Humiliation Lesson

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In my experience, there are two kinds of stuck up people. There were people who were born with everything and never appreciated it. There were also people who were born with nothing, worked hard to get somewhere and resented everyone along the way for either not working hard enough or getting too much of a head start by comparison. I was definitely the latter. I grew up in a rural Nevada town to poor parents who were poorly educated. They loved me, and tried their best to support me, but instead of appreciating the sacrifices they made for me, I resented them for not being able to provide me with more. It also didn’t help that I became smarter than both of them early in life. I was a very gifted student, and got straight A’s my whole life. Not only was I smart, but I was desperate to make something of myself and make a better life than my parents did.

I wasn’t just gifted academically. I grew to be 6’1, strong and explosive. I figured if I could get really good at a sport, that would help my chances of getting into a good college. Team sports wouldn’t really work because the competition was so weak in my area, no scouts would take me seriously. Even though I would have been great at basketball, it would be hard to get a scout out to this area to see me. The sport I realized was for me was track and field. I was too big to be a fast sprinter, but my height, long arms, strength and explosiveness made me an exceptional discus thrower. The nice thing about track was, it didn’t matter where you were, a long throw attracted attention no matter where you were.

I truly dedicated myself to throwing, knowing my academics would be looked down on due to the low quality of the public school I went to. I continued to get straight A’s and won two state championships in the discus. You would think I would have been happy, but I was so determined to get to the next level I never appreciated the accomplishments I was currently achieving. While this made me a miserable person who looked down on everyone I met who wasn’t as successful as me, it drove me to achieve more than I could have if I was satisfied with my results.

My hard work paid off and I got accepted on scholarship into the only college in the country that was top 10 for academics and track. I moved out to the California school and was excited to finally be with other high achieving people. I instead found that everyone was rich and had been given huge advantages to get to this high quality school. I resented them for being able to take the easy road, but I did enjoy talking to people as smart as I was for the first time. I was excited to go our first track meeting early in September. I had been working out all summer as our coach had prescribed and was ready to prove to all these preppy kids that I belonged.

Practices started, and athletically I did great, and I knew I would be able to contribute to the team’s success. However, my less than charming personality was rubbing some of the girls the wrong way. One our team captains, Erica, seemed to make it a personal mission to put me in my place. She was the perfect example of someone who made it here easy. She was super rich, went to a fancy private school for high school, drove a BMW convertible around campus and always had the best clothes. She was also drop dead gorgeous. She was short, 5’2, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a wonderfully toned body. She was also an incredibly fast sprinter, fastest on the team in 100 and 200 meter dashes. She seemed to have everything, and I couldn’t stand that about her. She was always yelling at me, pointing out whenever I made a mistake and giving me a hard time. I was not about to be put in my place by some rich bitch.

I figured I would get even with her by trying to hook up with her boyfriend, Tyler. I may not have been as traditionally pretty as Erica, but I had huge tits, biggest on the team, a nice ass, dark hair and skin and also had a toned body. I never had any problems getting boys in high school even though I wasn’t the nicest girl around. I hit on him at a team party when Erica wasn’t looking. He was drunk and probably would have hooked up with me if one our teammates didn’t stop it from happening. She immediately told Erica, who surprisingly didn’t come berate me for it. I guess she knew not to mess with me.

The next week at practice I kept hearing the guys team snickering when I went by. I overheard one of them saying old bay. I thought nothing of it and assumed it was boys being dumb boys. I heard old bay more and more and realized this was not a coincidence. I grabbed one of the smaller guys on the team (a weak distance runner) and asked what old bay meant. Before he could answer, it hit me. Old bay is a seasoning put on crabs. They all thought I had crabs. Instead of yelling at me at the party, Erica spread a rumor that I had crabs to the guys and girls team. I was going to beat the shit out of her.

I went to confront her but our coaches came in. I wasn’t about to risk my place on the team, so I just walked beylikdüzü escort past her and whispered “This isn’t over”

“You’re right Molly, this isn’t over” she said.

I kept myself calm throughout practice and went over to the senior girls track house off campus. I banged on the door, and called for her to come out.

