Indian Sex Club Ch. 11

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This can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone story, but deeper character depth and the effects of the plots, rivalries, twists and turns of the Subcontinent Railway Sex Club will be found by reading the Indian Sex Club Story series.

After Ruth’s trip to Sydney and her two successful sexfights, I was interested to see her against the Vietnamese Mai again. But there was no real change in the status quo. Ruth, my Anglo Indian project to turn into the ultimate slut, was a good sexfighter but not in the class of Mai. Mai who had previously been 28 in the World Asian Sexfight rankings 10 years ago was more experienced and too technically good for Ruth. However, after her ten-year layoff, Mai was still only a shadow of what I had seen in the 2009 Asian Sexfight Championship where she leapt into calculations as a future champion. She didn’t have that spark the champions had. Technically she still had it but I felt the real essence, that killer streak, the X factor, was lacking. I hoped somehow she rediscovered it because all my hopes of managing a number one rested on her.

Returning from a three-day business trip I opened the door to my apartment. Mai, who was now working as a receptionist for me, was naked except for a thong and high heels. She was doll-like, feminine, almost frail. She 5 ft 3, weighed 6 and a half stone (45 kilos) and was 32A 21 30, and had long soft teased hair. Perfect makeup, and a still young-looking inviting body with its firm tits, hard nipples and prominent shaven pussy. Behind her was my 50-year-old Anglo Indian from Kolkata, Ruth. She was naked except around her throat was a dog collar. She too was short, 5 ft 1, thin and small breasted 30A 24 33. Both had small tits but Mai’s 3 inch smaller waist made her look far fuller breasted than Ruth’s. Of course, Mai’s already long, filler enhanced nipples stood out more than Mai’s.

But what had happened to Ruth’s hair? No longer long: it had been roughly cut page boy style.

“The Cho Cai (bitch) lost a challenge and her hair,” Mai said, “and she still has part of another challenge to complete.”

“Show Greg the result of our last fight,” she ordered, as she tugged on the leash attached to the dog collar.

Ruth, tears rolling down her cheeks, turned her back to me, bent and grasped her ankles. Mai pulled Ruth’s arse cheeks apart and I read tattooed around her brown puckered arsehole, “Fucked by Mai.”

“It’s only a henna cosmetic tattoo, but if she can’t compete with me in the remaining contests, it will be permanent,” gloated Mai. “Every day for 3 days we’ve competed at least 2 times and I’ve had her arse every time.”

She paused in contemplation. “Yesterday it was 3 times, and tonight I’m going to arse fuck her again in front of you after our dildo competition. It’s number 27 in the 69 different contests that can be used in competition, and I lead 27 to zero.”

As she spoke Mai shimmied out of the obscenely small thong and flicked it off to the side. She settled herself down on the rug, sitting on her arse and spread her legs wide. Without needing to be told, Ruth did the same, spreading her legs and pressing her feet against the younger Vietnamese’s. There was still fight in my Anglo Indian as she looked Mai in the eye as one hand slid to her tit and caressed her nipple. Instantly they stiffened and lengthened to over an inch exceeding the length of the Vietnamese’s erect nipples. As a result of suction cups and the same nipple filler, Angelina Jolie uses Ruth’s nipples were far longer than the Vietnamese’s. We had injected 3 ml of hyaluronic acid filler and the size of each nipple had grown from an erect 0.75 inch to 1.1 inch and, according to the research, should stay that way for 18 months to 2 years

Angrily Mai slapped the double dildo down between them. And what a dildo. It was 30 inches in length, 2 inches in diameter of black rubberised gel. She grabbed her end and rubbed it up and down against her slit, then slowly, deliberately worked it up between her cunt, groaning and whining in pleasure as she fed inch after inch of the black, lifelike and veined double-headed rubber into her pussy.

I watched, wide-eyed, as more and more of Mai’s end of the dildo was buried into her snatch. Her eyes were rolling back in their sockets, mouth parting and sucking in air as her upper arms squeezed her tits together, and her hips pushed forward to get as much of the fake cock into her as she was able. How such a petite woman could take so much amazed me.

“Oh Yeessss!” moaned Mai happily, staring down at the thick rubber cock splitting her cunt open. She grabbed the other end and pointed it towards Ruth’s spread pussy, its destination clear in an open challenge.

Ruth reached down with both hands and spread her cunt wide open and guided it into her welcoming slit, gasping as she felt it penetrate her, rocking it to make the penetration easier. Her arse clenched and tightened her cunt, but then she moaned softly and relaxed to let it in. The bulbous head Casibom of the dildo slipped into her cunt and she began snaking her end of the dildo into her cavern slowly. Her juices lubricated it as she inched it into her tightness. She moaned as inch after inch snaked its way into her wet hole sliding into her, parting the walls of her pussy ahead of it and tunnelling into her with a continuous unrelenting pleasure.

