I was not Alone During My Gap Year

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My name is Angus Macbeth, I am 18 years old, five foot six, lightly built but could afford to gain some weight, light brown hair, blue eyes. I am not very outwardly going or confident in myself. My hobby is on line computer games, reading and cycling.

I have just finished an inbetween year at college getting some additional qualifications for my University entrance requirements and have now been accepted by a local university starting this September to study English and English Literature. I am hoping to be an author one day or a school teacher, or both; who knows. I also have a summer job in a local supermarket three days a week, stacking shelves but I have difficulty filling the top shelves due to my height and I take a lot of ribbing about it. All in good fun but somehow I don’t like it.

Apart from my cycling I play on line computer games which I am quite good at. Don’t go drinking, not my thing as I get embarrassed having to prove my age each time. So I don’t get much opportunity to make new friends or meet girls, I suppose I should go. I also have difficulty talking with girls, lack of confidence I think. Jason who I work with at the supermarket suggested I use some of the dating apps to try and gain confidence chatting with someone online and who knows I may meet someone through it. I said I would give it a try.

At nights I searched through the apps but you have to join and put in your name, what you are looking for and photographs. I tried it a few times but ended up deleting my profiles before they were fully uploaded. I mentioned this to Jason one night during our evening coffee break, he showed me his profile I must admit his profile was quite good including his site name of Islander.

I tried his site that night looking at it as a visitor, didn’t get very far so I joined it as I liked its name, my site name was Cyclist. As I filled it in, it was then I realised that Jason must be gay. I had never thought of him that way before, maybe he thinks I am gay too, I do like him but not in that way. I then checked out his profile with this in mind, must admit I got a bit excited about it as I read it, I didn’t know why, I knew I wasn’t gay, anyway my family would never have approve of it or let me be gay.

It was then that I thought I could use this site to see how it works and how to chat to people on line. I created my profile, including photographs of me cycling in my shorts and at the beach last summer in my swimwear and uploaded them to see what reaction I would get. My written profile was more or less a copy of Jason’s.

Next morning I had six message replies waiting for me, asking what I was looking for, two also asked to meet for some fun, although I looked at their profiles I didn’t know what to say or do. One gave a general introduction reply, his site name was Ken, and went on to explain that he was finishing his first year at University studding similar subject as I would be in September and was looking for someone to go cycling with during the summer. I don’t know why but I replied, giving him my background, explaining that I was interested in cycling too.

Over the next few days I received a number of replies and photo likes, most I just deleted after a polite reply as they all were a good bit older than me but that didn’t seem to bother them or me I suppose. I learned how to chat on line with a degree of confidence, fending off embarrassing questions or suggestions and making a few of my own. Actually it was quite a lot of fun doing it as it was a bit of a game of words.

I continued to exchange messages with Ken on a regular basis they were very straight and honest questions and answers. We talked about our lives in general, where we had cycled to and where we would like to cycle to. Initially we messaged daily then several times a day, I started to look forward to our on line discussions and debates sometimes. We seemed to, I don’t know to explain it, build a confidence and trust with each other.

I think we both had forgotten that we were chatting on a gay site, maybe not, we then started to exchange photographs and video calls. Most times in our bedrooms at nights, nothing sexual, erotic or anything like that, but we both had posed naked to each other on a few occasions, at the time it seemed the right and natural thing to do. I took a screen shot photo of Ken as I think he did of me.

Ken was about my height, a bit heaver built than me though, darker hair, turned out to be a bit older than me, just over a year I think. During our discussions neither of us had realised that we only lived a few miles apart although at opposite ends of our town. Don’t know why but we seemed to have been content with just chatting on line together. I think Ken like me was slow making friends face to face, our comfort blanket and shield was the internet.

He invited me to his place one Saturday morning, his father would be out for the day and his mother lived separately from them. Although I wasn’t concerned about meeting him, actually I was a bit excited Şerifali Escort about it, I wasn’t so sure about at his place but I couldn’t think anywhere else to suggest. I cycled there, although I knew approximately were it was I didn’t realised how big his house was. As I cycled up his driveway and it was quite a big driveway he came to the door, which I was glad off. We offloaded my cycle in his garage and headed round to his back garden.

