I Dare You

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“I dare you to give Chant a hand job while I watch” said Ethan, my boyfriend of 3 years.

“Wait… what? You can’t be serious?” I said, with a confused look on my face.

“Whats wrong babe, scared?”

“Im just not sure you realise what you are asking me to do right now. You’ve had a lot to drink and might regret this in the morning”.

“Chicken!” He whispered, loud enough for the three of us to hear.

“You know what, fine! Chant you and I are going to get to know each other pretty well in a minute” I said with my cheeks burning. I grabbed my whiskey and coke and crawled over to where Chant was sitting.

His facial expression was priceless, a mixture of terror and excitement. He grinned at me and asked “Are you for real?”

“Why not, he doesnt seem to mind and you don’t have a girlfriend to worry about cheating on. Lets have some fun sexy.”

I glanced back at Ethan while my finger walked down Chants chest to his belt buckle. Instead of going straight for skin on skin contact, my hand floated over his pants to his crotch. He already had a bit of a hard on but jumped a little when my hand came into contact with his dick over the fabric of his pants. I stroked lightly up and down until he was fully erect. Ethan sat there watching us with grin on his face.

I moved my hand back to Chants belt again and undid it with skilled ease. I pulled the zipper down and pushed my hand under his boxer briefs to his cock.

He was as rock casino siteleri hard as a man could get without bursting.

I pushed his boxers to the side and released his dick from its cloth bindings. He was an impressive 8 inches, a good 2 inches bigger than Ethan. I wrapped my hand around the girth of him and softly moved my hand up and down his length. I was touching him as lightly as possible at first, still not believing that I was going through with this crazy dare!

I glanced at Chant and found him staring at my hand on his dick. I gripped him tighter and started pumping my hand up and down the length of him. His eyes drooped close and he let out a long sigh.

“I dare you to lick his cock.” Ethan said.

Without a second thought I bent my head and ran my tongue around his hard tip. Chants hips involuntarily jerked upwards to the wetness of my mouth. I took as much as I could of him in my mouth and sucked hard.

“Aarhhhggg fucckkk” was all he could say.

I kept bobbing my head up and down, breaking to suck a ball into my mouth every now and then.

“If you keep this up any longer i’m going to cum in your mouth” Chant said.

I smiled as best I could with his dick still wrapped around my lips.

“We can’t have that now can we.” Ethan said. “I dare you to sit on his cock”

I was so wet that I didn’t even question this dare. I ripped off my panties and pulled the strapless dress that I was wearing up to my waist and straddled canlı casino him. He propped himself up with his elbows to watch his dick disappear inside my dripping snatch. I had to take it slow because of his size but once I had adjusted from the intrusion in my cunt I rammed myself onto his cock as deeply as I could. He met me thrust for thrust as he pulled the top of my strapless dress down and undid my bra to let my tits free. He pushed himself up to capture one of my nipples into his mouth to suck and bite. I had forgotten Ethan was even there until I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward. My attention went back to Chant as he left one nipple alone to bite the other.

My arse cheeks started to spread apart and I felt Ethan’s finger smear something cold all over my virgin arsehole. I felt his finger rest on my hole and he applied pressure. I was so focussed on what was going on in my cunt that it barely hurt when his finger entered me and he pushed his finger in all the way up to his knuckle. He fingered my back door for a couple of minutes and it felt amazing. The friction of something in both holes made me almost cum there and then. I was not prepared for him to take his finger out so when he did I was a little disappointed.

“I dare you to let me fuck your back door”. He whispered into my ear.

All I could do was nod my answer and I felt the head of his dick pushing into my hole. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as he buried his dick balls deep kaçak casino in my arse.

I have never felt so full in my entire life.

Ethan started to move his dick out of me as Chant was pushing into me. The feeling was amazing. I was like a human double adaptor. Never in my life did I think I would have a threesome, let alone double penetration. I pushed my hand down to my clit and rubbed furiously as they both pumped into me. I could feel myself building to an orgasm as Chant started grunting and thrusting harder into me. Ethan grabbed onto my hips and pumped into me harder. The intense feeling became too much for me and I came that hard I screamed. Both men jerked in me as the came nearly at the same time. Streams of semen were pumped into me as they emptied their ball sacks. Ethan was the first to gradually pull his dick out of my arse. He stopped to drag his cum covered cock up and down my butt crack before standing up. Chant curled his hand around my neck and pulled me down to kiss me before he pulled out of me.

Ethan helped me to stand and steady me. Needless to say I was a little shaky at the knees. Chant shoved his dick into his pants and stood up. My dress had fallen back down covering my lady bits, but my tits were still out for everyone to see. Chant grabbed the hem of my dress and pulled it up to my waist. He looked at my cum covered cunt lips, semen dribbling down my slit and inner thigh.

“Fuck yeah, thats one special lady you have there Ethan. You lucky son of a bitch”. With that remark he slapped me on the arse and left.

Ethan put his arms around me.

“Did you have fun?” He asked me.

“Ohh yeah. We are definitely going to have to do that again!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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