I Love It When They Come Back Pt. 01

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I love it when they come back…

Sometime in late May, former students come back to school. The guys look so grown up and the girls…well, they’re not girls anymore. In most cases, they’re much better looking and more confident, which is a huge turn-on! Most times, it’s enough to get an eyeful and have some fine lecherous thoughts about what they’ve been up to. Since Facebook and Instagram, though, I know exactly what they’ve been up to in some cases!

When Molly came back, she came with friends. I had always had a soft spot for her, and she made a point to stop by and see me in my office. She was funny and cheerful, nostalgic about our classes together, and grateful for all the help I’d given her over the years. I should say at this point that she was part of a special academic program, so I had her three years in a row for class, and we had done a lot of community service and field trips together. That day, she looked amazing–her already wonderful C-cup breasts were on display in a Penn State t-shirt, and her ass looked as good as ever wrapped in yoga pants. Her friends were dressed the same, and it was hard to know where to look first! She said she would be working at Starbucks one town over, and that I should stop by after school the next day so she could buy me an iced coffee–she clearly remembered my favorite. I told her I would be there by 2:30, and she just smiled.

Fast forward 26 hours. I stop by Starbucks, go inside, and Molly isn’t working. Shaking my head, I pay for my own iced coffee and head back out to the car. As I get close to my door, a little Honda Civic whips into the spot beside me, and I turn to see who is driving like such a moron. All I can see is slim legs and full breasts inside a tank top…nice, but still an idiot. All that changes, though, when she gets out. I’m sure you’ve guessed, but it’s Molly, and she’s grinning.

“Crap,” she says. “I wanted to be here when you got here so I could pay for that!”

“No biggie,” I tell her. “Do you want something? We can go back inside, and you can get me next time.”

“That’s what I love about you–even when I blow you off, you’re still nice!”

“It’s easier than getting mad…but I was going to say something to the idiot who almost hit me when I was getting in my car just now!”

She laughed. “Sorry–I was rushing, trying to catch you!”

“Well, now you’ve caught me,” I said. I swear that at that moment, I had nothing evil in mind. Fortunately, Molly did. “I get to do whatever I want with you, right?” That one statement changed everything. I looked right at her, and she definitely had a gleam in her eye.

“Within reason,” I said quietly, cautiously, hoping she meant what she was getting at, but afraid to jump to any conclusions. “Come on,” she said. “Buy me an iced coffee and we can decide what’s…reasonable!” Again, ordinary words, but with that wicked glint in her eye and a matching smile.

We went in, got her a drink, and walked out to the side patio. Under the shade of a huge umbrella, we sat on adjoining sides of the table. She sipped quietly for a minute, and when she crossed her legs under the table, I felt her bare knee bump against me. Behind my sunglasses, I was admiring her body, savoring the swell of breasts under her tank top, and enjoying the cool glimpse of thigh that her denim skirt offered me. Then she jumped right in. “Like I said…I caught you here,” she began, “so I can do whatever I want, and I’m just going to say what I’ve been thinking about since I got back. Don’t interrupt me.”

“Okay,” I said. “I can’t wait to hear this!”

Again, that sexy smile. “You were my favorite teacher–obviously–even though I didn’t always act like it. I know that I was a pain in the ass, but I was having a really hard time, and you were really great to me. I always felt like you were there for me when my brother was being an asshole, or when my mom was “finding herself” after Dad left, or when I was so depressed…”

“Molly,” I said, “you don’t have to…”

“No interrupting, remember? I know it’s who you are, and I know you would have done it for anybody. I know that you did that kind of thing for a lot of kids, and that I’m not special in that way. What you don’t get, though, is that everything you did makes you special to me. I know this is going to sound fucked up, but I started to love you a long time ago, in a dad kind of way, and I knew a long time ago that I was attracted to you. It just kind of crept up on me. I also know that you were super careful not to let me see that you were checking me out, and I always thought that was kind of funny and sweet. Sometimes I wore stuff just so you could see better!”

That made me smile, and I was enjoying where this was going almost as much as the flattery, so I sat quietly and let her continue. I wanted to see how far funny and sweet would take me.