When she was finished the two women grasped hands. They pressed together until their legs were completely intertwined. Their two bare arses were pressed together and between their spread legs I could see the dildo sticking out of Ruth’s cunt and into Mai’s, and vice versa.

The dildo began to bend as it pressed in deeper, so Mai gripped it firmly with her hands, letting it push in further and straighten out, working it deeper into both of their cunts, which somehow managed to swallow it up. The 43 year old Vietnamese and the 50-year-old Anglo Indian both let out moans of pleasure, pulling themselves closer on the tether that was the double dildo. Finally, they reached their limits, the dildo sunk as far into each of them as it was capable of getting, so their legs now draped over each other, forming a rough rectangle. Ruth’s right over Mai’s left, and vice versa.

Ruth was pressed against Mai like a male lover, and their stomachs briefly touched as they pressed their bodies forward, a cock uniting their cunts. The two ground and moved their bodies against each other, not quite able to kiss but still able to work their tongues over the other tits as their bodies moved and squashed together.

Mai let out a squeal of pleasure and started fucking her hips back and forth, ramming the dildo into Ruth’s cunt. I could tell Mai and Ruth were gripping it tightly with their pussies, but just the same, each thrust slid the dildo in and out of the others cunts. Ruth started rocking her body back and forth, too, and they soon had their thrusts perfectly synchronised. Each of them would pull her body back, and then press forward. They held each other’s hands tightly, uniting and pulling their bodies together. Then they slammed their pussies and thighs together to ream each other simultaneously. Their moans escalated quickly, as the dildo was affecting them both. Suddenly, the two women began to pound together, picking up speed without losing a beat as they mashed their cunts on the long shaft of the double-dildo.

About six or seven exposed inches of the dildo connected Ruth’s pussy to Mai’s, and she slammed her hips forward, fucking more rapidly. Now both of them were swept up in the accelerating fuck momentum, groaning softly, whimpering, and wincing each time a particularly hard thrust sent the dildo deeper into their bodies.

Mai’s arm muscles flexed as she pulled herself against Ruth, working the dildo between them into her. Ruth let out a loud groan, low in her throat, as she forced the monster back into the softness of Mai’s cunt. She lent forward and sucked Mai’s tits as her hips pumped and I could her shuddering, her tits rhythmically bouncing as she rammed the dildo up the younger Vietnamese woman’s cunt. Mai groaned and it was obvious she was getting close to cumming.

And then it happened. Ruth’s taut belly muscles contracted, her familiar deep guttural grunts echoed around the room and her body flexed as she came.

“Uh Eng Eng Uh Eng Eng Oh Oh UuUuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnghhhhhhh.”

I groaned, on the brink of orgasm myself. But the double dong fucking and first success had their effect on Mai and she exploded also; letting out out a cry of ecstasy as her body went rigid. Ruth took immediate advantage of Mai’s long orgasm, bending the flexible centre of the dildo and changing the angle inside Mai. Ruth forced Mai onto her back as Mai fought to keep her end of the dildo from ripping her insides open.

The older Anglo Indian positioned herself over the former 28 world-ranked sexfighter, and reached down between them and strained every cunt and stomach muscle and slowly, teasingly, using her cunt muscles pulled Mai’s dildo half from her pussy, drawing inch after inch of the wet, glistening rubber gelled monster. As she listened to Mai’s moans, she timed her efforts until it was nearly completely out of her opponent. A cruel smile spread across her face.

“Try and stop this. You are finished.” Turning to me she beamed. “I’ve got her Greg. I’m going to beat the cunt and rape her.”

She drove it into the spreadeagled Vietnamese and began fucking her. Her hips moved down and up relentlessly. At first, each upward pull of Ruth’s hips dragged Mai’s arse from the floor as her cunt still gripped her end of the double dildo, but then it happened. Accompanied by a groan from the Vietnamese a lift of Ruth’s hips pulled part of the dildo from the Vietnamese’s slit, then the downward thrust forced it in. At first, any movement of the dildo was slow and small. Then a greater amount of the dildo was pulled from Mai, before being Casibom Giriş drilled back in. Ruth placed her hands on the Vietnamese hips to pin her to the floor and went into overdrive.

Her pace increased, and I swear I could see 10 inches of double dong being pulled from Mai’s wet slit before being driven back into the prone Vietnamese. Ruth was chanting over and over, “Going to fuck you, rape you, fuck you, rape you.”

