I answered a Craig’s List ad…

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69 Position

I realized when I was about twenty-one years of age that females turned me on. I never was really attracted to my best friends in a sexual way but I remember going to a strip club once with a bunch of guys. I was the only girl and was having a great time watching all the guys get turned out by the beautiful, all naked girls. I was wearing a dress with pantyhose (it was the middle of the winter and freezing out) and I suddenly felt like I wet myself. Needless to say, my pussy was soaking wet from all the titties and pussy lips being rubbed in my face all night. I also took a liking to lesbian porn before I would masturbate. I never thought I was bisexual, it was just a fantasy of mine and I knew I had to act it out in some way but I didn’t know how. I couldn’t have lesbian sex with one of my girl friends; they are like my sisters. I am a gorgeous, wealthy, law school student from an affluent area and as you can imagine, my chances to eat pussy were slim to none. I then decided I’d check out craigslist.com.

For a few days, I innocently trolled the boards. There were a lot of postings in my area and some were more hardcore then others. Finally, on about the third day, I found a posting from a very pretty twenty-eight year old who lived about 30 minutes away from me named Tania. Her posting said looking for “breast play”. I thought this would be a good way to get started into lesbian sex and it seemed pretty safe. I had no idea what I was in for.

I sent her an email, and we began talking over AIM for about a week. She was well-educated, had a great job and also had a fantasy to be with other women and she had only been with one woman before. I expressed to her that I only wanted breast play as her asked for in her posting. She laughed and said that was fine. I also told her she would need to take control since I had never done this before.

We made a date for a Thursday night at her apartment that she shared with her fianc?but he’d be at work all night. I was so nervous, I picked out the perfect pink lacy bra to encase my perky, twenty-three year old, cup C breasts. I studied my tits in the mirror for about twenty-minutes, hoping Tania would think they were okay. My nipples are large and my nipples stand up like top hats when aroused. I began to tweak my nipples, standing there soaking wet in my bathroom post-shower, just thinking about Tania putting her mouth on them. I stopped myself quickly and decided I would save all my sexual energy until I saw her.

When I got to her apartment, I was pleasantly surprised to see she was gorgeous. She was taller then me, about 5’9” (I am only 5’2”), lean, about B sized tits, and a small right ass. She was tan and her hair was dark reddish color. As soon as I stepped foot in her place, she said, “God, you’re hot”. I couldn’t argue with that. I am petite, about 115 pounds, size C breasts and a luscious, full ass. My hair is caramel blonde color and I have olive colored skin being from a mixed Spanish and Italian background.

We sat on the couch and chit-chatted for about an hour. She broke out a bottle of red wine and halfway through my first glass, I was feeling tipsy. I then began drinking slower, since I didn’t want to have a hard time getting aroused because of my alcohol intake.

After the conversation lulled, she moved closer to me on the couch and asked if I was “ready to play?”. I giggled and she leaned over and kissed me. She kocaeli escort kissed me softly at first, then snuck her tongue in and before long, she was ramming it down my throat. If a guy had kissed me like this, I would’ve gotten up and left and told him to go back to the eighth grade and learn how to kiss. But when Tania did it, I felt numb and my whole body tingled.

She then suggested that we’d take off our shirts and strip down to our bras. We both sat there on the couch, me in my pink lace bra and her in a red satin one. She began to massage my breasts over the cups of my bra.

“You like that?”, she whispered.

I told her I did as I giggled sheepishly. This felt strange, like it was a dream and I was terrified but I was also excited to see what was about to happen next.

“Can I take off your bra, sexy?”, Tania said.

I obliged and she unhooked my bra. I felt so vulnerable sitting on a stranger’s couch, while she was still covered.

“Lay back, relax”, she said.

I realize how tense and stiff I was. I leaned back a little bit, feet still on the floor as she leaned forward and began to play with nipples.

“Ooooohhhhh….,” I said. All the guys I have ever dated knew if they wanted me to get soaking fucking wet, to play with my nipples first.

Tania was tweaking and pinching them and even started lightly slapping them. I was so turned on. I felt butterflies in my stomach and a surge in my panties.

“What do you want me to do with them?”, she coyly asked.

“Put them in your mouth,” I answered. I couldn’t even believe I just said that!

She smiled for ear and ear and bent down and began to suck on my left nipple while still pinching the right. I felt myself grinding my teeth as I got more and more horny. She started to lightly bite them and I told her to slap them again. She started to slap my tits right on my nipples and I just felt electricity through my veins. After about 10 minutes of breast play on me, I unhooked Tania’s bra and was about to engage in my first lesbian activity ON someone else.

I basically just mimicked when Tania did to me. Her breasts were much smaller then my own. Her nipples were small and red in color and I really liked sucking on them. She moved my hair out of my face while I did so, the whole while looking up at her innocently. Hey, if it turned on guys so much to look at them while sucking their cocks, it would work on girls too theoretically, right?

After about 10 minutes of munching on Tania’s small perfect titties, she sat me up and we began to rub both our nipples on eachother while we kissed. She then asked if I would like to move into the bedroom so we could have a bit more room and I agreed.

We moved to the bedroom and I laid on bed with Tania on top of me. We continued to kiss and rub our nipples on eachother. She then said she had an idea. She wanted to rub her nipple on my clit, over my panties. I was hesitant at first and then I agreed as long as there was no direct vaginal contact. I didn’t think I was ready for that just yet.

She removed my jeans and I was wearing plain white cotton, boy short panties underneath. I didn’t even wear sexy underwear since I didn’t plan on this little tryst going this far.

