Ideal Day 07

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As I stated in “Ideal Day One” there are many “ideal” days when one thinks about the various ways one can have sex with his or her partner. Following along on that theme, I give you a version of what might be “Ideal” if I was allowed to pleasure my wife as I wanted, any time I wanted.

I had been anticipating today for over a month, ever since we had discussed the possibility and she had agreed to go along with it for one day. Today is the day I get to play with her any way I want, at any time, and she has to agree. There is to be no complaining, no telling me no, she is to simply do as I ask sexual wise, according to the guidelines we had agreed upon.

I could use any of the toys we own (or might get between the time we talked and the day comes around), any way they are designed to be used, I can have her wear what I desire, but it cannot be outside the house if it is not something she would normally not wear in public. An example is that she would not wear a mini skirt or a bikini, etc. since she would not wear those any other time.

Since I’m always horny, starting out that way in the morning was nothing new, being able to do something about it was, while not necessarily out of the realm of being done, it was not the norm. Too many possibilities were going through my head, but I decided to start out slow, or as slow as my horny state would allow, and just finger her to orgasm while she was on her knees on the bed, straddling my chest and facing my feet. That way I get to see her pussy up close to watch her lips open up and the juices start flowing. Nothing makes me harder than seeing her clit all hard and slick while I’m playing with her.

It only took a few minutes before I had her climaxing and sliding down to lay on my legs while recovering from her orgasm. While she was there with her ass facing me I reach back for the lube and find the smallest butt plug we own to hand to her. While I could put it in, I would rather watch her do so, and it’s my day.

Although she does not normally allow me to use a butt plug on her, she only hesitates a bit, knowing she agreed to this, and that I won’t force her if she does not want to do so. I get to watch as the slender plug slowly slips into place with only the little curved part to keep it from going too deep, showing. Once in place brazzers porno I have her get up and put on a pair of thong panties I had her purchase for just this occasion. Without the thong to hold it in place the plug will eventually slip out and we don’t want that. She has never worn a thong before (I like them more than regular underwear) so the combination of the thong and the butt plug should keep her thinking about sex until I am ready for whatever I decide to do next.

The first thing is to have breakfast. Deciding on French toast I mix up the batter and start cooking while she digs out the butter, jam and other things we will need to accompany the meal. This means she has to bend over as well as reach high on the shelves to reach things. One way I get to see her ass in the thong, while her breasts sway nicely and the other I get to see her breast pull up and swing as she reaches up.

Because I have used a but plug for many years I know that she will not like to have it in for very long this first time. After breakfast we return to the bedroom for more sex. Leaning her over the bed I have her leave the thong on and pull it aside to play with her clit and pussy so that it will continue to hold the plug in place. When I have her hot enough she is humping against my fingers and raising her ass in the air, I remove the thong underwear and move into position behind her, reaching down to spread her pussy lips wide so my cock will slide in easily. While I get used to the feeling of her pussy around my cock I have her reach under herself to play with her clit. Soon she is humping against me as she gets more and more excited. Any movement of my cock and I can feel the butt plug in her ass, making it harder than normal for me to hold off my own climax. What is not expected is that when I am pushing my deepest in to her pussy, I also push the plug deeper into her ass, which makes her moan with each thrust. Soon the combination of her work on her clit, the feeling of the butt plug in her ass, and my cock ramming deep into her, causes us both to climax.

Climbing onto the bed on our sides, I leave my cock in her pussy until it is so soft that it falls out on its own. My cock is followed shortly by the plug as she relaxes. While we are cleaning ourselves and the butt plug, clip4sale porno our dogs start bugging us, they are long over due for their morning walk.

The walk will give me time to recover anyway, so I put on a pair of thong underwear and my sweat pants while she dresses in a skirt with button front blouse but I have her go without a bra or underwear. There is a big empty lot right behind the house and we seldom if ever meet anyone else out there even though we live in town.

After we return I have her stand and face me, holding her skirt up out of the way, while I play with her pussy again until she cums. Moving so she is kneeling in the recliner I fuck her from behind while playing with her breasts and nipples. This time I am able to control the pace a bit more and move through several different tempos. First I move slowly so I can feel my cock being gripped by her pussy as I reach full depth. When that starts feeling too good, I change so when my cock is about half way in; I then thrust hard, making her breasts swing while my balls hit her pussy from behind. Building speed I am soon fucking her hard while pulling back on her hips to keep us in rhythm. Soon this is too much and I shoot into her pussy while she pushes back against me, making sure I’m as deep as possible.

Lunch is fixed with me wearing only my tee shirt while she is wearing her skirt, with her blouse open so I can enjoy the view of her wonderful breasts. Unable to resist the temptation I take one of the ice cubes I’m getting for my tea and rub it on her nipples, making them hard. Moving lower I then rub the ice on her pussy, something we have done before and found fun. Because we just had sex there is no way I have recovered enough to put both the ice cube and my cock in her pussy, something we have not tried for a long time.

Needing time to recover, we use the afternoon to go for a drive in the mountains. Once underway I have her pull her skirt up to show me her pussy. After turning onto a forest road I have her unbutton her blouse and take off her bra (she insisted on that until we got off the highway) so I can watch her breasts bounce in time to the rough road.

Because so far the only thing we have done that we would not normally do was the butt plug I have her reach into the console colette porno where I have stored the new toy I purchased just for this drive. I have her put in the dildo while we are driving so she will be ready when we find a secluded place to stop. What I didn’t tell her is that the dildo is a wireless remote control model. Once it is in place I wait a few minutes before pushing the button, this makes her jump and sigh at the same time. Of the several different variations of speed and rhythm I find the one that makes her squirm the most and leave it on until I can tell she is about to climax before shutting it off. A few more miles down the road, even with the bumps that make the dildo move in her pussy, she has calmed down again and we find a nice spot to pull into the trees where we won’t be seen by anyone that might drive past our location.

As the pickup dies, I push the button again and reach over to play with her nipples while the dildo does its magic in her pussy. Getting out and walking around the pickup, I open her door and place her feet on the sides of the door so she her pussy is fully exposed to me and Mother Nature. Changing the speed control to a slower rate I start fucking her pussy with the dildo and playing with her clit until she is humping and matching me thrust for thrust. To prolong the session I shut off the vibration and have her hand me the small butt plug and her thong again. With both the butt plug and dildo safely in place, I put the larger butt plug in my own ass, safely held in place by my thong, increasing my own sensations.

Pulling aside her thong I turn the dildo on to its max setting before telling her to fuck her cunt with it while I watch. Soon she is humping on the seat, playing with her clit before holding her pussy lips open so I can watch her squirt when she climaxes. As she calms down I turn off the vibrations, allowing her to relax but insist she continue to slowly push the dildo in and out of her cunt.

Once she has calmed down some, I pull the dildo out of her pussy and fill it with my rock hard cock in one quick move. Because she is so wet and I’m so horny from watching her fuck herself with the dildo I cum almost before my cock is fully in her pussy. With her butt plug still in place it adds to my sensations as well as hers. My own butt plug pulls deeper into my ass as I climax.

Wiping ourselves clean, but leaving my butt plug in place and putting the dildo back in her pussy (I do let her take out her butt plug) we get back in the pickup and head for home to eat dinner and recover before the next session.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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