Humanitarian Effort

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I was driving us home after a get together with all of our friends at one of their places. We enjoyed ourselves as usual, catching up on the gossip within our friend’s lives, sharing in their new successes, and of course our own rendezvous where we would find a room of the house that wasn’t being used at the time for a little make out session. Sometimes more… but not tonight. You’re bent over in the passenger seat, your skirt hiked up showing off your lush thighs and wet panties, your head in my lap bobbing up and down as you take my hard shaft into your mouth.

“You’re sure? Because I don’t want you thinking I want you to let me do this. I’m perfectly happy with how things are now. You know I wouldn’t let you if we switched positions right?” I ask flustered at what you’ve just proposed to me a few minutes before. You slip me from your sucking, wet maw to answer.

“Of course I’m sure. Jessica hasn’t had a man in almost six months. She’s deprived, starving, needing. It’s the least I can do to offer to share you, make her feel like a woman again to get her out of her funk.”

You go back to sucking my member, I don’t have the resolve in my current state to continue arguing. Instead I continue to drive home, enjoying your talents the whole way, my focus on the road prevents me from my release. It’s not until I pull into our driveway that I flood your mouth with my warm cream and you eagerly swallow it all.

We get out of the car with my pants still open and my cum trailing from your mouth and down your chin. You laugh your wicked erotic laugh and meet my eyes with your sapphire blue ones. The message I see in them is undeniable and I’m all too willing to oblige. Your lips meet mine at the door as I fumble with the keys to unlock it, finally it opens and we make our way inside, I close the door with my foot and lift you easily into my arms. Our clothes leave a trail leading to our bedroom, our need for each other being to great for us to wait any longer than needed and we make love well into the night.

“You’re sure?” I ask again after releasing another load of my potent seed into your grasping cunt. More blood now available to my brain now that it wasn’t being diverted to my softening penis.

“Yes… positive.” You softly kiss my cheek. “Like I said, she’s been without a man for a while now. And talking to all of the girls, out of all our husbands and boyfriends, you’re the best of them all.”

“What do you mean? They’re all nice guys. Sometimes the guys Amanda dates are jerks, but Ron and them are nice guys.”

“That’s not what I mean hon. I’m talking about your penis. Compared to the others you’re the best of them. Some of them are longer, but you’re thicker than any of them. In total size you’re bigger. Better. In that sense I’m the wealthiest of all my friends. I just thought I’d share some of that wealth to help a friend. It’s a humanitarian effort.”

You reach a hand down and begin stroking my meat back to life, sending shivers through my body with your gentle touch.

“I’m bigger?”

“Uh huh.” You begin to move your head lower, leaving a trail of kisses down my body.


“Mmmhmm.” You moan affirmatively around my thick shaft now being stuffed into your mouth.

“Well… Ok. If it’s to help a friend.” I agree no longer thinking czech experiment porno with my brain. Enjoying your oral skills that you’ve perfected over the years on me it’s not long before I’m shooting my third load of the night down your hungry throat.

It was several weeks before we could schedule anything with Jessica. I was to take her to dinner, maybe a walk along the river. You understood my methods, I wasn’t the kind of man that just fucked a woman for sport; I had to romance her first. That’s why you offered me this task; I wasn’t going to treat Jessica like some poor girl that needed a casual fling from a guy that would be more involved with getting his own pleasure from this evening and be out the door before the night was through. She needed to be appreciated, to be reminded that she was a beautiful woman, to be fucked like the sensual creature that she was. You didn’t expect me to be home that night, or early by the next morning. I was still apprehensive about this whole thing, about you willing to share me, something we both know I could never do if our roles were reversed. But I knew how much you loved me, and you knew how much I loved you. You wanted to see your friend happy again; I was doing this as much for you as I was for Jessica.

I arrived at her house just before eight, dressed in a form fitting black shirt and nice pants. Nothing fancy but I certainly didn’t look like some slouch. In my hand was a single rose, simple enough to compliment the beauty of a woman instead of distract from it as a full bouquet of them would. Though you would be correct in accusing me of being unwanting to pay for more than the one rose, you always liked my explanation better. It fit my persona better, simplistic and unneeding of extravagance. She opened the door to greet me in a sexy, curve hugging, blue top that accentuated her firm C-cup breasts that capped a slim body nicely, and low cut jeans giving me just a hint of her bare tummy.

“Hey Jess.” I smile and reach out to place the rose behind her ear, the petals just reaching out beyond her long main of red hair. Her brown eyes sparkled in delight at the gesture. “Ready for our date?”

“What woman wouldn’t be ready for a night on the town with you stud?” She smiled back and took my outstretched arm in hers as I escorted her to my car.

Being a man of chivalry, though sometimes forgetful of it, I opened every door there was to open and pulled out any chair she was to sit. We had a wonderful evening of chatting and dining, a little more than friendly flirting mixed in reminding us both that for tonight; we were more than just friends.

We stumbled through her front door, our lips locked together as our tongues dueled for possession of one another. Our conversation during our riverside walk had turned rather heated and we made a quick return to her house. We began shedding each other’s clothes leaving a trail to the bedroom. Her blue top revealed a matching color lace bra underneath, hard red nipples showing beneath the see through material, it wasn’t long before her bra too was on the floor leaving her breasts free to be fondled by my hands, mouth and tongue; her jeans dropped to reveal lace thong underwear matching that of her bra, her juices leaving the front of them quite wet and clinging czech first porno video to her body, outlining the succulent lips of her cunt. When we reached the bed we were both in only our underwear, mine being black boxer shorts, our lips once again embracing each other as I pushed her back onto the mattress, my right hand fondling her panty covered slit.

