In Thoreau’s Cabin Ch. 01

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Hey! It’s MY fantasy, so it can be as unreal as I want. It is very unreal, and while characters are based on women I have known, admired, and lusted after. Obviously none of the following is true.


The morning woke foggy. Tendrils of softness wrapped the trees in the deep forest. Dew dripped off pine needles onto the forest bed, sounding almost as a soft rain. I was snug in my bed, blanket warm against the morning chill.

I had just spent my first night in what I called Thoreau’s Cabin. It was my retreat: a 10×12 foot Tiny House, as they are known, that I had built in the woods near, but not too near, my main house. It was small, but cozy, with lots of big windows to let in what light filtered through large pine trees. It had a bed, a desk, a chair, and a small area for use as a “kitchen,” consisting of a small cabinet hung on the wall that accommodated minimal food and some water in a jug. No electricity. No running water. The bathroom was the nearest tree. Canned Sterno heated water for instant coffee.

It was my shelter from loneliness, which might sound odd, but sometimes to escape loneliness, one must seek solitude. I don’t know if that was a part of Thoreau’s original motivation for building his similar cabin on Walden Pond. All I know is that I felt the need to have such a haven. My marriage had gone stale. My son had grown into teenage surliness. I had grown into being totally alone, and lonely, in my own house.

There was a knock at the door. Seven a.m. Who could it be? And more: almost no one knew Thoreau’s Cabin was here. Tucked in the woods, it was invisible unless you were practically at the door. And it was my first night in it. Unpainted pine trim still smelled fresh and woody.

I wrapped the blanket around me and got up, moving the three steps to the door. Opening the door, I gasped. It was Veronica Wright! A woman I had known in college and dated briefly. Back then, I couldn’t stand it that she would only listen to disco music, the Bee Gees and Donna Summer weren’t at the top of my list. We didn’t last as a couple.

But here she was, looking as she had in college. How could that be? She had deep, dark, huge eyes that always looked a little crazed and frantic. That hadn’t changed.

“Veronica?” I stammered, “Is it you? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you,” she said simply.

“After all these years? Why?” I asked, amazed at many things.

“I missed you,” she said, and smiled. She was very cute. She had short black hair and a slim, sweet body. She always wore dresses, and today was no exception. A frilly yellow dress, scooped in front to display modest cleavage, full skirt extending below her knees. She might have been wearing petticoats. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?” she asked.

Well, that was the problem. I had made myself a promise that any woman entering Thoreau’s Cabin would get fucked. No exceptions. It was made mostly in humor, because I never expected it to be tested. And now, I had a test. Well, I decided quickly, drinking in her sweet form under the dress, rules are rules. But, visitors had to know beforehand. It wasn’t to be rape.

“Well, Veronica,” I began, “It’s like this. House rules are that if you step across the threshold you have to make love to me.”

“You mean, go to bed with you?” she asked, the slightest smile playing across rich lips.

“Yeah. This cabin is my refuge from a lot of bad experiences, and so I made myself a promise that any woman who came inside would have to have sex with me.”

“So can I come in?”

“Do you do this freely, and agree to my rules?” I asked.

In answer, she opened the screen door and came in past me. She put her purse on my small writing desk.

Her eyes had that slightly crazed look that I remembered well. “Do you remember how we used to make out?” she asked.

Boy, did I. I would lie on my bed and pull her on top of me. We would thrash tongues while we dry-humped, me working my hands under her dress to grip her cheeks, moving her by fondling her delightfully tight ass, rubbing her mound on my hard dick. We never fucked, just dry-humped.

And she was a screamer. She would lean up from kissing while we moved and scream, her crazy eyes looking at me as if I were actually fucking her. She’d scream, cum, and collapse. Yeah, I remembered. Another reason for our parting was the ribbing I took from my apartment mates, who always seemed to be home whenever we humped in my room.

“How could I forget a woman as hot as you?” I smiled.

“I came back because we never finished what we started,” she said. “We’re going to do that now.” With that, she pulled her dress over her head and laid it over the back of my desk chair. She was in a bra and bikini panties. Quickly, she cast them off, too, and stood before me naked, and a little abashed, I think. But her body was as sweet as I had imagined.

“What about you?” she said.

I was wearing a blanket and my whitey tighties. I threw the blanket over the single taboo heat porno mattress. I beckoned her, and she crawled under the blanket and pulled it up to her neck, smiling. I dropped my drawers, my cock now hard and pointing out straight.

