I’m Having Your Baby, Boy! Ch. 02

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This story is entirely fiction. The category is group sex, but could just as well have been Exhibitionist & Voyeur. All depicted persons having sex are at least 18 years or over. Please note that the term ‘girl’ does not define the person being under age, but merely indicates her being a woman up to her mid-twenties. Enjoy your Literotica!

Last year I participated in the weirdest dating show you can imagine. It was the first ever episode, so there was no way I could have seen the program and known what I got myself into.


The whole idea of the show was to form couples through scientific research, try to let them find out for themselves on the show who the best match should be, but impregnate the girls beforehand, without us knowing so. In this scheme the natural way of couple-forming is completely turned upside down. Where normally there’s first a courtship, then sex, and finally a conception leading to a family, the show starts with pregnant couples who have sex right away, which, if they choose right, leads to a courtship.

But mind you, I have no regrets. I did met the love of my life, and we’re now a very happy family. That our courtship, and our first sexual encounters were live on TV and witnessed by a live audience – except for our very first fuck which was also the moment our child was conceived – was all in the bargain. We laugh about that now. And we met our very best friends on the show.

There were two absolute adorable ladies I had the hots for, and I was very lucky to choose the right one. That’s the one that the elaborate research had indicated to be my best match. And that choice has proven to be right. We’re a very happy couple, and we both feel very comfortable in our relationship together.

I chose the lady with Asian features, shortish, with a rather big chest in comparison to her build, still a formidable big C-size. But gawd, what a fucker she is… The other date candidate that made my decision difficult was an amazing redhead. Long long legs, with abfabulous perky B-size tits. She had her pussy shaved very smooth except for a tiny stripe of red pubic hair right above her tight slit. I have a weakness for redheads. But Asia came to my rescue by throwing herself at me and let her twat plead her case. And she did well, for if I had chosen the Redhead I would have ended empty handed since I had been matched to Asia. And with Asia pregnant with my child she would have been a single mom right now.

The rules of the game are that you leave together if you choose the girl that is also matched to you beforehand, and if she is pregnant. Which means being pregnant with your child. The insemination was done by coupling some two months before the show, on the screen test day. I was let into a room which was too dark to see much more than vague forms. On a bench which stuck through a hole in the wall Asia lay belly down, her butt inside the room I was in, her lower body and legs only vaguely visible. I was ordered to check if her slit was wet and had to feed her my dick. Supposedly as a test to see if I could perform on the show with unknown girls, but actually to impregnate the lady I was designated to. My screen test was planned on the day of Asia’s ovulation, to have a serious chance of impregnation.

But even more: if I had not chosen Asia we both would have missed the love of our life. The selection program had chosen well. We feel now like we’re a match made in heaven. And we’re delighted with our little baby boy, conceived in lust and into a perfect harmonious family.

Right after the show the successful couples were escorted to the adjacent luxury hotel, and straight on to our suites on the top floor. We were given two adjacent suites. Besides me only Benjamin had succeeded in choosing his designated and pregnant partner, the hot and gorgeous redhead Ruby. After congratulating each other for participating so successful on the show we retreated to our respective suites. I had the most romantic night of my life thus far, although it was crazy at the same time. We had never been romantically together before, not even been alone just the two of us, knowingly. We had never spoken to each other, except than a few whispered words in lust.

I took Asia’s hands in mine as we sat down on the bed. “Dear mother-to-be of my first child, how do you feel right now,” I asked. She didn’t answer me. She kissed me and threw herself in my arms. We held each other tight and I felt a profound intimacy. Asia’s lips tasted sweet. Just as they did earlier on the show. But now there was not only lust, and no uncertainty, no second guessing. There was only the knowledge of being together with the mother of my child, and hopefully the woman of my life.

That night there was steamy sex, the best of my life. And a lot of sweet talk and cuddling and cosiness. Togetherness. Soul bonding. And more sex. We fucked like rabbits, and like long lost lovers. If she hadn’t been pregnant already I surely would have knocked https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/” title=”escort bayan”>escort bayan her up that night. I didn’t know I could produce so much sperm in one day. And I already had lost two shots on the show.

