In Hot Water Ch. 03

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(This is a partial male/male story that possibly involves more than one man and also possibly some forced sex. If you’re not interested in that, please don’t read it. If you are interested, please leave me a message. It’s also not meant to be a great piece of literary prose. It’s meant as a fantasy of mine; nothing more. Enjoy.)


The previous evening in this same hotel hot tub had really opened my eyes as far as being used by another man and loving it. I hoped that tonight things would be at least as hot as they had been last night in here.

As the four of us who were awake (her husband was still sleeping , just sitting there in the hot tub sleeping) continued to talk, I found out that “Jodi and Marvin” were actually from the area but they went to the casino often enough that they ended up getting free hotel stays once or twice a month. This was a common theme, Marvin sleeping and Jodi sitting next to him wishing something like this would happen. She was a horny devil back in the day and apparently still was. He was retired from an accounting firm as a partner so they were set, money-wise. I have a feeling that might have been what brought them together; Jodi saw a sugar-daddy and Marvin saw a hot little babe with a hot, tight little pussy to keep him young. Well, with the way he was sleeping sitting next to his hot and horny wife, it didn’t seem to work out that way. They never had kids and I could tell that she was a child of the 80’s who sort of stayed in that decade. Her hair and tan really gave that away. Her smoking’ little body was something now; I can’t imagine what she must have been like thirty years ago. I had a feeling that if she was even ten or twenty years older than she was now I still would have wanted to fuck her as much as I wanted to right then. She was sort of timeless.

Well, this hot tub was sure getting hotter with the four of us rubbing each other under the bubbling water. My left fingers made the slow journey to the sex-starved middle-aged wife’s inner thighs and she instinctively opened her legs a bit, which I took as a definite sign that all systems were go. And, by the ease at which my fingers could slip inside of her well-lubricated pussy, I knew that I’d be sliding my cock in there eventually; whether her adjacent, sleeping husband was sitting right next to her or not. I tried to get a finger into her asshole and she raised up a bit so I could have easier access to it, which I took as a very, very good sign that my cock would soon be reaming this lady’s tight little under-fucked asshole. I could feel that her pussy area was shaved as smooth as glass which turned me on even more. I wanted to eat her out right then and there, feeling my tongue glide over and in-between those smooth folds of tan skin. Thinking of this classic, horny little housewife shaving to prepare herself every day for the possibility of getting fucked by some stranger really turned my crank. I couldn’t wait to see how her pussy, and her tight little asshole, felt wrapped around my plunging cock as I pounded into her.

Aaron’s hand and her hand were both stroking my rock-hard cock under the water, fumbling between the two of them, each grabbing and squeezing and taking turns sliding their gripping hands up and down the length of my cock. My balls were being handled, too, as well as someone’s fingers probing between my squished-together butt cheeks and around my asshole as we sat on that tile ledge seat under the bubbling hot water. It was ecstasy being between these two horny bastards and to be the object of their affection, or at least the sex tool that they needed at the moment. That worked for me. Aaron’s cock was as hard as it was last night and my hand made sure it stayed hard for whatever was coming next. I could feel his worker buddy also had his hand on deneme bonusu veren siteler Aaron’s cock and I’m guessing that Aaron had his hand on this guy’s cock so he didn’t feel left out. Somehow the four of us were going to be fucking each other and I had no idea how that would work with the woman’s sleeping husband right next to her. I wanted to be sitting on that big, fat, hard cock right now! I could almost feel him lifting me up and setting me back down on his cock like he did last night. Maybe he and his fellow worker buddy could pass me back and forth between each of their laps and their big cocks, spreading my wet butt cheeks apart with their cockheads and bottoming out deep inside of my ass as they forced me down on their laps.

