How We Became Swingers

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From the Journal of Brian white

Sandra had just graduated from an elite beauty academy in Los Angeles and was now back home in the San Francisco bay area doing photo shoots all week which led up to a hair show on Friday. Throughout the week Sandra had made friends with a woman by the name of Mayumi. According to Sandra, Mayumi was a beautiful Japanese woman that was showing her the in’s and out’s of working photoshoots. Mayumi was married to a rich business man named Troy and together they lived in the UK for over 7 years. Mayumi was in the states for only 1 week to work on the photo shoots and hair show and would leave the following Monday. Late Friday morning Troy had flown in from the UK to see the hair show and spend the weekend with Mayumi. Sandra was excited for me to meet Mayumi at the hair show. I was happy that she had made friends with someone while working on these shoots since this was her first actual big project outside of the beauty academy.

After the hair show everyone went to the sir Francis drake hotel in SF for a large party. There were a lot of people there. Sandra’s hair was platinum blonde at the time and she wore a tight white blouse with a black short skirt. I finally was able to meet Mayumi for the first time. I had seen her from picking up Sandra, but only from afar, nothing face to face. She truly took my breath away the first time that I stood before her and heard her soft and lovely voice. She did not shake my hand, but hugged me.

“Ahh… hello love, you are the amazing husband that Sandra has been telling me about.” She said.

Back then Sandra and I were not married, but we called each other husband and wife since we had been together so long dating all the way back to high school. Mayumi was in her late 30’s but appeared much younger. She looked like an athletic teenager, with a toned slim body and cone shaped tits and a tight fit ass. She was even a little taller than me standing at least around 6 feet tall. She wore a long black dress with the top cut really low and hanging between her firm small tits. Her arms were toned and strong looking. She wore heavy eye shadow and had large big wet lips with a natural looking lipstick on them.

The hotel itself was pretty fancy. I had never been to a nice hotel like this before in my life. Mayumi brought Sandra and I over to meet Troy who was sitting at a table by himself having a drink. Troy was a good looking older black gentleman wearing an expensive black and white pin stripped suit. When we came over to him he stood up and just like Mayumi, gave Sandra and I big hugs and told us that it was a pleasure to meet us both.

“Mayumi has told me so much about you Sandra. You are beautiful just like Mayumi has told me.” He said.

Mayumi and Sandra left Troy and I at the table together as they ran off to go and mingle with all other other photographers, hair stylist and models at the party. I got to chat with Troy and right from the start we got along pretty well. I was making him laugh his ass off. Troy was a business man that owned several businesses and investment firms in the UK. Part of our conversation went way over my head and I felt foolish at a certain point to ask too many questions about what he did for work. I still don’t really understand what he does for a living. At 22 years old back then I did not have that much of my life together like I do now, so I was limited in what I would chat about with a rich 58 year old black man from the UK. But I did make him laugh a lot and he seemed to be having a good time nevertheless. We had a great time at the party together.

Later on in the night Troy and I were outside on balcony over looking union square down below. He was smoking a cigar, and I was chain smoking cigarettes. We both had a few drinks in us needless to say. Then it came.

Troy was leaning over the balcony railing on his elbows with both arms crossed. He looked over at me with a soft smile on his face.

“You know. My wife has not been able to stop talking about your wife all week long. She loves her and has had a great week together with her. You and your wife are great people. Sandra is lovely and very beautiful and you are a good man with a good sense of humor, and very smart.” He said

He took a slow puff of his cigar and then looked me straight in the eyes.

“Listen… Mayumi and I have spoken about this, and I would like to know straight from you if it is something that you would like to do… if you would like, Mayumi and I would like to take you and Sandra back to our hotel room and have a little fun together.” He said.

When he first told me this, it was like my brain did not know what words it just heard. I could not process this in my mind. It literally took me a second to understand what he just said. What the hell is this man talking about? Does he want to fuck Sandra? I remember that I was mad and excited at the same time. Is he talking about Mayumi and me? Or oh no wait… he is talking about Mayumi Porno and Sandra, and then me and him?

“What do you mean have a little fun?” I asked him almost in a whisper.

He looked at me and smiled. Then he spoke again, but this time in a slower voice.