It was enormous with many trees, bushes and a large lawn. We sat down on his sun loungers as it was to be a hot sunny day, at least that’s what the weather forecast was, I was wearing my cycle shorts and light top as was Ken. I also had swimwear and a towel in my bag as Ken’s house was not far from the beach. We had a strong unusual tasting coffee together and started chatting, which was more personal face to face rather than across the internet. We seemed to hit it off on the friendship front.

Then he asked me openly if I was gay, not knowing what to say I said sort off. He replied me too I think. He then went on to say he thought he might be and joined the same app as me to see if he really was. I explained I had a friend called Jason who is gay and now has a sugar daddy too and lives in town, who suggested I join to build up my confidence in meeting and chatting to people on line.

Ken then shared with me he also suffered from that and that he had joined a cycle club at the University because a student who sat beside him in one of his classes recommended it. Turned out it was an LGBT affiliated cycle club, but as he liked the student stayed on. He recommended joining the same dating app as me, even prepared me a profile. They posted it and said let’s see what happens. My profile that Jason helped me prepare appeared under the new category at the same time, which Ken replied to.

I asked him, not knowing what to say next, did you ever go with anyone from the site. He said no but I got quite a few offers to have sex. I asked and did you. He said yes but it was with one of the guys in the cycle club, he asked me back to his place one night and showed me what to do. I enjoyed it but I didn’t think I was good enough at it for him. By that time I was cramming for my first year exams and I was chatting with you and well we seemed to get on so well. It was then that he asked me did I want to have sex with him just now as there was nobody else in the house.

I was so hyper and my adrenalin was pumping by this time I didn’t know what to say or do. I had been thinking about it since we agreed to meet up, I stalled and then said yes but I thought we would get to know each other better first. He said ok I would like that too, then said ok let’s go up to my room get changed and go down to the beach. In his room he stripped off and stood there naked in front of me with his swimwear in his hands, sort of inviting me to do the same, which I did. Neither of us was embarrassed, it wasn’t like doing it on a video call, I think we were more relieved when we both stood there naked together.

Ken started to get aroused about the same time as I did, he came over to me and we both rubbed together naked as we hugged each other. I thought it was a sublime feeling, I could feel him pressing on and up on me with his erection as I did on him. I don’t think either of knew what to do next, but we sat down on his bed together, and then lay down facing each other. I felt ken start to gently stroke me with his fingers, I started to follow him. We were both lying there together stroking each other not knowing where it would end up.

I started to feel something build up and move inside me, I started to twinge a little, never felt anything like that before and not having control over it. Ken picked up on this and started to stoke me a bit more entheausticly. I let him go and lay back, I remember opening my legs like butterfly wings as he stroked me again and again and again. I could feel something spill out of me as the pressure built up then I could feel it also start to gently squirt, Ken kept stroking me but faster and faster, I started to undulate entheausticly on his bed I could hear the bed creek as I bumped up and down. Not before long I was bouncing with excitement no longer having any control I suddenly unloaded over both of us.

Ken lay back and rubbed my cum with his hand on his and my chest, it felt kinky but nice, never had that done before. I rolled over on top of him straddling over his legs, I remember I said now it’s my turn. As I sat there facing him as he watched me I started to slowly stroke him, as I got a response more from his eyes and silent mouth gestures, he had a habit of sticking his tongue out as he closed his eyes.

I slowly increased the pace of my stroking, slowly he responded, as I quickened my pace and he started to physically bounce, in harmony with my stroking, on his bed, as I had done, but this time his legs were pinned down. I could feel him start to cum then as I increased my grip, held it back, his back arched Göztepe Escort as he tried to unload but I still kept trying to bring him on. He let out such a loud groan that I let my grip go and pointed it in his direction, just as he let go with one enormous squirt. His chest and face took the brunt of it.

