I Watched You as You Watched Me

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I wanted to meet you so bad that I broke my own rule and invited you over even though the kids were home. Now here I was waiting for you to show up and was beginning to doubt my decision… I pushed the thoughts aside but the butterflies in my stomach were going stir crazy. We had gotten to know quite a bit about each other from talking online and on the phone. You were a lot of fun to talk to and I felt comfortable telling you things that I don’t share with many people.

I kept running to the window every time I heard a car drive by my house but it wasn’t you. I could feel my heart racing as my hands shook, I decided to get a drink of Malibu and Kool-aid my favorite… This time I heard a car and before I went to the window knew that it was you. Your truck slowed as it pulled into the empty space in my driveway. The kids were sleeping so I decided to meet you at the door; I opened the screen waiting for you to make your way up the walkway. Deep breath and there you were all I could do was smile, and say hi. I motioned for you to come in. I offered you something to eat or a drink, and you declined stating that “ you were fine.” That I had to agree with.

The pictures we had shared didn’t do you justice, so handsome and muscular. I told you to sit down, and you decided to sit next to me on the couch. You didn’t waste anytime as you neared me and placed a kiss on my lips, Escort bayan my mouth opened enabling our tongues to entwine. I hadn’t received a kiss like that in years making every nerve in my body awaken. My arms wrapped around your neck as we continued that passionate kiss. You pulled away from me looking in my eyes, and gently ran a finger down my face. I smiled, stood and motioned for you to follow. I walked ahead of you as I led you into my bedroom. I turned and looked at you as I removed my t-shirt, and shorts only leaving my lace bra and panties. I neared you once again wrapping my arms around your neck and planting a kiss upon your lips. My hardened nipples pressing against you through the lace. I grabbed the bottom of your shirt and began to pull upwards, that meant we had to stop kissing for a brief moment while I finished taking off your shirt.

you looked so beautiful standing there just in jeans. So tasty…. But we had agreed on mutual masturbation only, so sex was out, and so wasn’t the tasting you. I unbuttoned your pants, and unzipped them slowly sliding them down your legs until they were gone… You weren’t wearing anything under them, which surprised me when I caught the first glimpse of your manhood. Having it right there in front of me and not being able to taste it was killing me so I stood quickly before I couldn’t handle the temptation anymore. You removed Bayan Escort my bra allowing the candle light to bounce off of my bare breasts, and hardened nipples… you grasped the sides of my panties and began to slowly slide them down my silky smooth legs until I was finally standing there naked.

You led me over to the bed, I lay down and you stood beside me. Looking up into your face made my heart beat even faster. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do this in this way but I also couldn’t disappoint you either, you grabbed the bottle of lotion that I had set on the bed long before you pulled into that empty space in the driveway…. Opening it, and squirting some in your hand you placed your hand around your well-endowed manhood. You began sliding your hand up and down your shaft as I just lay there and watched you…. I could feel the wetness beginning to form between my legs, as the fire of desire was getting bigger inside me… I had to touch myself. So like a shy child I didn’t look you in the eyes, I just sort of brushed my clit but that felt good and I wanted more so I spread my lips apart revealing the wetness between my legs. I could tell that you were watching my every move as you began to stroke your cock a little faster, hearing the lotion as you worked your hand up and down….

I stuck my finger into my love hole getting it nice and wet, bringing Escort that finger to my lips I tasted myself… your cock rock hard and bulging…as I began to play with my clit working it in circles as you watched every move that I made. My legs spread wide open as my fingers returned to my wet hot pussy. Sliding a finger inside I began to finger fuck myself; moans began to escape from my mouth, my breathing becoming faster. Beads of sweat dripped down the sides of your face as you continued to work your hard cock. I had returned to my clit, spreading my lips so that you could watch as I made circles I was so hot and wet and almost ready to cum for you baby… I could see pre-cum beginning to escape from the slit of your manhood. I wanted to taste it so badly but couldn’t.

I began adding more pressure to my juice covered clit, moving fingers faster as the hot wads of cum shot out of your cock, my body began to shake as I joined you in orgasm. Moans escaping from our open mouths filling the quiet room… it was a rush for me and wasn’t slowing very quickly but I continued to play with my clit another orgasm came within seconds. My body shaking uncontrollably as you finished up stroking your cock with a cum covered hand… my body began to stop quivering returning to its normal state… I handed you a towel to clean up with as you sat beside me only now to plant a kiss on my lips… the hint of my own love juice still on my lips…

After that night we decided to make plans for lovemaking and as soon as that night happens I will tell you all about it…. I personally can’t wait…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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