I’ll Never Answer Another Craig’s List Ad

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I’ll never answer another Craig’s List ad!

I will never place or answer another Craig’s List ad as long as I live. I swear to God I won’t. As soon as I got home from what happened at this meeting, I deleted my listing and any messages that I received from it. I then deleted Craig’s List from my computer’s “favorites list”. I’m finished with Craig’s List, forever.

Here’s my story.

First off, I am definitely bisexual, I’ll admit that, I think I always have been and it has always been one of my well guarded secrets. I don’t advertise it and for the public, I keep it in the closet. It’s my secret. From an early age, I always knew I was and there has never been any doubt in my mind about it.

The first cock I sucked belonged to one my brother’s older friends. I love to suck cock and had also given a few discreet blow jobs in my college days at a park bathroom I found. Lately I have been thinking, that it has been a really long time since I have gotten to submissively suck on a cock. The last time I got to enjoy a stiff cock in my mouth was too long ago. I have recently been having fond erotic memories of servicing a hard cock again and have really felt the need to do this, it’s a part of my life that I have been suppressing. After seeing the outrageous personal ads on Craig’s List, I thought I might give it a try.

I have never had a man penetrate me anally, I really only like to give oral, so I made it clear in my ad to explain that I was only looking to give head. So, after thinking it over, I excitedly placed my ad, but also nervously, as now in retrospect, I think I might have been lucky to escape with my life. What started out as me fulfilling a fantasy, turned into a scary nightmare that will haunt me forever.

So, it all started with this ad:

“wm, 23, very cute, blonde, 5’7, 145, slim, smooth with submissive fantasies, I want a real man with a big cock to fuck my face, I want to please you, oral only, all you want, no reciprocation wanted, your pic gets mine.”

As soon as my ad was posted online, I started getting replies. Surprise, surprise, lots of them. This seemed too good to be true. I had my pick of dozens of men with big juicy fat cock photos in their replies. As I looked through my replies, I had a mixture of emotions, I was flushed, nervous, excited and horny. I was in heaven every time my email chimed to open a new potential applicant.

This one guy’s reply really caught my attention, it said simply, “10 inches cut, wm, dominant, bull, daddy type, but will respect your limits.”

The picture he replied with was a close up of the biggest cock I had ever seen. It looked thick like a beer can, it probably was 10 inches long like he claimed, also circumcised and really hard in the photo. It looked perfect and gave me goose bumps even while I felt flushed. The veins stood out like intricate roads from a satellite map image. The head was like a plum, fat, smooth and it sat like a crown on this huge appendage. Nobody that wanted to suck a cock could deny this thing, it commanded your attention. A cock sucker’s dream for sure.

I quickly sent him an email back telling him that I was very interested and would love to meet him. I got an immediate response with his location being at a nearby hotel and his room number. No phone number was included and with his explaining that he was only in town for the night and we would have to do this immediately if I wanted to suck it.

I should have insisted on a phone call, or at least tried to screen him with more emails to somewhat get a feel for him, but stupidly, I didn’t. I was mesmerized by his cock and worried if I didn’t act fast, I might lose him. I replied by email, asking if we could meet about 8:00PM and all he replied back, was that I need to be there promptly on time or no dice.

I have a girlfriend, but she knows nothing about this side of me and wouldn’t understand either. My cock sucking days were before I met her. If she ever found out or suspected that I secretly wanted to suck a cock, I know she would leave me in a second. It was about 6PM, so I decided to call her and give her a “story” about what I was doing tonight so she wouldn’t be suspicious. I told her I was going to go out with my buddies and play pool. She bought the story so I went straight to the bathroom to shave and shower.

Honestly, I had no intention of doing anything but giving oral to this man, but I decided to give myself several enemas. I know this sounds weird, as I said I only wanted to give head, but I had learned something in the past about trying to take a big cock in your throat. Once when I was in school, I sucked a guys cock that was pretty big and he purposely gagged me repeatedly with the length of it. It was the hottest experience in my life. He purposely fucked into my throat to make me gag, enjoying his dominance over me. Every time I gagged on it in my throat, it made my throat shoot a spasm so deep into my stomach, that I felt like I might expel from my butt. The spasm made my sphincter muscle uncontrollably dilate real fast, like I was going to the bathroom. Gaziantep Escort Numaraları So I gave myself several enemas so I wouldn’t embarrass myself if I ended up gagging on this monster in the photo.