I was greeted by the four other girls who lived there with Erica. “Where is that bitch!?” I screamed. She came down the stairs and I tried to go after her, but our teammates caught us.

“Wait, wait a minute you two!” Stacy, our other team captain, yelled. “Listen, I know you two are pissed, but we can’t afford for you two to injure each other.”

“Like that little bitch could injure me!” I yelled.

“Fuck you skank!” Erica responded.

I went for her again, but we were broken up by our teammates.

“Knock it off!” Stacy yelled. “Molly, if we let you in, will you promise to keep your cool? I know we need to work this out, let’s just talk for now though.”

I grumbled “I will keep my cool” but I wasn’t going to let this end with just words.

“Ok, I know you guys have been pissed at each as soon as you two met, and we can’t keep having this kind of stuff happen. Someone will get hurt, and Erica is the best sprinter in the conference and Molly can score some serious point in discus. Rather than let you guys have a traditional fight, why don’t you have a catfight.”

“What is a catfight?” Erica asked.

“They are like sex fights” Stacy said. All the girls gave her a look. “Don’t judge me, Tommy (her boyfriend) likes them. Anyway, it is still a physical confrontation, but the goal is wrestle the other girl into a pin or submission. Whoever wins get to humiliate the loser after by having sex with the loser and making them do whatever the winner wants.”

“Tommy is into some kinky stuff” Karen, one of the other seniors, said.

“Listen, it doesn’t matter where the idea came from. I think it is a good idea. You both get to work this out and neither of you will do something stupid to get kicked off the team or injure each other. Plus, the rest of the team will get a show.”

My hard was pounding. Please say yes, I thought. I was so much bigger than her, I was going to kick her ass. I didn’t care about the sex stuff, but if I got the chance to humiliate her in front of the whole team, it would be fantastic. She wouldn’t be able to give me shit if I embarrassed her front of everyone. The only problem was, she wasn’t an idiot. She could see how big I was and there was no way she would agree to it. Maybe if I mocked her, I could trick her into it.

“There is no way I am sex wrestling her. Look at her” Erica said, with a less than friendly tone.

“You were just about to fight her, why are you scared now?” Karen asked.

“If you do this, you will both stay safe” Stacy reminded her.

“Don’t worry ladies, she won’t do it. A real woman, like me, is willing to. Maybe I will show Tyler what a real woman is capable of” I said.

“THAT IS IT, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!” Erica yelled. “IT IS ON!! SATURDAY NIGHT, YOU BETTER BE READY BITCH!!” She tried to come at me, but only half heartedly as our teammates held her back. She ran upstairs as Stacy clapped in excitement.

“HA! She just fucked up. She is going to get her ass kicked. Way to trick her into it” she said to me.

I laughed and said “I will see you guys Saturday then.”

As I was leaving, Stacy said “I will email you the rules. Be sure to know them before you get there.”

I got an email later that night with the rules on it. No punching, kicking, basically nothing to intentionally injure someone. 3 count pin, or submission ended the fight, loser was to be sexually humiliated in front of the whole team. No cell phones or cameras, no one but girls team members allowed. It would take place at the senior track girls house in the basement, with no windows. Fight starts at 9, Stacy is the referee. Wear bikinis that could be undone by pulling strings. At the bottom, there was a PS that said No showers after Saturday’s practice either 😉 Nothing in this gave Erica any upper hand. If these were the rules, I was going to beat her down. I was a little worried because Stacy was the ref, but she was a captain and even though she and Erica were friends, I trusted that she wouldn’t give Erica any unfair advantages.

I arrived at the house at 8:30, but it was already pretty full by the time I got there. I was wearing a black bikini that could be taken off by pulling strings, as the rules had stated. Most of the girls were there in bikinis (for team spirit I suppose) as Karen collected everyone’s cell phones at the front door. There was plenty of alcohol being passed around, but I certainly wasn’t going to have any. I started warming up, watching all the other girls have fun in a typical Saturday night party (it was the only night of the week we could drink since there was no practice Sunday). Then Erica came down beylikdüzü escort bayan the stairs. She was wearing a hot pink bikini that was within the rules. She looked great, too bad she was going to look better losing to me in the fight.

