If Things Had Been Different Ch. 02

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Sarah tried to shield her eyes against the strong Mexican sun as she walked down the steps at Mexico City airport, wondering if this was such a good idea. Here she was, a few months into the swinging nineties, just a few weeks before she was due to get married to the man of her dreams, in the middle of a foreign city, and all at the whim of someone she hadn’t seen in four years. ‘I must be mad,’ she thought to herself as she remembered how the conversation had gone with Julie a few weeks earlier.


“Oh my God it’s you!” Sarah shrieked down the phone, as she answered the call from Julie, a close friend she hadn’t spoken to in over four years.

“Of course it’s me, in the flesh, naked, and thinking of you,” Julie purred in response, “and I hear you are finally getting hitched. See you are going to manage it before your 30th birthday as well.” Julie paused before she went on, “and to a man as well, now there’s a surprise for an old dyke like you.”

Sarah blushed at Julie’s words and could feel herself getting wet, as Julie could always push her buttons, and her sexy voice seemed to permeate Sarah’s soul. Sarah was ecstatic to hear from her old friend, who had vanished out of her life four years earlier, despite Sarah’s best attempts at staying in touch.

“Ain’t gonna be able to make the big day short stuff,” Julie said bluntly, causing Sarah’s heart to sink, “buuuuuut,” Julie added dramatically, “surely you must be having a hen party somewhere, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Yes,” replied Sarah happily, “the bridal party, including my mother and aunts, are all flying down to Acapulco in Mexico on the 26th for a few days of partying and sunshine.” Then, remembering to whom she was talking to, Sarah added, “and please be discrete, no one knows about our past, and I would like to keep it that way. They all think I am respectable.”

“Awww, no pussy licking then, or trading tequila shots for blow jobs in some dodgy bar?” Julie giggled while teasing Sarah with some of their past antics before offering, “Tell you what… why don’t we have a private party before we join that lot of bores? You can fly to Mexico City on the 23rd and I will get you down to Acapulco for the 26th. Send your stuff on ahead as I have a little surprise treat in mind for you, so you won’t need more than a spare pair of knickers, in fact you probably won’t even need those… but kisses… gotta run.”

“But, but, but, the cost, the details, the times…” Sarah stammered into the disconnected phone as Julie had hung up and disappeared, as quickly and abruptly as she had four years ago.

The next day a courier arrived at Sarah’s house with an envelope containing a first class ticket to Mexico City, with a hand written note that said, ‘Short Stuff — My Treat. Your Pleasure. — J’.

Sarah hemmed and hawed over the decision, while gently sniffing the note that carried the aroma of Julie’s perfume, causing a dampening of Sarah’s knickers. After a great deal of careful and delicate discussions with her parents, and her fiancé, Sarah had finally managed to convince everyone that she would be fine on her own with her old friend from London, and that she would meet them all in Acapulco as planned.


Sarah stood outside the airport trying to wave away the jabbering Mexicans who were crowding around the diminutive American tourist, while tugging at her arm. Already nervous about this liaison, the gaggle of locals had Sarah on the verge of tears, when suddenly a tall woman clad in a leather jacket and a short skirt that barely covered her ass, moved forward and wrapped one fingerless gloved hand round Sarah’s shoulders, as she shooed the men away, chastising them in fluent Spanish.

“Julie!” Sarah exclaimed in relief, as she felt her 5’1″ frame being protected by her younger but taller friend, who crushed her to her breast in a warm and powerful embrace.

“Hey Short Stuff,” Julie quipped in response, while lifting the dark, wrap-around sunglasses from her sparkly blue eyes and shaking out her bun, letting her long auburn hair flow freely down her back.

Before Sarah could reply, Julie bent and kissed her warmly on the mouth, forcing her tongue into Sarah’s mouth, bringing memories of their past flooding back. Memories weren’t the only thing that was flooding, as Sarah felt a sudden dampness and a heat between her legs, a familiar and usual reaction when Julie bursa yabancı escort was near.

