Hypnotic Erosion Ch. 01

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The golden plate on the doors carried the name “Dr. Phillip Reed, PhD.” The young, anxious man standing in front of the doors, couldn’t focus on anything but reading these letters, while nervously jumping from one leg to another, waiting for his turn. Young receptionist with ridiculous glasses and hipster moustache was paying no attention to him, as if such “impatient patients” were just a regular addition to this waiting room.

“Excuse me, is doctor Reed even here?” the guy asked the receptionist. “I’ve been waiting for thirty minutes now…”

“Yes, Mr. Davis, he’s here,” young hipster named Peter—as shown on the ID pinned to his shirt—responded with an upmost indifference. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but please consider that if one day you will be in need for a longer visit, doctor Reed will not just throw you out with your problems to keep up with his schedule.”

Out of the sudden, the doors has opened. Mr. Davis looked there, feeling his blood boil. Another young guy left the room, with Dr. Reed, clearly continuing some conversation. Doctor Phillip was a middle-aged man, quite handsome, with short stubble helping to shape his jaw. He shook hands with his patient, exchanged some funny little small-talk and finally focused his attention on his next, highly annoyed patient.

“Hello, Jared,” he greeted Mr. Davis, but without a nice smile that could be expected by majority of returning patient. “Please, come in,” he said, as he moved, allowing the boy to enter.

Jared entered without a word and sat on his regular spot, in a cozy armchair in front of Reed’s desk. Doctor Phillip, on the other hand, closed the doors and sat in his mobile chair, but before, he unbuttoned his fancy jacket to make himself more comfortable. Finally, a resemblance of a friendly smile showed on his face.

“Sorry that I kept you waiting. So, Jared. How may I serve you today?”

Boy clenched his fists. His forehead became an angry, little dune. That half an hour spent on waiting definitely wasn’t enough to calm him down.

“What the fuck did you do to me?” Boy wanted to sound menacing, but it came off rather pathetically, almost desperately. “You were supposed to help me fight my addiction to prone masturbation! Instead, I’m constantly horny, while I can’t get my dick to stand!”

“Sounds like you’ve come to the wrong doctor, Mr. Davis. Erectile dysfunction is beyond my knowledge, I’m afraid.”

“I know it was you. You fucked up my mind with that hypnosis session! I can take that to the media and have your entire life ruined, incompetent fuck!”

Doctor Reed didn’t seem intimidated. He relaxed in his chair and smirked rather calmly.

“Did you seriously assume that it was an accident? A mistake on my part?” he asked bluntly, clearly amused by boy’s outrage. “I’ve placed that curse upon you intentionally. And that wasn’t the only curse. Did you notice some weird changes in your body recently?” Doctor Reed stood up and moved pass his desk, to sit on it with superior smile, closer to his patient. “Perhaps your nipples started itching you without any clear reason?”

Boy looked at him, shocked.

“What the fuck… That was your doing?! What did you do to me?!”

“I’ll have you know that itching them won’t make the feeling go away. Only someone’s wet tongue can bring you relief, but even that won’t be for long. By the way, about that sudden impotency of yours, if you want to have an erection, you must stop fighting that uncomfortable urge you have when taking a piss.”

“What fucking urge?!”

“You’ve started having thoughts that made you feel really uneasy, each time after pissing, isn’t that right? It is,” he confirmed with a satisfied expression, seeing fear in boy’s face. “«Wouldn’t it be nice to lick the bowl and taste some of this great-smelling, yellow water?» That’s a nasty thing to crave, Jared. Wouldn’t you agree?”

“Are you fucking crazy? That’s not true, what the fuck are you even talking about?!”

“I’ll have you know that your dick will become rock hard only if you obey to that feeling. Unfortunately for you, it won’t be a permanent solution. These really pleasurable erections will stop once the experience will become less exciting, due to you getting used to it. That’s güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri when you will have to venture into public toilets… You know, to enjoy new tastes, from other people. The positive side to this situation? The filthiest the toilet will be, the harder your dick will get once you dip your tongue in it.”

Jared jumped on his feet, ready to storm out of the office. But then doctor Reed raised his foot, lied it on boy’s chair’s armrest and effectively blocked his way out with his leg.

“Are you sure you want to leave? You still don’t know all the ways that I fucked your brain up. It’s been only two days since you’ve come to me, so I’m ready to assume you stumbled only one some. And, of course, some of them you wouldn’t notice at all. For example…” He moved his foot in a way that made his heel fell out of the shoe, showing a black sock it was covered with. “I’ve wired you to become aroused when seeing men’s feet. It makes you fall into a trance-like state in which the more you explore the foot with different senses, the deeper you go into a blank mind territory.”

