Incestuous Medicine Day 02

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Incestuous Medicine

Day 2-Wednesday September 1

By Charlie Flemming

Copyright 2021 Charlie Flemming


I arrived at Nancy’s doorstep sometime late in the afternoon. It was a strange experience. I’d never been to her house but assumed she lives in suburbia not on some hillside with a direct neighboring house but otherwise surrounded by woods. I saw as I got out of my car that the backyard seemed to have a pool that stretched behind both houses but was surrounded by a privacy fence, which was weird to me because they didn’t have neighbors.

I rang the doorbell and Nancy answered right away. I noted she was wearing an entirely black outfit of a sweatshirt and sweatpants that downplayed her physical features. I found this odd as when I knew her ten years ago she was fairly free spirited in how she dressed. As she let me in I thought about saying something about the way she was dressed but then reminded myself I didn’t actually care about Nancy’s problems anymore.

“Well,” I said as I put my bag filled with medical supplies on Nancy’s couch, “better get your son so we can get this over with.”

Nancy hesitated. “Xania I-” she started to say but I stopped her.

“What could you possibly say?,” I told her, “you destroyed my marriage. You made me question everything I thought I could trust. You turned my life upside down and I haven’t been the same since. I-” I stopped berating her because Nancy suddenly started crying. For some reason, this only angered me more. “What’s your problem now!?” I spat.

Nancy wiped her tears away and took a breath before speaking again, “I know I did all those things. I know. I’ve only felt guilty ever since. It’s my fault. Every time I have sex I-” she realized she said too much and shut up.

“What are you talking about?” I wondered if she was putting on a show for my benefit or not. At that moment I thought it was a lie as she never seemed like the type, when I knew her 10 years ago anyway, that suffered from any sexual hangups.

Nancy blushed and looked away from me. “I haven’t been with anyone since then. I haven’t even…”

She stopped speaking but I knew what she meant. Nancy hadn’t even had an orgasm in the ten years since I had caught her in my marital bed with my husband. I still didn’t believe her but it didn’t matter. I told her the truth, “I honestly don’t have any sympathy for you Nancy. I was just beginning to think of us as friends when you threw all that out the window. You obviously never cared about me.”

Nancy sighed, “I don’t expect you to believe me but I didn’t know he was your husband. He wasn’t wearing a ring and he told me he was single.”

She was right about me not believing her but Nancy turned to go get her son before I could think up a clever retort.


Rob still slept most of yesterday but I heard him up at night while I was trying to get to sleep. Today I know he was at least watching tv or playing one of his video games as I heard something coming through his speakers earlier. We’ve just avoided each other since yesterday’s incident. I was feeling pretty nervous about bugging him then but I also knew if we didn’t do this we wouldn’t know what medical problem he might have.

I knocked on the door.

“Umm what?” Rob shouted from the other side of the door.

“Can I come in?” I asked, feeling like I was carrying a skyscraper on my shoulders.

There was the sound of some movement and for a moment I wondered if Rob was masturbating again. But when he opened the door a second later I saw that he had just been playing video games in his chair.

Rob opened his mouth to say something but then blushed and looked away from me. He pretended to be straightening his bed but I knew he was just feeling as embarrassed as I did about the event yesterday.

“Xania’s here to talk to you” I told him.

“So you did call her.” He said, facing me again. He was much less embarrassed with something to distract him I noticed.

“Yeah,” I said, giving him a sweet motherly smile. “She’s here to talk to you about what happened. She’s in the living room.”


I really was having a hard time that day, no pun intended. But after seeing my mother’s body covered in my cum, and I mean completely covered, her face streaked with white, her tits, especially her bare cleavage, absolutely dripping, her robe soaked through so my cum was literally making the silk fabric see through as it clung to Mom’s skin. I was distraught with images of Mom like that since then and had been trying to distract myself with video games marsbahis güvenilirmi and tv but to no avail. My cock kept randomly getting hard but I refused to touch it because I knew I’d just be getting off to images of my Mom like that. This took an amazing amount of willpower because everytime my dick got hard it was like all I could possibly do was think about sex and wanting to cum.

When she was in my room, she was back to wearing one of her normal, very unsexy outfits but it didn’t help at all. I could still see the outline of her fine body underneath and I had to look away before I got another erection.

It didn’t matter anyway because a few minutes later we were in the living room with my old doctor Xania.

Not that she was old, she’s 5 years younger than my mom. But I hadn’t seen her outside of the experiment since I was 8. When I walked into the living room and saw her sitting there in her white doctor’s jacket, I only really ever saw her in a professional context up to that point and not as the beautiful blonde woman that she was.

I shook Xania’s hand when I came up to her.

Mom walked into the room behind me.

“Your mother says there’s a problem with your penis.” Xania told me.

“Um, well, I don’t know if it’s a problem…per se…” I said as I kicked the ground a little. I did not want to be talking about this in front of my mom…


As I watched Nancy get extremely embarrassed, outwardly I gave her a concerned look but inwardly I was laughing maniacally like a mad scientist. How much she was clamming up over whatever “condition” she thought her son’s penis was in was proof to me that what she told me earlier was true. Nancy hadn’t had an orgasm in ten years. She was probably the most sexually repressed person I’d ever seen in my life, actually.