I arrived at his hotel room at exactly 8PM and he answered my knock immediately. With a strong handshake, he offered no introduction of his name as he invited me in and both locked and chained the door behind me. He was about 6’4, 210 pounds, perhaps half Hispanic and half Caucasian. Pretty imposing physically, muscularly defined, ruggedly handsome, loaded with all these scary tattoos on his chest and arms. He only wore a white hotel towel cinched around his waist.

He was a little intimidating at first, but his nonchalant and casual demeanor had me relaxed enough to do this, but still a little cautious. Honestly, I was scared, but I wanted to suck that big cock. I tried to chat briefly, but after no more than a few words were exchanged, he explained again that he was on a bit of a time frame and we needed to get started. So with little else being said, he sat on the edge of the bed and loosened his towel, but not enough to expose his cock to me.

This guy was really hot, I guessed about 30 to 35 years old and it was obvious he was in peak physical condition. His body was lean and toned with muscular arms and a well defined chest. He had obviously spent lots of hours working out. All these intricate scary tattoos covered his arms, chest and legs as he sat there staring at me and waiting for me to come over. Our bodies were of total contrast, me being short, blonde, smooth, skinny, basically hairless and very trim but undefined of any muscularity. Him being rugged, tough, dark hairy and all man. I was boyish and almost feminine in a pretty way compared to his rugged masculine looks.

Without another word, I shyly walked over to the edge of the bed and knelt submissively in front of his now spread knees and removed the towel. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the thickness of his cock, it was not yet fully hard as it rested against his leg, but it really did look almost as thick as a soda can. If not a soda can, it was definitely thicker than one of those energy drink cans. As I stared at it, lost in time, he finally took the initiative and leaned forward into me, bringing his nipple straight to my mouth.

I knew what he wanted, a little foreplay, I could do that if it meant I would eventually get to suck on that cock. I eagerly drew his nipple into my mouth, nursing on it gently with my lips, tongue and teeth as he held the back of my head firmly in place. His chest was very hairy, hard and muscular as I tried to use my lips to push the thick matted hair out of the way to get access to his nipple. I sucked on it gently, coaxing small groans and mumbles in Spanish from him as he held me firmly in place with one hand on the back of my head and the other on my chin like I was a small suck toy there to please him.

It grew hard in my mouth, like a little button as I sucked and nibbled on it for several minutes. Pulling my eager mouth off of his erect nipple, he drug me to his other nipple to repeat my ministrations. Again, I eagerly suckled and nibbled on his other nipple until it was eraser tip hard, while he groaned and held my face firmly in place.

Pushing my head down towards his lower abdomen, he held my head strongly and firmly, guiding me to please him with my mouth where he needed. Still in his firm grasp, and unable to look anywhere but straight ahead, just inches from his chest, he maneuvered my head downward so that I was forced to lick his lower stomach. Not allowing me to get his cock in my mouth yet, I began licking and sucking the flesh on his stomach into my greedy mouth. I felt the muscles that formed his well defined six pack and felt honored to be allowed to please him.

This man was all muscle and I swooned at the chance to savor and worship his muscular body. I slurped and sucked on the flesh of his stomach not caring anymore about his hairy torso, I just wanted to please him and for this to never stop. I knew what a rarity it was to be allowed to worship a body like this and I intended on taking full advantage of it. I knew that both men and women would stand in line for this opportunity, but it was my chance, mine, and I wasn’t going to screw it up.

I still couldn’t see his cock, as he held me so close to his perfectly formed abdomen, forcing me to please him as he wanted, but I felt it poking and nudging into the bottom of my chin. It felt like a piece of steel with a soft mushy tip that smeared pre-cum on the bottom of my smooth shaved chin. It was so warm as it rubbed against my neck, so hard as it wouldn’t yield or bend as I pressed my throat against it, so manly as I tried to move my mouth to it.

He was controlling everything, where I licked, how long I licked the spot he guided me to, he treated my mouth like a sex device for his pleasure. Finally he released my head and the first thing I did was lean back to look at his cock.

