I Got You, Babe

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It was late summer; but still T shirt and shorts weather, and we were sitting on the wide front porch of our cabin by the lake. By we I mean Alice, my wife of 20 years, and her kid sister, Baby.

Her real name is Jenna, but she’s been called Baby ever since I’ve known her, because she’s 15 years younger than Alice. My father-in-law had one of those May-December second marriages, and Baby was the result. Genetically, therefore, they don’t look much like sisters. Alice is short, just a smidge over five feet, and slender. Strawberry blond, with small, but still firm breasts and a cute butt that hasn’t headed south. Still weighs the 105 pounds she presented me with on our wedding day. The result of tennis and will power.

Her sister is tall; I’d guess close to my five-eleven, and what you might call ‘zaftig’. She could stand to lose the 30 pounds she put on after her divorce last Fall, but has the most magnificent breasts I’ve ever seen outside the professional world. Actually, I haven’t seen them; but if packaging is any promise of product they are world class. I’m not one of those numbers and double letter guys; I put breasts in four classifications: flat, small, grapefruits, and disgusting. Baby is definitely a grapefruit gal.

Pendulous, with large nipples. This I know, because tonight she is wearing one of those crisscross tops that tie beneath the breasts, and isn’t wearing a bra. Below that is a sarong style skirt printed with big hibiscus blossoms. She has long, dark hair and skin that tans to a cocoa brown in the sun. Stick a flower behind her ear and she could be one of those “welcome to Hawaii” gals that greet you with a lei, and yes, that’s the correct spelling!

We were halfway through a second bottle of wine and somehow the conversation turned to ‘first times.’

It was early evening; I was watching the bats feed on mosquitoes over the lake, and hadn’t been really paying much attention. Until now.

Alice turned to me, saying, “I never told you this, did I? About the first time I did it?”

“Jack what’s -his-name?” I said. Your high school sweetheart?”

“No; Jack was the first real lover I had, when I was a senior. No, the first time was with a kid named Bart Stern. He was young and I was younger.” Alice looked over at her sister. “We’d ridden our bikes out past the old quarry, to pick blackberries. It was summer, hot, and Bart took of his shirt. So did I.”

Alice looked down at her breasts that were tenting the scoop neck blouse she wore. “They were even smaller then, just starting to announce themselves to the world. I was a Tomboy, and I too took off my shirt. No big deal.” She leaned back in the porch rocker and laughed. “Except it certainly was a big deal, at least to Bart. His eyes just about popped out of his head.

‘What’re you doin’?’ he said.

“What?” I answered. “It’s hot, you took off your shirt, I took off mine.”

He kept staring at my chest. “Can I touch them?” he asked.

“Why would you want to do that?”

“You kiddin’? That’s what guys do, wanna do, touch girls tits.”


“I dunno; they just do. Maybe if I touch them, we’ll find out why.”

“O.K.,” I said.

He put his hand on one of my breasts- I almost hesitate to use the word; ‘bumps’ would be more descriptive! “So soft,” he said, and lightly pinched what would someday become a nipple. An electric shock arced from my breast down to my crotch.

“Hey!” I said, and he took his hand away. “No, it’s O.K.; touch the other one.” Same result! I put my hand between my legs and squeezed my thighs tight. Some very strange things were going on in my young body.

Alice leaned forward and touched her sister on the knee. “You gotta remember, Baby; this was before the Internet and videos and porno mags. Kids were pretty uninformed in those days.” She turned to me. “Right, Dave?”

I laughed. “Too right! I remember the furor that Playboy caused when they published their first crotch shot.”

“Yeah, and Bart wasn’t exactly a man of the world. As I was soon to find out, this was the first time he’d done any of this.”

Baby let her eyes slowly close, opened them halfway as some personal memory surfaced into her consciousness. She threw one leg over the other, giving me a glimpse of tanned thigh. “What do you mean by ‘this’?” she said with a smile.

Alice smiled back, shook her head, remembering. “I touched his nipple, said, ‘Do you feel anything?’

“What do you mean?” Bart asked.

“Down there,” I said, pointing.

“Oh, uh, yeah; I mean, sorta. But not from you touching me on my chest. Can I kiss you?” Suave guy.

“I’d kissed a couple of boys before, at a middle school dance one time, and it didn’t seem to be a big deal.”

“So”, Baby asked, “you kissed him?”

“Oh, yeah! I guess Bart had had some practice in the process, because next thing I know his tongue was halfway down my throat. I felt his dick swelling in his jeans. Curious, I slid my hand down to his crotch. I’d seen dicks before; we’d go skinny dipping at the quarry at night. Only those dicks were these shriveled up little things; more like cocktail wieners than grup porno cocks. “Take it out,” I said. “I wanna see it!”