As I rolled off him and lay alongside him he rolled over me and smeared me with his cum. We lay there alongside each other laughing and touching each other chest. Ken then leaned over me and started to nibble my nipples, I really liked that and lay back with my arms open, inviting him to continue. He then rolled over me and sat back, by this time I had an erection that was starting to hurt, and I could feel it slide up between his buttons, what a feeling. It was the first time that I ever felt anything like that, I think it was Ken’s too. I started to rub him, it was a wonderful feeling he was enjoying it, as I undulated I could feel it build within me. Ken sat back letting me, he had closed his eyes his open mouth formed an O; although I tried I couldn’t build up enough pressure up to climax. We had to stop and contemplate what we wanted to do next.

We lay there side to side covered in sweat and each other’s cum, his hand was gently rubbing the inside of my leg as I was his. Ken said we didn’t have to go down to the beach as he had a Jacuzzi and sauna cabin in the basement. I had never tried either so I was keen to see what they were like. We both got up, Ken grabbed his swim pants and said grab yours, in case his dad came back when we were downstairs. We straightened the bed clothes before we left, just in case. I felt very strange walking down the stairs in a strange house naked with an erection and my swim pants in my hand, and we were still messy, it was a very sexually stimulating and exciting walk. Each step down adding to the stimulation.

When we arrived at the down stairs basement Ken switched on the Jacuzzi and let the sauna start to warm up, we had a quick shower together, and we needed it. We went into the Jacuzzi first both still naked but it felt good being together that way. We left our swim pants hanging up beside our towels in the shower area.

The Jacuzzi was bubbling away the noise drowning out any background noise from the house or outside. Suddenly the door opened and Ken’s dad walked in with his golf gear, Ken introduced me, from where he was standing he couldn’t see we were both naked together. He said great idea I will joint you guys if that ok. Ken said ok dad can you bring over some beers, he asked yours or mine, Ken replied yours.

He went over to the wet changing area got undressed. You could see that he noticed our clothes weren’t there and our swimwear was hanging there and dry. He shouted over you guys gone natural, Ken shouted back yes. Ok I will join you then, he walked across naked with three beers in his hands. After handing us our beers he sat opposite and asked what we had been up to, Ken said just fucking around. I spluttered my beer, Ken laughed and his dad just looked at us.

Beer finished Ken was sent for another three beers but he had to go upstairs to the kitchen fridge for them. After he left Ken’s dad said I take it you are Ken’s boyfriend that he has been talking about for the past month. I said we met for the first time in person today, his dad said and you had a bang of a time upstairs, don’t worry I knew Ken was gay. Do your parents know, I said no but I have two cousins who are, one is getting married in a couple of months’ time. Maybe Ken will want to come down to the wedding with me, it’s down in a place called Tidworth not far from Salisbury.

Ken came over to the Jacuzzi with three new ice cold beers in his hand and looked at his dad, he said its ok son I have known for quite a while that you were gay. I’ve got something to tell you I am gay too, that’s why your mom and I split.

Ken took it well but still almost dropped the beers into the Jacuzzi as he was climbing in, and said dad why did you not tell me before now. I sat in the background saying nothing. His dad replied, I wanted you to make up your mind not me guide or influence you one way or another.

Ken relaxed at that point and asked his dad are you having sex with anyone. Yes Giuseppe my partner in the business, you know those overnight business meetings, some weren’t. Remember when your mom and I split the business needed some serious refinancing to expand, Giuseppe provided it and one thing led to another. What can I say? He said look I will let you think about it and I will go upstairs and make lunch.

Ken was lost for words, which was not unusual, and said I am happy for him. Mum ran off with someone she knew at school and now lives with her in South London. It was my turn to say What? Yes she is gay too, that makes three of us. I replied four including me; we both burst out laughing at that point. We had a quick shower together pulled on our dry swim pants and headed upstairs.

As it was a nice warm day we had lunch Ümraniye Escort out at the patio table. Ken’s dad produced a help yourself pasta bake, made by Giuseppe to his special recipe, and three more bottles of Italian beer. When we saw what was for lunch we all started laughing again. Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously all the time. It was the best pasta bake I had ever tasted, we had two more beers as well and a very strong Dutch coffee which gave us all caffeine kicks.