“Come here,” she said. I moved up to the head of the bed. She grabbed my cock and, sitting up, licked the underside of it, and then swallowed the whole length in one quick move. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. She slid her lips up and came off with a pop and looked at me. “I’ve wanted this for 25 years!” she said, “but no foreplay right now. If you don’t stick that in me I’ll die!”

Not wishing to be responsible for such a dire consequence, I crawled into bed next to her, moving the blanket away so that I could take in the sight of her body. It was exquisite: tight tummy, smooth hips, pert little breasts with taut, erect nipples. Her legs were together, below a sweet little dark trimmed bush. Her hands were on her thighs. She looked at me longingly. “I have to have you now!” she said, and parted her legs, bending at the knees. She reached out to my shoulders and pulled me between her legs. The tip of my cock felt her wet opening. She moved a hand to grasp it and position me to enter her. I thrust forward and buried myself inside her. Her eyes went crazy and she screamed. I pulled back and thrust in, and she screamed again. I set up a rhythm of hard thrusts, pummeling my dick into her warmth. She screamed at every stroke.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! This is what I’ve wanted! Fuck me harder! Harder!” She was loud. I was glad we were deep in the woods.

Wanting to oblige, I pushed up on my arms and wrapped her knees outside my elbows, tilting her ass up and giving me deeper penetration and more control. I banged away, balls slapping her ass as my cock filled her cunt. It was an urgent rhythm of hard, rapid thrusts.

Her screaming stopped, and she just looked at me wide eyed as I pounded her pussy. She was cumming hard, I could feel her walls squeezing my shaft, and her pussy got even more slippery with juices.

“God, I love how you fuck me!” she screamed. Her fingernails raked my back as I loomed above her, her legs against her chest and my hardness pumping in and out. I looked down to see the glistening wetness on my shaft as I pulled out and slammed in. This was an animal fuck. No tenderness, no loving, just hard sex.

She came again, screams dying off to an open-mouthed silence, eyes wild, her pussy clamping down. I felt a load begin to bubble up from my balls. It was time for a change of strategy. I rammed in deep and stopped. She looked at me, and I looked deeply into her eyes. I slowly withdrew to where my tip was barely inside. Then I rammed home hard. She screamed and grabbed my ass. I withdrew slowly and rammed again, she pulling me inside with groans and screams. I pulled out slowly and rammed home again. It was time.

“This time I’m going to explode,” I said, looking into those crazed eyes.

“Yes! Yes! Cum in me!” she screamed.

Ever so painstakingly slowly I backed out, just the tip between her pussy lips.

“Are you ready?” I asked, “Do you want my cum?”

Her mouth opened, speechless, her eyes were wide. She gave the barest of nods.

Looking into her eyes, I slowly sank my shaft into her, and began spasm after spasm of an intense orgasm, shooting a huge load of sperm as deep into her womb as my cock could reach. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her, gripping me tightly in an embrace. I could feel her breasts against my chest, her legs against me, her pussy clenching my dick and milking my semen. She rocked and rocked her hips, now with little “ahs” with each rock of her hips. We came and came together.

Spent, we lay with me on top. I let her legs go and she wrapped them around my waist, holding me inside her with tightened pussy muscles. I kissed her lips gently. Lightly kissed the line of her jaw and her neck. I wanted to bring her down slowly and gently. After a fuck that hard, a little tenderness seemed to be in order.

“Mmmm,” she purred, “That was worth the wait.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I certainly did.”

“Can we sleep?” she said dreamily.

“Whatever you want,” I said, “I have nothing on the calendar today except to hang out here.” She nuzzled in under my arm.

We awoke, entwined, two hours later. Her eyes were sleepy at first.

“Fuck me again,” she whispered.

“On your knees,” I said.

“Mmm,” she cooed.

She rolled onto her stomach and tucked her knees up to stick her delightful tush into the air. Already hard just from the idea of it, I got on my knees behind her and aimed my dick at her snatch. She reached under to grab me and guide me to her opening. She was still wet from before, and my full length slid into her pussy easily. I began a slow pumping of my hardness in and out of her.

