I Install Cable for Lynn

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Hello, Readers. I am rather new here aid I appreciate any feedback, either compliments or constructive criticism, you can give me. I especially like erotic comments.

Ladies, if you want to replace Lynn and make this a true story, read my bio and contact me.

There are many women that I make love with, and sometimes two of them will have the same name. The Lynn in this story is not the same as the one who is fond of bondage and being fucked in the ass.

Lynn and I have a game we sometimes play. I get on an elevator in a downtown office building and she gets on at the next floor and stands in front of me. I put my hands on her hips and dry fuck her from behind while we ride up and down with people getting on and off. Sometimes we have sat on the bus and fondled one another but we almost got arrested for that so we had had to stop.

There is another game we like to play and the last time we did this was a few days ago. I parked my pickup truck in front of her house and rang her doorbell. “Cable guy”, I answered when she asked who I was. Lynn was wearing a housecoat and bluejeans when she let me in.

“This is to be installed upstairs in my bedroom” she told me as she led me up the stairs. I watched Lynn’s ass swaying in front of me. She is a very attractive blonde, about five feet, five inches tall with a slender figure. I know she has a tattoo of a sunflower on her shapely ass and I was looking forward to seeing that again. “I like to lie in bed and watch the movie channels unless I have something else to do in bed.”

Once we were in the bedroom, where the bed had already been turned down, I knelt in front of the TV set and opened my empty toolbox. Lynn excused herself and went into the bathroom and when she returned she was wearing the same short housecoat but no bluejeans. I have always admired her legs, and I did so now, and then turned around to stare at the perfectly functioning cable connection. Lynn came up behind me, leaned on my shoulder and asked “Are you going to frammiss my clammiss?”

I turned around and my shoulder brushed open her unfastened housecoat, exposing one very shapely breast. “First I have to cooble the booble”, I told her.

Lynn stepped back and spread her arms, opening her housecoat farther and showing off both her lovely breasts. “As you can see, I have two boobles, and they both need to be coobled.” Her housecoat hung open all the way, and her soft blonde pubic hair was visible. “I hope you do a good job with my boobles and I really hope you do a good job when you frammiss my clammiss.” Lynn was sitting naked on the bed and her housecoat was on the floor when she finished speaking.

I pulled off my shoes and socks, stepped over to the bed and put my hands on her shoulders. “I’ll start coobling those boobles now”, I told her and, pushed her gently down onto the bed on her back. Both succulent titties were waiting for me and I bent down, took one in my hands and started to lick its pretty pink nipple.

“Oooo, I like the way you cooble my boobles. Let me help you with this”, and she unbuttoned my shirt. When I let go of her lovely mound to remove my shirt, Lynn held it up to my mouth so I could continue to lick its precious nipple. With my shirt off, I held one luscious globe in both of my hands and continued to use my tongue.

First one nipple then the other I licked. I could feel them becoming erect from my attentions, and I could hear Lynn’s happy purring. “I need to see what kind of tool you will use to frammiss my clammiss”, she said as she unfastened my pants, and pulled them and my underwear down so my cock popped into view. “Oh, yes. That tool certainly looks like it will do quite well, but looks can be deceiving. Now sit up here and I will investigate to see how well it works.”

“That’s not the tool I use when I frammiss your clammiss”, I told her. “I use that later when I bone your clammiss. I frammiss your clammiss with this one”, and I stuck out my tongue at her but sat on the bed as she had said. Lynn, who is stronger than she looks, pushed me down, then picked up my feet to swing me all the way onto the bed. I cooperated, because I knew what she had in mind, and liked the thought. Lynn got on the bed beside me and started to lick and kiss my nipples and chest and belly, down to my pubic hair, then gently held my cock in her hand, got up and knelt between my legs.

She licked my entire crotch from just in front of my ass up to my scrotum, using broad strokes of her tongue. “I like the sweet, sweaty taste of a working man”, she told me, and then she started licking around my scrotum to the base of my cock. My balls were the next place to be pleasured by Lynn’s tongue, as she continued to use the same broad strokes. One at a time, she took my balls in her mouth and nuzzled them with her tongue, and then she licked up to the base of my cock and all around it.