Jared was sitting in his chair like paralyzed now, incapable of moving his eyes away from the socked heel threatening to remove the entire foot from a shoe. Boy’s mouth was open and his growing bulge couldn’t be helped, hidden or prevented. Looks like he didn’t have any erectile dysfunction at all…

Finally, after long seconds of teasing, doctor Reed pulled his foot out. His shoe fell on the carpet, which muffled the sound. He moved his leg so that his wide sole hidden in a black sock would block boy’s view. Then he pressed it against Jared’s chest. It’s heavy touch pushed Mr. Davis further into his chair, taking away any remains of hope for leaving the office. Even though the smell of Phillip’s foot was clean and nicely arousing, Jared felt like inhaling a poison. He desperately tried holding his breath and looking away, but then, doctor Reed spoke:

“Hey, don’t fight it. There is nothing you can do to stop it.” Boy looked at his face, feeling hazy. Doctor Reed had a smug smile, clearly enjoying the power he had over the boy. His toes moved and the intoxicating smell became more intense. “That’s right. Take a deep breath, let my pheromones take over. No more resistance, let them fill you in.” He moved his foot higher, so it would face the boy. Unable to fight it, Mr. Davis started rubbing his nose against man’s sock. The intense, manly smell that filled his nostrils made his mind completely blank and calm. It felt like heaven. “That’s it… calm and obedient… How do you feel, Jared?”

“I feel good, Master,” boy answered, so much more respectfully now, still willingly drugging himself with the smell.

“Good. Keep breathing. There is no haste. Don’t worry about me taking over. I’m here to hold you. I’m here to keep you safe. You can allow yourself to rest. Let go and I will take care of you,” Doctor Reed’s voice was gentle and calming. “Last session you’ve told me about your girlfriend. Do you remember?”

“Yes, Sir. Jessica is her name.”

“Right, Jessica. When you will come home, you will make a sudden realization that you’re unhappy in your relationship. This discovery will cause you a great excitement, as you will understand that she’s been the core reason behind all of your sex life issues. You will use this excitement to break up with her, without fear, without worrying. The future is a beautiful place where only good things are waiting for you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Doctor Reed took his foot away, pushed it into his shining shoe and moved to the window to cover it. After that, he turned to the boy with a very malicious smile.

“Stand up,” doctor demanded. Jared obeyed, without hesitation, with a blank, sleepy stare. Phillip placed his big hand on boy’s crotch and started fondling it. “Do you like it when I touch you like that?” he asked.

“No, Sir.”

Doctor removed his hand and brought boy closer, inviting him to press himself against his chest. Jared obeyed. Man’s cologne, the soft fabric of his shirt, the warm flesh under it serving as a pillow—all of that made Jared feel like in heaven. Doctor Reed didn’t mind providing that comfort, but he had his ill güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri intentions behind it. From that position, it’s been so much easier to fill boy’s brain with naughty thoughts.

“I want you to listen to me very carefully,” he whispered straight into boy’s ear, in a breathy voice that reached to the core of his existence. There was no escape from it and this voice had the power to shape him into whatever it wanted. “Close your eyes. Relax your body. And sleep. Shhhhh. You can feel completely safe here, with me. Breathe slowly and relax your body. From the tips of your toes, to the tip of your head. Like a warm milk spreading warmth through your body.”

Suddenly, boy became unconscious. He didn’t fell, because feeling his sudden numbness, Phillip caught him and pressed against himself with much more strength. Then he fell onto his own chair, with a sleeping boy drooling over his navy blue shirt.

Doctor Reed took a short break from whispering poison into boy’s brain, as he just couldn’t stop himself from kissing his cute, manly face. His tongue penetrated Jared’s open mouth as he tasted his saliva.

“Your mouth will be such a comfortable cock sleeve for me and my friends,” doctor Reed went back to whispering into his ear, with some sick kind of love and care filling his voice. “All we need is to fix you a little bit. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to change one’s sexual orientation with hypnosis, but it’s possible to overlay so many erotic curses, that you will be bound to serving as a cock-hungry slave, whether you like it or not. I suppose it’s unfortunate that I’m doing this to you, but you’ve been so damn cute in this manly way… I just couldn’t resist. You can only blame yourself for the temptation you caused.” Boy moved his eyebrows through a very shallow sleep and mumbled something. “Shhh. It’s okay. Keep your eyes closed. Keep your body relaxed. Imagine you’re taking a bath in warm milk. You’re feeling so well in it. You can allow yourself to rest. You deserve to rest. I’m here with you, so you’re completely safe.”

Suddenly, the doors to the office has opened. The receptionist’s head peeked inside. His hipster glasses almost fell down to the floor, as he was looking around from this position. But the controversial pose in which he found doctor Reed and his patient didn’t surprise him at all.

“Can I enter, doctor?” he asked, uncertain.

“Peter. Yes. Finally.” Phillip seemed a bit annoyed. “Close the doors. Anyone in the waiting room?”

“No, I planned a half an hour window, just like you asked.”

“Perfect. Okay, take his pants off. Underwear, too.”

Peter started unbuckling the unconscious Jared’s belt, while doctor Reed kept filling his ear with warm, naughty, breathy whispers. The receptionist used this opportunity to molest the helpless man more than he had to, by fondling his bulge with fingers.

“He’s attractive,” Peter noticed, while pulling off his shoes. “22 years old, right? Is he willing to give up his ass already?”