Bart unzipped his jeans, pushed them down, fumbled his cock and balls over the waistband of his jockey shorts. Hard as a railroad spike and just as big. Five full inches of manhood. I touched it. It jumped.

“Now show me yours,” he said.

I thought for a moment, then said, “O.K.” Seemed fair enough; besides, I was kind of hot down there; maybe taking off my shorts would be a good idea. Little did I know!”

I dropped my shorts around my ankles and peeled my panties down. Bart put his hand on my hairless pussy. It was wet; sweat and that juice I make when I play with myself. He slipped a finger in me. I wrapped my hand around his cock, gave it a tug. White stuff shot out, landed on the grass. Bart was pretty quick on the trigger, but then I guess most young guys are.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Jizz,” he said. “It’s what makes babies, when it gets inside of you. Don’t you know nothin’, girl?”

Of course I knew the details of conception and procreation, from health class. Only health class didn’t have a lab session, like I was having with Bart Stern, out there in the abandoned orchard, past the quarry.

His dick deflated like a balloon the morning after New Year’s Eve. His seminal fluid was sticky on my fingers. His finger was still in my vagina, parting my labia as it pressed against my hymen. I’d gotten an ‘A’ in health class.

“Don’t do that; it hurts,” I said.

“What? You still cherry?”

“Of course I’m still cherry, you asshole! I’m just a kid, for God’s sake!”

He took his finger out. “Sorry. I guess you don’t want to do it, then?”

“What do you mean, ‘do it’?” I asked. Coyly.

“You know. . .”

“Say it!”

“Fuck. Do you want me to fuck you?”

I, uhm; well. . .Yeah. It’s time to get this over with, get past this virgin thing. Your finger got me kind of excited down there; that and the kissing. Only your willie is soft now.”

Bart grinned, said, “Give it a minute, it’ll get stiff again. Hell, put you hand back on it, it’ll get stiff in a second!”

I did and it did. “Now, how do we go about this?”

Bart kicked off his shoes and pants and underwear. I did the same. “I guess you lay down and spread your legs and I’ll stick this in you.”

“You GUESS? You mean you don’t KNOW?”

“Well, not actually, no. But my brother’s got this deck of cards, and from the pictures on them, it looks pretty much like that how it’s done. Unless you want to put it in your mouth.”

“Uhg! No thank you.” I lay down in the grass, naked as a jaybird. Spread my legs. Bart kneeled between them, bent his dick down, pressed it into my vagina.

“Damn! Your cunt’s tight!” he said.

“It’s brand new and I’m nervous. I think maybe you should kiss me some, first.”

He leaned forward, his dick still at the entrance to my newly named cunt, and pressed his chest on mine. Pressed his lips on mine. Pressed his tongue on mine. I tingled all over.

Bart began to thrust into me. I felt a tearing pain and cried out. “Bart! Stop! That hurts like hell.”

He took his dick out, looked down. “Oh shit!” he said. “It’s all bloody!”

“Yeah, I read about that, in health class. Don’t worry about it. Put it back in.”

“You sure? It’s kind of gross.”

No, it’s not, I thought. But then guys don’t bleed down there every month. The pain was gone and it began to feel good. Real good, as he plunged in and out. Thirty seconds later he pulled out, grabbed his cock, and jerked it, sending a spurt of semen-jizz-onto my stomach.

“What the HELL did you do that for?” I yelled.

“So’s I don’t have to marry you, girl.That stuff makes you pregnant.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Well, you got the feelin’ twice, and I didn’t get off yet. Put your finger back down there and play with me until I tell you to stop.”

He did, and I did. Tell him to stop, I mean. Not only did Bart not know how to fuck, he didn’t know how to finger a girl to orgasm. Of course it wasn’t until I started going with Jack, and we started screwing, that I learned all that Bart didn’t know. He was just a kid, too. I used my own fingers to bring myself up and over the brink, as Bart watched with keen interest. I think we both learned a lot that day, ‘picking blackberries’.”

Alice poured the rest of the wine in our glasses, then went into the cabin for another bottle. Baby sat across from me, the lake behind her, her chair tipped back against the railing. Her feet were up on the lower chair rail, her knees apart. She flapped her skirt, blew air out of her mouth. “Whew! Hot story!”

“She never told you about her first time?”

“No; besides, when would she? She did ol’ Bart two years before I was born. By the time I was old enough to talk about sex with Big Sis, you guys were married and living two states away. I gotta go pee. When Alice gets back I got a big surprise for her!”

“What surprise?” Alice said, coming through the doorway with a fresh bottle of merlot.

