In Dreams

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In dreams, sometimes, you just find yourself in situations. You don’t know how you got there or how you know some of these people or what caused this scenario in the first place. It’s as if your spirit wandered around for awhile and found your body (or one just like it) and you can kind of share that body’s thoughts. Thus, I found myself sitting in a large room with what must have been 20′ ceilings. Huge picture windows looked out over a sloping valley covered with snow. Mountains surrounded the place. It was dark outside except for the lights shining down the slope further away and not at all intrusive on the atmosphere inside.

Inside, the lights were subdued, but it wasn’t difficult to see. Large comfortable sofas formed a semi circle around the fantastic fireplace set in the middle of all those picture windows. Thick, soft rugs covered the floor in front of the sofas.

There were four couples and one single lady in the room. One was sitting just about the center of the couch arrangement, one couple was standing a little way from the fireplace talking to the “single” lady; one couple was at the unattended bar nestled in the far corner of the room under a loft; and I was sitting to the right of the couple in the middle with Stella sitting on the luscious rug between my legs. Her left arm was resting on my thigh with her body turned toward the “middle couple” and that smile shining up at me.

I wish I could describe that smile. That lower lip pouting out a bit, with one corner of her mouth slightly higher than the other which invited a thousand thoughts of lust. Her eyes were sparkling. Her short skirt was nestled around the tops of her thighs. Her blouse was an exquisite black affair with a low cut back and a neckline that plunged practically to the top of the skirt. Cleavage showed everywhere which made it difficult to look anyplace else. When she turned or moved, glimpses of her full breasts were able to be seen which caused not unsurprising results in my manhood. When she sipped on her drink, it was like she was doing foreplay, only causing more arousal from me.

My spirit in this dream entered a happy time with laughs, talking, teasing and a generally charged sexual atmosphere. I leaned forward to respond to something Stella said. She looked up into my eyes. The conversation was temporarily forgotten as her mouth opened invitingly, her eyes closed somewhat, and we engaged in a most breathtaking kiss. As the kiss ended, I became aware that the couple from the bar had come over and sat next to us — on my right. She was a tall blond, slightly built, with long hair and cream tainted coffee colored skin. He was tall, about 6’3″ brown hair and quite large. No, not fat. Not fat at all, but large wide shoulders, narrow waist, and a ready rugged smile. We all instantly began chatting. Ingrid and Max. We must have met them, at least briefly, before my spirit entered this dream state because we were all very comfortable. Ingrid wore a tiny miniskirt that looked like it may have been painted on her. The blouse was somewhat opaque, small, and very fashionable. When she moved a certain way that caused her breasts to push against the fabric, you could see the color change from breast to nipple. Her areola looked like large canlı bahis candy kisses and the nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. Concentration was getting difficult as my eyes kept glancing from Stella’s beautiful full breasts to Ingrid’s nipples. However, my attention was mostly on Stella which wasn’t in small part because her free hand kept brushing across the growing area in my crotch.

Soft music was playing. I’m not entirely aware of when it started or if it may have been playing all along. All I know is the volume became audible and the couple to our left kicked off their shoes and started a slow grind that simulated a dance. My “spirit” suddenly remembered their names as Don and Maria. Don was about 5’10” with Tom Cruise good looks. Maria might have been 5’1″ with a tiny body topped by huge tits. The “dress” she had on was split on both sides to the middle of her hips. It was strapless and I can’t figure out how it stayed over those huge melons. You could put a cocktail glass in her cleavage and never fear it would be dislodged. When she raised her arms to go around Don’s neck her dress rode up exposing the bottom of her ass cheeks. When the two danced longer, the dress rode even higher. Maria seemed not to care a bit and continued to snuggle into her partner’s arms. A very cute little ass it was too.

Stella joined me on the couch facing toward Ingrid with her left foot on the floor and her right leg bent in front of her as she leaned back against me. Max must be getting quite a shot of heaven because that skirt was much too short to allow modesty in that position. That was okay by me as I had an even better look at Stella’s dual assets and it was less difficult to glance at Ingrid’s gum drops, although Maria’s ass was a little distracting. But it was a very pleasant distraction.

And then there were the three talking by the fireplace. Mickael and Misha were both Swedish born but long time residents of the U.S. Mike, as we called him, was sophisticatedly rugged; about 5’11” and looked to be strong as an ox. Misha was not the typical Swede. Although born there, she was Eurasian with all the positive features that one could inherit from such a union. Her father was a Swede and her mother was Thai. Misha had beautiful features and a great figure. She was small in every way, but perfectly proportioned. They were talking to Trish, born and raised in Ireland and what you might expect. She had very red hair, freckles, a great accent, and a luscious body; large breasts, small waist, flaring hips and legs that wouldn’t quit. Trish was dressed in a dark green skirt that went to her knees, but was split up the front almost to her crotch. Her blouse matched the skirt but was unbuttoned nearly to her waist. Her pendulous breasts were un-tethered, undulating precariously and seductively. Misha wore a red dress that was simply unbelievable. It was diaphanous with flowing folds which did nothing to hide her perfect figure.

After a few minutes, they came over to join us, followed by Don and Maria. In dreams, things happen without explanation, so the next recall was all of us on the plush rug sitting on and leaning against huge cushions and pillows placed in a circle.

