If You Believe

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This is the first in 3 stories for this series be looking out for Noah and Jared’s story soon. Thank you for reading all comments are appreciated.


Sam scrubbed at the dirty dishes with a frown, he’d found the plates in his step-brother’s room, he didn’t know how long the food had been stuck to this plate but it was impossible to get clean. With a defeated sigh Sam threw the plate in the trash and started cleaning again.

“Samuel, where are my purple heels?” Patricia yelled into the kitchen, here high heels clicking on the marble floors.

“In your wardrobe, Patricia,” Sam murmured, keeping his eyes on the dishes.

“Go fetch them, me and your brothers have a very important date tonight,” Patricia eyed her insanely long fake, fingernail, with a disapproving eye.

“I am cleaning the dishes at the moment, could it wait a few moments?” Sam asked, placing another mug in the drainer.

“I will not wait! I brought you into this house when your father died the least you can do is get my shoes for me!” she yelled and slapped her hand onto the glass table.

“Sorry, Patricia,” Sam whispered and washed the last plate, draining the water, drying his hands and then trudging upstairs, kicking socks out of the way. He was going to have to tidy up today. Again.

“Hey, Sam!” Ricky shouted his head poking out of the bathroom door.

“What?” Sam growled, picking up clothes, placing them in the linen basket at the on the end table.

“You remember Lucy?”

“Vaguely,” He yelled, walking into Patricia’s bedroom, sliding the double doors open and grabbing the purple satin heels.

“Well she wants me to ask her to the dance,” Ricky rubbed the towel across his head and Sam had to fight not to stare at the muscled body, Ricky was hot from the neck down. Up front, Sam thought he looked like a pig that got hit by a train.

“And?” Sam grabbed the linen basket and trotted down the stairs again.

“What do I do?”

“I don’t know, you’re a big boy, work it out yourself,” Sam grumbled, placing the heels in front of Patricia and taking the linen basket towards the laundry room.

“Have you washed my jersey?” Paul asked he and Ricky looked exactly the same, the same greasy black hair, the same soulless blue eyes, the abnormally large nose and the same horrible teeth. He couldn’t see what all the girls saw in them, he thought they were ugly. He was betting on popularity, because they were both centers on the football pitch.

Patricia was the Botox queen; Sam hadn’t seen her face move in years! She always wore too much make up, and too high heels that she couldn’t walk in, and she smelt like a whore. Sam ended up living with all three of them when his father married Patricia, but then Dad had a heart attack and died, since then Sam had been like a slave to them.

As for him, he was short, had bright blonde hair, light green eyes, a normal sized nose and white teeth. Oh yeah, and he was gay. Patricia, Ricky and Paul, knew this because, Ricky had been snooping around one day in his room and had found his journal. They even made his life hell because of it.

“Hey, dickwad, I was talking to you,” Paul shouted and threw a pair of balled up socks at his head.

“Sorry, what were you saying?” Sam shook out of his memory and looked back at Paul.

“Where is my jersey?”

“Here,” Sam pulled the blue and green jersey from the tumble dryer and handed it to the butch boy.

“Boys! Hurry or we are going to miss your birthday party,” Patricia tapped her foot on the floor. They had conveniently forgotten that it was Sam’s birthday today too.

“Coming, mother!” came the snappy replies.

“Sam, my room needs cleaning, and the spare bedroom arranged, Mongolia coming is to stay, and you know she is very picky ,” Patricia grabbed her purple handbag and slipped it over her arm. She was wearing a skin-tight, leather purple dress, with purple heels and purple nail vanish on her claws; it looked like Barney threw up on hooker, a very cheap hooker.

“Yes, Patricia,” Sam threw the clothes into the washing machine and grabbed his mobile punching in his favorite number, as he watched the trio file out of the door.

“Hello, this is cock hire weekly, what will be your order?” a sing song voice asked on the other end of the line.

“Hey, fag hag, you coming over they have finally gone.” Sam grinned and slammed the door shut on the washer, placing powder in the slot and turning it on full.

“Sure, want me to bring pizza?” Alicia asked.

“Nah, I’m feeling Chinese tonight,” Sam wandered upstairs to Patricia’s room and started a cleaning session.

“Are you cleaning again,” Alicia said. It really wasn’t a question. Sam heard noise in the background and only assumed was her putting her coat on.

“Yep, you know me, Cinderella and the even uglier, stupider step monsters.” He chuckled as he cleaned.

“The dance is coming up maybe you will meet your Prince Charming there.”

“Yeah, I wish, but who’s going to notice me?”

