Impassioned Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Intimacy

This story is semi-sequel to the original, “Impassioned.” Though it’s meant to stand alone, parts and phrases may be more meaningful if the original has been read. Neither of the stories are particularly wild or fantastic, which I think is the hottest part about them: remember as you read that you are a simple chance-meeting away from being in my shoes next week.


Several years later, now I was the one looking down on my soon-to-be lover, waiting anxiously for a sign that she was ready for the most intimate moment of her life to arrive. Lying there, perfect curly brown locks framing her fair face, large brown eyes flickering flashes of excitement and fear, Melody was more reminiscent of a scared angel than a human girl. I still remembered that feeling from so many years before, and in spite of the deepest desires of my instinctive being, I waited, patiently, for a sign.

We had met years before, through some random club or another in college, just as you meet any number of people in day-to-day life. No “eyes locked from across the room” or “love at first sight” sort of thing, just two people that shared an interest and a few hours with the same group of people every week. In fact, it was a full year later before I had truly noticed Mel for the first time, at a mutual friend’s twenty first birthday party. I had shared a few drinks by the time she walked into the bar, dressed in a tight t-shirt and short skirt for quite possibly the first time in her life.

I was glad I was sitting down, and noticed several more guys quickly finding seats themselves. That familiar heat and redness began to creep into my face as she took the seat next to mine (the one nearest to the birthday boy still open), having never seen or imagined Melody quite like this! She was normally dressed in casual jeans and looser shirts around campus, not exactly as a tom-boy, but not particularly feminine either. You were as likely to walk in on her watching a football game as a chick-flick, something I always found uniquely and indescribably attractive. Tonight, however, she was a number-one knockout, dressed to kill!

Sitting next to each other, we naturally started talking, my own tongue quickly loosened by a few drinks, and from there we hit it off. I took her out for dinner and a movie the next weekend, and was rather shocked when she leaned in for the good-night kiss before I did. From there, it was a classic boy-meets-girl story, a few dates, a few parties, a few serious conversations, a few funny ones…you know the story.

Physically, Melody was surprisingly forward, to a point. Far too many girls have gotten comfortable with the idea that anything that’s not definitely a “no” is a “yes”; Mel on the other hand was one to make her mind clear in the bedroom, in her own little ways. She kissed me with passion, moaned or otherwise expressed her approval when I took a new step, and on occasion even gave the envelope a nudge herself. More than once we had lain naked together, touching, caressing, fondling, and basically keeping the other well entertained; she was, however, still a virgin, and had been reluctant to leave that behind.

It wasn’t that Mel was particularly religious, or prudish about her virginity; she simply dreamt of a perfect, fairy-tale moment to give it away, and hadn’t yet come across her dream. I never expected to be that dream, and by the way I had never pressured her past that one explicitly defined limit, she knew that; looking back, the fact that I never expected it was what made me the one, I suppose.

Tonight began simply, with a movie, watched from my computer screen as we lay intertwined beneath the warm covers of my bed. A moment ago I was caressing her arm with one hand while rubbing her head with the other. A moment later, I was kissing her lightly on the cheek; then the back of her hand, down to the tips of her fingers; then slowly, as seductively as I could, nibbling the tip, teasingly sucking one, then two knuckles between my lips. It is inexplicable how incredibly sexy this simple action can be, both in giving and receiving!

That was as much seducing as I had to do, Mel apparently already being in the mood, because she just turned to me, kissing me deeply. There was no testing the waters or beating around the bush in this kiss; her tongue pushed hard at my lips, then teeth, as each gave way, freeing her to explore the deepest recesses of my mouth. Her hands found their way to each side of my face at first, and mine to the small of her back. She dropped a hand to my chest, I dropped mine to the top of her jeans; she dropped hers near my navel, I firmly cupped her ass. This seemed to ignite a fire in her, and she breathed in sharply as she pulled my mouth deeper into her own in response. Tentatively, as if for the first time, her hand slid down further, to the top of my shorts, her fingertips lightly fingering the top of my boxers; I mimicked the same position with escort my own hand, pulling it around to the front of her jeans. Having caught on, she boldly slid beneath my boxers to take hold of her prize: eight full inches of manhood, obviously far ahead of the both of us and ready for action!

