If on an Island a Traveler Pt. 03

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[Another installment of this limited series that can be read in order, or by itself. You can read the earlier parts to know more about the players: 37-yr-old Claire who has been abstaining from person-to-person sex meets 54-yr-old Jake while on holiday in Barbados. She invites him to relieve the pressure, with certain conditions…]


I had to shift Claire off my lap before I broke my promise and end up slipping my cock into her warm wet snatch by accident. Her dry-humping me with her pussy creaming all over my cock was driving me crazy. Just as I suspected, she came hard just from having her nipples and clit played with. Fuck, that was hot. I haven’t been this horny for a woman in a long time, not even with my ex.

I walk over to the kitchen to fetch two tall glasses of water from the pitcher in the fridge plus some ice from the freezer. Walking back to the sofa, I contemplate my swollen cock. The poor guy is desperate to get inside Claire. Sorry, bud. Not tonight. The lady had said no penetration, and no kissing. But I can think of all kinds of things to do instead…

Claire is lying on her side on the sectional chaise, which is as big as a twin-sized bed. She is resting in a loose fetal position. I run a hand on her hip to rouse her and hand her a glass. She smiles her thanks and takes long pulls of the chilled water. Then holding the cold glass to her forehead, she looks at me with a mix of amusement and sheepishness. It’s true I know so much more about her now, or at least about her body.

“That was crazy.” She says.

“I enjoyed that very much. I love bringing pleasure to a beautiful woman,” I tell her. Schmaltzy, I know, but that’s how I felt. Hey, I’m entering my mid-50s. I’ve earned the right to be corny.

She arches an eyebrow, but her eyes are soft as she holds my gaze and takes another drink.

“What now?” She asks.

“Whatever you want.”

“I want to taste your cock. Or is that penetration?” She wonders, cocking her head to one side.

I chuckle lightly. “No one is keeping tabs. I would love to feel your lovely mouth on my cock. Just maybe don’t bring your A-game. Keep it nice ‘n easy.”

“Uh-huh. OK, I’ll try. It’s been a while, you know,” she says as she hungrily eyes the tip of my cock, once again glistening with anticipation.

I’m still standing by the sofa so place one knee on it to anchor myself. She rises onto her knees on the chaise and brings her tight body closer to mine. She reaches out one hand to lightly stroke the underside of my 7-1/2-incher, its one pearling eye looking straight at her. Her touch is searing, and I silently hiss in a breath through my teeth.

I watch as she lets her pink tongue slip out between her lips and leans forward to give me one soft lick. The sight of her catching a drip of my precum on her tongue takes my breath away. She recloses her mouth and purses her lips as if savoring my taste. Fuccckkkk, she’s sexy. Then she wets her lips, and as if in ecstasy, closes her eyes and almost reverently wraps her full lips around the fat head of my cock, snuggling her wet tongue on the underside on the frenulum at the same time and gives one light trial suck. Fuck, if this isn’t her A game, I wonder what would be.

I can feel my cock responding to her with another bead of precum which she ingests. I can barely even look at her, so hot. I’ve been horny for her since yesterday, so already my balls are starting to feel tight. As she places her hands on my hips, I lightly wind a hand through her hair to be able to rein her in, should I need to.

She settles into a smooth rhythm, making her mouth wet but not sucking too hard, not working her tongue too much. What man doesn’t Escort bayan love watching a pretty woman work his cock with her mouth, especially after he just made her cum and knows that her body is humming and she’s primed for more?

“Mmmmm, Claire, baby, slow down. Your mouth feels too good, fuck…” I warn her as I gently tug on the noose of her hair. She suctions her mouth off my cock with a small pop but continues to gently work my spit-covered cock with her hand.

“Your cock is beautiful. I could snuggle with it all night.” She says, looking up at me with her slightly glazed eyes and flushed lips. My God, so beautiful, so slutty, so incredibly desirable. She’s an erotica writer, so I know that she knows exactly her effect on me.

“Another time.” I smile at her, almost apologetically. “I have other plans for you right now,” I say as I glide my fingertips across her lips, down her throat, between her breasts. She lets out an involuntary whimper. I gently press her back onto the sofa, kissing her neck, collarbones, wedging my knee now between her thighs.