“That’s so good!” she breathed. Gone were the screams, at least for the moment. teach that bitch porno I pumped and pumped, slowly building the speed and intensity. We fucked the morning away. After one huge orgasm, I was hard, but far from another explosion. It felt so good just to have my cock sliding in and out of warm, wet pussy. I closed my eyes and thrust, just drinking in the feeling around my dick.

The screams came back. “Ahs” and “Ohs” in time with each entry thrust.

“My ass! Fuck my ass!” she screamed.

I didn’t have a lot of experience with the back door, to be honest. But how can I let a lady down? I pulled out and positioned the now-huge, spongy head of my cock at her anus. She felt me and pushed back. My head passed in and she screamed – I couldn’t tell if it was pleasure or pain.

“Do you want me out?” I asked, concern in my voice.

“No! I want you IN!” And on the “in” she rammed back, sinking my cock up her butt all the way. She screamed again.

“Yes! Now fuck my ass!” she growled.

I pulled back slowly and sank in slowly. It was so tight. She growled and moved in a faster rhythm, bucking her body back to impale her ass on my throbbing dick. She was fucking me, now. I barely needed to move and my cock was doing long strokes in and out of her.

She was screaming, and then silent again, mouth wide as an orgasm ripped through her. Now it was my turn. I pumped her for all she was worth, balls slapping against her pussy as I ground my dick deep into her. I felt it start to well up.

“I’m going to cum!” I yelled.

“Give it to me! Cum in my ass!” she screamed.

With a yell I plunged deep and let loose another huge stream of sperm. I throbbed and throbbed as my seed spurted into her bowels. She ground back against me to get my dick as deep inside her as she could. Her screams died as she looked around at me with crazy eyes and her mouth wide in another orgasm. It was intense again.

We collapsed onto our sides, my still-hard cock buried up her behind. We spooned soundless except for our heavier breathing from the exertion. I reached and cupped her breast, fingering her hard nipple. She nuzzled back against me, reaching behind to grab my ass and pull me deeper inside her.

“Wow! That was wonderful!” she said.

“It certainly was intense,” I replied.

After too few minutes, she said she had to go. She left me in bed and dressed in my tiny space.

“Just one question,” I said.


“You look like you did in college. But that was twenty-five years ago. Why is that?”

“Foggy mornings can cloud the best vision. Don’t think about it. Just be grateful that you had a fantasy fulfilled.” And she walked out the door.

“Will you come back?” I called after her. But there was no answer.

I dozed.

For the rest of the day I puttered around my new small home. I had no electricity, no phone, no plumbing to speak of. I filled a gallon jug of water. Candles. A flashlight. Thoreau’s Cabin had lots of windows, but I had built it deep in the woods under the cover of big pine trees, so even on a sunny afternoon the light was pleasant, but not bright. A small desk and chair, a small cubby space to store minimal food. I had mounted pegs by the door to hang clothes. A single bed, fitted sheet, two pillows and a soft blanket. The 10×12 space was comfortably full, and contained all that I needed.

With evening, I lit two candles against the dark. Chips and hot sauce with some Cabernet made a cooking-free supper. I read by candlelight as I munched. Spring evening sounds came in through open windows. I had no heat, but the night was cool, not cold. A little bit of moonlight filtering through the trees showed ground fog rising on the forest floor.

She didn’t even knock. She just walked in. Carol. Oh my God! Carol! She had been an object of lust for four years in high school. She owned the perfect hourglass shape, with large, firm breasts and the perfect ass. Jet-black, shoulder-length hair framed deep dark eyes in a perfect oval face. She was drop dead gorgeous, looking like she was about 21, and she had just walked into my cabin. Just walked in. She smiled a radiant smile.

“Hello,” she said simply.

“Carol?” I stammered.


“What are you doing here?”

“I heard you had a new house, and I wanted to give you a housewarming present,” she said, taking off her windbreaker and hanging it a peg by the door. She closed the door behind her. She was wearing a navy blue tube top, which fully hugged every curve and tucked up underneath her absolutely killer breasts. Her nipples were erect. Her breasts were to die for. Blue jeans looked as if they had been spray-painted on. Slim hips molded an incredibly shapely ass.

“Carol, there’s something you need to know,” I said.

“And what’s that?” she asked.

“It’s my house rule that any woman entering this cabin must make love to me,” I said apologetically.

“Even if I didn’t know that teem skeet porno rule before I barged in?” she asked, but there was a twinkle in her eye.

