Incestuous Flesh Massaged Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Daughter’s Incestuous Massage

A week later, and Olivia had yet to come back with her daughter.

It was a shame. I had a great time massaging my first client and giving her such an intimate and delicious massage. Working at The Lady’s Touch massage parlor was exciting and fun. I had some great delights seducing clients into lesbian sex or just giving them what they wanted under the guise of a sensual massage. I gave them titty massages, vulva massages, nuru massages, blindfold massages, and even just regular massages. They didn’t all end in actual sex, just some teasing fun, but many times they did.

Still, Olivia was my first intimate massage, and you always remember your first time.

I was glad that Juana, a dominating lesbian who was a close friend of my family (so close that she lived with us, and Clint, my brother, had bred her and her sister-slave), had come up with the idea of this massage parlor. My girlfriend and I both leaped at the chance to get out of stripping and find another job.

I hummed as I cleaned up after my last massage, my body buzzing from the fun. I didn’t get off, but my customer did. I rubbed her vulva while she gasped and shuddered, her eyes wide with shock. She was a cute, Black woman with round breasts.

The door opened behind me.

“Do I have another client, Lee?” I asked, turning and expecting to see my young half-sister Lee. She worked as the receptionist.

Instead, I found my brother, Clint, standing there.

He had a huge grin on his face. He was a man a few years younger than me. His eyes flicked around the room, nodding his head. His dark hair and chiseled chin made him nearly a spitting image of our dead father. Clint had stepped up to take care of the family when Dad passed away. He made us all into his lovers, sex slaves, and sisters with benefits. Well, I was the only sister with benefits.

It was exciting fucking my brother.

“This is a nice setup, Zoey,” he said, nodding his head.

“You shouldn’t be here,” I said as his eyes flicked to me in my lilac, silk robe that clung to my naked body beneath, my nipples hardening. “Only women are allowed in here.”

Clint waved his hand dismissively as he stepped before me. “Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I had a light load of classes today.”

I swallowed, a strange rush shooting through me. “Still…” My large breasts rose and fell. My heart pumped fast. “Our clients think this is a safe place for only women.”

His hands pulled open my robe. I shuddered as the silk slid across my nipples. Tingles shot down to my pussy. My cunt clenched as the heat washed through me. I whimpered, my brassy hair sweeping around my face. My breasts swayed as I trembled as his hands slid in and grabbed my hips. They slid up the sides. He caressed me as he went higher and higher.

I whimpered. Groaned. His hands cupped my breasts, squeezing them.

There was just something about my brother that made me weak in the knees and hot in the pussy. I never could say no to him. Not since he first took control of the family. He gave me the choice, he always did, but so long as I chose to live with the family, he was in charge of my body.

His thumbs slid over my breasts. His thumb brushed over my nipples. Tingles raced down to my pussy. I shuddered and groaned. He pressed into my nubs, pushing them into my areolas. Pleasure clenched and shuddered. My pussy grew juicier and juicier.

“This is quite the nice setup you got,” Clint said. He massaged me. Teased me. He had a hungry look in his eyes. “I like it. Things are going great.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned. He teased me. Twisted my nipples. My pussy clenched. Juices trickled down my veins. My robe caressed my rump.

He leaned down and engulfed my nipple. I gasped and clenched my fists as he sucked on my nipple. His lips sealed around my nub. Pleasure shot through me. His tongue caressed around my areola. He played with me, his hands squeezing my chest.

Incestuous fire burned inside of me as my brother nursed at my aching nipple. His fingers dug into my large breasts. His lips popped off between sucks, making these naughty popping sounds. I groaned as his dark eyes stared up at me.

“Clint!” I groaned. “Oh, wow, Clint. That’s… That’s… Damn, that’s nice.”

His lips popped off my nipple. He spun me around. I gasped as he bent me over my massage table. No foreplay. He knew I needed to be fucked. My robe swayed. My tits jiggled before me. My hands planted on the table’s padding. His fingers dug into my ass, causing my toes to curl in my slippers.

He flipped up my robe. His hands grabbed my ass. He squeezed my rump. He kneaded me. I shuddered as his fingers dug into me. I shuddered, biting my lower lip. My heart pounded in my chest. Blood pumped through my veins.

His zipper rasped. I bit my lip. I could hear sounds coming from the next room, a woman groaning as she was massaged to her orgasm. We told our clients men didn’t come here, and now my brother was here. It was grup seks yapan gaziantep escort so naughty.

I shuddered as his cock nudged into my pussy. He pressed it up into my twat. He shoved his dick into me. He buried into me. I groaned at the hot plunge of his shaft. He filled my cunt with his thick shaft. I whimpered and groaned. Pleasure swept through me, this incestuous rush of delight. My tingles raced through me. His balls smacked into my clit.

