In the Volvo

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Big Dick

My God she was hot. The older sister of one of my best friends. At twenty-one to my mere twenty it didn’t sound like much, but she already had a four year old child. I had hooked up with her at a bar when Jim introduced her to me. Shoulder length brown hair with a slight curl, skinny but with a classical set of curves that were accentuated by her very tight tube top, the sequins of which glinted in every male eye each time she snaked her way to the bar. She had sharp features just like her brother, and a very sharp wit. It took me a couple of minutes shouting at the bar to place her cute lisp. She’d had that operation to fix a cleft palate. Only a tiny scar remained above her top lip, but the lisp revealed a little bit of vulnerability underneath the flinty, tough exterior. Somehow we hit it off. She, the hard case woman with a reputation of fucking only the toughest guys in the place, and me, the well built nerd virgin friend of her younger brother. I would never have guessed.

As an eighties disco tune hit the duke box and added another layer of unbearable noise to the already hopping bar, she pulled me away from the bar towards a postage stamp size dance floor at the other end of the bar. On a ten foot square dance floor there were about twenty woman dancing with one another, all strutting their stuff hoping to snare one of the muscular, macho men surrounding the dance floor and looking at them all hungrily like circling sharks. I was the only hapless soul with pants on that was dragged to the dance floor. Like the true disco king that I was though, as soon as the Bee Gees song hit its stride I was doing my best John Travolta impression. Soon the entire dance floor cleared as me and Roxy disco danced like wild things. I loved dancing and really it wouldn’t have mattered if Roxy was there or not, I would still have gotten lost in the beat as song after song played. I was covered in sweat and had a hard on from Roxy grinding her red spandex covered ass against my crotch at every opportunity. Even some of the hard cases watching began to clap their hands as me and Roxy got it on.

Eventually we both caught our breath and were released from the spell of the disco tunes. As we put our arms around each other and pressed our way to the bar for a drink, we were patted on the back by several of the crowd with some Escort bayan encouraging,

“Good on ya’s” being shouted at us.

After only one more beer for me and a whisky and ginger ale for Roxy, she leaned close to my ear and shouted.

“Hey ya wanno get outta here? I feel like some fresh air.”

“I’ve got ma car, we can go for a drive if ya like.”

“Aye right that would be great, let’s go.”

It was a cold Scottish night outside the bar, and Roxy had no jacket. I noticed her nipples sticking out proudly as we made the five minute walk to the old Volvo station wagon that I borrowed from work. I gallantly opened the door for Roxy and helped her in, before going around and clambering in myself. I started the old wagon up, and as I fiddled with the controls to crank up the heat, Roxy leaned over and stuck her tongue in my ear.

An electric shock went through my spine as I turned my mouth to meet hers and she stuck her tongue as far down my throat as she could manage, and that was pretty far.

I was already turned on from the dancing in the bar, and to be truthful with my limited experience, this kind of aggressive sexuality almost made me come in my pants. Roxy placed her left hand on the nape of my neck and ran her fingers through my hair, sending even more tingling sensations down my back. I tried to reciprocate, but somehow my hands would not remain tangled in her soft brown hair.They seemed to have a mind of their own as they made their way down her bare shoulders to her breasts. Her nipples were still hard and very obvious even through the sequined material of her tube top. My hands gently massaged her breasts and then I caught a nipple between two of my fingers and gently squeezed and tugged on it. She groaned deep in her throat and pulled my head even tighter towards her.

She finally came up for breath and said,

“Let’s go somewhere Sam, anywhere.”

“I know a place, it’s not far.”

I turned the lights on and jammed the old wagon into gear and set off carefully from the crowded car park where we had been making out. About two miles from the bar was a lovers lane that was quite famous around our way, and I drove there as nonchalantly as I could with Roxy’s hand playing with my cock through the material of my jeans as I drove.

