I Bought a Singlet

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Weeks ago, I hit the “Complete Checkout” button in my browser and laughed to myself. I had made a crazy, stupid purchase that was a combination of hormones and “what the hell!” easily aided by the anonymity of the internet. Out of sight, out of mind though, I had forgotten what I had bought until it arrived in my mailbox a week later. I was half hard just carrying the little box to my apartment.

My name is Nate, I’m 28 years old, with a slender build and a mop of shaggy brown hair. I’m also bisexual, and for the moment at least – single as single can be. I had often fantasized about a variety of different kinks, but my late night Amazon spree was the first solid step towards actually trying something out.

The night my package came, I had rushed upstairs, locked the door behind me and kicked off my shoes, tossing my jacket to the floor in a hurry. I turned the cardboard box in my hands, staring at it as I walked to mirror in my hallway. I laid the box down on a side table, looked myself over in the mirror and after a slight pause, pulled my sweater and shirt over my head. I fiddled with my belt buckle, unzipped my jeans and thumbed at the waist band of my white briefs, pulling my pants and underwear down to the floor. My eyes travelled over my skinny, fur covered little body and I kicked the last of my clothes off, standing naked in the hall.

I tore through the tape on the box, pulling out a handful of spandex.

My late night purchase, a dark navy blue singlet.

For those who are unclear as to what a singlet is, its wrestling or workout gear. It’s like a tank top attached to boxer briefs, but tight, tight spandex, and far more revealing. You might see them in professional or college wrestling, with these muscled young studs bulging out, straining at the seams. There in my apartment, after stripping down, I unfolded the singlet, and slipped my legs in one at a time, before pulling the straps up over my shoulders.

Staring into the mirror again, I felt a bit embarrassed – while tall and relatively thin, I had a slight paunch and a thick patch of chest hair that fell down my stomach, before covering my cock and balls. I looked awkward in the singlet, not like a superhero or athlete. But in a way, that was kind of the thrill – being out of my element. I raised my arms into a laughable body builder pose, exposing my hairy pits, and thought about what it would be like to be seen by someone dressed up like this. My cock stiffened and pre-cum dampened the spandex.

Of course, I knew there was at least ONE person I could show off my new gear to – a complete and total stranger I had only talked to online who said his name was Geoff, a 42 year old sales manager. He was one of many guys I had flirted and swapped dirty pictures with, but never followed through with meeting. He was into wrestling kink, and had spurred me into orgasm on more than a few occasions with his stories and fantasies.

Feeling the tight spandex encase my body, and feeling silly and exposed, I had made the first step. The next one was to reach out to Geoff.


Feeling the crunch of snow under my feet, I thought about what I was about to do. Geoff and I had a couple months of flirtations and sexting behind us, but I had always kind of used him to get off on my own. There wasn’t much of an actual relationship there, just barely an acquaintanceship, built off mutual horniness really. I often felt turned on by the idea of being with older, more experienced guys, and sure, maybe there was a comfort in being with someone who didn’t have that perfect, intimidating body. I also liked body hair, to remind me -as a bisexual- that I was with a guy. All in all though, I had never actually hooked up with a ‘daddy’ type. Yet here I was, marching off to cross off a bunch of firsts with Geoff.

When I had texted him, it took him a short while to remember who I was – in fact, I’m still not convinced he recalls our sexting about. I tried to make small talk, but he could tell I was horny and pushed me to get to the point. I had told him that I had recently bought a singlet, and remembered that he liked to wrestle, and had some mats. Gingerly, I asked if he would be up to “showing me some moves”. After some back and forth, and some mutual jerking off – he agreed to host me on the weekend. Come Sunday, I was a basket case – almost backing out at the last minute. But I told myself I HAD to give it a go.

Next thing I know, I’m knocking canlı bahis at the big wooden door of an old row house.