“No, he’s not quite there yet. I’ve imprinted a negative connotation to his idea of a woman, so with time he will feel disgusted by them, but there’s a lot of overlapping required before we manage to convince him to dicks. Straight boys always take so much work.”

Jared’s pants and shoes were already lying on the ground. Now Peter pulled down his brief boxers, revealing a nice, soft cock with trimmed pubes. Peter bent to smell it and he smiled to doctor Reed.

“Will his cock be fully functioning? It would be a shame to waste it.”

“I’ve already wired it to the idea of toilet licking. Whether he likes it or not, he will be a little pig from now on, exploring the filthiest possible kinks. It should overall open him up and push into sexual obedience towards men.” Even though responded with patience, doctor Reed seemed a little bit annoyed by all of his questions. “Alright, let’s get started. You know what to do.”

“Ready when you are, Sir,” Peter assured.

Phillip slid his big hands under Jared’s shirt and pulled it until boy’s shaved chest was revealed. Man’s pointing fingers gently touched Mr. Davis’ perky nipples, pressing them like some sort of pleasure buttons. Boy started waking güvenilir bahis şirketleri up and his dick started growing almost immediately.

“Let’s begin with arousing his genitalia a little bit more,” Phillip said. “Suck on his nuts.”

Peter gladly reached for boy’s dick, raised it and pressed his lips against Jared’s hairy sack, tonguing his skin with care and undeniable lust.

“What the fuck…?” Jared said, weakly. Phillip hold him still, so he couldn’t even attempt to escape. Jared was still relaxed by the trance and his current position would require a lot of muscle strength to get up. “What the fuck are you doing to me…?!”

“Same thing I’m always doing to you. I’m conquering your mind.” Phillip revealed a beautiful set of teeth, smiling in a cocky way. “Do you like how I’m tormenting your nips? Because your cock certainly loves it.”

Phillip was pinching them and gently pulling away from boy’s pecs, first applying pressure, then pain and after that relief, in repeating circles. Jared’s veiny rod was throbbing so intensely, it kept entering into collisions with Peter’s glasses, who for that reason he had to take them off.

“You won’t get away with this, psycho…” Jared moaned, as Peter sucked one of his balls between his lips and pulled it upwards, until it jumped back, making a loud, wet sound.

“I will, because you won’t tell anyone. I’m in the process of breaking your mind, boy. There is no way out of this. You’ve lost. But in a moment, you will lose even more. We’re going to play a little game now. There is only one rule. If you will reach orgasm and burst with cum, your mind will enter a deep, erotic trance and will be entering it each time you see man’s feet in socks. It will awaken a deep desire inside of you, to kneel in front of that man, to rub your face into his feet and to fall into even deeper trance, as you willingly allow your nostrils and your mind to become infested with his manly smell. You will do anything you’re told, just to be rewarded by being allowed to touch and worship man’s feet… Peter,” he gave a sign to his assistant to start.

Peter hungrily placed Jared’s dick head into his mouth, savoring it like a delicious dish, with closed eyes and gentle tongue movement.

“I don’t want that… I don’t want that,” Jared was panicking. Phillip applied more pain to his nipples.

“I can’t force you to do anything you don’t want. Hypnosis doesn’t work like that. If you don’t want to enter the deep trance, just don’t cum,” Phillip was smiling, knowing how ridiculous this concept was. Boy had no way of winning this game. “Unless, you unconsciously do want that… then, your dick will give up to me.”

Young Mr. Davis started wriggling his entire body, tortured by unwanted but deliciously well-performed stimulation. The climax was around the corner and fully aware of that, Jared tried to tense up and block the cum that wanted to shoot out. Phillip knew that the boy couldn’t win, it was just a matter of time now, but he decided not to waste the opportunity of breaking him with the first try. That’s why he pinched boy’s nipples even harder, pulling them in all possible ways.

“No…! No…!” Jared cried through clenched teeth.

Peter wasn’t sucking anymore. Penis head was still between his lips, but he was jerking the cock fast, with his hand, just waiting for the cum to flood his mouth.

Jared’s body tensed up as he started creaming unwillingly. His loud breaths converted into moans. It was an intense, hot sensation, filling his entire dick, each time he pumped out a portion of cum. It would be difficult to call this sensation “pleasure”. It felt wrong, but at the same time, Jared didn’t want it to stop. Suddenly, a deep relaxation clouded his mind and took away any control he had left over his own body. Phillip stopped torturing his nipples.

“Delicious…” Peter said, after sucking in every last drop of boy’s cum and spitting out his used, still hard cock, now glistening with saliva. “So you’ve got him into the trance. Now what?”

Doctor Reed released Jared from his arms.

“Stand up,” he ordered, gently. Jared opened eyes and got up. His shirt, that Phillip pulled up before, now covered his torso again. Doctor Reed removed it fully by himself, leaving the boy completely naked, with stiff cock and sleepy expression. Phillip reached to the zipper of his own pants. “Now, I’m going to convince him that he loves getting pegged with one of these ultrarealistic dildos. But first, I think that me and him need to use a toilet together…”

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