“Truth or Dare” was proposed as an activity and widely bahis siteleri accepted. At first it was relatively tame with all taking “Truth” instead of a dare. Sexual preferences, first times, craziest time, wildest time, and so forth were asked and answered. Then, a little more risqué with wettest, biggest, largest load, multiple orgasms and more. Then Ingrid’s turn with “who, besides your partner, would you most like to have sex with out of this group?” She looked around a second and said, “hmmm, Stella!” That seemed to get the ball rolling (so to speak). Max, then, took the first “DARE”. Partners were responsible for coming up with the first 3 dares and they had to be approved by the group. Or at least the group had not to object. So, Ingrid told Max to fondle someone above the waist. All dares were limited to a minute with one of those sand timers from some game being used. Max picked Maria. It was hot with someone finally saying time was up.

Stella was next — DARE. I told to her to kiss someone like she meant it. And she did! ME! OMG it was quite titillating. The group objected AFTER the kiss, so she picked Mike. He didn’t know what hit him. She was already primed and when time was up Mike was panting.

My turn. Stella had been watching me watching others and said fondle someone’s ass. The group said “not Stella’s!” So, Maria got picked on again. I mean, it was readily assessable and I’d been eyeing it for awhile. She wiggled and giggled at first, but by the end of the minute the giggles were turning to gentle groans of pleasure.

Trish was next, but didn’t have a partner so quiet little Misha spoke up and told her bare her breasts and stick them in someone’s face. Well, Trish did just that — to STELLA! And Stella got into it.

This all went on for awhile (to which I will gladly describe in some detail at a later writing). Misha, Maria, Ingrid, Trish and Stella had all been fondled, kissed and played with and the guys were quite satisfied with the proceedings as well. The quiet one, Misha, was beginning to show her wild side even more than some of the others. So, when Trish’s turn came up again, Misha told her to remove her blouse, pick a man, take down his pants, and rub his cock between those big breasts. Trish looked mildly surprised, looked around, and picked Max. What a job she did! Max was my hero for enduring that pleasure without creaming although he must have come very close. After, the minute, Trish reached to put her blouse back on and Misha told her NO. Once you lose an article it stays off for the duration. This was a rule not discussed, but Trish just shrugged and no one objected, so the rule was set. Max began to pull up his pants, but Misha said “that goes for you too.” After some discussion about he hadn’t really taken his pants and boxers off, I offered that he should lose the pants but could keep the boxers for now at least. This was agreed to and the group voted me the official rule interpreter from then on (with, of course, consensus of the group).

There were potty breaks and “nose powdering” along with breaks for drinks, but in short order all the clothes were gone. Someone suggested that the dares should be gender based so that all the men would do a dare at the same time (thought bahis şirketleri up by the ladies of course) followed by all the ladies doing a dare (thought up by the men). The first one was proposed by Trish for the men to “eat your partner.” Of course, Trish didn’t have a partner, but she indicated she would be happy to watch and would enjoy herself later. How absolutely lovely it was for me to bury my face in Stella’s sopping, sweet pussy. Hearing her moans and then, her cries as she reached orgasm made it all the sweeter. Lapping her nectar from her thighs, pussy, and my own chin was heavenly.

Our (the men) conferred and decided that Trish would get eaten, breasts, sucked and parts fondled by all the men at once. Not exactly a dare for the women, but everyone unanimously agreed. I think the timer got overlooked a little, but when someone finally called time Trish had been thoroughly ravished and ended up with one man on each breast, one sucking her snatch and some guy with a dick in her mouth. Trish pleaded mercy and said she’d sit the next round out. The ladies then picked the next dare which was doing the same thing to each of them as was done to Trish. The next 10 minutes (timer? What timer?) were quite nice with each man alternating positions to each of the ladies in turn. Stella went quite crazy as I observed from position above her head with my cock in her mouth. Oh how nice to see this fantastic lady enjoying the ministrations of four men.

Next the men sat on the couch and the ladies lined up to suck on them. We were all fearful of cumming and ruining the rest of the evening. So, each lady had 30 seconds, then switched, 30 more seconds, switch and so on. So for 2 and ½ minutes the men were treated to 5 mini blowjobs. Who knew that 2 and ½ minutes could seem sooooo loooong and feel soooooo goooood. Poor Max, the biggest man with the biggest tool lasted just under two minutes when he erupted in Misha’s mouth. She pulled him from her mouth and he squirted all over her face and breasts. Then she put him back in her mouth and very gently cleaned him off. Then took him out of her mouth again and licked him ’til he sparkled. Stella had the last 30 seconds with him. And, well, she brought him back to full staff before the time ran out. Don almost got the same treatment as he was nearly screaming while Misha, again, nearly made it two in a row. Somehow, he held out. I have no idea how I kept from blowing myself.

I told the group the guys were done for awhile or we’d spoil the evening. So the next dare was for the ladies to form a daisy chain and eat each other. Protests were not in evidence while they pondered how they were going to accomplish this. Stella had been Ingrid all night and Trish obviously wanted Stella. Misha and Maria were game for anyone. Describing the scene still gets me going. Stella on her back with Trish kneeling between her legs and Ingrid kneeling over her face. Ingrid eating Maria who was on her back and who was eating Misha laying on her side who was eating Trish. There was no timer. There were pauses as one lady after the other came, but then resumed their ministrations until their partner came. Finally all were satisfied and all were laying down panting.

I offered Stella a drink of water which she gulped thankfully. I held her hand and pulled her to her feet, walked her to the stairs heading to the loft and helped her up to our bed. We made gentle love at first and ended in a frenzy of lust.

I woke up.

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