Lest she feel left out, I responded in kind, finding that she was no less prepared, feeling moisture along both sides of my hand. Melody’s womanhood could never be called something so short and nasty as a “cunt.” There’s nothing dirty about it: perfectly pink, always trimmed and shaved, with small, sexy lips that promised an unbelievably tight fit for anything lucky enough to find itself between them. As hard as I had been before, I grew an extra inch in a split second.

She fondled, I caressed; she stroked, I fingered; she grabbed, I shoved; she got faster, I got deeper. It suddenly occurred to me that as much fun as her pussy may be, there was much more of Melody to enjoy! Without warning, I rolled myself atop her, straddling to keep my balance, as I greedily worked my free hand beneath her shirt. I suppose her breasts had been impatiently waiting for a bit of attention, because before I could get far she pulled both hands free and leaned forward enough to remove her shirt, followed soon by my own.

Mel always wears front-clasp bras, something so simple but sexy in a way I can’t explain. A little practice was all it took to learn to unclasp these with my teeth alone, something that always got an amused giggle out of her. Her breasts were my next target, each tenderly kissed from top to bottom, around and around, spiraling ever closer to the nipple, closer still, closer still, until, ages over-due, my lips found them, already hardening in anticipation. At first, I simply pulled at them lightly with my lips, reminiscent of her finger tips moments before, moving from one to the other, driving her mad in frustration. Then, at just the right moment, I worked my teeth into the equation, a tender nibble and nothing more. Her hands encouraged me, one running through my hair, occasionally giving a gentle suggestion on which way to go, the other on my shoulder, squeezing when I had gotten something right. One of my own had meanwhile found it’s previous home, now surprisingly even warmer and wetter than before, and doubly encouraged by her increasingly active hips.

All the while, small moans and gasps could be heard just above me, indications of a deep desire to voice her incessant approval, desires purposely repressed so as not to draw too much attention from behind thin walls. Curling my fingers upwards and in, while pulling a little more forcefully than before at one of her fully-aroused nipples, I seemed to have found and fulfilled a long-growing need within her body, and all of her meekness and restraint gave way to a long, throaty, vocal, “Ooooooooooooh!” as her hips twitched and drove themselves up into my fingers hard and fast.

Her orgasm may have spelled relief for her, but it only fueled my own desires. No longer bound by common restraint, both hands made quick work of her jeans and underwear. One orgasm to start the night was good, but two would be better! I was completely unconcerned about seduction and temptation, even teasing, now, and dove face-first into my next target, quite literally. My tongue made swift work of any and all of her sweet nectar that had found itself somewhere between her thighs, while my thumb set to work on her clit. She tasted wonderful, slightly metallic, in a good way, with sweet and salty overtones to the flavor. I first drove my tongue straight into her, lashing up between those two perfect folds, and lightly against her most sensitive spot of all. After repeating this for a minute or two, I began sucking on the swollen lips themselves, not being one to neglect any possible source of pleasure.

My once quiet lover no longer found herself restrained by propriety (or thin walls), I suppose, and perhaps having teetered on the edge of orgasm for too long now, took control into her own hands (figuratively), telling me where to go and what to do next.

“Oooooh…just a little higher….higher…..higher!” I knew where she wanted me, and purposefully played coy, just to test how forceful she could be. “Ah! Stop teasing me! Suck on my clit you devil!”

Bingo! Her wish was my command, and only moments later, with fingers pounding as fast as they could between those awesomely tight lips, and my own tongue doing its most intimate dance, she came. She came hard, very very hard! Had she been in any condition to witness my look of utter bewilderment at that moment, she would have laughed, for to both of our surprise, Melody could squirt! I had heard of such a thing, but never believed it to really be true, or if it was, to be common; I felt as if I had just won a lottery!

My face, my hand, my chest, my bed, all were soaked, and neither of us could be more pleased. Still unconcerned bursa eve gelen escort with most of the world at the moment, as Melody woke from her hormone-induced euphoria, she entangled me in the most appreciative kiss of all time.

“Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve never felt anything quite like that before; it was wonderful! I’ve never felt anything like that, and I’ve never felt anything like this, what I feel for you. I don’t know if it’s love, exactly, or all the orgasms, or what, but I feel closer to you than I’ve ever felt towards anyone. I trust you, deeply, undeniably, irrevocably. I trust you, and I want to give you something…”

With that, she lunged herself at me once again in a passionate kiss, turning so that she was on top of me. She then kissed along my cheek, to my ear, where she gently blew, nibbling on my earlobe, then down along my neck, to that one spot that melts your knees into butter, then further down along my throat, to my collar bone, my chest, one small kiss after another, down to my belly, over my belly button (her hands now working on my pants), between my hips, atop my freshly exposed pubic hair (always trimmed down, though not clean shaven), to the top of my cock, down its length, to the head. Mel looked deep into my wide open eyes, a look of knowing and devilishness across her features, as she sank my semi-hard-on into her mouth. Oh, it was warm, soft in just the right places, and rough in just the right places, and heaven in a single moment of ecstasy!

At first, she moved her whole head, up and down, drooling all over my shaft, getting it nicely slick. Then, she took just the head in her mouth, sucking slightly and circling it with her tongue, as if she were kissing it passionately, while stroking the rest. I became afraid I would come into her mouth within a couple of minutes at this rate, but became positive of the fact when she switched yet again, now sucking hard and forcing her head further and further down, until her lips touched my balls, and my head ran delightfully across the roughness of her throat. Catching me off guard yet again, she began massaging the sensitive bit of skin between my ball sack and ass, stimulating my prostate I suppose, and instantly forcing a mind-numbing, hip-thrusting, cum-shooting orgasm out of me, sending my seed deep down her throat, never even touching the rest of her mouth!

As I came-to, she crawled up into my arms, my hands instinctively massaging her head through those wonderful curls. “That was wonderful!” I said, thanking her. “So I guess we’re even now, huh?”

“Not quite,” she replied. “I believe I owe you one more, if I’m not mistaken.” She twisted her head out of my chest, so that I could see the huge grin across her face. She knew what was coming; I, as of yet, had no idea. That was as far as we’d ever gone, usually spending the remainder of the evening cuddling, caressing, and sharing stories, plans, thoughts, fears, and secrets. Tonight, it would be different!

She kissed my chest then, something that seemed odd at the time, but now I think it was mostly so that she could hide her face from mine as she steeled her nerves for what she was about to do. She then took hold of my shoulder, and rolled, guiding me atop her once again, spreading her legs to make sure I knew where to place my own. My still-moist, quickly re-inflating cock rested along her pussy, causing me to instinctively grind it down, putting pressure on her clit. When I realized she wasn’t responding, I stopped, and looked down, into her eyes, into her soul. Now, lying there, perfect curly brown locks framing her fair face, large brown eyes flickering flashes of excitement and fear, Melody is more reminiscent of a scared angel than a human girl. I still remember that feeling from so many years before, and in spite of the deepest desires of my instinctive being, I am waiting, patiently, for a sign.

Having gotten my attention, she now smiles, weakly, still unsure of herself, perhaps more fully realizing what is about to happen, and yet simultaneously she is reaching between us. She gently guides me between those slick folds, until they open, though just a bit, and my head rests comfortably between them. Still I wait, partially unsure of myself, understanding the gravity of the moment, partially incapable of believing that what is happening could really be happening, and partially ensuring every possible opportunity for her to change her mind. She is sure, however, and now, both hand pulling on my hips, she lifts her own into me, just a bit, not enough to really force my tingling cock any deeper, but enough to make her intentions clear. Taking the hint, I slowly, carefully allow my weight to ease myself down, penetrating her inch by slow inch, searching lightly for a bit of resistance. Halfway down, I begin to wonder, and finally, as I am fully buried within her, I realize that the hymen I had been görükle escort searching for must have been broken years before, in any number of possible ways.