“Tell ya when I get back!” Baby laughed hd porno and disappeared into our small cabin. 10×20 living/dining/kitchen with a fireplace for heat, and two tiny bedrooms, separated by a bath in the back. The porch was the biggest ‘room’ in the place.

Alice finished the last of the wine in her glass, then refilled from the new bottle. “What’s this ‘surprise’ she talked about?”

“Haven’t a clue.” I drained my glass, held it out for more. I had a nice after dinner buzz, and was looking forward bedding Alice before too long. Little did I know!

Baby came back out and did the wine glass thing. She laughed, looked at her sister. I think she was a little buzzed, too.

“What?” Alice said.

“My first time was with Bart Stern’s son!”


Yeah, uh huh; my senior prom.” She closed her eyes, took a sip of wine. “End of May. Prom was in the gym-where else! Some dumb band and one of those mirrored balls that throw lights all over the walls. I had a strapless gown that showed off my boobs and red high heels. I felt like Audrey what’s her name in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. In reality we were a bunch of hicks from a small upstate town whose entertainment options were the bowling alley or miniature golf.”

“Hey!” Alice said. “I have fond memories of that town!”

“Yeah, and how is it that you never managed to come back home, after college?”

“Good point. So, you and Bart’s kid, huh? Prom night. How romantic! He was your date?”

“No, actually I went with another guy; I can’t even remember his name. He was a football player and threw up a six pack all over his rented tux. His main attribute was he was taller’n me. Anyway I’d kept my wine coolers down, and Carl offered to drive me home. He didn’t have a date; something about her being sick or something. I can’t remember. He was always nice, but shy. Quiet. Didn’t do sports or any of the school clubs. Didn’t really hang with any of those guy groups, either. I halfway thought he might be gay.” Baby drained her glass and put it behind her on the porch railing. “Boy, was I wrong!”

Alice clapped her hands. “Yeah? Come on, dish it!”

Baby looked at me. “You O.K. with this, Dave? Not offending you, are we, with all these tales of passion?”

I sipped my wine, gave her what I hoped was a sophisticated look. “You’ll have to top Alice’s story by a good bit to make these ears red!”

I think she may have taken that as a challenge, because she leaned forward and rested her forearms on her thighs. The cleavage in the fading light was a dark canyon that hinted at hidden treasure. “Yeah? Well, like I said, Carl offered to take me home. He had an old pickup truck; I think it was from the Fifties, but he’d really fixed it up. Not restored, exactly, but not a hot rod, either. Deep red paint that looked black in the night. Chrome wheels and an engine that sounded a lot more powerful than the original. And one of those shifters that come up out of the floor. ‘Four on the floor’ he called it. I remember it had a bench seat, not separate ones, like today. I got in and he fired up the engine. After a bit I shivered and scootched over closer to him.

“Cold?” he asked.

“Yeah, some. This dress was fine at five o’clock, but now it’s a bit chilly. I should have brought a shawl.”

Carl smiled and put his arm around me, pulled me closer. “Better?” he asked.

“Uhm hmm,” I said, leaning against him. Carl was shorter than me; well, hell: who wasn’t! I was 5’8″ in eighth grade, towered over even the guys. And by the time I went to the Prom my boobs were the second biggest in our class of 87 kids, 51 of them girls. So, I kind of stood out, in every way. But, back to Carl. Like I said, he was a couple of inches shorter than me, and slender. Wiry, I guess you’d say. I’d seen him in a T shirt and gym shorts a couple of times at PE class. He had the physique of a long distance runner, only we didn’t have track. Just the big 3- football, basketball, and baseball. He had black hair, deep brown eyes, a crooked smile that gave him a sardonic look. I don’t think I’d passed three sentences with him in the eighteen years we’d spent in the same small town. Kind of funny, when you think about it. Less than a hundred kids the same age, in a town of 2000 people. You’d think we would have interacted more. Only, we were like two big gears, slowly turning, the teeth only meshing once every couple of years.”

“The heater will warm up in a couple of minutes.” He turned on the radio; one of the oldies stations. ‘Come on Baby, Light my Fire’. Jim sang: ‘couldn’t get much higher.’

“No rush,” I said. “I’m already warming up, what with those wine coolers, the Doors, and your arm”.

He turned and kissed me. I kissed him back. He let his right hand slide to the top of my breast. Just let it sit there; no grabbing or pawing. NOT what I’d been used to! Pretty soon I was more than warm enough, and our tongues were dueling.

There was drunken laughter and an empty beer can landed in the bed of his truck. Somebody stood on the rear bumper and started bouncing his truck up and down. Carl let go of me, looked in the rearview latin porno mirror, grabbed the floor shifter and pulled it back. He popped the clutch and we shot forward. I turned and looked out the rear window. A guy was sitting on his ass in the school parking lot, giving us the finger. Four or five other guys were laughing at him.