“Shut up, you’re hot; you’re casino oyna gay and I still want to do you.” Sam heard a door slam and a car engine start.

“Yeah, well I’m not. I’m going to go now, so you don’t crash into a tree…again.” Sam grinned.

“The tree hit me.” Sam heard before he hung up the phone. He wished that he could go to the dance, but him being the housekeeper, cook, homework writer, and horse care giver, he had his plate full at home. Sam sighed in resentment and turned the vacuum on, hovering dust bunnies from under the bed, he only hovered three days ago.

“Want some help?”

“No, thanks, I only got to clean the guest room up then we can eat.” Sam turned and glanced at his best friend, if he was straight he would have had her in bed by now, Alicia was short, curvy, had red hair, green eyes and a light smattering of freckles along her nose, she was cute, but Sam preferred muscles and a cock over boobs and a pussy.

“Why so glum chum?” Alicia plopped on the bed and placed the food down next to her.

“I was just wondering if I would ever get my happily ever after.”

“Sure you will, you got into the University of Cambridge, it has the best music program of this century, babe.” Alicia smiled and watched as Sam finished the tidying of the guest room.

“I know, but who ever really make it in the music business?” Sam flopped backwards onto the bed, he could play piano, he could sing and he loved to dance, well he tried to dance.

“Durr, Scott Chambers, Jared Chambers, Noah Patrick, and Riley Richards?”

“I know, but they’ve been in a band since they were like five.” Scott, Jared, Riley and Noah were the members for a punk rock band called If You Believe; Sam had been a follower of them before they even got famous, and he found them via YouTube and tracked their progress. He also had the biggest crush on Scott Chambers, Scott was now 25, Jared was 23, Riley was 26 and Noah was the oldest at 28.

“They still made it big.” Alicia said, pigging out on spring rolls. Sam beamed and picked up a dumpling, he loved these. Alicia and Sam pigged out on everything until they had emptied all containers, by the time they had cleared everything away, Sam was lying on his back looking at the ceiling, and Alicia soon joined him.

“Happy 18th Birthday, Sam Cake.” Alicia said and grabbed an envelope, handing it to him with a smile.

“Thought you might have forgotten.” Sam said, jokingly.

“Nah I could never forget your birthday.” Alicia said seriously.

“Kay.” Sam ripped open the envelope and chuckled, inside were 50 hours’ worth of tattooing vouchers. Spread across his shoulders was a half-finished set of angel wings; he had yet to have them finished due to lack of finances.

“Thanks, Alicia Misha.”

“Welcome babe…so about the dance.” She sat up and grinned down at him.

“I can’t go.” Sam growled and scowled at the ceiling. He was so disappointed not only was it going to be one of his final school dances, but it was going to be a costume ball as well.

“What if I told you that If You Believe it is going to play? We won that radio contest and now they’re going to play!”

“No way?!” Sam shot up of the bed and gaped down at her. She nodded her head enthusiastically.

“I still can’t go,” Sam said with disappointment. Why should this be any different than anything else in his life?

“Why?” Alicia whined.

“I told you like a million times.”

“One night isn’t going to make a difference” Alicia taunted in his face.

“I can’t go,” Sam whispered.

“Yes you can!” Alicia shouted and slapped at his chest.

“If I say yes will you stop bugging me?”

“Yes!” Alicia pouted and batted her eyelashes at him. “Please I love you.”

“Fine.” Sam growled and watched as Alicia bounced away and grabbed a garment bag from the wardrobe.

“When did you put that in there?” Sam asked in shock.

“A few days ago, I knew you were going to say yes.” Alicia placed the bag on the bed and unzipped it with a flourish, Sam eyes widening at the delicately stitched patterns along the blue coat.

“Oh My God is that…”

“Yeah, I made it for you, Sam Cake.”

“It is beautiful.”

“Yep, I’m going as Snow White and Daniel is going as Grumpy.” Alicia said with a grin.

“I love you, Alicia Misha.”

“Ditto, babe.” Sam and Alicia settled in to watch a film with content smiles on their faces.

It was the day before the dance and Mongolia had come to stay and she had brought along her two very gay, very flamboyant sons with her, so Sam had been kicked out of his bedroom to sleep on the sofa, while the boys took his bedroom.

“I am so happy to be able to go to this dance Mummy.” Wes jumped up and down in glee. “I’m going to go as Sleeping Beauty.”

“You can’t go as Sleeping Beauty I’m going as Sleeping Beauty.” George whined.