My pussy clenched around his girth, worshiping my brother being in me. I groaned as he drew back and then thrust into me. He slammed to the hilt in me. He buried over and over into me. He slammed into my depths. He buried over and over into me.

“Damned,” he growled as he pumped his cock into me. His hands slid up my body. He squeezed my breasts. He kneaded them. He twisted my nipples as he plowed into me.

“Enjoying your pussy massage?” I asked, squeezing my cunt around his dick. My hips undulated around his shaft. “Huh? You like my pussy massaging your cock.”

“God, yes,” he growled, his hips thrusting forward. His crotch smacking over and over into my rump. He buried into my pussy hard. My sheath squeezed around him. “Work those hips, Zoey.”

I threw back my head, groaning, my hips wiggling. I massaged my brother’s cock with my pussy. My tits heaved and bounced around His dick buried into me. His crotch smacked my rump over and over. Juices spilled down my thighs.

He grunted and growled as he plowed me. The massage table rocked as my brother buried into me. Pleasure spilled through my body. His dick stimulated my cunt as he buried again and again into me. My fingers dug into the sheet covering the bed. My breasts bounced, my nipples aching as he twisted them. He tugged on them, stretching out my nubs.

He kissed my neck. His stubble rasped against my skin. I groaned with every thrust. He fucked me hard. His hands squeezed into my tits. Pleasure built and built in me. This incestuous rush surged through me as I massaged my brother with my pussy.

“I want you to reach your peak,” I moaned. “I want you to spill your release in me. I want to relax you.”

“Such a loving sister,” he groaned, his crotch smacking into me. He filled me up. The pleasure rippled through me. My juices spilled out of me and rolled down my thighs. “Goddamn, Zoey. Clutch my dick in that tight grip.”

My toes curled. I humped back into him. The tide of rapture rose and rose in me. It would soon drown me. I groaned, my cunt clenching around his cock. This dizzying heat swept through me. My fingers clenched into the bedding as he plowed hard into me.

I humped back into him. My pussy gripped him. The friction was incredible. He rammed hard into me. I squeezed around his girth, increasing the friction. The bliss. Tingles built and built in my cunt’s depths. My head tossed back and forth. I gasped and moaned.

“Cum in me,” I moaned, my orgasm swelling. I was so close to exploding on my brother’s cock. “Just spill it in me. Let me massage you into rapture.”

“Such a loving sister,” he panted, pumping hard and fast. He buried into my depths. His crotch smacked into my rump. “Goddamn.” His fingers dug in on my tits. He gripped me hard. “Deep massaging me. Shit.”

My brother’s cock buried to the hilt in my cunt. His balls smacked into my clit. Pleasure exploded through me. I came. My pussy convulsed around his dick, writhing, massaging him. The incestuous rapture surged through me. It burst through me. Stars exploded before my eyes. Darkness rippled around the edges of my vision.

“Yes, yes!” I groaned. “Cum in me! Spill that jizz in me!”

I gasped and groaned. My pussy spasmed around his cock. Juices flooded hot down my thighs. I moaned and gasped out my rapture. My cunt convulsed around his dick. He buried over and over into my snatch.

“Goddamn,” Clint groaned. “Your pussy… Fuck, you’re good at giving massages.”

“Then cum in me, Clint!” I moaned, my body brimming with waves of rapture, my pussy spasming around him. Waves of bliss swept through me. “Flood me! Give me your jizz!”

He buried to the hilt in me. His cock erupted. Hot spunk spurted into me. My head tossed back and forth. My eyes fluttered. Stars burst before me as my orgasm convulsed through me again. Rapture rippled through me as he fired all that fertile cum in me.

My pussy writhed about him. I gripped the sheets. I groaned and gasped as the pleasure spilled through me. Clint gripped my tits as he growled out in passion. His cum splattered into me. That wonderful rush of his jizz spurting into me.

It was incredible.

My pussy milked out the last of the cum from his dick. I shuddered. I quivered. I sucked in deep breaths. My body buzzed with rapture. The pleasure died into a delicious shake. Clint groaned, his voice full of satisfaction.

I loved that.

As he pulled his cock out of me, the door opened.

My pussy clenched grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan as I threw a worried look, afraid it was a customer. Instead, it was Lee, our half-sister. The impish, black-haired, young woman had a wicked grin spreading across her naughty mouth. “Master, enjoying yourself.”

“Always,” Clint groaned. “You being a good girl working here, or do I need to punish you.”