9:10 rolled around and finally Stacy grabbed a microphone with a speaker attached to it and said “Everybody downstairs! Let’s get this show on the road!” We all went downstairs with the girls cheering. The basement had everything moved out of one area with a wrestling put on the floor. I guess the borrowed it from the wrestling team.

All the girls circled around the mat and Erica and I went into the center. Stacy came out with microphone and said “Welcome everyone. You all know the rules and why we are here. One thing I wanted to add before we get started. If anyone intentionally breaks a rule, or doesn’t submit after they are beaten, the whole girls team will tell the coaches that we are being sexually harassed by the rule breaker. We will do it until you are kicked off the team.”

There was the sound of mumbling agreements from everyone in the room. I didn’t agree to this. I was on an athletic scholarship, I could never afford this school without it. Even though I was sure I would beat her, I wouldn’t have risked all my hard work for anything, even beating down this rich bitch. But I looked around and saw the whole team staring at me, eager for a fight.

Erica said “Whatever, I am willing to take any punishment and I will follow the rules. Are you?”

I stopped and thought about it. I was getting in my own way. I was going to destroy this 5’2 bitch. It didn’t matter the consequences. “I am ready whenever you are” I angrily said to Erica.

“OK ladies, looks like we are ready to get started!” Stacy yelled into the mic. “Ready, set, GO!”

I took off after her with wild abandon. I went to grab her, but she quickly stepped out of the way and threw me to the ground as I went by her. She jumped on top of me and then….


Suddenly, my left arm was in serious pain, I couldn’t even move it. I had never felt anything like this in my whole life. I tried to move my head and out of the corner of my eye could see Erica was only using one hand to hold me down like this. She was pressing on the area between my neck and shoulder blade.

She leaned over me and said “You like that huh? I took a ton of martial arts classes growing up, and I learned about this pressure point years ago. Not so tough now are you?”

I flailed and tried to get away, but Erica sat on my right arm while pressing on the pressure point on my left arm. I tried to kick, but my legs wouldn’t reach her. I was totally stuck and in terrible pain.

“Well, you won’t be needing this, that’s for sure” she said as she untied by bikini top. She tossed it away and I was topless, fortunately I was face down. “Looks like you are stuck. You gonna give in? You gonna surrender to me? Let me have my way with you? I am going to take these off while you think about your answer.”

She untied my bottom and I threw those away too. I was now buck naked and all 40 girls had a great view of my bare ass. How could this have happened so quickly? I tried to think of a way out, but I could hardly think about anything that wasn’t my left arm.

“You are pretty cute for a girl your size, I am going to have fun with you” Erica said. She lied down against my back. I tried to kick her again, but she was so small I still couldn’t reach her, or least not with any force that would make her stop.

She leaned in front of my face and started kissing me. “You ready for this? You ready for me to do whatever I want?” She pressed harder against my pressure point and when I open my mouth to yell, she forced her tongue into my mouth. I could barely even make out what was happening, all I knew was my left arm was in serious pain and Erica was making out with me.

“You are pretty tough, I will you give that” Erica said, still just a few inches from my face. “Most people would have thrown in the towel already. But there’s another pressure point on your right arm. Think you can handle the pain times two?”

Oh god I thought. The pain was unbearable already. I also thought about the damage this pressure point could do to my right arm for throwing.

“Ok, get ready for right arm” she said when I didn’t respond fast enough.

I felt her hand on my right shoulder blade and screamed “No!”

Erica leaned over me and said “I am going to do this, unless you submit. Say I give up and I will let you go. Come on, you know you lost, accept it and receive your punishment.”

“I submit” I said under my breath.

“What was that, couldn’t hear you.” Erica said.

“I submit, you win. Please let me go” I said, only a little louder.

Erica waved and someone, I couldn’t see who, brought the microphone over to her. “Say into the mic the following words and I will let you go. I give up, Erica has won, Erica beylikduzu escort is better than me and I will now submit to her, completely.”