Remembering that she was to be married in a few weeks, Sarah broke the kiss, but still held her body close to Julie’s. “What did you say to them,” Sarah asked, as she nodded toward the group of sweaty men, who were drifting away and muttering to themselves.

“Oh, I told them that you were a lesbian trainee here for pussy munching lessons, and then you were to be sold as a sex slave to Amazonian Lesbians in South America.” Julie said with a straight face, looking down at her shorter friend’s wide brown eyes.

“Oh my God!” gasped Sarah while blushing deeply, “you didn’t… did you?”

Julie threw her head back and roared with laughter at the look of concern on Sarah face. “No, I didn’t, you daft ninny,” Julie said still laughing, “I told them to go away or I would cut their balls off and make a necklace out of them.”

The two women walked towards the car park in the bright sunshine, cutting a most unlikely pair. Julie moved like a panther, her long legs clad in fishnet tights, ankle boots with stubby low heels, and her wrists covered in numerous bangles that jingled as she walked. At 26, Julie looked, and was, in prime condition and although Sarah was approaching 30, she also kept her small frame in terrific shape. In fact, it was their shared penchant for working out which lead them to meet in a London gym four years before, when Sarah was doing a year’s attachment to the London branch of her American law firm.

“So, Short Stuff, are you ready for some fun?” Julie drawled as she stopped in front of a large Harley Davidson motorcycle that sat gleaming in the car park. Julie fished in her pockets for some lollipops and a few dollars to give to the kids standing guard around the bike, thanking them in Spanish for their bravery in making sure no harm came to her beautiful machine.

The less adventurous Sarah just stared at the bike, open-mouthed, and stammered, “you want ME to get on THAT?” then added, “how far is it?”

Julie put her wrap-around shades back on, and tied her hair back into a loose ponytail, using one of the scrunchies from around her wrist, as she barked over the thundering engine, “It’s only 400 click and I know a great place to stop along the way. Now get on.”

Sarah looked at her light cotton print dress, and though she wasn’t dressed for the occasion, she knew she had no better choice. Lifting the dress high around her thighs she straddled the bike, wrapping her arms tightly round Julie’s waist, and feeling somewhat relieved as Julie was showing as much exposed thigh as she was.

As the bike rumbled through the streets, Sarah could feel the vibrations running through her body, sending a tingling sensation into her pussy. Leaning her head against Julie’s back, she breathed in the fresh scent of Julie’s hair, as she remembered how the two of them originally met and relaxed into her friend’s strong back..

A tear was forming in Sarah’s eye, as she was just remembering the sadness of their parting so many years ago, when the bike rumbled to a stop and she was jerked back to reality.

“Come on sleepy head we are here,” said Julie poking her in the ribs to get her off the bike.

Sarah stretched and yawned and watched a little old Mexican man hobble up to Julie and hand her a key as he muttered something in Spanish. Sarah hardly noticed him as she was captivated by the castle that sat in isolated splendour, framed against the hills behind it. Unlocking the imposing wooden doors, Julie rode the bike inside and parked it, then dismounted and threw her arms out wide and said joyfully as she spun round, “so what do you think, is it fit for my princess?”

“So come on short stuff strip off so we can have a weekend of debauched fun before you go and join boring society.” Julie said as started to strip out of her own clothes and moving towards the large outdoor pool. Julie was just about to hook her brief knickers down and off when she caught sight of Sarah standing there, still fully dressed, with her arms crossed staring at Julie with look of determination on her face.

“I think you me an explanation,” Sarah said fixing Julie with a stare.

“The Dear Jane letter I guess you mean,” Julie said as she draped herself in the wrought iron chair and pouring herself a glass of wine looking thoughtful, “yes not one of my bursa sınırsız escort finest moments on reflection.”