“So here we are. I’m all grown up, and I’m in college. I’ve fooled around with guys. I’ve fooled around with girls. I’ve been in love. I have good friends, and I know what Escort bayan I want to do with my life. And there’s one thing that I want to finish up before I can move on. I want to say thank you. I want to say thank you for three years of all that you did for me, and I can’t do that sitting over an iced coffee, or by sending you an email. What I really want is to go somewhere with you and show you how grateful I am, and I know you know what I mean. I’m not in love with you in some weird “leave your wife” kind of way–I just love you and I want to feel you holding me, and I want to make you feel good, and I want to feel your whole body next to mine. Is that so bad?”

“Molly…” I said. “There’s nothing bad about that. I think you’re amazing. I’ve always thought you were special, and I’ve always been attracted to you–even when I could have been arrested for what I was thinking. Nothing would make me happier that to live out that fantasy…as long as we both realize it’s just acting out a fantasy, not starting something serious.”

Her smile was a wonderful mixture of emotions–happy, horny, relieved, and flattered.

“So what do we do about this?” I asked her.

“Well,” she said, “my dad is out of town, and his new house is right on the water…”

I thought briefly about my wife and kids–not in a guilty way, but in a planning sort of way. It was Wednesday. She works late, then goes to book club. Kids are at practice until 6, then they get a ride to the neighbor’s house and they get pizza. The suburban routines might just work out…

“Molly–I’m all yours. I have to be home by 7, which gives us three hours. Do you think you can express your gratitude in three hours?”

“Maybe not all of it, but we can definitely make a start!”

Time jump twenty minutes. Our cars are side by side in her dad’s driveway. The house is bright and airy, with french doors looking out over the lawn to the water. As the front door closes behind us, she turns to me and our bodies come together. I kiss her hungrily, savoring that first taste, feeling her breasts against me, as my hands explore her back, her waist, and her lovely ass. She feels as good as a man could hope for, and she’s not shy about rubbing herself against me. Her lips are sweet and soft, and her tongue darts happily around mine.

After a minute, she pulls back from me, smiles hungrily, and says, “That’s a good start! Let’s keep it moving though…I have a lot of gratitude to express!”

With that, she grabs my hand and leads me through the house, out the french doors, and onto the bluestone patio. She stops me when I’m standing beside a deep outdoor couch, and kisses me again. Her hands busily unbuckle my pants, and to keep myself occupied, I tug her tank top up and over her head. Her dark purple bra makes a perfect contrast against her creamy pale skin, and her reddish-brown hair falls to her shoulders. Meanwhile, her hands delve into my underwear, wrap around my cock, and stroke it encouragingly. When the head pops up over the waistband, she seems satisfied. Looking me straight in the eye, she tugs both pants and boxers down to my thighs, then pushes me back on the deep cushions. She whips a throw pillow off the adjoining chair and drops it in front of me, then sinks to her knees. “I’m glad you came over,” she says, then drops her head and licks me from base to tip. After that, her mouth descends over the head of my cock, and she starts a steady suction, moving up and down slowly. I lean back fully on the cushions, sun on my face, and spread my legs more to give her room to work. Life is very, very good right now!

Molly’s mouth is magical–just the right amount of tongue on the tip, hand-stroking on my shaft, and steady sucking all over. Her head bobs up and down in a hypnotic rhythm, and all too soon, I can feel the cum rising up. To keep that from happening, I reach down and grab her chin. “Molly,” I say, “that feels fucking amazing!” Then I reach down and unsnap the front clasp on her bra. It falls open, revealing her hard pink nipples, and the pale expanse of breasts that I’ve dreamed about for years. I don’t want this to stop, so I say, “Sorry–I just couldn’t wait to see them–I’ve been fantasizing about them for so long!” She smiles and straightens up to show them off.

“I’m glad you like them–I spent a lot of time leaning over so you could see them!” With that, she leans forward and wraps my cock in the soft valley between her tits, lifting them up and down to caress my length. “I hope I get to feel you sucking my nipples when I’m done,” she adds.

“Definitely–but first, I want you to finish what you started!” She smiles and gets back to work.

The combination of her bare breasts rubbing my thighs, her hands cupping my balls and stroking my shaft, and her tongue lashing the sensitive spot below the head of my cock does its magic. Since she’s expressing her gratitude physically, I decide to express mine out loud: “Molly–that feels so good–you’re so fucking sexy sucking my cock like this! I can’t believe Bayan Escort this is happening–I’m so glad this happened–your mouth feels so good on me–oh, my God–keep sucking me–that feels so fucking good!” My words coincide with her up and down motion; each phrase, each bob of her head driving me closer to orgasm. When I grab the sides of her head and lace my fingers into her hair, she knows I am getting serious, and she speeds up a little bit, taking me deeper with each stroke.