This explained her outfit I realized as well. Not wanting sex, wearing things that only diminished her natural beauty. It all made sense now.

But I knew I had something to torture Nancy with and was going to do my best to make her as uncomfortable as possible during her son’s examination.

“Tell you what,” I said, turning to Rob, “we’ll just get to the root of whatever the problem is. Why don’t you sit on the couch and take your pants off?”


I was flabbergasted by Xania’s statement about my son’s penis. Her being so upfront about it like that, even though she was a doctor I was still really uncomfortable talking about such things openly. I was speechless but after she told Rob to get ready I felt that I was safe.

“I’ll just check back later.” I said as I took the first step towards the stairs, already planning on taking a long bath in my bathroom and calming myself down while they did…whatever needed to be done to get to the real issue with my son’s penis.

“No Nancy,” Xania explained, making me stop in my tracks, “you need to be here in order to point out the specific problems you saw with your son’s penis yesterday. You can still explain it to me now but it would probably just be easier if you stick around for the examination.” She turned to Rob who had sat on the couch and seemed to be extremely focused on the floor right then. “Take your clothes off so we can begin.” She repeated.

Rob cringed and looked to me for either support or wishing for me to be out of the run right then.

Well, I thought, I guess I dug this hole for both of us. “You heard the doctor, Rob.” I coaxed him.

I thought I saw the smallest smile on Xania’s face as I said that but maybe I was imagining it. I also felt my face getting red hot with embarrassment. My eyes, however, were right on Rob’s crotch. I think it was mostly curiosity, but I wanted to see my son’s penis again, if only to confirm that it really was as large as I thought it was when I saw it for only an instant yesterday.

Rob looked down, defeated, and I felt sorry for him. But as he stood and begrudgingly undid his pants, I felt my whole body build with excitement. I wanted to see my son’s penis and balls again. I was surprised by this but I also didn’t move. I didn’t run and hide from this. That was most surprising to me of all.


I blinked. I gasped. I may have drooled a little. But in all my years of being a doctor I’d never seen anything quite like Rob’s penis. It was humongous, even soft, hanging over halfway down his thigh. And his testicles were just as enormous, each one the size of one of my fists. I stared and I think Rob noticed because he slowly started to become erect.

“Um,” I said, realizing I had to start this marsbahis yeni giriş or Nancy was liable to run out of the room screaming, “I can see why you called me now.” I found my voice and was doing my best to make this sound as professional as possible. I walked over to stand in front of Rob. “Is this your penis’s natural size?” I asked. He mumbled something inaudible, “What was that?” I asked.

He sighed and spoke up, “No.” He admitted, “it wasn’t nearly this big until yesterday morning.” He sounded extra embarrassed about that. “I think it’s tripled in size.” He blushed a red almost as deep as his mother was blushing.

That took me by surprise. I blinked again. This was going to require some research but that would come later. Could the pills I gave him really have done this? I thought. It failed to cause any reaction in any other patients, why would Rob get a humongous dong when everyone else didn’t even get a side effect? It was a mystery but one I was going to have to research further.

I glanced over at Nancy and the look on her face surprised me. She looked as I pictured I looked a few minutes ago, staring at her son’s cock with lust searing straight out of her eyes. I bit my tongue inside my mouth to keep from squealing like a valley girl. Oh my God! I thought excitedly, Nancy is having sexual thoughts for her son! Is that the real “problem” with her son’s penis? That she’s having cocklust for Rob’s penis!? Can I push this issue? Will I? The answer was a resounding “yes” of course.

“Well,” I said as I dropped to my knees so that my face was only inches from Rob’s erect cock. He gasped, unsure what I was about to do and I smiled up at him with a spark in my eye, “It’s pretty obvious that either the virus or the medical experiment from months ago has changed something in Robert’s body chemistry.” I explained as I ran my bare hand up the inside of his leg, making sure to ease everyone into what I was about to do. I glanced at Nancy to make sure she wasn’t about to freak out with my hand just on her son’s thigh.

Nancy was biting her lip in anticipation of where things were about to go. At least, that’s what the horny expression on her face said to me. “I’ll do a preliminary,” I told the two of them, “this will require me touching your penis and testicles, Rob. This will determine any obvious problems. Is that okay with you?” Though I was addressing Rob I looked at both he and Nancy as I asked my question.

Nancy looked away from me and didn’t say anything. Robert was more vocal, “That’s completely fine with me.” He said as if a beautiful blonde doctor hadn’t just asked if she could touch his hard cock.

I smiled at him and moved my hands to his testicles. I glanced at Nancy out of the corner of my eye and considered how to get her more involved. This was my revenge after all, and a part of me felt that if I could somehow make her do something sexual with her son, we would be square.

“Hmm, that’s interesting,” I said, seeing if Nancy would take the bait.

She did, “What? What is it? Is something wrong?” The mother said as she walked closer to me. She went even further than I thought she would and kneeled down beside me so she could get a good look at her son’s big and veiny dick alongside me.

