Ideal Indian Wife Ch. 02

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WARNING: This story contains a lot of misogyny. Also pee play. Do not read if you find it offensive. Just an extreme sexual fantasy.

All characters are over 18.


As soon as we exited the room, I grinned at her nervous father and he immediately grinned back in relief. He probably knew in that instant that it was a done deal.

He shook my hand, and said, “I’m so happy you are the man I’m selling my daughter to. She’s a magnificent piece of ass. Use her well, son.”

We sat across each other on the sofas again, and he said, “Let’s get straight to the point. I’m expecting about twenty lakh rupees for her.”

“TWENTY?” I reacted instantly. All things considered, it was actually a fair price for a bride as sexy as her, but it was in my Indian blood to bargain. And I knew I could get him to lower the price.

“You have to understand how much I put into training her perfectly. She’s ideal and desirable in every way. I was going to say twenty-five, but since you are my friend’s son, I only quoted twenty. You must admit, it is a very fair price, Mo.”

Meanwhile Ria had entered the hall once again, dressed in her red saree. She wasn’t covering her face with her pallu anymore. She came and stood right next to my sofa, looking downwards, hands at her front. I groped her ass and put my hand on the small of her back. Her father didn’t mind of course, as she was about to become my possession anyway.

“Mr. Agarwal, wasn’t she fairer in her pictures? Did you edit them?”

“Oh no, Mo, of course I wouldn’t do that! It’s an earlier photo! She is just a little tanned now. If you don’t let her go into the sun for a few weeks she will be back to her normal colour. She’s a very, very fair girl.”

I pinched her belly.

“She’s fat.”

Her father seemed to have no response. He simply glared at his daughter. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ria’s face fall. Normally I don’t concern myself about womens’ oh so many feelings, but I felt a little pang to see her face like that. I had developed casino siteleri a soft spot for her. I would explain to her later that I didn’t mean that, I thought.

“She’s just been eating a little more than usual. You know, meeting her future husband can be stressful. Not to say that she isn’t healthy or obedient, of course, it was a one-time thing, and I was being indulgent. She’ll lose the extra weight, I swear …” his voice petered out. No man liked to admit that he hadn’t been able to control his daughter.

“I’ll pay you eight lakhs.” I said, as I started groping her ass again.

“EIGHT? Mo, anyway you look at it that is outrageous! You’ve tasted her food, haven’t you? She’s an amazing cook! And she has such a sweet voice! And you know she dances really well, right? She’s a super sexy dancer! You know girls that can keep you entertained are worth the money! Ria, run along and change into your costume. You haven’t danced for him yet, have you? Show him what you can do!”

Ria looked sideways at me, seeking permission. I smirked in satisfaction internally. This woman was already mine. I let go of her ass, and gave her a light smack, as if to tell her to hurry.

Ria lifted her saree and sprinted out of the hall. She was back in less than a minute. She was now dressed in a two piece like a harem dancer for a sultan. She wore a sheer black bottom that reached her ankles with only a g-string underneath it, showing off her top-notch legs and ass in the sexiest way. I still had the key to her chastity belt, so she had left it in the room where I stripped her. The waistband of the bottom was very wide, and had some beads that jingled as she moved. Her top can only be described as a narrow black cloth tied around her tits (that’s probably what it was). It only covered her nipples, and showed off plenty of cleavage and underboob. The top seemed rather pointless really, since her nipples were clearly poking through. She still had all her jewellery on.

Her father smiled at her admiringly, probably quite canlı casino a bit excited himself. He played the music that had probably been decided beforehand on his smartphone.

The instant the music began I could tell she was not just good at belly dancing, she was a master. She jerked and gyrated her hips with the clean, compact movements of an experienced dancer. There wasn’t a single wasteful movement, and it seemed the rhythm had possessed her body. But what struck me the most about her routine wasn’t her skill.

As she shimmied and twerked, I sat there mesmerized by her ass and tits. Her tits were bursting out of the flimsy top, and as she did the shoulder shimmy, each of her melons fought to get out, bouncing and colliding, jumping all over the place. Her ass cheeks clapped against each other, sending ripples all over through her thighs and ass. I got to witness the heavenly jiggle that I was so obsessed with in its full glory.

Her routine was short, and ended in about ninety seconds. She stood there panting, eyes only for me, pleading for my approval. I wanted to make her as happy as she had made me, so I clapped enthusiastically. Ria’s face turned tomato red, and she prostrated herself at my feet.

“She can pole dance too, you know. She does a wonderful strip tease. That’s why I had her routine be so short, she can show you that too. Ria, go, change quickly!”

She looked up from my feet and gave me that shy look that drove me mad. Ugh, she was so cute too! Since I hadn’t said anything, she didn’t move.

“Mo, you have to think of this in terms or return on investment. She can give you at least twenty kids, and if recent birth trends are anything to go by, more than three-fourths of them are going to be daughters. She can take full responsibility for them and train them well, she will be a great mother! And when those daughters come of age, you can sell them off for a fortune. Her line of women have great genes, your daughters are also going to grow into curvy hotties. When she’s old kaçak casino and you don’t want to fuck her loose pussy anymore, she can still cook for you and you can buy yourself some younger women with the money you earn from her! Doesn’t that sound tempting?”

That did sound very tempting. I doubted I would get tired of her body though, tits are evergreen. I had to give this man a fair price for this gem of a woman he had raised.

“I do not want to haggle anymore. My final offer is fifteen lakh rupees. I believe this is fair for both of us. Take this deal or this will be the end of our conversation.”

Ria tensed up at my feet in anticipation of her father’s response.

He seemed convinced that this was the highest I would go. I had succeeded in concealing how much I wanted Ria. He probably thought this was a great deal for a rather fat and dark-skinned girl. I was lucky he still had ancient beauty standards. He thought it over only for a few seconds, and then nodded at me, “Okay!”

Ria lapped at my boots in delight, and I got up to shake hands with her father.

But as we were rejoicing in a deal well done, I felt something wet on my shoes and trousers.

It seemed Ria had been holding a lot of tension in her body, and as she heard her sale being confirmed, she had relaxed and accidentally let out a stream of piss. The handshake had put my feet in the exact range for it, and I now stood in a puddle of her piss, my shoes and parts of my trousers completely soaked. She looked up at me in fear. Had she ruined this for herself?

I felt a little tinge of annoyance as my socks became wet, but I was too happy at finally buying such a bombshell of a first wife to be truly angry.

But I needed to show her who was boss. Mistakes had to be punished. I put my boot on her head and pressed her face into the puddle of her piss.

“Slurp up all of that, my little bitch.” I said.

Her father laughed heartily. Then he yelled for one of his wives to get me a towel and sandals.

I turned away from Ria as she got to her job dutifully. She seemed relieved at getting off so lightly, and I watched her smile at me in adoration.

I couldn’t wait to turn this woman into my fuckdoll, to annihilate her and own her mind, body and soul.

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