Mai was gasping as it was pulled from her cunt, moaning as it was driven home, wailing as it hit her cervix and forced into her uterus entrance. Ruth varied the angle of her hips forcing the dildo into new areas, causing whimpering from the Vietnamese. At the furthermost pullback of the dildo, Ruth relaxed her cunt muscle grip and gave a long groan as she forced her part of the double dildo from her slit before retightening her cunt grip on it. Now 15 inches of exposed double dong separated the two slits.

“I’m going to split you bitch. Rip you apart,” she screamed ready to slam 15 inches into Mai.

It was all over I thought. But then Mai proved she was as good as I had hoped. She dug deep and willed her abused cunt muscle to grip her end of the dildo. For a minute they were locked together by an unmoving black rubber double dong. Sweat ran off the Vietnamese’s face and her throbbing neck veins stood out as she moaned and strained to grip the juice covered rubber monster and stop it being hammered into her. Deep guttural grunts from Ruth announced each new attempt to bury it in Mai. After a minute of defiance, Mai screamed and thrust back at the Indian woman on top of her.

Perhaps Ruth’s grip was not as strong as before with less of the double dong in her, but Mai managed to force an inch of the exposed 15 into the Anglo Indian. She held the fat part of the huge tube that linked their two filled cunts with one hand, then slid her two fingers between Ruth’s sweat covered firm buns, into the crack, then into her arse, shoving her hips forward at the same time, working the dildo back into Ruth.

“Annghhh,” Ruth groaned, wincing as the double penetrations generated intense sensations through her body.

And without giving her a chance to react further, Mai began to fuck her hard in both holes, driving her fingers deep into Ruth’s arse while at the same time gyrating and plunging her hips up and forward so that the huge double dildo rammed up into Ruth’s cunt. She pumped and pumped, twisting her greasy fingers inside Ruth’s arsehole as she fucked her harder and harder. She writhed in arousal herself as the other end of the enormous fake cock was gripped by her throbbing pussy.

She was under Ruth with her naked breasts brushing Ruth’s as she pumped the double dildo deep into the older woman and finger raped Ruth’s arsehole in a heated frenzy. She felt Ruth’s sleek body begin to stiffen and clench in convulsions, and she knew it was here, the orgasm that would rip the Anglo Indian apart and lead her to victory.

“Ooonngghhiieeee!” Ruth cried out suddenly, her whole pelvis quaking and churning wildly. “Uh unh unh unh unh! Ah! Auunngghmmnnggiiee!”

She came hard, and Mai’s cries of triumph intermingled with Ruth’s primeval orgasmic screams. Mai felt Ruth’s stabbing, wrenching spasms. The huge dildo distorted her aching pussy to the splitting point, inspiring a kind of animalistic lust in her that seemed to force her to fuck Ruth even harder. Grunting and gasping, she pushed into the 50-year-old’s struggling, naked body, her breasts mashing into Ruth’s until she came too, as they both shuddered and groaned through intense shocks of coming.

“Unhhh! I’m unhhhhhhhhh going to cuuuum unhhhhhhhhh fuckiiiing unnhhhhhhh you!” she gasped into Ruth’s ear, still pumping, driving the huge cock into her.

“Ooonngghhh! Ooonngghhh NOoooooooooooo!” Ruth moaned, her body held upright by the Vietnamese who continued to keep fucking her.

Even before Mai expected it, Ruth was coming again, her whole body fluttering with new spasms of intense ecstasy driven by Mai’s double attack. Mai, realising that Ruth was still coming, continued fucking her. She forced the dildo deep into Ruth again and again and fucked her arsehole even faster with her hand. Ruth, her face pinched and contorted by the overwhelming sensations, came again, her whole body shuddering sharply in the grip of renewed, shattering spasms. Mai pulled back quickly and the dildo slipped out of Ruth’s pussy, the other end still in Mai’s cunt.

Mai slid her end out of herself and gripped it with her hand and hand fucked her with the long dildo for a few seconds until Ruth began to moan and writhe up into the thrusts. Mai rotated the dildo as it went it, like me fascinated by the 12 inches that disappeared into Ruth’s tight cunt. All of this was accompanied by low guttural moans of intense reaction coming from Ruth’s constricted throat.

“Unngghh! Oh . . . oh God. . . ungghh.”

