock. He opened the Wicked lube and put some on my cock and got on his knees and put lube in and around his ass.

He got in the doggie position and wiggled his lovely butt in my face and I proceeded to put my cock in his ass. I pushed in hard and grabbed his shoulders. He began to push back into me he reached under me and began to pull his cock and occasionally stroke my balls. I pulled all the way out and slammed back into his ass. I reached under him and played with one if his nipples. He turned his head and we kissed and then I started biting his earlobe and then his neck. He kept stroking his cock and started to breath harder. I felt him cum and kept thrusting into his ass. I finally came in the condom and we collapsed on the bed. We kissed over the shoulder and I finally pulled out of his ass. My cock was now deflating and the condom full of cum hung limply from my dick.

We got up and took a quick shower and headed out for a pizza at the Beartooth. We ate pizza and Jason had a beer or alsancak escort two. We walked back to the hotel hand in hand. We lay on the couch and watched a little television. We kissed and fondled each other. I pulled Jason’s shirt off and began my usual nipple torture. Jason turned to me and called me his bear and stated I must be a tit man, as I do love to stroke and play with his nipples. I said: ÒI love your tits and playing with your nipples is what I love to do and I think you enjoy it to as you wiggle your ass when I do it and you get an erection’. Jason turned and looked me in the eyes said,’ I love it.’

We stayed lip locked for an hour or so and then we stripped off and headed back to the bedroom. I went down on Jason and he started to turn and work on my cock. I pushed him back on the bed and told him to enjoy the pleasure. I spit on his asshole and began to work fingers into it. I sucked his cock into my throat and started to play with his prostate. He humped into my mouth and my finger. His breathing became ragged and he said he was about to cum. I redoubled my efforts and got his cock to pulse into the back of my throat. He fell limply back on the bed as I pulled my mouth off his cock and my fingers out of his ass.

I had a raging hard-on and reached for lube and condoms in the nightstand. I put the condom on and lubed it up and put a large dab on the head of my cock. I pushed Jason’s legs up to his shoulders and entered him in one stroke. He grunted and pulled me down to him for a French kiss. We kept up the kissing as I pounded in and out of his ass. I wanted release quickly and I wanted it badly. I started hitting his prostate and he started moaning. I fucked him for 10 minutes before he came on my cock and he splashed both of us with cum. I felt the muscles in his ass tighten and I came quickly after he did.

Jason cuddle up to me and said this was the first time he had ever cum while being fucked. We got up and cleaned up with a shower. We slept with me spooning his ass.

I woke looking at my young Adonis sleep next to me. His hair and arm were across the pillow. I got up with my morning piss hard on and went to the bathroom. Jason was awake when I got back. We kissed and then decided we had better take a shower, shave, and brush our teeth. We kissed in the shower and stroked each others’ cock. I told Jason to stop as we were out of condoms. We got dried off and dressed and went out to breakfast.

After buca escort breakfast we took a short trip to the Castle super store. We got condoms and some different lube Jason wanted to try. Jason also picked out some silky, sexy, underwear, and a vibrating cock ring. I asked about the cock ring. Jason smiled and said we would both enjoy it.

I paid for the purchases and Jason reached in the bag and took the underwear to the bathroom and then came back and put his Calvin Kline’s into the bag. We walked out of the store and I stood behind Jason and watched his bubble ass move in his new underwear and jeans. I was in lust.

We got back to my hotel room and started to undress each other. I loosened his belt and the top button on his jeans. I got my hands inside his jeans and rubbed my hand over his cock and ass through his new underwear. I pulled his jeans down and was enthralled with his new look. I pulled the panties back up. I rubbed his cock and ass and turned him around. I started worshipping his ass through his new underwear and stroked his cock. I kissed his ass and then pulled his new underwear down and began to French kiss his asshole. Jason was in heaven and kept backing into my tongue. Jason said,’ If I knew silk underwear was a such a turn on for you, I would got some sooner!’ I continued to make love to his asshole and cock and he came all over my hand the floor.

I took him into the bedroom and put a condom on my cock and some of the new lube. I asked Jason about the vibrating cock ring and he pulled it out of the bag and put it on my cock and turned it on. I threw him on his back and put some more lube on my cock and his asshole.

I lined up my cock and stroked it into his ass. We started making out and Jason went for my nipples for a change of pace. He was tugging and pulling them. I got a rhythm going and we were French kissing like crazy. Jason asked if I could feel the vibrations and I said yes and asked him the same question. He said the feelings were kind of intense on his ass ring.

I kept a steady fucking in and out of his ass and he kept playing with my nipples. I leaned over him and took my right nipple in his mouth and sucked on it then began to bite on it. My balls began to tingle and I let Jason know I was about to cum. Jason kept paying attention to my nipples sucking on one and twisting the other. I let loose in the condom and we stayed lock together for about ten minutes kissing and cuddling.

We took a nap and made love one more time before I took Jason home. We kissed outside his apartment and made a date for a week out, as I was due to fly home for a week in Montana. I am in lust to say the least. Jason is tugging at my heartstrings. Not so sure I want a long-term, or a long distance relationship.

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