“You know… we get naked and please one another’s wives. Mayumi will take good care of you.” This was a double assault on my emotions. I was jealous and mad thinking of this older good looking black man fucking my wife, yet my dick was getting hard just at the thought of Mayumi naked.

“I… Your ok with this? I mean, I might have to ask Sandra first….” I was stuttering. My mind was at a total collapse. This was very real and actually happening. He just told me that he had already spoken to Mayumi about it and she was ok with it! Mayumi was ok with “being” with me? My heart was jumping out of my chest!

“Listen… life is short. You guys need to experience things together. Have fun. Loosen up and open your minds. With trust, your love will grow stronger. You know why we wanted to do this? Because you guys are a great couple, and Mayumi loves you guys. In a few days Mayumi and I will go back to the UK, but the experience that the four of us will share together, that will bond us.” He said.

The way he explained it made it sound like something that we “had” to do. This was a mature successful older couple that had been married for decades, and here they were imparting knowledge to Sandra and I.

Once we went inside shortly after bringing up the subject I sought out Sandra and pulled her aside privately.

“What?” She said smiling and a little tipsy.

“Troy was speaking to me outside and he said that him and Mayumi want us to go to their hotel room and “swap” with them. Do you know about this? Has she said anything to you about this?” I said.

Sandra started laughing and leaned forward towards me.

“Mayumi said something about that earlier I think, but I did not know what she was saying.” She said.

“What do you mean? What did Mayumi say?” I asked her.

“Mayumi said that later we can all go upstairs and have fun together.” She said.

“I think that’s what she was speaking about… they want to do a wife swap with us!” I said now laughing. Sandra looked side to side as if picturing what it would look like. I think she was going through the same emotions that I was going through on the balcony.

“So… I would be with Troy, and you would be with Mayumi?” She said looking me dead in the eyes now.

“And your ok with this? Wouldn’t you be jealous?” She said now being serious.

“I’m not sure. Mayumi is your friend and she’s married it’s not like we are going to run off with them or anything. I think they just want this as a one time thing.” I was honestly just thinking about Mayumi at the time. My judgement was clouded and I was not thinking at all about Troy and Sandra.

“Why don’t you go and speak to Mayumi about this.” I told her. “She’s your friend. See what she has to say.” I told her.

Sandra walked over to Mayumi and I saw them at first speaking seriously, and then after a while Sandra and her starting laughing. Mayumi grabbed her hand and was smiling softly while speaking to her. Sandra eventually walked back over to me, and Mayumi found Troy and left the room.

“Ok… Ok, I spoke to her. I’m ok with this now. Let’s do it.” She told me.

“We are going to do it?” I asked her smiling and leaning forward towards her excitedly.

“Yes. They fucking love us Brian. And they want to share a sexual night with us so we can all just relax and please one another. I think it will be fun. Just don’t get mad or anything.” She said. I had no idea what she was talking about. Yes I was a little jealous of her going to fuck Troy, but I myself was going to fuck Mayumi. She should be the one getting jealous.

We went back to our hotel room and Sandra took a quick shower to wash her pussy and ass and to freshen up. I tried to mentally prepare myself to last as long as possible with this beautiful Japanese woman and to watch Sandra get fucked. Sandra threw on yoga pants and a t-shirt, and I threw on my sweat pants and running shoes.

When we got to their hotel room Mayumi opened the door with a gigantic smile on her face. She was bare footed wearing a black silk robe. She still had all her makeup on, a thick gold necklace tight around her long slender neck and was holding a tall glass of red wine. She was beaming with happiness.

“I’m so excited you guys are here! Come, follow me.” She said. She waved us to follow while taking a sip of her wine.

In other other room Troy was also in a silk black robe and sitting on a chair at the counter near the window. The room was large with a sectional couch in the middle with a glass coffee table and a fireplace in the corner. The lights were dim and set the mood.

“I’m so glad you guys came to join us. Tonight we will have a great time together.” Altyazılı Porno As he stood up, I saw the shape of his dick under the robe. It looked huge at the time and caught my attention. I can only imagine what was also going through Sandra’s mind as well. He came over to me and hugged me, and then Sandra.

Mayumi handed us each a glass of red wine.

“Listen. There is only love in this room tonight ok? We don’t do this with just anyone. You guys are a young great couple, and we want to share our love with you guys. Do you understand?” She said.