+ + +

I take another swig of water, keeping a half-melted ice chip in my mouth. Holding the crescent wedge of ice between my teeth, I dip my head and run it on her nipple. She hadn’t seen the ice and flinches in surprise. I watch in fascination as her already perky nipple immediately becomes rock hard. Fuck, that’s sexy. I repeat that with the other nipple then repeat back and forth.

The ice is melting so droplets are collecting and slowly dripping down from her pretty peaks. Very erotic. She had stipulated no kissing, so I bring my lips to hers and feed her the remainder of the ice before wrapping my cooled lips around one breast for a light suck, then the other. She moans deeply with the ice melting in her mouth, while squeezing her thighs around my thigh.

With the back of an index finger, I lightly stroke her smooth puffy pussy lips, then gently press her thighs open. She arches back as I slither down between her legs and start to lick her out. It’s better lit here than in the shower outside so I can make out all the details of her glorious snatch — the hooded nubbin, every fold and crevice, the enticing ridge of her perineum beckoning beyond.

I’m now kneeling on the rug with my hands on the backs of her thighs pushing them towards her chest. She is completely open to me, and she is spectacular. I lick and suck her box with abandon, working circles on her clit, suck on the soft inner lips, run my tongue on the skin between her cunt and her inner thighs. All of it. She is bucking and moaning, her hands in my still-damp hair.

I live for this — to spend the better part of an evening with my head between a sexy woman’s thighs. Longing to sample her anus, I let my tongue travel down towards her perineum and back again. Gradually I focus on her perineum more, and I can tell by her movements that she wants attention to her ass.

Keeping her guessing, I keep going as I am between clit and perineum, letting my tongue slip into her pussy on the way. Until finally I can’t delay any longer and experimentally swipe my tongue tip on her delectably wrinkled crater. She gasps and jerks strongly as if someone had just shocked her. Clearly a backdoor enthusiast.

I look up from her slick, delectable valley and ask “Claire, where do you keep your toys?” She had shared earlier that even though she’s currently abstaining from person-to-person sex, she takes care of herself just fine.

“What? Don’t you dare move!” she says plaintively.

“It’ll just be for a second. In your bedroom?”

“Yes. Oh my god, yes. Bedside table, fuck!” She’s practically in a fugue state she’s so turned on.

I Bayan Escort go into her bedroom, with my cock leading the way like a weather vane. As promised, she has a repurposed drawstring shoe bag in the night table, heavy with goodies. I grab it and return to my sexpot housemate, still half reclined on the couch, legs slightly open, her hand lazily strumming her clit. What else can a man ask for?

Again, I sink to my knees on the couch and undo the bag, casting a wolfish grin at her before looking in the bag. Inside are the usual accoutrements of pleasure, probably a better selection than most. I do notice she has several anal toys, or toys that can be for front-door or back-door play. My cock high-fives this discovery with a low throb.

I don’t pull anything out of the bag just yet and resume my work between her legs, laving at her pussy and now expanding to lick her ass, enjoying all the textures and intricacies of Claire’s nether regions. The aromas emanating from her pussy and ass are intoxicating, making my cock drip with precum. I take hold of it to slowly squeeze and gently tug for some relief, taking care not to be too vigorous. I don’t plan to ejaculate tonight. I’m saving it up for the right moment, and when that moment comes, Claire will be drowning in my cum.

She is now completely reclined with her legs shamelessly pulled in to her chest and sluttily displaying her bottom to me, a platter of delights. Her anus is more recessed between the flesh of her ass cheeks than on some women, so this position allows me better access. Immediately I plunge my face and tongue into the valley between her ass cheeks.

My mouth has a mind of its own, worshipping her entire anal area — licking the textured crown around the tiny aperture of her anus, slobbering all over the skin surrounding it, spearing her tiny wink with my hardened tongue, trying to work my tongue inside the resistant rubbery ring, every now and then giving her ass hole a firm suck. I am familiarizing myself with literally every millimeter of her backside.

Claire clearly loves a sloppy rim job. She is tweaking her nipples hard as she cries out, “Oh my god, Jake, fuck, yes, eat out my ass. Oh, my fucking god, your tongue is amazing!” I want to make her come through her clit, but I’m so mesmerized by her ass right now, her clit will have to wait. Per request, I eat out her ass for another good five minutes. Which sounds like a long time, yet isn’t.

