Imprisonment Ch. 07

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Friday came again and Justin was nervous, as usual, but also somewhat excited. Five men would have their way with him this time, but then his ordeal would be over – and he’d be going home with Fairfax again. Soon they would have sex. Justin couldn’t deny that he wanted it. He had come to crave the older man’s touch, and he felt safe in his arms, even if he was the one putting him through all this.

He looked up with a blush as his superior entered the room. Fairfax laughed. “What are you blushing for?” Justin looked down and stammered. “I-I was just thinking of you, sir.” Fairfax grinned and pulled Justin to his feet, kissing him gently. “You’re so cute.” One of his large hands found its way to Justin’s backside, cupping and squeezing the flesh there. Justin bit his lip to stifle a moan as he pressed his body against the warden’s. Fairfax slipped a hand into his trousers, finding his cock and fondling him roughly. It wasn’t long until he was fully erect and dripping, but then Fairfax withdrew his hands and straightened Justin’s rumpled clothing, grinning at him. “Come on. Almost over.” Justin followed his superior down the hallway, blushing hotly.

Things proceeded as they usually did, with the warden introducing him to the prisoners, who then roughly removed his clothes. One of the men slapped his backside hard, ordering him to bend over the back of a chair. Once he did, another man used Justin’s clothes to tie his arms to the front legs of the chair. Rough hands stroked his bottom and felt between his legs, tugging at his stubbornly erect cock. “Looks like someone enjoys this.” Justin yelped in discomfort as the man suddenly penetrated him with two dry fingers, probing and stretching him none too gently. “Heard you have a nice tight little arse. Surprised the others haven’t fucked you loose by now. Bet the warden fucks you too, right over his desk.”

Blushing, Justin thought that if that happened in the future, he wouldn’t mind. The fingers were jerked out abruptly, and Justin’s muscles grew tense as he anticipated being hit or penetrated again. The prisoner behind him settled on the former, spanking Justin’s defenceless backside hard and quickly as his slender legs trembled. He continued the assault for at least five minutes, laughing as he paused and roughly rubbed the sore skin. “So red. Nice and warm…” Justin whimpered as petroleum was smeared around his entrance, knowing what was next. The prisoner gripped his narrow hips tightly as he thrust, digging his fingers into the skin hard enough to leave bruises. Another prisoner pulled at Justin’s hair and shoved an erect cock into his face, ataşehir escort ordering him to suck. By the time the hour was up, Justin had been fucked four times, and had had four cocks in his mouth as well. All five men had brutally smacked his tender rear end, which was now approaching purple in colour.

He cried quietly as the prisoners filed out, and Fairfax approached him and untied his arms, picking him up and cradling him gently as he carried him to the infirmary. “Good boy. All finished now. All done.” He kissed him on the top of the head as he laid him down on a clean cot. As usual, he cleaned him carefully, rubbing ointment on his sore entrance and offering him a glass of water to drink. He tousled his hair gently with a smile. “Ready to go home?”

Justin nodded weakly. Fairfax carried him out to the carriage, and this time instead of lying him down with his head in his lap he cradled Justin in his arms, letting his head rest against his chest. “I’m sure you’re glad that’s over.”

“Yes, sir.”

Fairfax chuckled. “You only have to call me ‘sir’ at work, you know.”

Justin managed a weak little smile. “Just habit.” He snuggled close, closing his eyes for a while. After a while, he opened them again, giving Fairfax a curious look. “Aren’t we usually there by now?”

Fairfax smiled. “Oh, didn’t I tell you? I’ve moved.”

“You moved? In the middle of the week?”

“I hired someone to move my things for me. We’re almost there, not much longer now.”

When the carriage stopped and they climbed out, Justin stared in surprise. “This neighbourhood… this is where I used to live.”

Fairfax grinned. “You don’t say?”

Justin’s eyes grew wider as Fairfax escorted him towards the front door of his new house – the very house Justin used to live in.

“Ah! This is our house…”

Fairfax chuckled, pulling Justin inside. “That’s right, this IS our house.”

Justin stared up at him. “You… you bought it? The house I grew up in?”

Fairfax nodded, smiling. “Are you happy?”

“I… yes… but how did you know?”

“I knew how old you were, so I searched for birth records. Found your parent’s names. Searched the property records. It didn’t take too long. I could have just asked, but I wanted to surprise you.” He paused and looked at Justin, chuckling. “You certainly look surprised. Which room was yours?”

“It was up here…” Justin climbed up the stairs, wincing a little as he was still sore. He found his old room and stood in the doorway. It was empty, but clean.

“I thought so. You can have it as an office or library. avcılar escort It’s all yours. But I’d like you to sleep in here with me.” Fairfax pulled him towards another bedroom.