“Fuck, Molly–I’m going to cum!” All the years of fantasy are coming to a peak–Molly’s lips are wrapped around my cock, and with each descent, the head bumps the back of her throat. When the first spurt splashes onto her tongue, Molly pulls back, holding the head of my cock just inside her mouth, sucking hard while my orgasm washes over me and my cum pulses into the warm vacuum she creates, her tongue gliding over my shaft, and her sucking pulling every last drop from my balls. When I’m clearly done, she gives me one last, lingering suck and looks up at me while she swallows the last drop of sperm.

“Mmmm…that was good!” she says with a smile. “I’m really glad you came over!”

“That was fucking amazing!” I tell her. “I always imagined this happening, and it doesn’t come close to feeling as good as that!” She smiles again, sexy and satisfied with what she has done.

“I was thinking about it, too,” she says. “When you were standing close to me, I always thought about grabbing your ass and sucking your cock. Now I have, and I wish I’d done it years ago.”

“Me, too, Molly…but I’m glad we waited long enough to keep me out of jail! Now you’re all grown up, and if you want to show me how grateful you are, that’s OK. And if I want to throw you on this fucking couch, I can finally show you how sexy I’ve always thought you are, that’s OK, too!”

“What would you show me?” she asks.

Standing up, I tug my pants back into place, grab her hands and pull her up to face me. After a soft kiss to her lips, I nuzzle her neck, then drop to one knee. I take first one, then the other breast in my hand, kneading each one in turn while sucking hard on her nipples. My hands peel the straps back off her shoulders, and her bra falls away, leaving her full breasts open to my attentions. She wraps her arms around my head gently as I move from side to side, licking, sucking, caressing, and nibbling.

When I feel her shift her weight repeatedly, I can tell that she’s feeling all this in her pussy as well. Without leaving her breasts, I find the snap and zipper of her skirt and open them. I guide it down to her feet and she steps out of it willingly. Standing in front of me, Molly is wearing only dark purple panties, cut high to show off the curves of her hips and thighs. Mesmerized by the expanse of young, creamy skin in front of me, I stroke her sides, her legs, and of course her ass. Leaning in, I nuzzle her belly button, then plant a line of kisses along the waistband of her panties. With my lips so close to her eager pussy, her hands move to my shoulders and subtly, almost subconsciously, pull me closer. It’s time for the next step.

Using her hips as leverage, I stand up and kiss her deeply again. Her breasts crush against my chest when I pull her into my arms, and I can feel the heat of her pussy against my thigh. Our tongues swirl around each others’ and both of our breathing quickens. She’s ready now, so I turn her around so that her back is to the couch I just abandoned. I pause the kiss, smile down at her, and say, “It’s your turn now, Molly–sit back and let me show you how much I enjoy your beautiful, sexy body!” She says nothing, but kisses me again, then eases herself down into the cushions, head thrown back where mine was a short time ago, arms lying loosely at her sides, and legs slightly parted. The sun falls across her body warmly, and her eyes are half-closed, a smile of anticipation playing across her lips.

For a moment, I stare down at her once again, amazed that this is happening. Then I kick the cushion she used back into position and kneel down. She parts her legs a little more to let me get closer. Taking that as an invitation, I lean in, kiss her between her breasts, and then lay gentle kisses down her belly, my hands following my progress along her sides as I descend. When I reach the waistband of her panties, my hands take up position at either side. She starts to lift her hips for me to slide them off, my I smile and say, “Not yet…” She groans in response.

With that, I plant a kiss on her satin-covered mound. Her hips bump up toward me again. My hands curl around the tops of her thighs and gently tug them wider apart. I kiss the insides of her thighs, pointedly ignoring the growing wet spot on her panties. With firm strokes of my tongue, I trace the line of her panties from bottom to top, feeling the heat emanating from her center as I pass. Molly squirms and her hands reach down to run fingers through my hair. Finally, I breach the final barrier between us–just a little bit–and Escort glide my fingers up her thighs, under the waistband of her panties, and then in toward the middle, moving down to follow the beautiful curve of her mound, then along the sides of her pussy, all the way down to her ass. When I reach the bottom, I don’t hesitate–I just move back up and repeat the journey again, planting kisses on the fragrant wet spot to tease her even more.