“No, I’m going.” Sam turned away as the boys started shouting and headed upstairs towards the bathroom to shower, stripping he slipped under the already heated water, resting canlı casino his forehead on the cool tiles. Washing his slim, muscled body, Sam fisted his 6 inch cock, pouring conditioner over his hard on, made his dick jump and he moaned in pleasure, loving the little shock the cold conditioner gave him. He was quiet happy to admit he enjoyed a little pain. Sam liked to be spanked here and there, he only found this out a few years ago accidently when he and a friend of his were playing around in the pool, his friend slapped his bare ass and his cock got hard as rock.

He had never been fucked though, he wanted to so badly, but every time he got anywhere near fucking something bad happened, like his last boyfriend fell out of bed and broke his wrist, of course his boyfriend broke up with him the next day.

Sam shook his head and started working his cock, moaning in bliss, it had been so long since he had come. His hand sped up and just as he was about to come the bathroom door opened and slammed against the bathroom wall.

“Ooh, Sammie, you got a pretty bit of meat between your legs…can I taste?” Wes whispered and licked his lips, sauntering towards the shower, he was a cute little twink, but he didn’t want to fuck Wes, he wanted to be fucked. Not by that easy little tart either, if he was honest with himself Sam had always fantasied it was Scott Chambers that took his cherry. Like that was ever going to happen, he snorted to himself.

“No, I don’t like guys who try too hard,” Sam growled and wrapped a fluffy green towel around his hips.

“Spoilsport,” Wes said with a pout.

“Yeah, whatever,” Sam stormed out of the bathroom and grabbed his clothes, he was even more angry now that he hadn’t come, he needed to come so bad, it had been weeks.

“I’m going as Sleeping Beauty tomorrow,” Wes leant against the cupboard and watched as Sam dressed.

“Really? I don’t care,” Sam rubbed the towel through his hair and threw it in the hamper, going down to the living room.

“Yeah, George is going as Little Bo Peep from Toy Story.”

“Mmm,” Sam mumbled and set up his bed for the night, with Wes following behind him.

“Leave me alone I want to go to sleep.”

“But you’re so handsome; I want you.”


“Why not? I mean you’re gay right? Ricky told me you were,” Wes’s forehead scrunched up in confusion.

“Yes, but I don’t want to fuck you,” Sam lay down and closed his eyes hoping to get rid of him.

“So you don’t want to fuck…can I suck your dick?” Wes sat on the end of the couch and stared at him.

“Go away,” Sam said fighting hard not to blush, it was a losing battle.

“Fine, I’ll go find something else to do,” Wes pouted and skipped away.

“Thank God,” Sam grumbled and closed his eyes, drifting into a deep slumber.


One hour to go, Sam watched as the twins and Patricia left for the dance, well the boys were going to the dance and Patricia was going to get more Botox, Ricky and Paul had dressed as Jasper and Horace from 101 Dalmatians. The theme was Disney movies, most of the females were obviously going as Cinderella.

Sam raced up stairs and slipped on his costume hand made by Alicia, it fit perfectly, smiling he strode into the bathroom and tied his hair in a ponytail with a blue ribbon; it was just long enough for him to tie up now. Taking a deep breath he answered the door when he heard a knock, opening it he smiled, Alicia was dressed as a beautiful Snow White and Daniel was standing grumpily next to her dressed a Grumpy.

“Oh My God! You look good as Beast,” Alicia eyed her handiwork with a smile.

“And you are the fairest in the land my dear,” Sam said with a wink. “You too Daniel.”

“Let’s go, don’t forget to be home by 12.00 o’clock on the dot,” Daniel grumbled.

“Gotcha,” Sam headed towards Daniel’s car and smiled, glancing out the window on the drive there. As everyone got out, Sam untangled himself from his seatbelt and stood, just as he was about to go in he was stopped with a hand to his arm.

“Put this on.” Alicia said, placing a blue masquerade mask over his eyes. “So the stepmonsters won’t know you’re here.”

“Good idea, meet you back here at 11.40?” Sam asked already heading towards the entrance to the school.

“Sure thing, sweetie, go mingle,” Alicia yelled with a laugh.

Sam chuckled and headed through the double doors and gaped, The Royal Hotel had been decorated in black and red, the tables were black and red, the drinks were black and red, there were black and red ribbons hanging from everything, as Sam stood their gapping someone bumped into him, spilling their drink down his trousers.

“Oh God, sorry, I didn’t see you there.”

Sam turned ready to accept the apology, “Don’t worry about…” Sam trailed off then tilted his head to the side; OH MY GOD, Scott Chambers just spilt his drink on him.