Geoff answered, towering over me by a good 6 inches. Up close he was handsome, and mature, with a confident face and piercing blue eyes. In all our communications and picture swaps, I hadn’t realized he had such thick arms. He t-shirt was tight, and I found myself lost staring at the salt and pepper hair that peaked out from the v-neck.

“Come in Nate, glad you could make it,” He warmly waved me in, inviting me to kick off my shoes in the vestibule. “Can I get you something to drink?”

This is good, I thought to myself. He seems nice. I’m going to do this.

After pleasantries and some small talk, Geoff and I talked boundaries and fantasies, and he teasingly chastised me for “playing hard to get” all these months. I was beginning to truly warm to him when he suggested we go downstairs. We walked to the basement door, and he began describing his wrestling space, with mats and sound proof walls, and as my stockinged feet plodded down the steps, he told me he had a surprise. As the unfinished basement came into full view, I was suddenly chilled – there were two other men down there waiting. I turned to look back up the stairs to Geoff to ask him “what was going on”, when I noticed he was locking the door behind him.


“Now Nate, I don’t want you to worry here – we’re all going to be really nice and friendly to each other now.” Geoff moved down the steps towards me. “These are my wrestling buddies, Tom and Bull, they’re not here to wrestle today, Tom is going to referee, and Bull is keeping time, is that square with you?” I slowly nodded, while he shrank the gap between us. His hand affectionately went to my chin, and I felt myself hardening in my pants. He leaned in close and whispered. “If I remember correctly, you always wanted to be a bit of a show off, didn’t you?”

I blushed and swallowed. “Yes. Yes, sir”

Geoff laughed heartily, “Come on now Nate, you can’t go calling me sir yet – I haven’t earned it yet,” His face broke into a wide, confident grin, and I had conflicting feelings of wanting to run, and surrendering my ass to him. He turned to his mates, and stripped off his t-shirt, revealing a muscled back and straps to a steel grey singlet. I took my eyes off him long enough to check out our referee and time keeper.

Tom was a stocky short guy with grey hair and a tan, he wore a sleeveless workout top and shorts that showed off his thick hairless calves. Bull was about equal height, but broad all around, he was probably in his late fifties, but had hairy, slab-like pectorals with tiny nipples, and a barrel-like belly. His jogging pants tucked up underneath his paunch, displaying a sizeable bulge along his left leg.

Geoff had peeled off his remaining clothing by the time I snapped back to attention, showing off an impressive body in the sexiest singlet I’d even seen. I stared at his cock trapped in the spandex, and could have sworn I saw the outline of a cock-ring. He cleared his throat.

“Now Nate, as we discussed, I’m going to take you through a few moves first, to get you ready. You can keep your gear on, but when we start wrestling for real, It’s going to be an article of clothing coming off per pin. I’ve given you the advantage to start, I’ve got on this, and my jock – but something tells me, I might have to throw a match to show off any skin,”

He smiled at me again, and I felt small and vulnerable. As per our prior conversation, I had come dressed simply, with a sweatshirt and joggers, over a t-shirt and my singlet. My last scrap of clothing, a tiny jockstrap. The match stipulation hadn’t been spelled out for me in advance, but it turned me on as he described it.

Geoff steered me onto the mat, and I took my socks off for traction. We set up facing each other, and hunched over, arms out. Nodding at one another, Bull tapped a little bell with a hammer and we immediately locked up. I was finally doing it! I couldn’t believe it! Of course, in my self-amazement, Geoff lunged to my side and threw me down to the mat. I felt the wind knocked out of me, as I heard the men laugh.

“So long as we’re down here kid, let me show you some moves,”

For the next half hour, Geoff took me from one hold to another, explaining what he was doing. I tried to follow along, but was overwhelmed by his musky smell, and the physical contact. Every once bahis siteleri in awhile, he’d stretch me out and make me yelp in pain. Submission maneuvers he explained. He knew them all. I tasted his sweat as his body wrapped me up and squeezed me. I’d catch Tom or Bull out of the corner of my eye, massaging their cocks as they watched.