“Well, nothing out of the ordinary,” I said as I turned Rob’s cock this way and that in order to show it to Nancy from every angle. “For now, I’m going to take a semen sample and analyze it at the lab. We’ll make an appointment for next week and I’ll let you know, okay?”

“A semen sample,” Nancy repeated, “You mean you’ll need to…” She trailed off but made a fist and jerked it in the air. Funnily enough she jerked it very close to her son’s hard cock, if her hand was just a bit closer she would have jerked her son off for a moment with her gesture.

I felt my pussy pulsate at the thought of Nancy’s hand around her son’s hard cock. I never really though incest was hot before, but something about it being Nancy, the homewrecking slut who was now basically a nun, who was horny for her own son. Something so depraved…

Suddenly I was very horny as well. Originally, I was going to send Rob into the house’s bathroom to jerk off into a cup, but the thought of Nancy, who was sitting directly beside me and close enough that her breath could probably be felt by Rob’s cockskin, making love with her son was such a turn on in that moment, I simply said, “Yes. Yes, that’s what I need to do.” to Nancy’s question.

Nancy gasped as I put both hands on either side of Rob’s incredible shaft, and I started to jerk him. I was too turned on to stop myself marsbahis giriş or remind myself to be professional. Something about this entire situation was just too hot. I was now jerking off Rob with both hands as I felt my pussy pulse in my panties. I tried my best not to pant, but it didn’t matter because Nancy was like a hot dog sitting next to me and there was no way she could hear me over her own ragged breathing.


I watched from only inches away as Xania jerked off my son. In that instant though, I only saw his cock and not the person it was attached to. It was at least as long and as thick as my forearm. It was like the dick of a god. Zeus’s cock when he came to Earth to fuck maidens… I dunno, my brain was going to weird places in that instant. But I was refusing to think of this penis belonging to my son as Xania dramatically jerked him off directly in front of me.

I started to feel something as Xania masturbates this mammoth monster. It was something coming from deep inside me. Right down into the deepest recesses of my psyche and pouring out into the rest of my body. I didn’t realize at first, I was too distracted by Xania’s manipulations of this veiny meat stick in front of me, but this feeling was pouring straight into my vagina and, let me tell you, my cunt was throbbing with need. It was asking, no, begging me to fuck this throbbing cock in front of me. In that instant, it felt like everything within me was aching to suck and fuck my son’s cock, even if I was pretending it didn’t belong to my son in that instant, I was suddenly imagine myself riding it, this dick buried deeply in my vagina, and, in my vision, Rob was the person who was underneath me.

That thought of fucking Rob, something so taboo, so fucking wrong! Made my whole body start to gyrate and shake. It had been so long, I almost didn’t know what was happening and then it all became clear, “What! No! Huh!” I moaned out practically incoherently as I fell on my back and I felt a very wet spot form on the crotch of my sweatpants. “I’M CUMMING!” I shouted, unable to hold back as the first orgasm I’d had in a very, very long time overtook me.


As Mom shouted that she was cumming and writhed on the ground very sexily, it set me off. I’d been holding back for a while anyway while Xania jerked me. I mean, it was amazingly hot and my first handjob ever, but with my mom sitting on the floor right next to her I was so scared of cumming in front of her again it was keeping me from my impending orgasm.

But once Mom started cumming right there on the ground in front of me, fully clothed and not even touching herself in any way. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I moaned out as the intense pleasure overtook me. I watched, half-horrified, as my cum shot out and started landing on my mother’s orgasming body on the ground. I only barely noticed that Xania was the one aiming my cock at Mom’s body but then my climax took over my whole body and I could do nothing but cum. I crossed my eyes, I saw stars, everything went black, all because of that intense pleasure. This wasn’t like any type of orgasm I’d experienced before yesterday. It was like the pleasure of a normal orgasm times a thousand.

I came and came. Too caught up with my own pleasure to even notice where. When I finally stopped, I was sitting on the floor and there was cum basically everywhere. Spots were all over the hardwood floor of the living room. Much was on Mom’s body and face. And it totally ruined her black outfit. There was only a little bit on Xania’s forearm but I guess she was aiming my cock at the time.

Mom got up from the ground and looked down at herself, “Um, this can’t be normal, right?” She said, pretending she didn’t just have an orgasm right in front of me and my cum wasn’t dripping down her body and clothes.

“We’ll see,” Xania said as she collected the semen from her forearm into a plastic cup and put the lid on it. “I”m going to leave some of these cups here for you. I ask that you try to get another semen sample every day until our next appointment.”

Mom nodded and then practically ran out of the room and upstairs. Xania then winked at me and said, “Don’t worry Rob, Mommy doesn’t need to be there for those samples.” She then gathered up her stuff and left out the front door.

I sat on the couch without my pants wondering what the hell to make of any of this for several minutes before finally wandering off to take a shower and get ready for bed. I didn’t know how to feel about what happened between Mom and me either and I wasn’t sure if she would even want to talk to me again after that. And Xania totally surprised me. I mostly just remember her as a nice older lady who sometimes gave me shots but always had a lollipop for me after. Now, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I supposed at the time that it was all part of normal medical procedures.

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