“Good girl,” she said, her hands behind her back, her breasts jiggling. “Always, Master. You know that.”

Clint snorted.

“She’s been perfect,” I said. “We’d punish her if she misbehaved.”

Clint pulled out his phone. He unlocked it and pressed a button. Lee quivered. Delight sparkled in her eyes. She grinned, and I knew she had a butt plug, or vibrator, inserted in her asshole or pussy by Clint this morning, that just buzzed to life. Clint owned a collection of Bluetooth controlled sex toys. The massaging delight was her reward for being good. She would have to hide her arousal from the customers, fighting against it while submitting to Clint.

That gave my slutty half-sister what she craved. Humiliation, submission, and pain were what she craved. Her punishments were a denial of any sexual fun. Often, she’d have to watch Clint’s other sisters and women pleasuring him while she had to stand in the corner denying herself.

“Thank you, Master,” she moaned. “Mmm, and you have a customer, Mistress Zoey. She asked for you by name.”

“Oh?” I asked.

“Yes, a woman and her daughter.” Lee grinned. “The daughter’s cute and adorable. Mother wants you to give the girl a massage. Show her daughter the delights only a female masseuse can deliver.” Lee arched her eyebrows. “You made an impression.”

“Is it Olivia?” I asked, my heart beating, my pussy clenching, full of my brother’s cum.

Lee nodded, her short, black hair swaying about her head.

“You can’t be here, Clint,” I groaned.

“It’ll be fine,” he said. “I’ll go out the back.” He smacked my naked rump. “You know I’m good at using the backdoor.”

Lee giggled.

I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll make sure Master isn’t seen, Mistress Zoey,” Lee said, her cheeks red now. She wiggled her hips back and forth.

“Enjoy,” Clint said.

I gasped, straightening, my robe falling over my ass. “Oh, I will,” I said. “I’m going to introduce a mother and daughter to some fun.”

Clint laughed, nodding his head. It was his goal to make incest legal. He was going to college to be a lawyer for that reason. He marched out, Lee following him. The door closed behind him. I closed my robes tight, my nipples aching. I clenched my pussy, trapping his cum in me.

Thank god I practiced my Kegels.

I lit some candles to fill the room with a soft, lavender scent and obscure the aroma of passion. I was just fluffing the pillow on the massage bed, my heart beating with excitement, when the door flung open.

“Here she is,” Lee announced, her cheeks even redder than before. Her hands rubbed her stomach as she grinned at me. “Zoey will take care of you.”

“Come on, honey,” Olivia said as she guided in a slender girl in a tank top and shorts. The girl was eighteen or nineteen, pale and trembling. She had her mother’s cute chin and plump lips, but her nose wasn’t as bold. She had a lighter shade of brown hair, gathered in a ponytail that swayed down her back. “Zoey won’t hurt you.”

“I’m just going to relax you,” I said. “It’ll be fun.”

“I guess,” the girl said, looking down. She rubbed her hand against her other arm, stroking up and down it.

“Trust me,” Olivia said. The married woman was a few inches taller than her daughter, her brown hair cut short in a cute bob. Her dark eyes sparkled while her nipples pressed hard against the front of the sundress she wore, leaving her arms bare. Her wedding ring glinted. “Zoey changed my life. I was so relaxed after the nuru massage she gave me.”

I smiled at the MILF.

“Nuru?” the girl asked.

“It’s a more… advanced technique,” I said. “I think a beginner’s massage is what you need.” I grabbed her free hand, pulling her from her mother. I gave her a big smile, loving how she trembled. “Now I want you to just slip behind the triptych, take off your clothes, and wrap yourself up in the towel.”

“All my clothes?” the girl asked. “Even my bra?”

“All of them,” I told her. “I use massage oil, and you don’t want to stain your pretty bra.” I smiled at her. “The towel will keep you modest, okay?”

She swallowed and nodded. She padded from me and headed behind the privacy screen, a three-panel triptych. Her mother came up behind me as we heard the rustle of her clothing. Olivia grabbed my hand and brought it to her skirt. She pressed it into her crotch, letting me feel the heat of her bleeding out of her. She shuddered, rubbing my hand into her groin.

“Excited?” I asked, a smile playing on my lips.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned, rubbing grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort my hand into her crotch. “I’m so eager for Phillipa to be relaxed by you.”

“I can tell,” I said, pressing tighter against her crotch. “I was hoping you’d be back sooner.”

She rolled her eyes. “You know girls. She dug in her heels. I had to wear her down to get her to come.”

“I can hear you,” said Phillipa as she draped her pale-pink bra. “Jeez.”

Her mother giggled and released my hand, pulling me away.