There Bayan Escort were always a few cars in lovers lane, and it was customary to cut your lights as you pulled in to allow some privacy for everyone that was enjoying their trysts. I pulled into the side of the road near the end of the little cul de sac, and left the engine running to help heat up the old heap. Roxy was suddenly on top of me, somehow she had managed to squeeze her slight body between the steering wheel and me, and spreading her legs had me pinned below her in the driving seat. Her hips were grinding against my raging cock, still imprisoned in my jeans. We made out like this for quite a while. I had pulled down her tube top, and was playing with her naked tits, licking and gently biting her nipples. She really enjoyed that, and I could not believe that I hadn’t come yet as she ground her crotch against my dick. Pulling my mouth from hers I asked the question that I had only asked a few girls prior to that night.

“Do you want to make love?”

It seems lame when you think back on it, but I was a good catholic boy and I was raised to be polite. I figured the best way to find out if you were right about whether to go all the way was to ask. Anyway every girl I had asked up until now had always said “No” so I never had to figure out what to do next.

Roxy said,

“Fuck yes. Let’s do it right now.”

She squirmed off of me and over to the passenger seat and commenced taking off her spandex and panties. I couldn’t enjoy the show, because I was in an instant panic. No-one had ever said yes before, what the fuck? I knew I had a condom in my wallet, it had been there so long, it’s shape clearly showed through the leather of the wallet. I pulled it out and ripped off the wrapper. I tried to squeeze it onto my cock, and found that it would not roll on. Seconds dragged out to minutes,

“Do you want a hand Sam, are you OK.?

“Oh I’m fine Roxy, these fucking things, you know, they never fit very well. Just give me a minute.”

I glanced over to Roxy, she looked stunning lying back in the reclined passenger seat her tube top around her tummy, her pussy naked in the moonlight streaming through the car window, a look of complete abandon on her face. Her hand was on her pussy, playing with it.

My hands Escort were shaking now, I lifted the condom and looked at it. Ach, I had been trying to roll it on backwards, inside out. It wouldn’t roll down like that. I knew I should have practiced some more. Finally I had it on my hard cock. I virtually leapt across to the passenger seat and as soon as I was in position on top of Roxy, she wrapped her long sinuous legs around my ass, pushing my crotch towards her pussy, I freed up my right hand and reaching down between us I grabbed my cock, sticking my thumb out, I felt for her pussy, and my thumb slipped between her soft and wet vaginal lips. Sliding my condom covered cock through my hand, the head pushed up against the lips of her pussy. She was tight. I had no basis of comparison of course, but she felt tight, as I gently bore down on her and my cock slowly slipped between her outer lips. I was leaning on both hands now, trying not to put too much weight on her. She flexed her legs to try and drive me in harder, with more force, but somehow I thought that I might hurt her if I did. She felt so tight. It was wonderful, my sight was dimming, my breath was coming in ragged gasps.

‘”C’mon Sam, fuck me hard, harder Sam”

I jammed my cock all the way in and came immediately. I felt like I blacked out for a moment from the intensity of my orgasm. Roxy continued to undulate beneath me, to milk what was left of my come out of me, my cock was still hard, so I tried to keep going for a few moments, but I really couldn’t breathe. It had been fantastic, but so fast, so fast. I had come as soon as I was inside her. Ach too fast. Roxy gave up after a few more attempts to get going into a good rhythm, she patted me on the back and I slowly withdrew holding onto the condom and it’s precious cargo.

Adjusting our clothing mostly in silence, and having disposed of the soggy condom, I mumbled an apology for coming so quickly. Roxy said it happens all the time and not to worry about it.

Driving her home I couln’t help but feel a little bit elated, I had finally lost my cherry. I felt a little bit guilty about not helping out Roxy too. Halting the old wagon a few blocks from where she lived with her Mum, we made out a little bit in the car, and I asked Roxy if she wanted to go out on a second date.

“And I promise Roxy, I’ll take better care of you next time. I promise”

“Oh you’d better Sam. You’d better. Alright next weekend, right? Give me a call.”

I did give her a call, and the next time we got together it was really special for both of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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