We were together and it felt like we were never going to separate again. Every subject we touched and everything we did felt natural and matched like a jigsaw puzzle. Asia is a very eager cock sucker and very good at it. And her tight narrow slit milks me like no other. We’re both crazy about sixty-nine and doggy. We love to repeat our first ever doggy fuck which was so successful and life changing.

Next morning we had a late breakfast with the four of us in the restaurant, where we were debriefed and given a briefcase per couple with follow-up info, a Blu-ray disc of the show, each other’s report containing full details with backgrounds, analysis and real life info. We exchanged phone numbers with Ben and Ruby and promised to keep in contact.

Asia moved in with me right away in my Florida beach house. Ruby was going with Ben to Chicago. We didn’t see each other for quite some time, but Asia and Ruby did have frequent contact by phone, and they arranged our reunion a month after the kids were born.


Today Ben and Ruby flew with their baby from Chicago to Miami. Ruby and Asia had become pregnant only a few days apart, and after a pregnancy without any problem they both gave birth to a healthy baby boy on the same day. Now just over a month ago. I picked them up for the short drive to our home. As we arrived in our beach house we all gave each other a full body hug like we were long lost intimate friends. And in a way we were. It all felt very familiar. And one night we had been very intimate for sure some eight months ago.

And that was precisely the thrill of it all. Our friendship had started in a most peculiar way. For sure good friendships can eventually evolve into a swinging relationship, where extra marital activities occur. But ours was born in it. More or less. We did have sex together on the dating show, before our respective relationships even started. I had been intimate with both Asia and Ruby. I’ve felt both slits, tasted both lips – both their facial lips and the netter lips between their legs – and fucked both pussies. And so had Ben.

Asia’s pussy had come to my rescue in convincing me I had to choose the Asian chick. If I had not done so I would have left the show knowing I missed probably the love of my life and for sure my first child.

But I also felt a profound weakness and fierce attraction to the gorgeous redhead. I had immensely loved our merger, and her kiss was sweeter than anything I knew. My little friend was very fond of her love canal as well, and even now it send signals of want to my brain.

We sat down for a nice cosy talk, about our lives since the show. How our relations had evolved, and how our lives were enriched with the births of our children. After a nice dinner the ladies retreated to our bedroom to prepare for the evening.

“Asia had been looking so much forward to tonight,” I said, “she has ordered a selection of skimpy swimwear and lingerie she wants to try on with Ruby. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re now shaving and waxing each other! Asia is an avid lover of a clean crotch, and I’m a big fan.”

“You remember Ruby with just a tiny tuft of pubic hair,” Ben answered. “That’s the baldest she’s been last year, but I’m sure she will love a good waxing.”

“But more than that, Ruby like your Asia was looking forward to this weekend. She admitted more than once what a hot fuck she thinks you are. That five minutes you’ve frolicked with her on the king-size bed, and the five minutes the two of you have fucked on camera has left my Ruby definitely with a taste for an encore…”

“That makes two of us than! And what about you? Do you have fond memories of the show? Do you have warm feelings for my wife? Would you like to bed her again?” I asked Ben.

He admitted he did. And very much so. The setting of the dating show had apparently unleashed some hidden hunger within the both of us. Having sex just for the sex, even on camera, or maybe because it was on camera, proved to be very addictive. Before the show I never had thought sex just for the sex could be that fulfilling, disconnected from love or from any relationship. But it was. It was simply hot as fuck to stick my dick in a hot chick and fuck her.

Even more where the chick was volunteering, and so were her friends. Test kissing and fondling beautiful girls. And then fucking four hot chicks one after the other in a try-out run turned out to be super exhilarating. Especially fucking the most gorgeous and super nice smelling redhead I’ve ever met. Followed by a very eager hot Asian bitch that threw her cunt right on my dick to prove what a good fuck she was. And she is. The test fuck resulted in me claiming her as my favourite date. Luckily my choice coincided with the beforehand determinate match. And therefore with https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/kocaeli-escort-bayan” title=”kocaeli escort bayan”>kocaeli escort bayan the set-up of me and Asia having resulted in the pregnancy of my date and thus with the date of my life. And now we’re a happy family. With a latent taste for extra marital sex. But until now we’ve never put that into practice.