“Ready now?” Geoff released me and stood up. “This next pin is for your sweatshirt.”

I creakily got up, giving him a pained grin. “Lets do it.” Bull hit the bell again, as Tom moved around the mat. Geoff and I circled each other before locking up. I put my all into pushing against him, but he was immovable. He shot a hand down to tweak my crotch, and as I went to block, he swept my feet from underneath me, and slammed his body over mine. “PIN!” Tom yelled out. Geoff stood back as I gathered myself, and stripped off my sweatshirt.

Bell. Lock up. Lunge. Down again. I stood up and walked to the edge of the mat looking Geoff in the eye. I pushed my jogging pants to the floor, showing off the bottom half of my navy singlet and my hairy legs.

Bell. Circle. Trash talk. I lunged forward, trying to grab Geoff’s sizeable bulge. He laughed and bared his teeth at me, before grabbing me in a big bear hug, throwing me over his hip and onto my back. I was pinned again. Geoff straddled me, grabbing at the neck of my t-shirt with both hands, and tearing it down the middle. I had been a little dazed from the sharp landing, but this new demonstration of brutality made me quake. Geoff had straightened himself up while on top of me, and had sat down on my spandex covered cock, slowly grinding. I stifled a moan as he looked down at my prone form.


Geoff scampered off me and took to the edge of the mat waiting. I felt sore and tired, struggling to get to my feet. Tom and Bull muttered something to each other, and laughed in a low, disconcerting fashion as I readied myself for the next round. For his part, Geoff swatted at my hands, pushing away my attempts to strike at him and walking a circle on the mats. The men were now enjoying this, I was there in all my hairy, awkward glory in my singlet, a noticeable wet spot on the crotch. I could feel them eyeing my ass, looking over my body, starting to get ideas. The vulnerability was frighteningly hot, and my cock became more and more obvious with every passing second.

Geoff finally lunged at me, grabbing me and tossing me down, but instead of going for the pin, he groped me from my cock to my ass, shoving my face to the mat as he ground his cock between my spandex clad butt cheeks. The other men roared at the sight of my domination. Geoff toyed with me, letting me back up again, before shoving me down again. I was losing all strength and all resistance, sweating furiously. Finally, Geoff twisted my arm up over my head, wrapping his leg over my thigh and stretching me until I cried out in pain. Tom came close and grabbed my cock. Nobody was stopping this as I cried uncle.

“Call me daddy, you little cunt!” Geoff sneeringly shouted into my ear.

“Daddy, daddy, please stop! PLEASE!” I could feel my eyes get wet.

And then there was relief. I felt my body loosen, and Geoff remove himself from the ground. I was half out of it, just exhausted and in pain, when I felt hands pull me to my feet and steady me. Opening my eyes, I looked across the mat to see Geoff, taking a big drink of water from a bottle, his singlet straps off his shoulders, the top half pulled to his waist.

“I don’t think there’s any question, we’re done wrestling boy,” I realized that Tom and Bull had dragged me to standing position, and were in the process of peeling my singlet off one strap at a time. Despite my dazed state, the feeling of being stripped of the tight spandex was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like having a second skin removed, exposing the rawest parts of your flesh to the cold air. The two men grasped at the sides and yanked it over my hips, until i felt a loose puddle of fabric around my ankles. I stood there in a tiny jock strap soaked with sweat and pre-cum, my ass cheeks pawed at by Tom and Bull as Geoff stood back massaging his cock.

“Get him up on the table,” Was all that he said, before I felt myself lifted and placed on a tall wooden workbench. I felt the elastic of the jock snap away as one of the men cut it with scissors. My 7″ cock fell out obscenely and oozed onto my belly. I looked up as Tom and Bull moved bahis şirketleri around the workbench, Geoff had stripped naked, save for his cock ring and was approaching with a black bag. Before I could say a thing, I felt my hands secured above my head, and my jock stuffed in my mouth. Bull set himself at my feet, taking my ankles in his hands and holding them in place. I was naked, prone and vulnerable with three strange older men controlling my broken body. Geoff spoke again.