“You broke my heart Julie. I cried for weeks afterwards until I got back to America where I could even tell anyone why I was so upset.” Sarah said in an emotion ladened voice.

Julie looked at Sarah and looked thoughtful before she said, “You were going to come out weren’t you?”

“Yes,” said Sarah with a sob.

“And you would have lost your Dad, most of your family, your respectability, it may be 1990 now but ‘we’ are still not fully accepted yet, and back in the eighties would have probably got stoned to death, or burnt at the stake for being a witch.” Julie said trying to lighten the mood.

“I think you exaggerate,” said Sarah knowing in heart that if nothing else she would have lost her father as he would never understood his daughter being ‘one of them.’

“So I made a decision,” Julie went on, “and I knew if I had stayed and tried to explain you would have looked at me with those soft brown dyke eyes and I would have weakened. So I took the hard road.”

Sarah didn’t say anything but knew that Julie was right and before she could say anything Julie scooped her up in her arms and jumped into the water with her fully clothed. The act of the water washing over them was like washing away four years of the wondering if she would ever see Julie again, and when they kissed it was like the whole world lit up with tiny electric sparks. Helping Sarah pull off her sodden clothing and flinging it onto the tiles, soon both women were naked and their hands started to explore each other’s bodies re-familiarizing themselves with every nook and cranny they had both dreamed of.

“Oh Sarah I wish it could have been different,” Julie panted as she broke their kiss.

“Shut up,” Sarah said softly as she led Julie to a sun bed, “now I want to taste that pussy I have missed for so long.” With that she pushed Julie so that she lay on the sunbed with a leg either side, and her pussy exposed to the world. “Still bald I see,” Sarah laughed as she ran a fingertip across Julie’s mound and down towards her pussy lips.

“Still short I see,” Julie giggled then gasped as Sarah pushed two fingers deep into Julie’s pussy loving the way she squirmed to her touch. Looking into Julie’s eyes Sarah twisted her fingers slowly as she said, “There has been no other women for me since we split four years ago,” while slowly fucking Julie with her fingers, “what about you?” Sarah laughed as she saw Julie actually blush, something she had never seen before.

“There might have been one or two maybe,” Julie said trying to arch up to Sarah’s fingers.

“Well I think you should suffer in the way I have suffered and grabbing the cords that were used to secure the swimming pool cover, gently bound Julie’s ankles and wrists to the legs of the sun bed. The bindings were more symbolic than actual restraints as Julie knew she could have freed herself in a moment but she had no doubt as to what was expected of her as she relaxed and allowed Sarah to work on her body. “I have dreamed of this moment for four years,” Sarah purred as she bent her head and searched for Julie clit with her tongue while keeping up the steady movement of her fingers. Then Sarah withdrew her fingers almost fully and spread Julie pussy lips with her fingers and flicked at her clit causing Julie to writhe on the sun bed before Sarah then actually sucked Julie’s clit into her mouth and between her lips causing Julie to moan and arch.

Just as Julie was about to climax stimulation stopped and she moaned in disappointment as she felt Sarah stand over her, blocking the sun. “If you move I will get dressed and call a cab,” said Sarah as she moved towards the villa leaving Julie exposed to the world. Julie wondered what was going to happen but had already decided to go along for the ride when she saw Sarah return with a bowl and a few other items.

“Firstly I think you are far too nosy,” said Sarah and leaning forward, fastened a silk scarf round Julie’s eyes blocking out all sight and light leaving her other senses to start increasing to compensate for the lack of vision. Straining her hearing to try to guess what was coming Julie literally yelped as she felt the trickle of water across her breasts and then an ice cube being rubbed over each nipple, causing them to stand proud. As the ice cube görükle escort stopped Julie felt Sarah’s teeth clamp firmly down causing Julie to moan with pleasure, then the ice cube again. This time Sarah said softly, “This red wine is lovely,” and as Julie felt her nipple being sucked into Sarah’s mouth the warm red wine caused her to shiver at the change in temperature.