I shuddered, this mother so eager for me to give her daughter the same treat. It was wild. My pussy clenched tighter, struggling to hold in my brother’s cum. A little bit had leaked out, dribbling hot down my thigh.

Would Olivia notice? What would she think?

Phillipa emerged wrapped up in the white, fluffy towel. It was big enough to cover her breasts and rump. She had pulled out her ponytail, the hair spilling down her shoulders. She padded to me, looking wide-eyed even as she tried to project this non-nonchalant attitude. Her cheeks had a touch of pink. She stopped before me, her bare toes curling and flexing.

“So…” she said.

“Lie facedown,” I said. “There’s a cutout for your head. Then I’ll readjust your head.”

She nodded while her mother gave her a supporting smile. The married woman’s hips wiggled back and forth, those hard nipples poking at her bra. Her daughter mounted the table. It shifted and groaned as she settled onto her belly, her face vanishing into the oval cutout. She would only be able to see the floor directly beneath her. She wiggled her hips, her rump flexing beneath the terrycloth.

“Okay, just going to readjust you,” I said, grabbing the top of the towel and pulling it down, exposing her naked back. “I’ll keep your butt covered, though I bet it’s cute.”

She gave a nervous giggle. “Okay.”

“No different than some sunbathing,” I said. “I’m sure you’ve untied your bikini top to keep from having tan lines.”

“All she did over the summer was lay by our pool,” Olivia said, cumming up behind me. Taking advantage of her daughter’s limited sight, the married woman grabbed my ass through the robe, squeezing me as I folded her daughter’s towel.

“Mmm, it paid off,” I said, staring at the golden-tan back of the girl. “You look cute.”

Phillipa squirmed. Her embarrassment only made me wiggle my hips, my pussy clenching. Olivia’s lips kissed at my neck, her head pushing aside my hair. I adjusted the towel so it only covered Phillipa’s rump, leaving her legs and back fully exposed.

I grabbed my massage oil and spread it on the girl’s lithe back. She shifted while her mother massaged my ass through the silk robe. The married woman kissed and nibbled on my neck, her fingers digging through the cloth into my rump. My toes curled and relaxed in my slippers.

My hands spread the oil across Phillipa’s back. I dug my fingers into her flesh. I massaged her, my breasts jiggling beneath my robe. This was so exciting. It was hot having the mother playing with me as I ran my hands over the daughter. A naughty thrill ran through me as my fingers worked up and down the girl’s back.

Then Olivia knelt. I gasped as her hands pushed my thighs apart. I strained to hold in the cum in my pussy as the married MILF ducked her head beneath my robe. Her hair brushed the sides of my thighs as she nuzzled up to my shaved snatch. My fingers dug into Phillipa’s shoulders, massaging her muscles, as her mother pressed her mouth against my vulva.

“Oh, that’s nice,” sighed Phillipa at the same moment her mother licked through my cuntlips.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned, this shudder of delight shooting through me as the MILF licked my brother’s cum out of me. “Just relaxing, right? Enjoyable.”

The girl let out a soft moan while her mother’s tongue fluttered through my folds. The MILF gripped my thighs as she devoured me. Did she realize she was eating cum out of my pussy? Did she just think my pussy was a little saltier than last time? Her tongue dug through me while my fingers worked down her daughter’s back.

I ran my hands up and down the eighteen-year-old girl as the mother’s tongue buried deeper into my pussy. It was hard not moaning. I wanted to. I wanted to let out my passion as the pleasure surged through me. The mother’s tongue caressed me. She lapped at me, teasing me.

She ate the incestuous cum out of my snatch.

“Mmm, you have such supple skin,” I moaned, my hands sliding up and down the girl’s back. I worked at her muscles as her mother devoured me. It was so exciting. “Just so smooth.”

“Thanks,” the girl purred. “Your hands feel nice. Mmm, yes, I like that.”

“Never been touched by a girl?” I asked.

“No,” she moaned.

My oiled fingers glided down the girl’s back as my orgasm swelled inside of me. Olivia’s tongue swirled through me. Her nose nuzzled into my taint as she devoured me. Her tongue stroked through my snatch. My hips wiggled back and forth, my ass clenching.

“I always enjoy being massaged by a girl,” I said. “It’s a gentler experience. Different from being with a boy.”

“Uh-huh,” the girl said as my hands reached her lower back. I was massaging at the slope of her ass, almost sliding beneath her towel. I brushed the beginning swell of her rump, massaging her. She shifted, her back muscles rippling. “It’s nice. You’re very relaxing.”

“Good,” I purred. “I know you’re mother’s glad I’m relaxing you.”

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