I Go to a Swinging Party

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I just got my first invite to one of John’s wild parties and I was thrilled. His parties were not just wild, there were swinging parties, nothing but an orgy plain, and simple However, there was one problem, it was couples only, and I knew of no woman who would accompany me to such an affair. After racking my brain for two days, I finally had to go to John and tell him I couldn’t scare up a date.

On the Friday before the party, John called me and said he had an offer and he wanted me to come over to discuss it with him. I went straight to his house with hope in my heart. He let me in, gave me a beer, and offered me a bar stool.

“Dennis I might let you come to the party stag if you’ll do me a favor.”

I jokingly asked him who he wanted me to kill.

“Oh it’s nothing that nasty, it’s just I want to video tape the party and I understand you know you way around a camcorder. You’re welcome to come, have all the fun you can stand as long as in between you tape as much as you possible.”

He went on to say that, everyone would be asked to sign a release and if anyone felt shy, he would provide them with masks to hide their identity. I said it was funny that people would show off their privates but hide their faces. Of course, I accepted in a heartbeat and as I left, he gave me the camcorder to take home so I could familiarize myself with it.

On the big night, I arrived as excited as I was on my first date. I walked to the door behind a man and a scantily clad woman, I decided I might as well get started on my new job so I turned my camera on and started taping. There casino siteleri was a man standing at the door passing out release forms and when the woman bent over to sign, I got my first beaver shot of the night. There were no doubt a lot of swingers here and I noticed there weren’t too many wearing masks.

I wanted to take in the whole house first so I wandered around checking out the action in all the different rooms. The house was so large and with so many rooms, it felt as if I was in a maze. I kept finding niches and corners all filled with people in different stages of undress. I had yet to find anybody fucking, and I guessed the reason was because the party had just started. I looked up to see many couples heading for the back of the house so I followed them. In the back was the poolroom, no not a room with a pool table, although he had one of those too, but a room with a large heated swimming pool in it. The couples kept filing in, stripping off their clothes, and jumping in the warm water.

It was interesting to watch the different people as I let the tape run. The first couple I noticed was a younger man, and attractive blonde, what we now call a MILF. The woman took her time as she undressed taking great care to fold her clothes. She even folded her panties and bra as she took them off. Her escort held her hand as she descended, very lady like into the pool. Next to her had been a young couple who shed their clothes in a pile as if they never intended to dress in them again. The two couples stood close to each other as they kissed their partners. When the younger man lifted canlı casino his girl onto the deck so he could eat her, I thought the older woman would be upset but it did not seem to bother her. The girl grabbed her man’s hair holding him in place as she stared into my lens. Soon she was screaming in orgasm until she had to push his face away from her. As I had filmed her, I lost track of the couple next to them but when I found them, I saw she was sitting on the step while she sucked off her boyfriend until he came in her mouth. She wiped off a little that had spilled out with her finger and then licked it clean with a smile. I watched a girl floating on a raft with her legs over the sides, with another girl hanging on as she swam behind. She had her face in the first girl’s pussy and it was easy to see both were enjoying it.

It was getting wild in the pool house and I had an erection that was beginning to ache. I told the blonde woman what a great scene she had made and how sexy she looked. She reached up and grasped my cock with one hand as she undid my zipper with the other.

“Stephen will need some rest before he’s ready again. Would you like to be my second helping?”

She fished me out of my pants and began to suck me as I took what is known as a POV shot of her. Looking through the camera it was most unreal, as though I was watching someone get a blow-job rather than the reality that I was receiving a BJ. As horny as I was it didn’t take long for me to get off, and after I thanked her for her thoughtfulness. I got back to business and as I panned around the poolroom, I taped kaçak casino people fucking on the chaises by the pool, people fucking in the pool, and on the edges of the pool. I decided I’d better go check the rest of the house and backed out of the poolroom with my camcorder still running.

There were so many naked couples everywhere; I couldn’t decide where to aim my lens. I kept walking around and panning every corner I could find. I walked by one room I had missed on my earlier walk through. This room was wall-to-wall bed and there had to be eight couples on it. When I walked in, they were all making love with their partners but as I stood there, they began to include the people next to them. First just a tentative arm or hand rub but soon girls were kissing each other as they fucked their partner and it looked hot.

I ended up back in the front room and it was the most sedate of all the places I’d been. In this room there were people dancing to the music, some were completely dressed while others were partially naked. There were other couples sitting around, drinking, and talking while sitting next to couples who were performing oral on each other.

Overall, it was a very educational evening for me. I didn’t see any fights or even arguments anywhere and one other odd thing is I didn’t see any man on man action anywhere. You would think at a party that large and with an anything goes atmosphere somewhere you would see men doing other men.

As the party wound down and the people started to leave, I went to John and thanked him again for the opportunity while I gave him his camera. He asked me if I would like to film his next one but I declined as I told him I had met an older woman who had invited me to attend the next one as her escort. As I left, I realized I had become a sudden fan of MILFs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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