“Ain’t that a dose of ice water!” I said.

“Uhm hmm,” Carl replied. “Probably just as well we didn’t go any further.” He shifted from second into third, letting his hand-accidentally?- touch my knee.

I put my left hand inside his right leg, stroked the smooth fabric of his tux. “Yeah. . .” I answered. Just as well. . .”

“You remember, Alice,” Baby said, “The high school was only a couple miles from our house, so I was home way to soon.” She picked up her glass and handed it to Alice for a refill. I could hardly see her in the dark.

“So that’s it?” I asked, clearly disappointed. “That was your ‘first time’?”

Baby laughed. “No, Dave, that was Chapter One. It gets better!”

“Well, hit the pause button, then,” I said. “Because it’s my turn to use the facilities.” I was glad of the darkness as I felt my way into the cabin, because I was sporting wood. The sound of Baby’s sensuous voice, out there in the dark, telling us about what had happened in that equally dark pick up truck had turned me on. I clicked on the kitchen light and went into the bathroom. Bent my boner over the toilet and let go. Wondered why all of the bodily functions-pissing, crapping, sneezing, farting-felt so good. Almost as good as the Ultimate Function. I laughed to myself. Yeah, I definitely has a buzz on.

When I got back out to the porch the two sisters had their heads together, giggling.

“Yo, Yo! Whassup, peeps?” I said in my best rapper voice.

They both laughed. Alice said, “Whassup is you’re a fifty two year old white dude, Dave! And I be yo’ bitch!”

I settled back into my chair beside my wife and looked at the silhouette of my sister-in-law. “So you got home too soon,” I said, prompting her. “Then what?”

“Yeah, I got home; and, as I was to discover in the not to distant future, things started to look up. Carl, gentleman that he was, walked me up to the front door. At least I’d get a nice goodnight kiss, I thought. And then I saw the note.


12:15 A.M.

Jim Beldman called; his mare is about to foal,

there seems to be some trouble.

He can’t get hold of the vet, and

asked me to come over and help.

I’ll probably be there ’till the wee

small hours. Hope your prom went well.



“You want to come in for a while?” I asked Carl.

The right corner of his mouth curled up in a little smile. “Why not?”

I raided the ‘fridge for one of Dad’s beers, and a Coke for myself. Those wine coolers still had me a little woozy, and I somehow knew that I wanted my wits about me that night. We sat on the sofa, feet up on the coffee table, drinking. I got up, turned on the stereo; same oldies station that Carl had in his truck. CCR, Rollin’ on the River. Proud Mary. I kicked off those red high heels, a little self conscious that they made me so much taller than Carl. I held out my hand to him. We danced. ‘Big wheel turnin’. The song ended and the station went to commercial and we went at each other. Again, dueling tongues. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him close. He put his hands around my waist and ditto. His hand snaked up my back, touched the tab of my zipper, snaked back down. He stepped back. Gravity did its thing, and my strapless dress fell, a dark pool around my ankles. Bra and panties. Red, like the dress. Carl sighed, took in the view. “Join me?” I said.

He unclipped his bowtie, took off the cummerbund thing. Started to work on the shirt studs. “Damn,” he said. “First time I ever wore these things.” He blushed, cute as hell.”My mom had to help me put then in.”

“Well, here then, let Baby help you take them out.” He kicked off his shoes as I worked on his shirt. Between the two of us he was in socks and boxers in nothing flat. And then he was in nothing, and most assuredly NOT flat.

I’d sneaked peaks at Dad’s stash under his bed. Size wise Carl could have most definitely held his own against those studs. As to performance; well, I hadn’t a clue. Yet.

Carl stepped into me, held me, kissed me. His cock stood straight up, hard against my belly. I reached down, caressed it with a free hand. His one hand went to my breast, the other behind my back, searching for the clasp. I broke from the kiss. “It’s in the front,” I said. And so it was. The bra joined my dress on the floor.

Once again Carl stood back and looked at me. “You’re WAY overdressed,” he said, and kneeled, pulling my panties down. And off. His hands came back up, slowly, slowly, inside my ankles, back of my calves, back of my thighs. He ran out of leg, lifted my ass cheeks, took his fingers out of the warm space. Came around front. Put his thumbs back in. Caressed the mound of my pussy. Used his fingers to open me up. My legs trembled. His tongue found my clit. I put both hands on the back of his head, pulled him against me. His hands went back to my ass, my hips, my waist, up, up, up, until his hands were above his head, and reached my breasts. He lifted them, took my eager nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, rolled them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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