“Years of planning,” Sarah chuckled half to herself, “I will make you beg me Julie Cooke, beg me to allow you to cum and when you do you know what I will do?” Julie could only croak then sigh as Sarah went on, “I may say yes, I may say no, depends how well you beg.” As Julie tried to gain her composure she felt a fresh ice cube being applied to her clit causing her to scream out loud as she felt the ice cold water trickle down her pussy lips and past her anal star. Panting in anticipation Julie felt Sarah’s mouth clamp around her clit covering it with red wine allowing some of it to dribble down her ass cheeks.

Julie decided that now was not the time to mention to Sarah that she had bought a couple of toys with her for their pleasure as in the mood Sarah was in goodness knows what would happen.

“OH MY GOD,” Julie yelled at the top of her voice as she felt an ice-cold dildo being slowly inserted to her open pussy.

“You do like cucumber don’t you love,” Sarah giggled as she worked the large salad vegetable deeper and deeper watching Julie’s head thrash from side to side as she arched off the sun bed against the bindings. Sarah began to work the cucumber faster as she bent her head and using her teeth nipped at Julie’s clit, and as Julie started to mutter under her breath Sarah knew she was getting closer.

Suddenly Sarah stopped her movements and Julie let out a long drawn out howl, “Noooooooooo,” as she teetered on the brink of an orgasm.

“Beg,” Sarah said her voice laden with love and lust.

“Please Sarah I beg you, please… please… PLEASEeeee…, ” Julie whimpered.

“Do you love me?” Sarah whispered.

“I always have and always will,” Julie gasped and it only took a few frantic thrusts of the cucumber for Julie to go over the top and start mewing as her orgasm tore through her body. Sarah pulled the vegetable out and tossed it away clamping her mouth over Julie’s pussy and swallowing the copious amounts of juices that flowed into her mouth.


Thirty minutes later Julie had recovered her composure and lay on the sun bed, her hands and ankles untied, and Sarah snuggled contently in her arms. “Well you were a little tiger, short stuff, ” Julie giggled, “I certainly didn’t expect that from you.

“Well that what happens if you keep a girl waiting for four years,” Sarah said as she licked a Julie’s handy nipple.

“Good job you didn’t really make me suffer,” Julie said trying to keep the laughter from her voice.

“Oh?” said Sarah quizzically, “and how would I have done that, just out of interest.”

“By making me spend the rest of the afternoon between your legs showing what pussy licking should feeling like,” laughed Julie.

“You are incorrigible,” Sarah mock scolded as she pushed Julie’s head downwards, “time for you to suffer then,” as she relaxed and felt Julie tongue start to work its magic.

The weekend passed too quickly and soon Sarah had her arms wrapped around Julie’s waist as the big bike rumbled southwards to Acapulco. Words had been spoken between them last night as Sarah had tried to insist that it wasn’t too late for her to back out the wedding, and Julie pleading with her that if she had thought that would be the outcome she would never have come.

Eventually a compromise was reached that they would stay in touch and see how things went, which Julie only agreed to, providing the wedding went ahead. “Anyway” Julie leered, “there is something sexy about licking a married pussy.”

“Sounds like a voice of experience,” Sarah laughed

As they pulled up at the very foot of the grand steps of the hotel Sarah hopped off the bike and turned to Julie and looked at her with pleading in her eyes, “please come in and meet my family at least, just keep quiet about the full details about how you know me.”

Julie smiled outwardly, but inside her heart was breaking as she said, “sure thing short stuff, let me just go park this thing, you go on in and I will follow you soon.”

Sarah ran lightly up the steps with joy in her heart as her friends came shrieking out to meet her and as she turned to introduce Julie she saw the back of the bike disappearing out of the car park and off into the distance.

“You will suffer next time love,” Sarah smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek knowing that yet again Julie had done the right thing for both of them.

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