“At first I was a little shocked. But I get it now. You guys are an amazing couple, and yes, I get that we have a great connection. I think this will be good.” I said. They smiled as if I had missed the mark by a bit but let me have a pass. I decided to shut the fuck up after this.

“Let’s go to the couch and get comfortable shall we?” Troy said.

We walked to the couches and sat down. Mayumi sat between Sandra and I, and Troy sat on the other side of Sandra. We all drank the wine and made each other laugh with some mild humor. At a certain point Mayumi leaned over and started to touch the top of Sandra’s chest. Sandra looked over, and Mayumi leaned in and started kissing her. Sandra visibly moved her head back in shock for a second, and then Mayumi leaned back and smiled at her while looking in her eyes and then moved forward again kissing her passionately while holding the side of her face softly with her hand. Troy looked at them and smiled gently. My dick quickly got hard and my breathing increased.

Mayumi moved her hand down to the bottom of Sandra’s top and slowly pulled it over her head leaving her with just a bra on and her big tits pushed up. I did not know what to do, so I tried to be chill like Troy and have a sip of my wine while smiling. I noticed a huge lump building under Troys robe.

Mayumi did not waste time. She stood up and pulled Sandra up by her hand. She undid Sandra’s bra and took it off. Sandra smiled at first and held her breasts looking at me and then at Troy.

“It’s ok honey. We are all family tonight. You are an angel.” Troy said. Mayumi removed Sandra’s hands revealing to Troy and Mayumi her dark thick nipples with big silver bar bells going sideways through them. Mayumi reached out and squeezed them together, and then leaned down and started sucking on the nipples and licking them with her tongue. Sandra was a little awkward about having a woman suck on her nipples, but her breathing clearly increased and she held onto Mayumi’s shoulders and arms. Mayumi then reached down and pulled down Sandra’s skirt, exposing her black G string that was shoved up her large butt cheeks. Mayumi turned Sandra around and then sat her back down on the couch. She reached forward and slowly pulled off Sandra’s G string, now leaving her butt naked on the couch with her legs spread. My wife’s pussy was now exposed to two other people for the first time that I had ever seen. Troy stared directly at her pussy and smiled. Mayumi held Sandra’s legs apart and held them up spreading Sandra as far as she can. Sandra’s hairless pussy was slightly spread open and even from my distance sitting across the section couch from her, I could clearly see as Troy could that Sandra was dripping wet.

“You are a lucky man.” Mayumi said looking over at me.

“Your wife has the pussy of a Goddess.” She said.

Mayumi then took off her robe and flung it on the couch next to Troy. I quickly took in Mayumi’s toned fit body with perfect abs and firm conned shaped tits that pointed out straight with large puffy nipples. Her pussy was hairless like Sandra’s but she had long pussy lips that stuck out from her vagina and moved when she moved. Her ass was toned and small but shaped like a heart. Mayumi had very low body fat, but only her titties and ass appeared to keep good amounts of flesh. The proportions of her body to her ass and tits were amazing.

Mayumi got on her knees and put her head directly into Sandra’s crotch and started eating her pussy. Sandra leaned her head back and instantly started moaning. Troy slowly opened his robe and pulled out a gigantic cock. The size of his cock shocked me to my very core. I realized that right now at the age of 22 years old, this was the very first real life black cock that I had ever seen hard and right before me. It was at least twice the size of my dick in length and thickness. He put one of his hands all the way around his dick and started stroking, but he still had at least enough room for more than one more hand. He slowly started stroking his cock while watching Mayumi eat Sandra’s pussy. I could not believe my eyes. I was instantly jealous, but what could I do at that point? I stood up and pulled down my sweat pants and underwear. I did not want to be the only one in the room with clothes on, and I feel that I was getting behind them. My little 5 and half inch dick popped out. Troy did not seem to mind Brazzers or pay attention to me. I sat back down on the couch and started stroking a little bit as well, but at this point I was so excited I did not want to make myself cum.