That first Friday evening was a warm and cosy gathering. We had a nice dinner, and enjoyed each other’s company. It was like we were really good friends meeting again after a long time. And in a way we were. It became quiet hilarious when the babies got breast feeding and Ben suggested we switch the babies. After a first hesitation they both sucked just as eager on the other mommy’s tits.

After the babies were put to bed Asia and Ruby stayed topless flaunting their tits, dressed only in a tiny skimpy bottom. Ruby suggested the boys should strip too to our boxer shorts, very well knowing we would tent out revealing our agitated situation. And so it happened. Before long we all flogged together on the sofa getting comfortable in front of our big TV screen. All dressed only in briefs. As if we had arranged this Asia and I both wore blue pants and Ben and Ruby were dressed in bright red attire, true to our performance on the show. Later Asia told me that had been Ruby’s idea, so it had been arranged in advance after all.

We put the cable channel on where the 8th monthly “I’m Having Your Baby, Boy!”-date show was about to begin. The four of us sat close together, drinks and snacks at hand. The girls in the middle, Ben on the outside to the left of Asia, and me to the right of Ruby.

Since the first show – where the four of us had been the stars – alterations had been implemented. The impregnation rate had settled on about 30%, resulting in most times only one pregnancy per show. After the second show the candidates were put in a rigorous mating program where they inseminated their designated mate multiple times, every time through a glory hole limiting the physical contact. Close-up footage of the insemination is shown on the show, further emphasising the pornographic nature of the program.

The temperature rose quickly, with those up close shots of thick dicks pumping the tight and swollen pussies through the holes. We huddled together on the sofa, reminiscing our memories of that fateful moment we shared ten months ago. Would these candidates be so lucky as we had been? We would find out within a few hours.

To the joy of the audience a side effect of lower impregnation rate was that at the end of the shows more impregnation gangbangs occurred. And more consolation fucks by Mona. She sits dutifully on the lap of the losing candidate, his rod buried deep inside her fuck chute, while witnessing the lost date mate getting knocked up by the show’s prime fuck squad. Of course we never know if the girls really get pregnant, but they sure as hell get thoroughly fucked by six big back studs, and sent away with their belly overloaded with potent baby batter.

The centre of the show is still the very entertaining test runs of the girls, the date-candidates. As the four contestants first kissed their possible mates, we got in the mood as well. First still a bit hesitant, but as soon as Ruby responded I lost myself with full commitment in a deep soul kiss. As I did eight month ago my hands went south and stopped on the full curves of her rear. This time this was a bit more awkward, sitting on the sofa, but as Ruby got into the game as well she shifted and gave me adequate access. I definitely heard my Asia making noises indicating something similar went on on the other side of the sofa. She and Ben no doubt relived their good memories as Ruby and I did.

Then the contestants got a blowjob from the four nymphs, followed by a good time of naughty cuddling on the King-size bed. Of course we copied the stages as best as we could, but without the swapping. The result was Ben and I getting extended slow blowjobs from each other’s spouse until we both lost it with reward winning orgasms. Boy was that intense. The show was already in the heavy petting stage as we lost ourselves in one happy heap of entangled bodies on the sofa. I did hear purring sounds coming from both Asia and Ruby. And I definitely lost my fingers in both their orifices, playing around a bit in whatever hole I found my fingers in.

In the end all the candidates in the show really fucked each other, but every combination only for exactly five minutes. And so did we. Our viewing session had evolved in a proper swing party, where we fucked each other’s partner as if this was really very normal. And in a way it was. We had already participated in sexual activity with each other on the show eight month ago. We were not in a relation at that time, but that’s only a rather technical detail.

I held Ruby by her hips as I positioned her bald pussy over my spear. She held herself up with her hands around my neck. Right next to me Ben did exactly the same with my https://www.izmitescortlarim.com/escort/kocaeli-escort” title=”kocaeli escort”>kocaeli escort Asia. Both girls had done a nice job waxing their goodies, which resulted in two very smooth adorable twats I couldn’t wait to fuck.

“Right, let’s do this,” Ben said with a big grin.