She dragged the now unresistant Anglo Indian to the bed Casibom Yeni Giriş and forced her on it. She rolled Ruth over and manoeuvred one pillow under her belly to shift her groin and arse upward. The smooth, brown, oily wet seam of Ruth’s pussy was fully exposed and inviting, and above it the smooth, gently-rounded cheeks of her arse. An open inviting target, converging in the centre on the dark valley that concealed the brown rosebud that Mai had already finger fucked earlier.

Slowly, she pushed the monstrously large, thick tube into Ruth’s arse, watching how wide it splayed her puckered entrance. It was a full load of artificial cock, much bigger than any nature could provide. Tears sprang to Ruth’s eyes as she continued to glance over her shoulder.

“Oh Ruth, does it hurt?” Mai asked mockingly, knowing the answer.

“Shit,” Ruth gasped. “You’ll pay . . . Oohhhhhhhhunh!”

Mai introduced the other end of the huge dildo into her oozing pussy, squatting behind Ruth’s uptilted arse and looking at her spread, fully-crammed slit as she felt the massive monster slide slowly into her tight quim. With an effortless motion, Mai guided the other end up into her flowing, pulsing pussy, gasping as she felt it penetrate her.

“Ohhnggg shit . . . Mai, you cunt! Unghhh,” Ruth grunted, writhing under Mai, but impaled as she was, unable to escape.

“You love it, don’t you,” Mai panted, almost delirious with sexual excitement, running her free hand all over Ruth’s small firm arse cheeks.

“Auungghh! God! Unghhh!”

“I love it like this, beating you and fucking you in front of your man,” Mai smiled, panting even more rapidly.

She slid her free hand down under the dildo, her fingers pressing into Ruth’s soupy cunt, so wet that the sheet under her cunt was soaked. I’ve broken her, Mai realised. She’s going to come so hard. Her fingers rubbed Ruth’s clit in a circular motion, and this, added to the more and more excited fucking that Mai was giving her, sent Ruth into a wild delirium of lust. She emitted a low, keening moan, whimpering each time the dildo plunged deep into her arse, and the rest of her body began to quiver uncontrollably.

Mai knew Ruth was about to come and began fucking her harder than ever. This, of course, meant that she drew closer and closer to a fierce climax too, and the two of them were locked in a fucking frenzy, unlike anything they had ever done together. The mattress began to bounce so violently on the springs that I feared the bed would collapse. She stopped for breathe and tied Ruth to the bed, kneeling, face buried in the sheet, arms outspread and arse presented like a lamb to the slaughter.

When she was bent over and secured, Mai produced an even wider double dildo, the famous Japanese Super Blaster Maximus. She turned and showed it to her, savouring the moment when Ruth took in the size of one end of the double-ended design. It was almost pear-shaped, the part for herself was not quite as big as a man’s cock, but big enough to give her pleasure. It then flared up a little, with small nubs that would press against her clit before turning into a large cock, modelled on John Holmes, the deceased porn star, that was for Ruth.

Making sure Ruth got a good view, she slowly slid her end of the dildo into her pussy, enjoying the slick feel as it parted her wet pussy. She stood over her, slowly sliding it in and out, fucking herself for her and my pleasure. Her other hand parted her lips, and toyed with her erect clit, making her feel weak at the knees.

“I’ve loosened the Cho Cai’s (bitches) arse over the past fortnight, but after this, you’ll be able to drive a semi up it,” she gloated.

Taking a tube of KY from her bag, she slowly worked a little onto the tip on the protruding silicone cock, telling her just how much she was going to enjoy taking her arse again.

She lay down behind Ruth, letting the stiff dildo press between her cheeks, Ruth jerked, trying to put as much distance between them as possible, but her restraints limited her movements. Mai reached over her hips, and took her Ruth’s still engorged clit in her fingers, and slowly tightened her grip. She could feel the pulse as the nub throbbed. Timing her movements to the pulse she slowly started to slide her fingers up and down the clit, building it up to full hardness. Although it took a little doing, eventually her clit stiffened and grew even larger.

Sliding her other arm under her head, and around her neck, she pulled the kneeling Ruth back into her, with her hard nipples sticking stiffly into Ruth’s. Holding Ruth’s clit tightly, she positioned her hips so that her part of the dildo was pressed tight against her arse.

“Ready slut,” she cooed, pressing her hips against her. She grinned, as Ruth’s hips convulsively jerked away from the probing tip, trying to separate her arse from the fake cock. This was the moment the Vietnamese had been waiting for; she enjoyed the way they always tried to wriggle away, to put as much distance between their brown rings and her fake cock. She tightened her grip on her clit, and around her neck, immobilising Ruth further, then slowly increased the pressure her hips exerted. She felt her arse give slightly, and the tip was in.

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