Mayumi sat up, and then moved up to Sandra’s face and kissed her again. Sandra reached out this time and started to grab Mayumi’s breasts and play with her nipples, pinching them between her fingers. Sandra moved down to her knees where Mayumi was and then this time Mayumi slowly sat down on the couch and spread her legs a part. Sandra laughed a little and then moved forward putting her face to Mayumi’s pussy lips and started licked her pussy. I had never seen Sandra with anyone before, let alone eat a womans pussy. Mayumi smiled and looked down at Sandra eating her pussy. She reached out and gently held the sides of Sandra’s head.

Troy then slowly stood up and removed his robe completely. His massive thick black cock stood out hard as a rock, and glistening in the light from the lamps. He got behind Sandra and reached out and spread her ass open. Sandra felt this and stuck her ass out further letting him have a better view and position. Troy moved his hand up and down Sandra’s crotch rubbing the shit out of her pussy with his left hand. Sandra moaned and started moving her ass up and down to match his hand movements. With his other hand Troy reached down and grabbed Sandra’s hanging titties, playing with her pierced nipples and pulling them softly like he was milking a cow. Mayumi smiled as she watched this. She looked over at me siting there naked with my little erection jerking off.

“Come here.” She said waving me over and opening her mouth.

“Relax, my friend.” Troy said smiling at me. I stood on the couch next to Mayumi. She reached out and grabbed my dick with her slender soft hand and started jerking me off while pulling me to her mouth. I looked down and saw Sandra looking up with passion, yet still watching as Mayumi put the head of my dick in big lips and started slowly and passionately sucking my dick. Troy was behind Sandra stroking his large cock with one and rubbing Sandra’s crotch with the other. He then moved behind Sandra and slowly rubbed the head of his dick up and down Sandra’s pussy. She moaned uncontrollably. Troy looked down, stopped, and then slowly trusted his hips forward into Sandra’s ass cheeks.

“Holy shit!” Sandra said loudly and laughing.

“Are you ok love?” Troy said.

Mayumi took my cock out of her mouth and looked over. “Try to breath honey, it’s big… he’s going to fill your insides.” She said while still holding my little dick.

Mayumi jerked me off while her and I looked down and watched as Sandra was bent over, face right in front of Mayumi’s pussy and taking Troy’s dick inch by inch until the whole thing was inside of her.

“Oh my God!” Sandra yelled out.

“Are you ok?” Troy said.

“YES! I’m good!” Sandra yelled out.

“Does it hurt you?” Mayumi said.

“No…No, it feels so fucking good. He’s getting my entire pussy!” She said. Sandra then started shaking hard and gripped onto the Mayumi’s legs with both hands.

“AAAAhhhhhh! Oh my GOD! I’m Cumming!” Sandra screamed out. Troy and Mayumi started laughing and Mayumi reached down with her free hand and rubbed the top and back of Sandra’s head.

I could not take it. Mayumi was jerking me off while Troy was just now starting to pump Sandra’s pussy and bounce her butt cheeks slowly off of his hips while she was cumming. She held tightly onto Mayumi’s legs and put her head all the way down as if to hide the ecstasy that she was going through in front of me.

Cum started shooting out of the tip of my dick and hit the side of Mayumi’s face running down her cheek. She gave a surprised reaction at first, but then quickly turned her head and popped it into her mouth sucking out the rest of the cum. I could not believe that I had cum so quickly with her. I did not know what to say, and I felt bad for cumming on her face without letting her know a head of time.

“I’m sorry Mayumi.” I said.

“No. Don’t be sorry.” She said while slowly getting up and moving to my side of the couch. Troy started to slowly pound Sandra harder. I moved over and got a good view of his large shaft moving in and out of her little pussy hole. Her pussy sucked onto his dick tightly as it moved. He grabbed her butt cheeks hard with both hands and pulled her towards his hips like he was mad at her. His face was serious now, and he concentrated on his strokes. Mayumi ran to the kitchen and wiped off the cum on her face and skipped back over to me. My dick was now soft with a little bit of cum dripping out of the tip. I was completely embarrassed and mortified of how small I was compared to Troy and how quickly I had cum. Mayumi was not impressed at my cock at all. She was there to watch Troy fuck the shit out of Sandra and wanted Sandra to experience her husbands large cock.

“I can’t believe I came so fast. I’m sorry.” I said to Mayumi. I sounded like a total loser at this point, but what else was I going to say?

“No love. You are just fine.” She said. “We don’t care about size or how fast you cum.” She reached down and grabbed my little dick.

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