“This tool certainly seems to be more than adequate”, she pronounced. “But I’m not really through testing it yet.” Having said that, Lynn slowly enveloped my cock in her mouth, latina fuck tour porno drawing it in bit by bit while her lips sucked gently on it. With my cock all the way in her mouth and her lips at my pubic hair, Lynn stopped and let her tongue gently caress my shaft inside her mouth. When she slowly raised her face from my cock, she kept sucking intermittently on it until she removed the tip from her mouth and smiled. “Yes”, she pronounced. “This is an excellent tool and will probably be much more than adequate for the job at hand.” Then she slowly took my cock into her mouth again.

Lynn sucked my cock all he way into her mouth and out many times, caressing the shaft with her tongue and enjoying the feel of it, as I enjoyed the feel of her mouth. Then she stopped and kissed the head and held it gently in her fingers. “You know, this tool certainly seems first class but I may be fooled by the sight of the rest of your equipment.” She pointed to a nightstand by the bed. “There is a blindfold in that drawer there. Get it out and put it on me and I can give you a fairer test.” Then she got on her knees by the bed.

After I put the blindfold on Lynn and pinned it in the back, she said “Okay, now put the tool back in the place where I was testing it”, and opened her mouth. I stood in front of her and put the tip of my cock between her lips and she bobbed her head forward and sucked it into her mouth, then moved forward to a more comfortable position. After she sucked it in and out a few strokes, she steered and pushed me back to the bed, continuing to suck my cock as she did so, until I was sitting. Lynn knelt in front of me between my legs and slowly sucked my cock in and out of her mouth, caressing it with her tongue and generally verifying that it was functioning properly.

After slowly sucking my cock in and out many times, Lynn had still not completely passed judgement on it. “I’m not really in the right place to test it”, she said. “Move it back to the middle of the lab table.” Knowing she meant the bed, I moved over and lay down in the middle of the bed and helped Lynn, still blindfolded, onto the bed with me, and put her hand on the tool she wanted to test, so she could get into the best position. This would be similar to a 69 except she would not be straddling me and I would not be eating her pussy yet. A 69 is fun, but taking turns stretches the fun out for longer, and it is more enjoyable when we can concentrate on one thing at a time. Lynn also likes to be able to move around and suck my cock from different angles, as she had been doing.

Crouching on her knees next to me, and with her hand on my cock to guide her, Lynn leaned over and proceded to take the tool all the way into her mouth to continue its testing. The curve of my cock matches the shape of her oral cavity and she can easily suck the entire tool into her mouth and test its functioning with her lips and tongue. That is what she did , but only for two strokes of her mouth, and then she turned to me again, holding my cock in her hand to help her find it again. “I almost forgot, your company also agreed to passel my assel, and you can do that now while I am testing your tool and again when you frammis my clammis.” Having said that, she turned back and took my cock all the way into her mouth again, then reached back and spread her asscheeks, removing any doubt that I might have had over what she meant.

I lubricated the middle finger of my left hand with my saliva and slowly pushed it into Lyns’s eager ass. When I was halfway in, she pushed her ass back at me and the rest of my finger slipped in. I fucked my finger in and out a few times and then matched the speed of the strokes of her mouth on my cock. The strokes were slow and when she drew her mouth away, I thrust my finger into her ass. When she enveloped my cock in her talented mouth, I drew my finger back out. While taking my cock in and while drawing her mouth away, she was caressing my shaft with her tongue and sucking gently with her lips. We were both enjoying ourselves immensely but at the speed she was sucking, I would take a long time to cum.

Lynn took my cock out of her mouth and said “I think that is almost enough testing. Your tool is certainly more than adequate to bone my clammiss but I stilll need to find out if you have enough juice, and the proper kind.” Then she took my cock back into her mouth and resumed slowly sucking it in and out for a few strokes until she leaned forward and reached around to my ass. With one hand she pried open my ass, and then she inserted a finger of the other hand slowly inside and fucked it in and out a few strokes. We were now finger-fucking one another in the ass. After that, she increased the speed of the strokes of her mouth on my cock, while her tongue continued to caress the shaft. I started fucking her ass with my finger at the same speed as she was sucking my cock.

