Imprinted Ch. 02

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For the next three days I waited for the axe to fall, jumping each time the phone rang. I worked hard, so hard I even earned rare praise from Harry. Praise I didn’t want, as it reminded me what I’d done. What I’d been caught doing. Guilt choked me each time I thought about what could happen—when Mrs. Dean told him.

Harry could be an ass, but he’d worked hard to build up his business. I didn’t want to cost him anything. Not like this. Several times I almost told him, confessed, but I couldn’t work up the courage. I was acting so weird that after my last try at telling him he gave me a strange look, gripped my shoulder and said, “Son, you need to get laid.”

Mary-Jane had called me—twice now—no doubt hoping to take up where we left off but I couldn’t. Not just because of the weight of guilt I carried, but because of what I’d seen. What I now wanted, something I couldn’t get from Mary-Jane.

On the morning of the third day as I lay on my bed thinking, worrying, remembering, fantasizing, Harry banged on the door and yelled, “Get to work. The Deans want their yard done.”

I jumped up so fast I almost tripped and hit the floor. “What?”

Harry stuck his head in the door and said, “Mrs. Dean just rang. Said you didn’t do the side garden good enough. She wants the one…” he looked down at the notepad in his hand, “…near the master bedroom weeded.”


“Look, you didn’t do your job. Stop whining and get over there. She wants you there at midday. And I’m not paying you for your stuff ups. This is on your own time.”

* * * *

I got there just before midday. Standing in the garden outside the master bedroom I wasn’t sure what I should be doing. Whether I’d been brought to watch again or whether she really did just want the yard done. Maybe Mrs. D was giving me the benefit of the doubt and she was just going to let the last time go. I had all my garden tools. They were sitting at my feet. I was in the exact same spot that I’d been last time. I could still see the indent of my boot prints from before. The window was open again—wider this time. The room was dark—all that garden meant it didn’t get much natural light—which made me think she must’ve had the light on last time. It seemed somehow dirtier that she’d chosen deliberately to be under that bright light masturbating.

I looked at my watch. It was now quarter past. I was just about to get to work, actually weeding the garden when I heard the bedroom door open and saw the light flick on.

She came into the room, guiding a blindfolded Mr. D. If she saw me again she didn’t acknowledge it at all. She was wearing a robe. Loosely tied. I could see she was naked underneath. Her breasts swayed freely under the silky fabric and when she tugged on his arm I saw a mouthwatering sliver of nipple.

‘”How long are the kids with Grandma?” He asked. I could hear them canlı bahis more clearly with the window all the way open. He was smiling wide and loosening his tie. The suit jacket must’ve been lost somewhere else in the house. He was only in his business shirt and suit pants.

“Another three weeks.”

“Do I get a special lunchtime treat everyday for the next three weeks?”

She laughed and said, “If you’re a good boy.” Mrs. D led him over to the bed and he sat with his back to me. She knelt in front of him. I couldn’t see what she was doing but I heard the slap of his shoes against the floorboard, the metallic clink of his belt buckle and the swish of his zipper.

“What do I get if I’m bad?”

His pants were gone, she slapped her hands lightly on his thighs, he lifted up his butt and she removed his briefs. I heard him groan. His head fell back and his shoulders dropped. The wet sound of sucking made it obvious what she was doing. She wouldn’t fumble. She’d be good. I was sure of it. Through my khaki work pants I squeezed the head of my cock and imagined the wet heat of her mouth.

With Mr. D blindfolded and the invitation from Mrs. D I felt comfortable that she actually wanted me here. She wanted me to see this, so I unbuttoned my fly and let my dick spring out.

“If you’re bad. Then I’ll have to punish you.”

He laughed. “I like the sound of that.”

“Do you like the blindfold?”

“Yes.” His voice sounded thick and deep. Not at all like the commanding tone of the other day.

“You don’t know what’s happening—do you? You don’t know what I’m going to do next.” She stood up now, dropped the robe and I had to stop myself from groaning. That woman was made to be naked. Perfect rounded curves.


When she leaned forward to remove his shirt her breasts rubbed against his face. He groaned the way I wanted to and moved his mouth to find a nipple. As he sucked deep on her tit her eyes closed. She speared her fingers through his hair and gripped his head, keeping him at her breast.

“Good. That’s good,” she said as she pulled away. There was a wet popping sound as his mouth released. Her hands went to his shoulders and pushed him back onto the bed.

“Move back now. Back until I tell you to stop.”

Still blindfolded he shifted back into the middle of the bed. Side on, so I could see him best. Was she positioning him for me I wondered? That would mean she knew I was there, but she still had yet to even look at the window.

Did she know I was there?

She straddled him now. As she lifted her leg I saw the slick puffy lips of her cunt. That’s what he called it last time.

Her cunt.

I liked the word. How it made me feel to hear him say it. She was now positioned over his thighs, so his cock was still clearly visible. Did she do that for me? So I could see him?

“Eyes bahis siteleri covered like that you wouldn’t even know if someone was watching,” she said.

