In for a Penny Pt. 03

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Mark Nathan leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms behind his head looking around his office with pride. He’d worked hard to get where he was, putting in long hours and subjecting himself to a boatload of stress. But it seemed like his stress levels were about to come down thanks to a genius idea he and his partners, Jason Hammond and Craig Green, had concocted one evening over a few too many Scotches. But sometimes the craziest sounding ideas were the best.

Mark closed his eyes, remembering the very fruitful interview with Penny Ferguson yesterday. She could suck better than any girl he’d been with and hadn’t even seemed put off when all three men had played with each other – they’d discovered a few years ago that while they didn’t see themselves ever being in any kind of relationship with a member of the same sex, the feel of another man’s mouth or hand just added to the experience of lavishing their attentions on a woman.

Mark heard the front door chime go off and sat up straight. He stood and strolled down the hallway, just in time to see Penny finish hanging her coat in the closet. He checked out her legs, remembering how flexible she’d been as Jason and Craig had plowed into her. He looked forward to experiencing that himself.

“Good morning, Ms. Ferguson,” Mark said loudly, more than a little amused when she jumped. “Are you ready for your first day?”

Penny blushed but squared her shoulders and smiled. “Absolutely,” she said. “Just let me put away my purse. I’ll be in your office in a moment.”

Mark smiled, pleased with how she pushed past her embarrassment. It wouldn’t do to shy away from any of the three of them, and he knew he was the most laid back. He pushed through the hallway door, making his way back to his office.

Penny stepped in a moment later and looked around as Mark took a moment to check out her outfit for the day. She wore another pencil skirt, this time red, and a black jacket. Her blouse was as demure as yesterday, but he’d seen her tits and knew he’d have it off her shortly.

“I have a call in a few moments with a client,” Mark stated. “He’s a bit czech taxi porno long winded and doesn’t say much of substance. There won’t be any need to take notes, but I will need you to keep me awake during this conversation. Please remove your clothing and kneel by my feet while I get him on the line.”

Penny blushed harder, much to his delight, but complied with his request. The line had just started ringing as Penny placed herself between his thighs. He greeted his client while leaning back, slowly undoing his belt as they exchanged greetings. Penny’s hands began creeping up his legs, moving lightly over his thighs as the call moved into the business for the day. She seemed a bit hesitant, but when Mark glanced down with one eyebrow raised and a smirk on his face, she seemed take that as a challenge and moved her fingers to his button and zipper, making quick work of undoing his pants.

Her hand snaked into his pants, grasping his cock and pulling it out for inspection. He was hard, anticipating her pink tongue stroking over the head. His hand landed on the back of her head sliding his fingers into her hair, pulling slightly as he moved her face closer to his dick. She needed no more direction, wrapping her fingers around the base and angling him so he slid right into her mouth. Her tongue licked around his head, savouring the taste of his precum as his hand twisted tighter in her hair, a rough breath forcing its way past his lips.

He did his best to refocus his attention to his call, quickly realizing his client was staying true to form and chattering away without actually saying anything. Which was for the best, because Penny was currently working on getting his whole cock in her mouth and down her throat. She gagged slightly but kept at it. She was truly a dedicated worker.

“Thank you, Mr. Smith. I’ll have the contract revisions off to you this afternoon,” Mark said quickly, interrupting his client. With a few more pleasantries, they finished their call, Penny now deep-throating him and making an almost constant humming noise which shot straight to his balls. He pulled on defloration porno her hair again, making her release his cock with a pop.

Penny looked up at him, her lips swollen and a mix of spit and precum dripping down her chin. Mark smiled, saying “I know, baby. But I need to get in that tight snatch of yours. You can drink my cum another time.”

He grabbed under her arms, pulling her up and spinning her around, her ass now resting in his crotch. Penny rubbed up against him, making soft mewling noises, seemingly desperate to have him inside her. He pushed her forward slightly, sloshing his cock around her dripping hole a few times before pulling her back onto him quickly, immediately thrusting hard, too worked up from her mouth on his cock to go slowly.

He leaned back as far as he could in his chair, holding her back to his front tightly as he began to hammer at her cunt. Both of his hands came up, each grasping a nipple and rolling them between his fingers.

“Play with your clit for me,” he gasped, ready to blow his load. “You’re so fucking wet for me. You like being my little slut, don’t you? You love knowing that I’m going to fill up your tight cunt, keeping my jizz warm inside before it starts to leak out. Knowing that Jason or Craig will be fucking your used pussy in less than an hour. Knowing you’re our whore.”

Penny groaned, moving her finger in rapid circles over her clit, as he felt a tightening in her pelvis and knowing she was close. She squealed when he began pounding even harder.

“Fuck, baby. Yes. Take it. Take my hot cum. Ugh!” Mark cried out as his cock began to pulse inside her, sending her over the edge, her pussy grasping greedily at his dick as his thrusts slowed, her finger now stroking lazily around her clit, her head thrown back against his shoulder.

He collapsed against his chair, holding her tightly, cock still mostly hard inside her, fingers still playing lightly with her nipples. He moved one hand down, brushing her hand away from her clit, so he could feel where they were still joined. It was so hot and wet. He shifted slightly, his fake agents porno cock popping out and his fingers moving to fill the void.

Mark played around for a second in her wet heat, smiling when she gasped, still so sensitive. He used two fingers to scoop up their mixed cum, brushing lightly against her g-spot as he withdrew his hand. He lifted his fingers towards Penny’s mouth, urging her to open her mouth with a light hair pull. Her lips opened and her tongue came out, swirling around his fingers, tasting their passion with a moan.

“Yeah. You like that, don’t you? You’re a dirty girl, swallowing my cum and your own. Is it good?” Mark asked, not waiting for her nod before moving his fingers back to her cunt, scooping out another serving of cum which he moved to his own lips. “Fuck, yeah. We taste so good together.”

Mark fed her once more before twisting her head to the side, tasting them both as he kissed her. It was hotter than he thought possible. He had work to do though, and knew Jason and Craig were just as busy and just as stressed. He gently nudged her forward, slapping her ass which jiggled beautifully.

“Thanks, baby,” he said. “That was just what I needed. Now grab your clothes. Don’t bother cleaning up. I know Craig wants to see you for the dirty girl you are. And I think you’re about to get even dirtier. I’m the most vanilla in the office,” he said with a grin. He knew how nasty Craig could get. It wasn’t his thing, but he certainly appreciated that Craig knew what he wanted and took it.

Penny turned around with a smile and heavy-lidded eyes that made him proud. She looked well-fucked and still ready to go.

“Thank you, sir,” she said softly, which made his cock twitch. But he knew she wasn’t only his, so with another grin tucked his cock back in his pants and zipped up, doing up his belt as her shapely ass sashayed out his door, her clothes in a bundle in her hands.

A few moments later Jason stuck his head in the door. “As good as yesterday?” he asked.

Mark smiled. “Even better.”

With that he turned back to his computer, making the tweaks to Mr. Smith’s contract and sending it off. It was something he should have had their new assistant do, but her talents were being put to better use. His cock gave another small twitch and he imagined the next position he’d take her in, wondering how soon he’d get to try out her ass. He couldn’t wait.

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