“Well,” I said, pausing to think, “I should make an exception, since you didn’t know beforehand. But you’ll have to leave. Put on your jacket and we’ll sit on the porch.” If I sounded dejected, it’s because I was.

“But you don’t know what I brought you for a housewarming present,” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

She moved across the room and glided into my lap, putting her arms around me. I could feel those magnificent breasts pressing into my chest. I started to get hard. My arm went around her waist, the other to her knee.

“Me,” she said simply.

“What do you mean, ‘me’?” I asked.

“I knew it was going to be a chilly night, and I wanted to help keep you warm. So here I am: your housewarming present!” With that, she kissed me softly, pulling close. “So you see, I fully intend to abide by your rules.” This time, she planted one squarely on me, tongue searching between my lips for my tongue. I responded, growing harder in my jeans. It was a long, soulful kiss.

“How warm do you want to keep me?” I asked with a smile.

She laughed a laugh that sounded like soft spring rain. She looked deep into my eyes, and hers widened just a bit in mischief as she said a single word: “Hot.” She followed that with a dazzling smile, and moved in for another wickedly wonderful kiss.

“Can you stay the night?” I asked hopefully.

“I don’t intend to be done with you before dawn!” she said with a smile that could melt steel.

“Carol? Can I ask why? After all these years. I mean, I haven’t; seen you since you turned me down for the Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young concert in the summer of ’73.” I said, truly puzzled.

“I really couldn’t make that, and you thought I was blowing you off because you’d given me a rose and said you had a crush on me. I was hurt when you didn’t call again. Then I got mad.” She said, eyes flashing as she remembered the anger. “I never got the chance to do what I wanted to do.”

“And what was that?” I asked.

“Fuck your brains out. That rose was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for me. For days I practically had an orgasm every time I looked at it. I wanted you so badly, but you never called!” She almost sounded plaintive.

“But why now?” I asked, still puzzled.

“Some questions are better left unanswered,” she said, and again planted one on me with sweet lips. Her tongue went deep into my mouth, and sparred with mine. I held her head close, and gently rubbed up and down her leg. She massaged my shoulder and held me close. We kissed for a long time.

Slowly, I moved my hand up from her leg along her hip to her waist. I could feel her hip bone under my touch. Her breath was beginning to get a little ragged as her excitement built. I wasn’t far behind.

“Take my breast,” she breathed in my ear.

I moved my hand to her beautiful breast, cupping it firmly through the tube top. Her nipple was big and hard, poking the elastic fabric. I felt it, cupped underneath her breast, felt the outside, felt between her cleavage. It was wonderful – they were so big, yet so firm. Hooking my finger in her cleavage, I slowly pulled down the tube top, exposing two of the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen. I cupped warm flesh. So soft. I took a nipple between my thumb and finger and caressed it first lightly and she giggled though our kiss, then more firmly and she sighed and pressed closer. I spread my hand to hold as much of it as I could. I massaged it. I caressed it. I pulled back from our kisses just to look at them. They were magnificent. I looked deeply into her eyes. She smiled.

I cupped one and moved down to kiss her neck. I kissed all along her jaw line and back to her neck. Then slowly, I kissed her shoulder, moved in to lick her collarbone lightly, and then slowly started kissing down her chest, feeling with my lips where her breast began to rise from her chest, then fully kissing breast skin, cupping it with my hand and, for the moment, leaving her nipple alone. But she knew I was headed there, and she held my head as I worked my way down. I circled her aureole with my tongue, feeling its goose bumps. I closed my mouth over her nipple and she gasped and held me tightly. I flicked it with my tongue, tracing its shape with the tip of me. Then I sucked on it hard and she moaned. I opened my mouth and tried to take as much of her tit into my mouth as I could fit, all the while flicking her hard nipple with my tongue. My lips tasted her sweet skin, my nose drank in her smell, and just a trace of perfume from her cleavage.

I fancy myself an equal-opportunity boob-kisser. So I slowly worked my way across her cleavage to her other wonderful mound. I was not disappointed, this one being as tasty as the first. She continued to moan softly and breathe heavily. There was a new smell: her musk could faintly be made out amidst the odors of raw wood in my cabin. Evidence that she was, in fact, turned on. I kissed more, and worked below her breasts to kiss her chest, then back to nuzzling those beautiful globes and sucking nipples more. I moved up and planted a deep one on her lips, tonguing her as deeply as I could reach.

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