He gasped, and his hips flexed up off the bed for a moment.

“You like the idea—don’t you?”

He shook his head, but it was obvious he did like it. His cock was jumping at her every word.

She leaned forward, draping her breasts across him so his dick nestled between the soft mounds. “Do you like the idea of someone watching?” She asked, “I wonder what they’d be doing as they watched. What do you think they’d be doing Lucas?”

He didn’t answer. She pressed her breasts together and trapped his cock between the soft mounds. How good would that feel? I brought both my hands down, sandwiching my cock between my palms and tried to imagine the feeling.

“Answer me.”

She snaked out her tongue and licked the head of his cock. I dragged my thumb across mine mimicking her.

“What would they do?” She gripped the base of his cock and as she spoke her lips touched the head.

“Masturbate.” He whispered the word.

“You want someone to come watching you? Watching me suck your cock. Lick your balls. Fuck my tits. Is that what you want?”

He groaned out a word that sounded like, “Yes”.

“Is it a man or a woman? Who’s watching us?”

She sucked his cock in her mouth and he cried out, “Fuck!” in a strangled tone.

Drawing back, still holding his cock in one hand she asked, “Who’s watching us Lucas?”

He didn’t answer. Just shook his head as if he couldn’t say the words. Looking frustrated she shook her head and let go of his cock, letting it slap back against his stomach. “Answer me now or you don’t get to come. Tell me who you want watching us, making themselves come. Who is it? A man or a woman?”

His reply was soft, but I heard the words clearly. “A man.”

She sat up and reached down to again take his cock in hand. “You want a man to beat his meat, stroke his cock, up and down.. .” Her hand matched time with her voice. “…up and down until they spurt cum?”

“Yes. Yes.” His hips arched off the bed. Mine were rocking back and forth in the same rhythm as her—as if hypnotized.

“What if they were in here now? A young strong man. Barely twenty. Muscled, lean and sweaty, working in the yard. He heard you cry out. Heard what you wanted and came in. What if he was in here with us, right now, his cock in hand? Watching you, ready to shoot his cum all over you. All over your stomach.”

Me, they were talking about me, and I liked it.

“What do you think he’d like to see? Me sucking you?” She shoved his legs up, positioning him so that his legs were spread wide. I watched her take his cock in her mouth. Right down to the root. Her nose buried in his pubic hair. She must have had him in her throat. Just the thought of it bahis şirketleri had me ready to blow. But I didn’t want to, not yet, I wanted to come with him.

“Yes. Yes.” He groaned, his head thrashing side to side.

She pulled up, grinning wickedly at his miserable moan as her mouth left his cock. “What else would he like to see?” she asked.

Her hands moved to the end of the bed, to a bag that I couldn’t see properly. She pulled out a tube of lube coating two fingers with the thick gel. I watched her, wondering what she was going to do. Sort of knowing, knowing what I wanted her to do, but it scared me. Both the act and the wanting.

Pushing his legs out even wider she nestled between them and then did it—what I wanted. What I didn’t want to want.

She spread the cheeks of his ass and pushed those lube drenched fingers at the mouth of his anus. Round and around, her fingers slicked pushing against that hole. I could see it all. The tense ring of muscle, his straining legs. The look of pleasure on his masked face. Hear his groans. The moans when she teased her way into that ring of muscle. Up, up that tight hole she pushed until he let out a deep pleasure filled groan.

“Like that do you?”

The erection resting on his stomach started to gush—not like he was coming—not like an orgasm, more like a slow gurgling fountain of pre cum.

“That’s your prostate baby.” I wondered if she said that for my benefit. “You like that don’t you. Do you think he’d like it? The hot muscled twenty year old who’s watching us?”

She kept those fingers fucking in his ass and she turned, looked out the window straight at me. Her eyes met mine and then slid down my body to where my cock was in hand. Eyes still on me her mouth descended to take him, sucking hard. Up and down on that shaft. All the while her fingers fucking his asshole. I tugged at my cock, pulling hard, almost to the edge of pain. But I wanted it so bad. I wanted it to be hard. To be nasty to match what he was feeling. I wanted it all. The mouth, the fingers. Everything. I watched and jerked off, until he moaned, arched his hips off the bed and came deep in her mouth.

I came too. Watching her. As she watched me. I saw her swallow, pull off his cock and lick the sides of her mouth. Then she moved up his body and straddled him, planting her knees across his face and said, “Lick.”

He did, his hands gripping her thighs as he buried his face in her cunt. It didn’t take her long before she too arched her back and wailed out an orgasm. I knew the sound now. The sound she made when she came. Dismounting him she left the bed and walked over to the light switch and flicked off the light. He lay there for a moment. In the darkness I saw her lean over him and plant an affectionate kiss on his forehead. “Shower, baby?”

“Yeah. Shower. When my legs work.”

She giggled. It sounded odd after what I’d just witnessed, to hear such a sweet, normal sound.

And then they were both gone. I was left once more with a hand full of cum, standing in the darkened bushes wondering what the hell just happened.

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