Finally though, my tongue does need a short break. I tear away and take out the first toy I had in mind, plus the lube. The toy is not big, but very nicely contoured — 3 beads in graduated sizes, from about 3/4 inch at the tip (just a little wider than a fingertip) and widening to about 1-1/4 inch at its widest near the base. The toy isn’t long — maybe 4 inches. Nothing crazy, just a little stimulation.

I open the lube and gently smear some on her plush booty, indenting the tip of my middle finger into her delicious crater to work in more of the gel. She half smiles to herself and shimmies her hips suggestively. Total sex kitten. Then I smear a good amount onto the toy, tip to base. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking we’re bending all the rules of the no-penetration clause. But not like she’s telling me to stop.

I pose the toy right at the entrance of her anus and pause for a moment to admire her, poised and aching to be stimulated in another way. She is positively vibrating with anticipation. For sure, she is familiar with all her tools, but it will be different with me wielding them.

I lean forward to nip at her sensitive nipples as my other hand lightly strokes her clit with just the second knuckle of my index. She moans and makes a slight Escort grimace of impatience. Then I move back down between her legs and set to softly lapping at her engorged clit again, at the same time as I press in the first bead of the ass toy.

“Oh, god, oh my god, Jake, mmmmmmmm.” She groans loudly. She reaches for her nipples and vigorously tweaks them, arching her neck back and pushing her head into the cushion behind her. I vary my movements with the ass toy, sometimes pulling it almost all the way out, so that her anus is stretched around the widest part, sometimes drawing it all the way out and re-inserting it. I’m licking her clit so I can’t look, but my fingertips are right at the mouth of her anus so I can feel the flexible tissue expand and contract according to the toy’s position. Amazing.

Continuing my tongue work on her clit, I start to insert the toy now up to the second sphere, repeating my playbook of teasing and toy-fucking her opening. I continue to palpate the stretching of her anus and visualize my cock doing this work. One day. Hopefully sooner than later.

After some minutes, I can tell she is very close to her second orgasm, so I remove the toy and add some lube to my fingers. We didn’t get to the largest bead, but I want my fingers inside her when she cums.

With her ass already primed by the toy, I insert two fingers in her ass straight away. The girth of my fingers is more than the width of what was in there last, and of course, the texture is completely different. Claire gasps audibly and automatically bears down to swallow up my fingers.

She reaches back and down to grab hold of my wrist and starts to slowly buck her slutty ass on my hand, her sphincter eagerly hugging my fingers. Fuccckkk. She’s very, very tight, and her sphincter is already twitching like crazy, squeezing my fingers tight every time they’re going in.

As she’s humping my fingers nearly to the hilt, again I wonder if this is technically penetration. But like I said, no one is keeping tabs. I look up at her to take in the sight of her in pure ecstasy without a shred of self-consciousness. Completely uninhibited and absolutely breathtaking.

I decide it’s time to get her off. I can’t wait to feel her cum with her ass fucking my fingers. I bring my mouth to her mound again, licking her hooded button as best I can with all her writhing and bucking. I draw small firm circles on her nub with my tongue as I bring my other hand up to tweak her nipples, going back and forth between the two.

She groans loudly as she rakes her fingers through my hair. “Oh fuck, Jake, I’m already ready to cum again. It’s too good. I don’t want it to be over yet…” She sounds desperate.

I lift up momentarily to say, “It’s buffet night, baby. Cum on my hand and my mouth. I can do this all night.”

“Oh my god. Oh fuck, Jake, I’m cumminnnnnng…” I take my hand off her chest and plunge two fingers into her pussy, just in time before she cums HARD. I flatten my tongue but keep the contact on her clit, letting her ride it as much as she wants to. Her pussy and ass convulse strongly on my digits, still working her cavities. She holds on to my head, moaning and cooing her pleasure.

Finally, her body’s rocking subsides, but her ass is still pulsing, like a little heartbeat. Jesus, fuck, that is hot. My mind fleetingly imagines the day when I can finally take that ass with my cock and feel it milking me. I would definitely gift her my cum in that tight tunnel when she’s ready for me.

I slowly withdraw my fingers from her soft cavities but continue to gently caress her slick folds and soft curves, lingering on her puckered star, still tight but definitely a little more relaxed now. She shuts her eyes and sighs deeply, her fingers resting on her abdomen.

At last, I sit back on my heels, still on my knees, and reach out again for the water glass.

[End of Part 3.]

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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