It was utterly magnificent, a spectacular specimen of manhood. It stood straight up, pointing at the ceiling, rock hard and unyielding, while drooling a thick clear stream of pre-cum down the underside onto his balls. It was unreal in length, probably the 10 inches he claimed or even more. Thick and pinkish, the head looked swollen and bloated like it was ready to explode. I just stared in awe at this man before me as his cock twitched and throbbed.

This image will be in my mind forever, I cannot tell you how sexy this man looked to me. His perfectly defined muscular body, his ruddy good looks, his dark hairy body and his spectacular cock. I knew right then and there that I would do whatever this man wanted and needed from me. I knew my mission in life for this moment was that I would do anything he asked to please him.

While I knelt submissively in front of him, he took his index finger and middle finger and slowly touched them to my lips. Rubbing them roughly on my closed lips, forcing them open, but not really understanding what he wanted, he forcefully inserted them into my mouth. Staring down my nose, I noticed they were tattooed with the letters “R” and “A” between his knuckles, as his third and little finger sported the initial “Z” and “A”.

“RAZA”, I had no idea what that meant, maybe it was his name and I had little time to ponder it as he probed deeper into my mouth. He rubbed his calloused, long, thick fingers all over my tongue, over my gums, over my teeth, probing and poking around. It felt like some kind of dental exam. At first I was a little repulsed at having his fingers in my mouth, but if this was what was expected so I could suck his cock, I gladly submitted. I gently closed my lips over them and sweetly batted my eyes at him as I sucked softly on his fingers.

He started stroking his fingers deeper into my mouth, nearing my tonsils as I relaxed and tried to go with it. I felt them pressing down firmly on the back of my tongue, then curving downward so he could enter my throat just a bit. He reached up and purposely flicked my tonsils with his fingernail, causing a small gag from me which made him almost smile. For a couple of minutes, he just sawed his fingers downward into my throat, seemingly to test my willingness and purposely causing me small gags as I tried to appease him.

After what seemed like a long time of his forcing me to suck and gag on his two probing fingers, he inserted all four of his fingers into my mouth and just fucked them deeply into my mouth. My lips and jaw stretched obscenely over his four fingers as he tried to fist them deeply into my throat. It was impossible as his hand was way too large, but he kept trying to see how much of his hand he could fit in my mouth.

Finally tiring of that, he removed his wet fingers from my throat and leaned back on his elbows, I took this chance to try to impress him without his guidance. I leaned over to lick up the clear pre-cum stream that was literally drooling down the underside of his cock and puddleing onto his balls. I was amazed that so much of this clear and shiny nectar had seeped down over his balls. For a second, I wondered if he had already cum, as there was more pre-cum on him that I can actually cum all together.

I nuzzled my face into his balls and slurped up the trail of his leakage. It was everywhere, thin and opaque, it had seeped down over his balls and onto the bed covering. I wanted desperately to let him know that I would do anything to make him happy, no matter how nasty. For some reason, it was imperative that I pleased him like no other person had before. I wanted him to know I would go the extra mile to do things for him that nobody else might do.

I sucked on his balls ever so lovingly, gently paying careful attention to slurp up every bit of his pre semen secretions that tasted so sweet to me. I was intoxicated with the taste, it reminded me of coconut milk. I was totally amazed at how slick his balls were with pre-cum, as they were literally soaked with it. The lower I sucked on them, the more pre-cum I found. Nuzzling my chin into the comforter where his balls rested, was where I found a hidden lake where at least a full tablespoon of drizzle had settled. Helping me to get better access, he lay back on the bed and pulled his knees up to his chest.

I literally dove in under his balls to get my prize of his sweet pre-cum. I held his legs up by his ankles and pushed them back as far as they would go towards him so his balls came off the bed and his asshole was now completely exposed. I slurped ever square inch of his hairy balls, then licked and chewed around his butt cheeks to get my reward.

As I look back now, I’m ashamed of what I did next. I had never seen a man’s ass before, well, at least never his asshole and definitely never this close. It was pink and wrinkly, very hairy but smelled very clean and fresh, like soap. It was glazed over with his drizzle that had seeped down over it, and for unexplained reasons, it commanded my attention. Pushing his ankles back even farther, his asshole became an open target for me. I stuck out my tongue, and at first, I gently probed his asshole. I licked up all the pre-cum that had drooled down there, mopping his asshole with my tongue while he grunted Spanish encouragements for me.