I break the kiss and have my lips travel across her jaw to her neck, down her chest and heaving breasts, where I detour to lick and suck her erect nipples. After tending to them I continue my decent down Jessica’s body, kissing and licking over and across her firm flat belly, dipping my tongue into her naval. Finally I found myself at her soaking cloth clad mound, her lips so puffy and engorged that they were beginning to engulf the material that hid them. I hooked my fingers into the waistband at her hips and slid them down her silky legs, leaving her now completely naked and exposed to my advances; a neatly trimmed red landing strip was now shown to adorn her pussy. I kissed my way up her right leg and thigh until it led me back to her glistening sex. I lingered there breathing on her moist lips to let her know just how close I was to where she wanted, needed, me to be. I leaned in even closer placing a kiss just above her clit, then moved my head down her left thigh just above her knee.

Jessica moaned in sweet agony, her body trembled with lust and need; I wasn’t through teasing just quite yet. You often say I tease too much but you never complain about the results when we’re done. You told me Jess had gone months without a man to slake her sexual thirsts and I was going to ensure I did a proper job of it. I would do no less for you. My mouth traveled up her left thigh and found me back at her yearning snatch. I looked up to see Jess leaning back on her elbows looking down at me, her eyes pleading with me.

The time for teasing was over, I leaned in and took her juicy pussy into my mouth, answering her pleas with every lick, kiss, suck and nibble of her sex. With my first touch to her sensitive flesh her eyes rolled back into her head and with an animalistic, rasping moan fell flat to the bed; her entire body shook and thrashed uncontrollably in orgasm as my teasing had left her at the very edge. Even as my face was now being bathed in warm cunt juice I continued my oral assault on Jess’s delicious snatch, me being rarely satisfied with just one drink of womanly nectar. I held her firm butt cheeks in my hands to prevent her wildly hunching hips from bucking my face off of her and it wasn’t long before I had her screaming from another tongue induced climax.

I dropped her rear end back onto the bed and pulled off my underwear, my erection slapped against my stomach and dripping with precum, feeling much better now that he was free of his cloth confines. Jessica was still panting and recovering from her orgasm. I knelt on the bed and placed myself between her legs, lining up my thick shaft to enter her hot love tunnel.

“Oooooh, Eric. Kahlin said you were good but, oh my god, that was amazing. What’s that? What are you doing? Oh my god! Is that your cock? OOOHH! GOD! YES! Oh my goodness your big. Ungh! God you’re so deep. Ungh! Fuck you’re stretching me so good. OH FUCK! OH PLEASE YEEEEESSSSS! UNGH! czech game porno MORE! Oh yes thankyouthankyouthankyou… AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHH!!”

Like you, Jessica is a screamer. We had a long night. I came in her three times, twice in her pussy and once down her throat. I lost count how many she had. I awoke the next morning with her on top of me, impaling herself on my pylon to another two orgasms before my next one came.

It was several days later before Jessica gave you her debriefing of the evening and you were relaying it to me as we lay together naked in bed and showering me with kisses. Telling me how much happier she seemed, how she even already had a date lined up for this weekend.

“You’re just what she needed. I knew it.” You added with another kiss, your hand straying to my cock.

“Well I’m glad I could help.”

“Raina needs you to put a baby in her.”


“Her and Joe have been trying for over a year. He has a low sperm count. It’s unlikely he’ll ever give her one. If you put one in her he’ll think it’s his. Besides, he has a small penis. If he ever did make a child, a boy, he’d be small too. It just wouldn’t be fair to the baby. That’s why you need to do it. If you give her a boy he’ll be as big as you. And she really wants a baby. It’s a humanitarian effort.” You spit out rapid fire, almost unintelligibly.

I stare at you like you’re insane while your head makes it’s way down to feast on the slab of meat between my legs. You want me to fuck another one of your friends? One that’s married? What the heck are you thin… It hits me.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? You’ll have me fuck all of them, all your friends.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The last half of your sentence becomes muffled as you stuff your mouth full with cock.

“You want them to know that you have the Alpha male of our group. To know just how good you have it in bed. You want them to know that you’re better than them because you’re the only one good enough to keep me. That you’re the Alpha female.” You simply looked up at me with a mischievous glint in your eye and my cock in your mouth.

I wanted to be disappointed in your behavior, but to be honest I was more aroused than ever. And so are you, I can see it in your eyes as you bob your head up and down my engorged shaft. You’re happy I figured your little game out too; now you won’t have to come up with excuses for me to fuck all your girlfriends. I grab a handful of your hair and pull you off my cock, placing you face down on the bed your pert little ass in the air as you offer yourself to me. You laugh that wicked erotic laugh you have when you know you’re about to get fucked good. I position myself behind you and slam my meat into your wanton cunt. You moan your pleasure.

As I’m thrusting into your tight pussy and listen to your screams I think about your insane, disgusting, somehow erotic plan. About why I should fuck a baby into Raina. If Joe did somehow get her pregnant with his low sperm count and it was a boy, he would also likely have a low sperm count and a small penis. It wouldn’t be fair to the child or any of the women he would one day have sex with. If I gave her the baby instead he would be bigger, like me. Better able to have a baby. Better able to satisfy a woman in bed. And then there was a very real possibility that Joe would never give her the baby she wanted. It really would be in the best interest of everyone if I gave Raina a child, to avoid all the possible negative outcomes.

If you thought about it, my wife was right, it really is a humanitarian effort.

The End.

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