Neither Ken nor I were beer drinkers and were both overly relaxed and speed talking to each other when his dad asked what kind of sex do you two guys have? Ken explained quite graphically and caveated we will be trying out some new ways soon, I don’t think either of us knew what that meant. His dad said ok I will leave you guys to explore options, I am going round to see Giuseppe, you guys have put me in the mood. After his Dad’s taxi left, Ken said lets go upstairs. I was so aroused by then it was embarrassing, I had to put my hand in my speedos and reposition it.

By the time we got upstairs, consuming another beer enroute, got stripped off, not that we had a lot on, we were not in a fit state to do anything. We lay on the bed together spooning each other and fell asleep. We woke a few hours later, not sure how many hours, the beer and the hot food had taken its toll, we were still not in a fit state for anything. After we got partially dressed, gingerly we went down stairs together steading ourselves on the banister. Ken’s dad was there with Giuseppe, we did all the introductions, possibly slurring some of our words, we were both still on a high and still speed talking.

The four of us sat at the patio table with only our swim pants on, must admit I thought Giuseppe with his tanned olive skin, black neat not tight fitting speedos and dark Ray Bann sunglasses on really looked the Italian part. I also really loved his Italian accented English, very sexy, I could see what Ken’s dad saw in him. He came over and sat alongside me putting his arm round my back, drawing us together. I never felt such an electrifying feeling before, I started to get aroused and turned on by it.

We all talked man to man about our sexual exploits, Kens and mine didn’t take long, I was so fascinated by it and Giuseppe holding me I could feel wetness in my swim pants. I didn’t know what to do or say and just sat there feeling the wetness get wetter and wetter. Ken saved the day and said how about a Jacuzzi, we all said yes. Ken’s dad lifted a crate of beer, I led the way down to the Jacuzzi, discreetly looking down. The wet mark was quite pronounced but I don’t think anyone noticed it. A quick pre Jacuzzi shower hid my embarrassment.

We spent most of the night in the Jacuzzi talking, always drifting away from what we were talking about to sexual exploits. As it bubbled away I could feel Ken’s fingers rub me which made me get harder and harder, as he did when I rubbed him, not sure but I think Ken cummed in the Jacuzzi, I almost did too a few times.

Time drifted on as it started to get dark, Ken’s dad asked did I want to stay the night, I said I couldn’t as my mom expected me back. He said next time stay over, I said ok I will. I shared a shower with Giuseppe at one point he started to stroke me inadvertently between my buttocks, talk about a sublime feeling; that was it for me. We all got dressed, ken and his dad put on bath robes, and we had another of those Dutch coffees that really gave you a caffeine kick but Giuseppe and I had to go home. Our taxi arrived, it was one of these pay on line Uber ones. We arrived at Giuseppe’s apartment and he asked me would I like to come up for a coffee, I shouldn’t have but said yes.

His apartment was very well appointed. After he closed the door he said, want to go to bed with me, without thinking I said yes. I followed him into his bedroom, he slowly undressed me gently and caringly touching and nibbling at me intimately. I was so aroused by now that I wanted him to start there and then, as he got slowly and sexually undressed I watched him intently and admiring him as he undressed suggestively for me.

I didn’t know what to do next so I just stood there watching, he came over to me and sat with me on the bed and said I will now show you how to engage in sex the Italian way. I was so excited that I think I started to cum even before he engaged with me. As I lay back Giuseppe moved over me then moved my legs up and apart and positioned some pillows under me. He said I will start to ease you first, I didn’t know what he meant at that time. He kneeled in front of me and applied some oil I could feel it run in, then I felt is finger then fingers entering me and start to move about. At first it was a bit painful then it eased and I started to enjoy it, really enjoy it as he massaged it, I could start to feel my cum forming, I started to twitch in excitement.

He then said let’s try and engage with each other, I felt more oil being applied, it was quite soothing and pleasant. I could feel him now try to enter, I was so tight at first I didn’t think I would let him do it, then I felt it ease as I relaxed and he entered. I could feel him slowly travel up inside. I was still very tight and uncomfortable but it eased before long I was really starting to enjoy it.

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