“We’re all just having fun now, aren’t we boys?” The men chortled in response. “But this little boy Nate here, he’s been playing me for months now haven’t you? Texting me, getting me hot and bothered then disappearing once you got your rocks off, eh?”

I suddenly felt scared, unsure if this was all part of our fantasy, or if I was really in danger.

“Well, this little boy has to learn who his daddy is, and what his daddy owns.”

He twisted my cock and balls in his hand, and I bucked against my restraints, shouting through the makeshift gag. Then I heard a chilling sound. A click, followed by a buzz, I looked down at my body. Tom had an electric razor in one hand and had placed the other firmly on my chest to stop me from moving.

“Hold still now,” He said “Don’t want to clip you,”

I resigned myself to my fate as I felt the humming device sweep around my body, and watching as tufts of hair fell away. I was naked and being shorn at the hands of these three. While wondering at first, what I would say to my friends I went to the gym, I slowly became thrilled at my imminent transformation. I came in here fearful, but still with some swagger. I had thought that after months of sexting with Geoff, I could just come in and use him for my own fantasies. He had decided to put one over on me, and show me that it all came at a cost. My manliness.

Hands swept away the hair from my body and I looked down to see nothing but stubble, no chest hair or treasure trail, no pubes, no pits. I felt my legs lifted up, my cheeks spread, and the buzzing nipped away the fur in my crack. Far from a professional job, there were patches that would need to be trimmed, but for the sake of my new “daddy” I felt that I was prepared to be his.

Tom turned the clippers off as Bull moved from my feet, letting Geoff step in at the end of the table. My eyes begged him as he slathered the cold, thick lube into my hole. He sheathed himself in a condom, and began to push forward into my ass as I bit down onto the wadded up jock in my mouth. The head of his cock popped through my o-ring and I moaned deeply. For all his brutality and forcefulness as a fighter, he fucked me slowly, gently, taking time to let me feel his entire girth inside of me.

Tom and Bull had shucked their own clothing and massaged my chest as they tugged at their cocks. For a couple of older guys, they both had sizable members, and I eyed them as Geoff slapped against my ass. He slowed momentarily.

“Now I said you were all mine tonight, and I will respect that, but you look like you want to suck some cock. Do you want to suck some cock boy?”

I silently nodded, and the jock was removed from my mouth.

I took turns slurping on Tom, then turning my head to taste Bull, both sticky with pre-cum, and full of musky odours. Geoff continued plowing me at the end of the table, placing my feet on his shoulders. I was lost in all the senses. Almost on command, Tom and Bull stopped offering me their cocks, instead quickening the pace of their own hands as Geoff began to pound me. My body shook, flesh slapped hard, and we all groaned in a low and guttural fashion. Then one by one, I felt hot cum splash onto my face and neck from Tom, then Bull, and finally a bellowing “Fuuuck” from Geoff as I felt a warmth in my bowels as he filled the condom. He kept moving his hips as he delicately kept fucking me in his afterglow.

Finally he withdrew, leaving me feel empty. I lay there covered in sperm, tasting it on my lips and feeling brutalized from the day’s events. Tom and Bull went off, and Geoff approached the top end of the table, wiping the jizz from my face with a warm towel.

“How was that?” He asked with a smile on his face. “Was it everything you’d hoped?”

I grinned right back at him, “Yeah, you got pretty creative there, but it was hot. Thanks.”

Geoff began to unbuckle the wrist restraints. “Learn a lot today then?”

Sitting up, I gave him a kiss on the lips. “Yessir, turns out its fun to lose in wrestling,”

He laughed at me, and helped me off the bench. I spotted my navy blue singlet on the floor and smiled, thinking to myself – what the hell am I going to buy next?

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