“You want me to move in with you?”

Fairfax grinned. “Of course.” He leaned in and kissed Justin hard, nibbling gently at his lower lip. “I’m in love with you, Justin.”

Justin blushed, his body responding to being touched despite the ordeal he’d been through. “O-oh… sir… I love you too…”

Fairfax smiled, carrying Justin over to the large bed and lying him down before climbing onto it himself, straddling Justin’s thighs and looking down at him. “How are you feeling?”

“Sore,” Justin replied, looking up as he wrapped his arms around his superior’s shoulders. “But… I still want you.”

Fairfax smiled. “That’s good, because I don’t think I could have made myself wait any longer.” He leaned down and kissed Justin deeply before reaching up to unbutton his shirt, leaning down again to kiss his smooth chest as it was exposed. Soon Justin’s shirt and necktie were discarded and Fairfax was unbuttoning his trousers, pulling them down gently along with his underpants. Justin was already aroused, his erection throbbing against his stomach. Fairfax stroked him for a moment before turning him over to lie face down on the bed. He placed his hands on Justin’s bruised backside, rubbing the abused flesh gently. He withdrew briefly, but only to slip off his own trousers and underwear.

“Your bottom’s so cute.” He spread Justin’s cheeks and rubbed his entrance with a fingertip. “Especially the little pink hole…” He leaned over to pick something up from a bedside table, and Justin saw that it was a small bottle. He heard Fairfax unscrew the top, and looked over his shoulder as the older man poured some liquid into his hands, spreading it over his fingers. Some sort of oil. He could smell a faint, pleasant fragrance. Soon the hands returned to his backside, a slick fingertip rubbing in gentle circles around his entrance. Justin raised his bottom, his cock throbbing. He let out a shaky whimper as one of his superior’s slippery hands reached around to encircle his aching erection. Fairfax chuckled quietly.

“Feel good?”

“Oh, yes, sir…”

The older man laughed again, a bit louder this time. “Andrew. My name is Andrew.”

Justin moaned softly as the stroking of his cock intensified. “Ah… yes, Andrew…”

Fairfax’s grip tightened slightly, and he gave Justin’s sore bottom a few gentle, teasing slaps. To Justin’s surprise, the mild pain didn’t lessen his arousal – if anything, ataşehir escort bayan it increased it. His slim hips jerked, his slick penis throbbing and sliding against Fairfax’s hand. The older man leaned down to whisper in Justin’s ear. “Tell me – do you want my cock in your tight little ass?” He ran his thumb over the head of Justin’s dick as he asked, making him gasp.

“Yes,” the younger man panted wantonly. “Yes, please.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely. But I’ll use my fingers first – I don’t want to hurt you.” He kept one hand around Justin’s arousal, stroking him insistently as he inserted first one, then two slick fingers. He crooked his fingers and rubbed them back and forth until he grazed the little knot inside the boy’s tight channel, making him whimper and squirm. He slid his fingertips over the same spot over and over again until Justin was practically sobbing underneath him, rocking his hips obscenely. The younger man panted and whined, needy, as the fingers were withdrawn, and then his slim body tensed as Fairfax guided his rigid cock into the now eager, waiting hole. He gripped the bedsheets tightly in both hands, emitting a shaky groan as he was finally impaled. He spread his legs further apart and raised his ass as if he were trying to get more of the older man inside him. Fairfax moaned softly as he sank into his willing lover, sighing in pleasure as the young man’s tight entrance spasmed around his cock. “Oh, Justin, you feel so good. So tight and warm. Good boy.” He kissed the younger man’s neck, then bit his shoulder gently as he began to thrust.

Justin spread his legs even further apart, pushing his sore backside up to meet Fairfax’s thrusts, moaning and whimpering in pleasure as the older man’s hard cock slammed against that spot inside him, that spot he’d never known about until he’d shown it to him. “S-sir… Andrew… so good… I love you…”

“I love you too, Justin… sweet boy.” Fairfax thrust harder, faster, less afraid of hurting the boy now that he was so eagerly pushing his hips back against him. He kept one hand around the younger man’s throbbing cock, dripping now as he was penetrated. He quickened the movements of his hand, wanting Justin to come first. The young man’s slim body shook and jerked under him as he cried out and climaxed, his tight asshole clenching and trembling as he shuddered and sighed. Fairfax finally let go and placed both hands on Justin’s narrow hips, thrusting into him hard until he reached his peak as well, releasing into his warm, tight passage. He slumped then, reaching up to wrap his arms around the boy’s shaking shoulders, embracing him as they turned onto their sides. He turned Justin to face him, kissing him deeply, tangling his hands in the younger man’s long red hair and holding him close. He never wanted to let him go.

“Welcome home, Justin.”

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