Tania came back up to mouth and told me to suck them again and get them all nice and hard so I can feel them on my clit. I did as I was told on both nipples and she moved down darıca escort to my pussy. I spread my legs apart as much as I could muster without feeling completely awkward and she began to rub her nipple on my pussy. It felt so good and the friction of my panties was making me so wet. I pinched my nipples as I watched Tania between my legs rub her titties against my moist pussy. All of a sudden, she started to laugh.

“What?”, I asked.

“You have a huge wet spot on your panties”, she said.

I began to blush.

“Can I look at it?”, she asked.

I was silent for a minute. I wasn’t even sure what she meant. She explained she just wanted to look at my pussy and wouldn’t touch it if I didn’t want her to. She said just pretend like I was at the doctor. Now THAT turned me on and I was sold.

She removed my panties and opened my legs. I continued to massage my breasts.

“Can you open it for me?”, she asked.

I took my fingers and spread it open for her as she intently watched.

“Fuck, your pussy is so wet,” she moaned. “It’s glistening”.

I then realized how turned on I was making her and it in turn was making me super horny. I opened my hole as wide as I could.

“Mmmmmm”, Tania whispered. “Can I see your asshole, too?”

At this point, I am fully naked on this girl’s bed, I wasn’t about to be modest now. I lifted my legs a little and opened my ass chicks and showed her my shithole. Tania licked her lips.

“I want to see your pussy now,” I said.

Tania was out of her jeans and underwear in about fifteen seconds flat. She sat right across from me, in the same position and spread her pussy open so I could see.

“Do you want to touch it?”, she said.

I wasn’t sure just yet. I told her I wanted to watch her touch it. She began to masturbate as I watched and then I began to rub my clit too. There we were, getting off to EACHOTHER getting off. I watched her cum and some clear liquid shot across at me and hit me in the lower stomach. I laughed.

“Did you cum yet?”, she asked.

I told I didn’t and I wanted and needed penetration. She walked over to her closet and took out a purple vibrator.

“Do you want me to fuck you with this?”, she asked.

I did. I wanted it so fucking badly.

“Lay back”, she instructed me.

I laid back, nervous as hell and I literally thought I may vomit from my nerves. I spread my legs and Tania came and sat up by me.

“Spread ‘em really wide so I can put it in,” she said.

I opened my legs as far as they would go and she reached down and inserted the jelly cock into my dripping snatch.

I instantly let out a moan.

She began to slowly fuck me with it as she sucked on my tits.

I asked her to turn the vibrator on, so I could feel the vibrating part on my clit and she said, “Not yet, I want you to beg for it”.

She began to fuck me harder and harder with the toy and I was grinding my hips back and forth against the bed. She stopped sucking on my tits and settled herself right between my legs as she furiously fucked me. I could feel the sheets soaking wet under me.

“If you want me to turn it on, get on all fours”, she demanded.

I immediately flipped over on all fours, and stuck my ass in the air. I was waiting for her to reinsert the dildo when all of a sudden I felt wetness back there. I then realized she was gölcük escort licking my pussy.

“What are you doing?!”, I yelled. I was angry at first. I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable with that.

“Just relax, baby”, Tania said. “I need to taste your pussy and ass and then I’ll fuck you again with this, okay?”.

I hesitantly agreed. She put the vibrator down, spread apart my pussy lips and buried her face in the crevice of my pussy and ass. She was putting her tongue in and out and in and out of my pussy and then she moved up to my asshole. At one point while she was sucking my pussy, she fingered my asshole very slowly. It felt amazing but I just wanted her to fuck me till I came with that vibrator. I asked her to finish me off because I felt like I was going to explode. She giggled and said she could do one better. She walked back to her closest and came out with a slim, small vibrator and said she was going to put the little one in my ass as she fucked my pussy with the purple dick.

So there she is behind me, fucking me with the big dildo and putting the little one in and out of my ass. I am pinching my own nipples and playing with my clit alternately and before long I feel the wave start to come over me.

“I’m gonna cum!”, I scream.

Just as I came, Tania removed both toys from my holes and rammed her two of her fingers in my pussy. She told me later she did this because she wanted to “feel my pussy quiver from the inside”. After it was over, I was exhausted and Tania was pleased with herself.

I felt bad I had gotten off in such an awesome way and she had only gotten off with her own hand. She smiled shyly and said it was okay and I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to. I told her I wanted to eat her pussy and her face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning.

I told her to lay back this time, and I lowered my face to her crotch. I had seen pussy that up close before, at the strip club so I wasn’t shocked at all being that close to it. I parted her outer lips and just looked around for awhile to familiarize myself with it. Her pussy was glistening under the light of her overhead fan and some of it was dripping out onto her asshole. I then pulled apart the inner lips and stared face to face with her tight, pink hole. She was writhing against the bed in the anticipation of me sucking and licking it.

I then took my fingers and pulled back the hood of her clit and finally flicked it lightly with my tongue.

“Ohhhh yeah,” she moaned.

I then began to suck on her clit as she moaned more and more loudly. I inserted my two fingers into her pussy and fingered her at the same time. She was so wet that it was oozing over my fingers, right onto her pretty floral bedspread.

“Talk dirty to me…I’ll get off quicker”, she said.

“You like my fingers in your wet pussy, you filthy little whore?”, I asked her.

“Oh, God yes!”, she yelled.

“You got a perfect little pink pussy, slut,” I said.

She was getting closer and closer to orgasming and I could tell because her body was getting all flushed.

“I’m so close!”, she exclaimed.

“Cum on these fingers, slut. Cum now!”, I yelled at her.

“Oh shittttt!”, she screamed as she came all over my fingers and onto my face.

After it was over, we laid in bed next to eachother, played with our tits a little bit and then took a shower together. I was at her place for a total of about three hours and I left satisfied with my first lesbian encounter. We still get together every couple of months for an all out, pussy munching and fucking session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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