I was really enjoying having my cock sucked by Lynn and having my ass fucked by her finger and I was in no hurry to cum. However, lezbiyen porno with the rapid strokes of her talented lips, and her tongue caressing my cock inside her mouth, my climax was approaching rapidly. “I’m ready to show you what kind of juice I have”, I told her, keeping in character. Lynn could feel my cock throbbing in her mouth so she tightened her lips around it and continued the same rapid strokes.She wanted my cock to be in the right place in her mouth when my cum started spurting.

Just as I ejaculated, Lynn stopped her stroking with my cock about two inches inside her mouth. All my cum spurted onto her tongue where she was able to taste it fully. When the spurting stoped, she held her lips tightly on the shaft and moved her mouth slowly up and down to milk out everything she could. Lynn savoured the taste of my cum and then swallowed it, and took my cock out of her mouth and licked off everything that was still there. “Yes, the juice is excellent, and there is plenty of it. This is a first class tool in every way and you will be able to bone my clammiss admirably with it”, was her judgement.

“I’m glad you approve of my equipment”, I told her. “However, I have to frammiss your clammiss before I bone it. My company is proud of the service they provide but it is necessary to do things properly.”

“I have never had any compaints about the services your company provides. I am sure you will do a first-class job when you frammiss my clammiss.” Having said that, Lynn lay on her back, with her legs spread and a big smile on her face. “Before you get to my clammiss, though”, she added, “my boobles will need more coobling.”

I leaned over Lynn and started licking one of her adorable pink nipples again while holding her beautiful titty in my right hand because a finger of my left hand had been in Lynn’s ass and would soon be there again. My tongue licked the niple with short, darting strokes and I felt it become erect. The other gorgeous globe got my attention next, and I licked its precious nipple the same way. Lynn, still wearing her blindfold, was purring happily and she said “I really love the way you cooble my boobles. Take your time. There is no hurry before you start to frammiss my clammiss.”

“Thanks for the compliment, ma’am. I will use the same tools to frammiss your clammiss as I do to cooble your boobles, and I want to be sure your boobles are well-coobled before I start to frammiss your clammiss.” Lynn giggled, settled her head luxuriously in the pillows and thrust her boobles at me so I could cooble them better. She also resumed purring.

Lynn began purring even louder when I started gently squeezing one of her luscious globes and wrapped my lips around it. I started sucking on it while caressing the precious nipple and tracing the areola with ny tongue. Back and forth I moved my mouth, sucking on both of these lovely twins and licking their nipples, which had now become erect. I looked at Lynn’s lovely pussy and I could see it was squirming on the bed and I could smell the juices being secreted by the her vagina. “Ma’am, I think it’s time for me to start to frammiss your clammiss.”

“yes. Yes”, she murmurred. “I really, really like the way you have coobled my boobles, but now the time is here for you to work on my clammiss. I hope you do as well as you did with my boobles. Don’t forget to passel my assel too.”

I slowly kissed and licked my way down her belly until I got to her soft pubic hair, then I got up, went around the bed and got between her legs on my knees. There was another pillow beside Lynn so I got it and slipped it under her ass so her pussy would be presented to my mouth. She raised her legs and I put my shoulders against them and wrapped my right arm around her thigh with my fingers in her soft pubic hair. Both her legs were draped over my shoulders. My left hand was ready to again put my finger in her ass when she was ready, and she would let me know by spreading her cheeks for me. I first breathed deely of the delightful fragrance of Lynn’s pussy. I strongly advise all my lady friends that they should never put any kind of artificial scent on their pubic areas because it destroys the aroma of their own natural perfume, which is far superior to anything they can buy in stores. I was glad to see that Lynn seemed to be listening to me.

Lynn’s pussy tasted even better than it smelled, I decided as I licked up all the juices that had accumulated. After finishing the available juices, I let my tongue circle her adorable love hole because it felt and tasted so good . That was when Lynn reminded me that I should also passel her assel by reaching down underneath herself and spreading her cheeeks for me. The middle finger of my left hand was still wet and her ass was too so I eased my finger into her all the way to the knuckle and fucked it in and out a few times. Lynn was already contentedly purring.