“Please…” she says. “I want you to…” Her hips are raised already, almost begging me to get on with it. With a smile, I decide it’s time to comply. I tug her panties down and she arches her back, raising her ass to make it easy for me. When they’re low enough, she lifts one leg so I can slip them over her foot, then the other. I toss them onto her bra, and then–keeping eye contact–I lower myself down and kiss her just over her clit. My chin brushes her pussy lips, and once again, I feel her hips rise up, asking for more. Now it’s time to show her how much I’ve been fantasizing about her!

With broad, lapping strokes, my tongue travels from the bottom of her pussy to the top. Each lick opens her up a little bit more, spreading her wider and getting her wetter. With my fingertips, I pull her pussy lips to each side, then dip my tongue briefly into the warm, spicy hollow that I have uncovered. When I lick her there, she groans with pleasure. Taking that hint, I burrow my tongue deeply inside her, searching every crevice for her sweet juices. My nose bumps her clit as I do this, and her hips start rocking.

Ready now for the finish, I move one hand down and curl two fingers into her tight young pussy. With upward sweeps, I brush her G-spot over and over while my tongue starts to circle her clit. Her hips come up and stay up. I can feel her stomach tighten, and her legs wrap around my back. I work her clit relentlessly, and her breathing starts to quicken. My free hand moves up her belly and I pinch each nipple in turn, adding to her whole-body sensations. In response, her hands move once again to my head, fingers wrapping themselves in my hair, pulling me into her. When she starts to gasp little words–oh, oh, oh, fuck, yes, yes, yes–I know she’s getting close. To get her there right away, I suck hard on her clit and let the tip of my tongue flicker across its sensitive nerve-endings. Almost immediately, her whole body spasms. Her pussy clamps down on my fingers and throbs, and I pull them out, replacing them with my tongue, lapping gently at the rush of juices that she releases.

I kiss her thighs, and then all around her pussy and mound as she starts to come down. When her fingers loosen their grip on my hair, I reach up and stroke her thighs, her sides, and her breasts, smiling down at her until her eyes open and she smiles back with a sexy, satisfied grin.

“Oh, my fucking GOD, that felt good!” she tells me.

“You taste so good, Molly. I love making you cum!”

Her response is everything I hope for: “Kiss me then…let me taste!”

I lean down and kiss her deeply. Her lips and tongue move all around mine, gathering every trace of her own juices. She draws back, smiles, and says, “You’re right–I do taste good!”

At that moment, Molly seems to realize that she is entirely naked and I am not. “Stand up,” she says. I comply eagerly, and her hands yank my pants and underwear down. I kick them away and she pulls me down beside her on the couch.

As we kiss again, the sun is warm on both our bodies. Our hands travel everywhere they can reach, kneading and caressing. One of her small hands wraps around my cock again, tugging it fully upright and stroking me steadily. In return, I lift her knee up, allowing me to wrap my hand around her ass and stroke her pussy from behind. With gentle pressure, I rub her slippery lubrication along her slit, and then between the cheeks of her ass, savoring the shudder she gives when my fingertips bump across her anus.

“You’re still mine to do what I want with, right?” Molly asks me.

“All yours,” I tell her.

“Good. Because I want to fuck you. I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time–even back when I was in school. I kept imagining getting naked in your classroom when everyone was gone. When you came to visit me in the hospital, I masturbated all night thinking about how close you were to my bed. Sometimes after school, I thought about what you would do if you came to my house–Mom was always at work, Dad was gone, Jeff was being somewhere being an asshole. I just wanted you to come over and climb into my bed with me. Is that messed up?”

“Being horny for someone isn’t messed up,” I reassure her. “I thought about that type of thing all the time with you!” I smiled to take away the dirty-old-man moment. “I always thought you were so sexy, even when you didn’t realize it.”

“Well, I hope you realize it now!” she says with a return of that wicked smile. At that, she kisses me again and throws her leg over mine. She poises her pussy just above my cock, reaches down, and rubs the tip all along her slit. She’s actually teasing me, and I love it! I don’t even try to lunge upward–that’s what a kid would do to her. I let her play and take her time, and soon my cock is slick and throbbing with lust.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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