Even in the tremendous pain I was in, I knew this would be a difficult pill to swallow. But I didn’t have a choice. “Ahem, I give up…”

“Louder!” Erica exclaimed.

“I give up, Erica has won, Erica is better than me and I will now submit to her completely.”

There was a large cheer from the crowd. I looked at the clock and I hadn’t even made it 90 seconds. My arm was still very sore and now realized as I sat up that everyone could see my tits. I was embarrassed, but I didn’t care that much because I was trying to get all of the feeling back to my left arm. I heard all kinds of cat calling, but I was unsure of who was saying what while I tried to regain my composure. Erica went over and started celebrating with some of our teammates.

While Erica was celebrating, my mind raced. The pain in my arm was dissipating, and I was able to think clearly. It occurred to me that Stacy and Erica had set me up, but hadn’t broken any rules. I was stuck in this situation. It dawned on me that I had several choices, but none seemed very good. I could walk out, I will still big and I could have escaped if I wanted to. I am not sure the team would follow through on their sexual harassment threat, but I couldn’t risk finding out. I could transfer, but I worked so hard to get here, leaving all the hard work I had done in my life over something like this seemed like a bad life decision. Besides, if rumors of sexual harassment followed me, I would have a hard time getting onto a team. No, I had to do this. If I did this right, if I followed the rules of our agreement, I could get past this. I could tell people the truth, I underestimated her and paid for it. Erica would be a bitch to me forever, but she already was, no loss there. If I wanted my teammates for the next four years to respect me, I was going to have to bite bullet and do this.

Erica started doing a little dance and stripped off her bikini. She had much smaller tits than me, but they looked perfect on her, with nice small nipples. Her bottom came off next and she really did have a great ass. She was completely uninhibited and not the least bit bothered being buck naked in front of the whole team.

She finished her dance to a round off applause and looked at me. “You ready?” she asked.

I looked at Erica and said “Yes, I am ready.”

“You have anything you want to say before I do what I want with you?’ she said. This was my opportunity to bitch, complain it was unfair she had a hidden martial arts background. But I knew the more I complained, the more I didn’t follow the rules, the harder this would be down the road. I had to own this.

I took the microphone and said “Everyone, I have underestimated Erica. She beat me, fair and square. I am ready to submit to her.”

Erica seemed disappointed I didn’t complain or make a fuss, but she got over it quickly. “Time to pay for your hubris” Erica said into the microphone. “First thing you are going to have to do is help put me in the mood. I don’t know about the rest of you ladies, but I always think some compliments and some kissing go a long way.” Laughs and cheers were heard throughout the crowd.

“So we are going to make out, again, and every time I break the kiss, you have to give me a compliment. If you can’t think of one, or give me one I don’t like, you get one spanking… from every member of the team!”

There was a huge roar from the crowd and Erica walked me over to the recliner chair and sat me down, and then sat on my lap. She was so tiny compared to me, it was almost impossible to believe she had this much power over me. She leaned and kissed me right away. She was actually a really good kisser, and I found myself surprisingly enjoying myself when suddenly she leaned back and put the mic in my face.

“Oh, uh, you have pretty hair” I said, which was true.

“Mmm… thank you” she said, leaned in and kissed me again. The crowd was cheering while we were making out, and now I found myself turned on both by the crowd’s enthusiasm and the quality makeout session I was unexpectedly having.

She pulled away again and put the mic in my face. “You are a very talented track athlete” I responded.

“Don’t you know it” she said and kissed me again.

We did the four or five more times, and I realized she never put a cap on how many compliments I would have to give her. Finally, when she pulled away I said “I am getting a spanking no matter how many compliments I give you, aren’t I?”

“YES you are, but thanks for all the sweet things you said about me” she said as the crowd laughed again.

She stood up as the crowd formed a line starting at the recliner chair. She pulled me up, sat down in the chair and motioned for me to lie across the chair with my bare ass facing the crowd.

“All right ladies, I want to see this entire ass red” she said, rubbing her hands all over my cheeks. I couldn’t see what was happening behind me, so the anticipation of when the first hit was coming was awful. I kept waiting for something to happen, I was listening to see if I could hear someone coming up. Then, without any warning

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