Starting below her vagina, I started licking one of Lynn’s outer pussy lips, moving my tongue slowly and covering the entire surface many times liseli porno over. When I reached the place where the inner lip started, I probed the seam between them, and licked the surfaces of both lips. My tongue moved, always slowly, licking both lips, until I reached the end of the inner lip, where it combined with the other inner lip to form the clit hood. I continued licking the inner surface of the outer lip until I reached the end, then I returned to the clit hood and licked the top. I avoided the precious clit, sheltering under the hood, but the indirect stimulation caused Lynn to purr more loudly, and her pussy started humping gently into my face. “Oooo, I like the way you frammis my clammis. That feels really good”, she murmurred. “Keep going. And keep passeling my assel.”

I was glad to do as she asked, both finger-fucking her ass and eating her pussy. After devouring all the nectar from her marvelous love hole, I started slowly licking the inner surface of the other outer lip. Again, I probed the junction of the outer lip and its inner mate. Lynn’s pussy was methodically fucking into my face, and her purring was interspersed with pleasurable moans as I thoroughly licked the surfaces of both lips. Again, when I reached the end of the outer lip, my attentions returned to the clit hood. This time, after my tongue had caressed the clit hood, I curled it under the hood and gently probed the adorable love button hiding there.

The reaction was immediate. Lynn’s purring changed completely to moans, her pussy started fucking harder into my face and there was a fresh spurt of her fragrant lubricating juices. I felt some of them dribbling onto my chin as my tongue gently licked her lovely clit. “Oooo, eat my pussy. Eat my pussy”, was Lynn’s plea and this time she forgot to mention either frammissing or her clammiss. I knew what she meant though, and I was glad to do more of it, because I was immensely enjoying what I was doing, both with my finger and my mouth.

I licked all the delicious fresh juices out of her pussy and started probing my tongue under her sweet love hole. To do this, I had to turn my left hand, stop fucking her ass with it briefly, and rest my chin on the back of my hand. As I slowly moved my probing tongue up first one side of her vagina, and between there and her inner pussy lip, and then up the other side, Lynn’s pussy began fucking my face even more vigorously. Her juices were dripping steadily from her love hole, especially so as I resumed fucking her ass with my finger. While probing and licking with my tongue, I made frequent stops to enjoy the taste of her delectable juices.

Lynn was almost ready to cum but I knew there were still some things I wanted to do with my tongue before her clammiss was properly frammissed. One of these was to probe my tongue firmly into the upper edge of her vagina, indirectly stimulating the bottom of her clit. As I did this, her juices continued to flow and her pussy was trying even stronger to envelop my face. With all this exertion, her pussy smelled even better and her juices were even more delicious, if such things are possible. While continuing to fuck my finger slowly in and out of her ass, I slowly inserted my tongue into Lynn’s lovely pink vagina as far as it would go. My tongue licked back and forth on the top of that precious love hole, and further stimulated her clit.

Lynn’s moans were now interspersed with whimpering, and I saw that her thighs had rotated outward, fully presenting her wildly humping pussy to my mouth. While her pussy was trying to fuck my face, her hips were swiveling, thrusting her legs back and forth over my shoulders. In between the moans and whinpering, Lynn was begging me to suck her clit. “Wanna cum. Wanna cum. Suck my clit”, were her entreaties. It was time for her to cum.

My finger continued to fuck her ass while I sucked all the delicious juices out of her pussy and then I sucked her lovely clit into my mouth. My lips formed a seal around the base and I gently sucked on the precious little love button while my tongue caressed its sides and top. After a few minutes of this, Lynn’s legs squeezed my temples and her hands grabbed my head and pressed me firmly into her pussy, which was already trying to wrap itself around my face. Just as her ass clenched tightly, I pulled my finger out and held onto her thigh with my left hand also. Her hips continued to swivel and her legs thrashed around the bed with my head between them. Even with all the pitching and tossing, I kept my lips firmly on her clit, and my tongue continued to massage that little darling for as long as she continued cumming.

When Lynn climaxed, her back arched, there was a last jerk of her hips and her pussy jammed itself one last time into my face. After that, her body relaxed on the bed, with her head nestled in the pillow, still wearing her blindfold, with a blissful smile on her face. Her hands let go of my head and flopped back on the bed while her legs remained draped over my shoulders but they no longer held tightly to me. I removed my mouth from her clit and sucked all the delicious fresh cum juices out of her pussy. Lynn’s clammiss had been thoroughly frammissed but it still needed to be boned and, thanks to a dose of Viagra, my view of her sexy body and the extremely sensuous aroma and taste of her pussy, my cock was stiff and ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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