“Don’t worry about it,” Sam said before rushing off into the crowd ignoring the man’s shouts, kaçak casino he headed towards the back of the hotel and found a grand piano, glancing longingly at it; he heard the voice again and kept going.

“Wait a minute man.” Scott yelled chasing after the man dressed as the Beast. He wasn’t a beast that was for sure, what little he could see of his face was damn stunning, with full lips and beautiful luminous green eyes, they were unlike any other shade he had seen. Scott cursed as he heard his name being announced over the speaker, taking one last glance towards the beautiful male he rushed towards the stage.

“Hey, Hillman High are you ready to rock!” Scott yelled, smiling broadly as the crowd cheered, his Australian accent thick from lust, one sight at his beautiful boy (Scott didn’t know who he was, but he already thought of the beauty as his) and he had been hard as rock, shaking his body he looked out into the crowd, his arousal died down as he prepared to sing.

“Right guys, this song is called Angels,” The crowd screamed and Scott began singing the heavy rock beat into the microphone. Halfway through the fourth song he saw his Beauty come back, his white trousers stained with the red drink Scott had spilled on him.

“Right guys, this is the last song, it was our first hit and we dedicate it to all of the believers,” Scott started belting out the lyrics to If You Believe, his eyes connecting with his Beauty. Belting out the final note he looked out into the crowd and frowned as he watched Beauty leave the dance floor.

“Noah, I got to go find someone,” Scott whispered in the drummer’s ear.

“You are hunting Beast?” Noah said with a chuckle in his thick German accent, he had noticed Scott watching the boy all night. .

“No, I am hunting Beauty,” Scott said with a growl and followed after the man, after looking all around the ground floor of the hotel, he was about to give up when he heard the melodic sound of the piano with a soft voice accompanying it coming from one of the rooms.

Scott leant against the railing and listen closely to the lyrics.

“Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer? Did you ever believe? That you were a winner? Do you wish you could go far? Far away from this place you call your own.

What if I said that you could? What if I could make your dreams come true? Would you ever believe? If you were ever to believe, would it be real? Real as you feel to me.

Do you ever want peace? Do you ever want to find the one? The one who makes you feel loved? The one who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

What if I said that you could? What if I could make your dreams come true? Would you ever believe? If you were ever to believe, would it be real? Real as you feel to me…shit!” Beauty yelled and scribbled at paper.

“You sound amazing.” Scott said announcing himself, Beauty spun around and gasped, throwing a hand over his heart.

“Thank you,” Beauty stammered tilting his head again. “You’re Scott Chambers.”

“Yep, and you are?”

Scott asked walked over to him and cupped his cheek, Beauty gasped and looked up at Scott, Scott stood at a magnificent 6 foot 7, which was about 6 inches on Sam, and he had flame red hair, hanging halfway down his back.

“My name is…” Beauty was interrupted by an awful sound coming from his phone; frowning Beauty opened the little phone and frowned.

“I have to go.” He said grabbing his notebook and dropping it in his bag without looking. “You have to go now?” Scott asked. “Yes,” Beauty said and raced away,

the notebook fell out of Beauty’s bag Scott picked it up and raced after him.

He was gone before Scott could catch up to him, flipping the book open he gasped, inside were the most complicated piano pieces he had ever seen, accompanied by soulful lyrics. He didn’t think even Jared could play them and that had to say something. Scanning through the book he growled, no name, who doesn’t write their name in their notebooks, but he did see in little writing at the bottom of one song, “Scott Chambers…I wish, I wish I were handsome enough for him to want me…I wish, I wish…” the rest of the page was torn out and Scott really wanted to know what it had said there.

“Hey, Scout, did you find Beauty then?” Noah asked and slapped him on the back, with a wide grin, showing that he had found some trick to hook up with after they got off stage. Noah had been calling him Scout since he and Jared picked Noah away from the bar he was performing in.

“Yeah, but then he left, he dropped this.” Scott handed over the notebook and watched as Noah whistled, his eyes scanned downwards and stopped at the bottom.

“I wonder what he wrote here.” Noah tapped the torn out page.

“Guess I will have to find out.”

“How?” Noah slung his arm around Scott’s shoulders and squeezed.

“I have a plan,” Scott grinned.

“What’s going on here?” Jared waggled his eyebrows with a cheesy grin plastered on his face.

“Scott is in love.” Noah laughed deeply and slapped Jared’s back, Scott watched as Jared smiled shyly and ducked his head. Scott was going to have to ask his brother what was up with him lately, he wouldn’t hang out with them and he was all shy around Noah all of a sudden.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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