He slapped my hands off his ankles and locking his forearms under his legs, he strongly pulled back on his legs until his knees touched his chest, giving me full access to his asshole. I attacked it like a starving man, devouring it as he groaned and held himself open for me. I ate his asshole like a man possessed, licking it, nibbling on it, using my now free hands and fingers to help spread his cheeks so I could get more of it. His groans spurned me on and I knew I would do this for a long as he wanted. I ate his ass like a pussy for at least 10 minutes, spreading his cheeks as far as I could and poking my tongue in as deep as I could like I was fucking him with it.

Finally he sat back up on the edge of the bed as I still knelt before him with my face glistening full of his pre-cum and my saliva. I can’t explain this, but as he stared into my eyes with lust, I was never more proud of myself. Where I should have been embarrassed, I wasn’t ashamed at all, in fact I was proud as he affectionately patted me on the head before gripping my ears firmly. Holding my ears and tilting my head down, he placed the tip of his still drooling cock at my lips. As I opened my mouth to accept him in it, he plunged my head down forcefully until his cock head banged the opening of my throat.

Caught totally unprepared for this, I gagged unmercifully on his cock. I choked and sputtered as my gag reflex went into high gear fearing I would vomit. I wretched and tried to pull off as he held my ears firmly, while he lifted my head up then shoved me down again. This time I totally gagged and involuntarily farted aloud as he assaulted my throat. I was so glad that I had taken time to give myself those enemas. He brought my head back up again and then slammed me down onto his cock once more. Tears immediately began pouring from my eyes from the assault on my throat as he repeatedly pounded my face up and down on his cock trying to enter my throat. My nose immediately became snotty as the tears now poured from my eyes from the assault causing my salivary glands to overproduce. I wanted to take it all for him, but he was too thick, it wouldn’t fit in my throat. He didn’t care, he didn’t understand, it didn’t matter to him, he was incessant on getting it in my throat.

He held me there as tears poured from my eyes, just trying to punch his hard fat blunt cock head into my narrow gullet. Time after time he rammed me down onto it trying to force his impossible thickness into the too tight channel of my throat. I gagged, I sputtered, I choked and stammered on his cock. It was an act of futility, his cock was just too thick to fit in my throat, but he didn’t care, he just held me and face fucked me brutally for what seemed like forever.

I thought I was going to suffocate, I was sure I was going to throw up. Now almost every time he engaged my gag reflex, I uncontrollably farted and was sure I would have expelled had I not given myself an enema. Tears poured down my cheeks as I pushed at his thighs and flailed at his hands gripping my ears, fighting for my release, but he was too strong to be stopped. He pounded his thick cock head against my tonsils until snot bubbled out of my nose. My face reddened as I sobbed and whined as he abused my mouth.

I was completely exhausted as this strong man brutally abused me, literally spent and ready to collapse. I fought with all my might to get out of his clutches as he relentlessly over and over pounded his cock into my mouth trying to invade my throat. We weren’t even close to any deep throat yet, all he had gotten in so far was about 6 or 7 inches, it would never fit, why didn’t he realize that.

Just when I thought I was going to faint, he let go and pushed me away from him. I went sprawling to the floor landing on my butt and trying to catch my breath. My body was aching and sore as he sat on the bed stroking his cock and smiling at me.

At that moment I sensed someone behind me, but before I could turn around, someone placed one of those plastic grocery bags over my head like they were going to suffocate me. With the bag firmly over my entire head, my assailant held it in place with a choking grip on my neck. I tried to reach up and pull it off, but the guy on the bed jumped off and held my hands so I couldn’t resist the bag.

At first, I thought they were trying to suffocate me. I gasped and took a deep breath, but the air I inhaled inside the bag was horrible. It smelt like glue, or paint thinner or some strong chemical. The more I inhaled, the dizzier I got. As they held me in place, forcing me to inhale these fumes, my head started spinning. I felt dizzy, I thought I might throw up, but I didn’t. They held me like this until my arms went limp. I think I passed out, well maybe I didn’t actually pass out, I’m not sure, but I was definitely in some kind of doped up haze as they removed the bag and lifted me effortlessly off the carpet. Weak and lifeless, I couldn’t even stand on my own, my knees wobbled and my head reeled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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