Jodi’s husband didn’t move a muscle as the four of us continued to stroke and poke and prod each other under the water. Just like high school kids, we were fondling and stroking and poking and probing each other like it was our first time. I think the fact that the bubbling water made it impossible to see what was going on gave it a more exciting feeling, like we were getting away with something. This time, I was the one to make the first move. I needed to fuck this lady and I needed to fuck her now! Her sweet little pussy was so tight; I had to feel it with my cock. Seeing that her husband hadn’t moved a muscle or batted an eye in the last fifteen minutes, I put my arm around her little waist and pulled her over tight to me. With my other hand off of Aaron’s cock, I lifted her up onto my lap and in one quick move, her slippery, tight, pussy squeezed right down onto my straight cock and bottomed out with her tan, little, under-sexed-wife-ass-cheeks resting on my lap. Wow did that feel good! Her pussy was so smooth, so velvety, sooo tight. I wish I would have licked her pussy first, but there was plenty of time for that. I could feel her shaved pussy lips spreading apart as my cock head speared this 50+ year old pussy and I felt every tight inch of her slick walls as she sunk down onto my lap. Her wet back was arching and then rested against my chest as I kissed the back of her neck and squeezed her little titties and rolled her hard little nipples around in my fingers. She still had her swim top on and I was just reaching underneath it, almost like I was copping a feel, squeezing and pinching her perfect little, tan titties. I wanted to make sure I at least somewhat didn’t look like I was raping this man’s wife in case he woke up.

She was just sitting on my lap with her tight hole squeezed around my cock like she was sitting on a park bench. I pulsed my cock head deep inside of her, squeezing my ass muscles together as Aaron’s fingers were probing my asshole causing my cock to pulse, pushing against her tight pussy walls. That felt great with those fingers playing around with my asshole at the same time. She started to move slowly up and down on my cock, squirming and squeezing and making circular motions with her ass on my lap. My cock was in for a mall-rat workout, I sure hoped that I could outlast this sex-starved wife. I started to raise up to meet her halfway and was soon pumping into her as fast as I could under water, which wasn’t that fast, but it was great thinking that I was at least trying to RAM into her tight pussy as hard as I could. She sure wanted to get fucked, luckily, so I didn’t feel bad about trying to ram into her as hard as I could. She was a dirty “girl, even though she was easily in her mid-50’s.

As I was plowing into this lady’s pussy, Aaron must have had all that he could take because he tried to lift us (me) over onto his waiting cock. The weight of the two of us was too much even for him, so he sort of pushed her forward off of my cock and into the middle of the hot tub. My cock sprang out of her pussy and she disappeared under the water while Aaron lifted me up and forced me down hard onto his fat, wet cock! The precum coming out of his cockhead was all the lube he needed, and all the lube that I got, as my tight asshole slid down the length of his cock like a fireman sliding down a fire pole, bottoming out on his cockhead. Yooww! I didn’t expect that right in the middle of fucking that lady on my lap! He held me there as tightly as he could, pulling me down on his cock just as Jodi’s mouth closed around my cock under the water; the same cock that was just buried up inside of her to the hilt in her horny pussy. Wow, she has sucked a cock or two in her day I thought to myself as she worked up and down my shaft, just her back exposed above the water as Aaron ground his cock up into my asshole on his lap. Her mouth and hands were working over my balls as well and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Sure enough, as soon as Aaron started bouncing me up and down on his cock like a circus act, I erupted in Jodi’s hot mouth, causing my asshole to contract and pulsate so much that Aaron shot his first load of cum up in my asshole at the same time!

I grabbed her head with both hands and held it onto my cock under the water as I shot my load in her hot little mouth, at the same time I could feel jet after jet of cum shooting into my ass. No sooner than finishing my last drop, Jodi surfaced, looked over to see if her husband was awake, and then planted her mouth on mine, transferring some of my fresh, hot cum into my mouth. Wow, that was hot; she was sure a dirty little girl for someone in her 50’s. We kissed for what seemed like a long time but was probably less than a minute, in which time we had both swallowed what was left of my cum. She kept working on my cock and in another minute it was hard enough for her to sit on my lap as I sat on Aaron’s lap! My cock found her sweet spot and before long the three of us were bobbing up and down on each other like crazy. We kept that up for a few minutes, long enough for Aaron’s worker buddy sitting there with us to probably wonder when he’d have a chance at someone’s hole.