I don’t suppose my concerns at the moment are being shared by Mel: her face right now reminds me of someone first slipping into a warm bath, magnified a hundred times over. We had both expected it to be painful in some way for her; instead, it seems to be the single most relieving, pleasurable feeling of her life! No, I don’t think she regrets this decision one bit, which of course means that neither do I! And who could, with their cock held clamped in a wet satin vice, legs now reaching around to lock themselves around the small of their back? It seems that Melody is ready for a bit more, and I am in no mood to deny her!

Still with a bit of care, I ease myself back and forth a few times, all the way out until just the head remains, and then fully back in, in long, deep strokes. Instinct is beginning to flood my brain, now, though, and it urges me to move faster, harder, deeper. I spread my knees a bit to stabilize myself, and lean back, freeing my hands from supporting my weight. My hips begin to move faster, more sure of themselves now, as my hands each find one of those wonderful, full breasts. Not to be out-done, Melody grabs one of my hands, guiding it to her mouth, where she sucks seductively on one of my fingers. Her other hand grabs my butt, hard, pulling, urging me on. She’s moaning as she sucks on my finger now, and the vibrations drive me wild.

Some wall of conscious thought has just crashed down inside my head, now, and the animal in me makes himself more fully known as I grab both of her hips, lifting her with the strength of many men, and use both my arms and hips to drive myself harder and faster than ever before. Melody’s no longer moaning, but rather begging me, commanding me, to fuck her harder and faster, she needs to feel me deeper within her. Supporting her weight on just her neck, one of her hands is pinching and twisting her nipples surprisingly hard, while the other is hard at work rubbing any sensitive spot she can find between my thrusts. Both of our voices are raised, beyond moans, beyond screams, beyond words, now some guttural, instinctive, animalistic noises escaping between our lips. That familiar tingle can now be felt amongst my loins, and she mustn’t be far off herself, considering that her hands have moved now to my back, her fingernails digging fiercely into my skin. Neither of us are quite human right now; we are pure, primal animals, somewhere between making love and rutting. Her scratches burn, and it excites me!

Pleasure! Pain! Heat! Wet! Heaven! So many feelings! I forget to see, forget to hear, forget to think about anything but Mel, precious Mel, and her gift, and her pleasure, and the pleasure we share, and…something different pulls me back to lowly earth! Melody has stopped breathing, her entire body covered in sweat, her hands ripping holes in my sheets, as her back arching painfully high, grinding her clit hard against my crotch in short, hard, fast, jerks. She announces the obvious loud enough for the entire building to hear: “I’m COOOOOMMMIIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!! DON’T STOP!!!”

If I were to die of a heart attack just now, my body would finish anyway, so powerful are the instincts and hormones coursing through my veins in this moment. The intense power of her orgasm, squeezing my cock nearly painfully, sucking precum from deep in my balls, breaks yet another wall in my mind, and the world goes red for a moment. Unable to rationalize what’s going on even, my body takes over: my arms squeeze her waist harder than before and pull her towards me, as my hips take advantage of my full weight to force themselves forward further than before, driving my full eight (and by now, possibly nine) inches of meat as far into her as possible, grinding our hips together painfully/pleasurably. Still my body is not satisfied, and it drives another inch deeper, until it seems I can nearly feel the head of my cock rubbing against the underside of her belly; nearly satisfied now, I release myself into her, filling her with more sperm than I’ve ever heard of in my life, half expecting it to explode from her throat. Still more pours forth, and my mind drifts off again, away from all things earthly, into the ether, into pure bliss and satisfaction.

I am floating among the gods now, waving at Buddha, attaining ultimate wisdom through enlightenment. I am dreaming, I can see the happiest moments of my life before my eyes, one by one, from my earliest memories, through school, into college, into that night at the bar, into a movie I was watching earlier, into…

…Melody! I remember now, I remember where I am, what’s just happened, and I feel things again. I can feel the stupid grin using every muscle in my face, the weight of my lover in my arms, the wetness on my lax cock, the burning in every over-used muscle of my body, and still the light euphoria swimming through my mind. I would feel foolishly exposed right now, if not for the mirror laying before me, slick with sweat, still vibrating slightly beneath me, flushed in a healthy red as her blood works its way back into her body.

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