“Sure!” I said.

“Shouldn’t we use condoms?” Ben asked.

“Well, that’s entirely up to the two of you, Ben. Asia and I have discussed this, and we are in peace to go the natural way. We’ve concluded to accept whatever the outcome will be. We damn well want another child, and we don’t want the kids to be too far apart, so Asia is not on the pill or anything. But with you guys, we’re prepared to share real wet sex, without condoms. We feel a true connexion which was already established right after the show. So if you two are ready for the real thing, so are we!”

“Uhm, what do you say, Ruby?” Ben asked.

“Jeez Ben,” Ruby said hovering over my cock. “Come on now, can’t you figure that out yourself? I’m dying to feel Daniel’s naked rod inside my cunt again, you know that. I know back then the situation was different, with me already pregnant. But you didn’t know that, did you? Fuck, if I had my hips in my own hands I would push my pussy over his magic tool right this moment and split open my greedy cunt…”

On hearing these words I tightened my grip on Ruby’s hips and pulled her down. As I felt my boner sink inside her fiery furnace Ruby uttered a growl which surely expressed a deeply felt desire…

Meanwhile Ben did exactly the same with Asia. Both smooth waxed cunny’s got invaded by our unprotected cocks, just like eight month ago, but now without a time slot. Bottomed down we held both beauties firmly speared on our laps. We switched the girls every five minutes as on the screen the couples changed.

As the contestants in the show fed their best fuck experience into the computer at their desks, our little fuck fest got to a stop with both our dicks buried deep inside the other’s spouse’s womb. We stayed grounded until the computer had processed the ultimate choice of the contestants. As we had in the very first show the contestants had tasted the transformation from a first hesitant sexual contact in a weird quest for an ideal partner, to experiencing sizzling hot sex with multiple scalding hot babes. The audience in the studio witnesses the lewd action, and the viewers at home enjoy every sordid detail. As we had just now too.

Finally the made choices were checked against the beforehand determined match through extensive research. With open mouth we saw the result of today’s show, our genitals still firmly merged at our crotches. Today’s ‘Ben’ and ‘Dan’ had chosen each other’s destined partner… and as a result had eliminated themselves from the contest. Regardless of whether or not they had impregnated their girls beforehand in the extensive breeding program. So the glory hole had done its job in concealing the ladies’ identities. And the contestants had not figured out by just the feeling of the pussies which one belonged to their designated partner. Too bad for the four of them.

The ever exciting investigations to find out which of the gals are pregnant is always one of the highlights of the show. The procedure where Fred the house gynaecologist examines the girls with obstetric ultrasound is quiet erotic all by itself. To enhance the viewing pleasure a micro HD-camera is installed in the tip of the vaginal probe, which gives a very hot view as the probe enters the vagina and travels down towards the cervix…

The tiny cam shows again and again during the penetration the succulent inner side of the pussies, with remnants of the spunk that has been deposited inside still clinging to the walls. I can’t get enough of the recording we have of Asia’s fuck chute showing flocks of my very own semen. I had been the last to fuck her, and had deposited a nice wad inside. Knowing now that the planting of my seed two month earlier had been successful and that our very first child was actually growing in the womb right at that time is quiet exhilarating.

But so were the images of today’s chicks. It’s a very intimate part of the show, descending into the freshly fucked vaginas with the POV-perspective of a penetrating penis. Witnessing the evidence of what has just happened with wads of sperm all over the place gives a genuine sloppy seconds feeling. Every time Fred switches the image to ultrasound a silence descends over the studio, like the entire audience feels the sacred moment in which the fate of the girl concerned is decided.

You can’t get more personal than actually seeing the result of the merging of her egg and his seed, right inside her sanctuary. Or the instant realisation that the deed had been fruitless and left the womb hopelessly empty. A realisation that knocks home the knowledge that the lady in question lost her dream and will be brutally invaded by the black boners of the infamous fuck squad, with the sole intention to get her knocked up after all. (Well, and the perverse viewing pleasure for the audience of course.) And although the final result stays unrevealed, everyone is aware of her chances to get away with it… With six very virile stallions her release depends entirely on the very day of her cycle.

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