Her pussy felt just as amazing as it did a few minutes ago but I needed to fuck that tan little ass of hers. I pushed off of Aaron’s lap, causing his freshly-rejuvinated cock to spring out of my ass and stick straight up in the air. He was shocked as I had caught him by surprise. Jodi was again in the middle of the hot tub floating away but this time I followed her and sunk below the water to work on her. I found her asshole in an instant and started licking and lapping at it like a crazed dog, working over her tight little asshole and pulling her tan, sweet cheeks apart as hard as I could to really get in there. As I was eating her puckered hole, Aaron’s work buddy started to push his neglected cock into my asshole! He was holding me around the waist and his cockhead was splitting my cheeks apart as he glided the full length of his cock right up my ass. It was longer than Aaron’s cock was but not as fat. It had a crazy big bend in it though and man, that really felt strange to have that crazy crooked snake working its way up inside of me. He wasn’t being too gentle either, he was grabbing and squeezing my butt cheeks and really pulling them apart as hard as he could and his crazy crooked cock was sliding in and out of my ass as hard and as fast as he could force it in there. Aaron was fucking his asshole at the same time and I was the only one left without my cock being jammed up someone’s asshole. Not for long. With all my strength I pulled Jodi back onto my cock and speared her well-licked asshole in one motion! She started to gasp so I shoved her head under the water so her husband wouldn’t wake up. I drilled into her unbelievably tight ass as hard and fast as I could, just like Aaron’s buddy was doing to my asshole with his crazy crooked dick and I’m sure Aaron was fucking as hard and fast as he could too into his buddy’s wet asshole.

We were like a machine, all fucking into the asshole ahead of us in perfect rhythm. I didn’t think of it at the time but it would have worked just as well for me if we would have kept switching around, fucking and cumming into different asses and mouths. I was so horny and nasty by that point that I even shocked myself by taking those dirty cocks that were just in my ass and sucking them dry, swallowing those loads of sperm being shot out of those wet, dirty cockheads. This was truly a dream come true being in the middle of a big, nasty, ass-fuck daisy chain like this. That guy’s long, crooked cock was setting me on fire; he was hitting spots in my anal walls I never knew I had. The burning and tingling sensation in my ass was almost overwhelming. When he bottomed out up my ass I could feel his cockhead hit bottom and picture his crazy cock bending even more than it was and then I could feel it snaking out all the way and then he would RAM it back in me again in all of its crooked glory, just barely getting it in me with that weird bend in it. It was driving me crazy! I was a sex fiend by that point, being raped by this guy and his crazy bent cock that barely made its way back up into my tight hole without bending in half as I was bent in half in front of him. He pounded away at my tight little wet asshole with that angry deformed dick of his like he was pounding a piece of bent rebar into a hole.

Both of those guys cummed in my ass in that hot tub twice that night and I cummed in both of Jodi’s tight holes. They seemed to only want to fuck my ass because neither of them tried to fuck Jodi, which I thought was weird, but that was ok with me. There’s now no such thing as too much ass-fucking for me or too much hot cum to be shot up my ass or in my mouth. A hole’s a hole to me; anything I can cram my cock into is a good hole for me and tonight it was Jodi’s fine, super tight barely-used 50+ year old holes. I could have spent the rest of my life with my cock piercing in and out of her puckered, tan asshole and then sucking my own cum out of it and starting over on it again. I was evolving into some dirty, nasty sex fiend, and I liked it. Putting my entire mouth on her freshly-cummed-in puckered asshole and sucking it back out again only to spit it back on her tan, boney back and little ass cheeks. It felt so dirty, so nasty; I loved it.

My biggest obsession, and the thing that really opened my eyes these past two days, was that I really loved getting fucked in the ass like this by dirty, horny guys from the jobsite. It was opening up a whole new world for me to know that some of those dirty, sweaty, rugged workers are really just into fucking other guys’ asses. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen tomorrow night. Maybe even on the jobsite tomorrow one of them would force his cock into my ass after tying me up and pulling my pants down while the others watched, or better yet, joined in on raping my ass. Maybe they would piss in my ass, using me as their toilet as I was tied up and bent over. I was starting to lose my rational thought process, all I could think about was being involved in another mega-sex-session like this and being used as their dirty sex toy and the sooner the better.

The four of us were totally spent. We had been fucked raw and cummed into several times and sucked each other and swallowed each other’s cum and were oozing cum out of our sore holes and everything else but it was great. It was by far the best sex of my life. Just as we sat back down on the ledge under the water to recoup, the squeaky door opened and another couple walked in and asked if we would mind if they got into the hot tub. Without hesitation, Marvin raised his head and said, “Heck no, come on in.”..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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