In The Cupboard

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This is a pure fantasy story compared to others of mine that are based on real life happenings. Part of this is a fantasy of mine and part of it is inspired by wanting to write about a cuckold fantasy but with a difference.


I stood there naked in front of him. He turned me around roughly and wrapped the silk cloth tightly around my eyes as a blindfold. He grabbed the ball gag and roughly put it in mouth. He chose the largest one knowing I struggle to make much noise with it in. Bending me over with his bare hands he got the smallest butt plug, barely applied some lube on it and started working it into my ass. I cried out into the ball gag but he took no notice.

He walked me over to the wardrobe. Opening the door I heard him push aside some clothes hanging up in it. He pushed me in amongst his shirts. I could smell his scent on them up against my nose. He grabbed my wrists and another silk tie and bound them together. Pulling my wrists up to the rail in the wardrobe he proceeded to bound the rest of the tie to it. Kicking my legs together he then bound my ankles close together with some leather cuffs.

He reached down to my pussy. It was soaking as he roughly grup sex porno ran his fingers over it. He had still not said a word to me throughout the whole episode. Holding my pussy slightly open with the fingers of one hand he slipped in the metal duo balls. I moaned into the ball gag. Fuck they were cold!

He stood away from me and closed the wardrobe doors. I heard him walk away and I was left there in silence….every little move made the duo balls in my pussy move around and every movement of them made me dribble a little bit more into the ball gag.

I had no idea how long I had been there. It seemed like ages but could have only been a few minutes. I was drawn out of my wandering mind by the doorbell going. I heard voices, him welcoming someone in the house. A woman laughing! I heard footsteps up the stairs. His heavy footsteps and the steps of high heels up the stairs.

I heard the door to the bedroom open. I heard a giggle from the woman. I heard him say how hot she looked. She laughed again. Then almost silence. In my mind they were kissing, I felt jealous, I remembered how he first kissed me .I heard clothes rustling, more giggles and a latina fuck tour porno sigh from both of them.

Another sigh from her and he told her he always loved a woman in stockings. I felt anger. I always wore stockings for him and now here he was with his hands on another woman’s legs who was wearing stockings for him. He was fingering and kissing her. I could tell by the noises they were making and her reactions. I used to have the same reactions when he fingered me.

I heard silence again briefly. Then the sound of a zip and a giggle. But who’s zip was it? I soon found out as she exclaimed out “oh my” as she took his cock out of his trousers. I had the same reaction when I first pulled his cock out of his trousers. I knew how big, hard and hot his cock would be right now. He was always hard before I could pull his cock out.

I heard him sigh, she must be taking him in her mouth. That’s my cock I thought as I felt the duo balls move again inside my pussy. Some bitch is on her knees in stockings sucking the cock that I do and there was nothing I could do about it. I heard her gag a little and him groan. She must have really been sucking lezbiyen porno him hard and deep now. I heard her get up and say how hard and what a beautiful cock it was. I wanted to scream out and rush out and do something but I couldn’t.

I heard more rustling of clothes, they were getting naked. I heard him tell her to leave her heels and stockings on. That was my style the bastard and he knew it. I never took mine off for sex. I heard the bed creak a little as two bodies got onto the bed. I heard movement and a giggle from her. Then I heard a little scream out from her mouth and a sigh from him. He had entered her. That was similar to the noise I made as his big cock stretched my pussy on first entering me.

The bed creaked more as he built up a rhythm inside her. I heard him panting and her moaning. He was really going for it with her. She was encouraging him, begging him to fuck her harder and deeper. How dare she I thought. That should be me taking him like that. I cried into the blindfold and struggled against my binds.

She was moaning and screaming now. She was orgasming against his cock. No my cock, That’s my cock she is getting off on. He moaned out loud and his rhythm slowed he had cummed inside her. That’s cum for me. My cum. The bitch. I heard her giggle and then the two of them kiss. I sobbed and sobbed into the blindfold. I then realised my the tops of my legs were damp….as they had fucked I’d had a small orgasm listening to them fuck…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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