Innocence lost

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Please see the start of this story “Virginity Gone”.

* * * * *

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted.

I had to go skiing.

Maggie was there, in her ski kit, looking fabulous, and with a number of boys staring at her with puppy dog expressions. Her eyes were slightly puffy and her lips more pronounced than I remember. My scars from the night before were a sore cock, a scratched back and a loss of innocence, hers were apparent for all to see (or was it just me?)

She asked Rob and I to ski with her and Barbra and Timmy. Our instructor was ill and they were trying to find people to look after us. We would be fine with her – of course she would look after us.

Timmy went off with some other boys leaving the four of us.

We skied with Maggie close to me all the time, sitting with me on chair lifts and pressed close to me on the train or in the gondolas. Her hands ran over the outline of my cock in my ski pants whenever she could. She whispered that she loved me and wanted me to make love to her tonight. That she wanted me to cum on her belly and breasts and deep inside her. She said she could see my cock straining to get into her and that tonight she would be my teacher again.

I was amazed. I was 18 years old sitting next to a woman three times my age who was describing in graphic detail how I was going to invade her body while she worshiped mine. I was excited, erect and already that ache was back again.

Barbra and Rob were equally enthralled with each other. Over lunch of pasta and red wine, which I have to say I had not really acquired a taste for, they giggled and held hands, it was obvious that they had fucked each other and that Barbra knew what had happened between her mother and me. It was cold but the intimacy we all shared helped keep us warm.

After lunch Maggie made it clear that she had had enough on the slopes and was going back to the Hotel. Barbra announced that she and Rob were going to do their own thing and would see us later. I knew that I would do anything that Maggie wanted, I was slightly drunk, rather tired and had a deep ache in my balls.

It was a long ski down into the village through the trees. The sun was shining and the sky blue, but still it was desperately cold. We skied in silence, being passed by other skiers and overtaking some. Maggie was an excellent skier and while I had skied since I was 4, I was nowhere near as good as she was. I followed behind her, her skiing effortless, fast and slightly dangerously. She knew the line perfectly and was not worried about vertical exposure or the steepness of the slope. Her hair flew out behind her as she schussed an especially steep and narrow path. Suddenly she turned off the piste and into the woods. I followed, skiing fast past trees, following Maggie who I could hear laughing as she raced down an ever steeper slope. Inevitable I fell, and shouted for her to stop. After retrieving my poles and putting my ski back on, I followed her tracks down.

Maggie has taken her skis off and was squatting, having a pee. I could hear the sound of her pissing and see the yellow pee cutting into the snow. Her pink bottom contrasted with the snow, her dark crack offered Ataşehir Escort an invitation that I was not sure I could accept. She pretended to be embarrassed, accusing me of sneaking up on her, but I could see that she was assessing the situation and that the grin on her face was warm.

“Take of your skis – and come here – “

I did as I was told and looked up to see Maggie kneeling with her naked ass in the air.

Her black crack and cunt were on display.

“Fuck me like a dog” …. “shag me like a bitch on heat ” …. “my pussy wants your cock” …… …. “fucking fuck my ass … NOW”,

She was panting as I unzipped my ski pants and took out my cock. Pre cum dripped from the tip and I knelt in the snow and positioned myself at the entrance to her cunt. I peeled back my foreskin and started to penetrate her, she pushed back and I drove into her as hard and far as I could. As ever she was soaking wet. The effect was immediate; Maggie came, gushing her cum all over my cock and balls. Her face was in the snow and she gasped and muttered. My hands pulled the cheeks of her arse apart as I drove into her, spurting my cum in her sopping wet cunt.

The whole thing took no more that 30 seconds or so. The energy that had built in us both all day needed to be expelled. It had been. I watched her as she scooped a handful of dry powdery snow and let it fall on my cock. The contrast was agony. She blew the snow away and licked up what had melted, mixed with her cum and mine.

Clothes were replaced and I sat against a tree with Maggie between my legs, her back to me. She was still shaking. Her head was leaning back on my shoulders as if she wanted my support and strength. She pulled my glove off my right hand and pushed it inside her ski jacket. I cupped her warm breast feeling her erect nipple.

“Oh God! I hope this never ends” she sighed. We kissed, her tongue gently dominating mine. Her sighs and whimpers indicating just how satisfied she was

We somehow made it back to the piste and then to the hotel. Maggie and I had tea together before going up to our respective rooms. I was looking forward to a shower and siesta. But when I got to the room the door was locked and from the noise inside it was obvious that Rob and Barbra were going at it hard.

I did not want to go to Maggie’s room. I wanted time alone and time to think.

I went down to the bar and sat in a comfy chair. My thoughts were coldly logical. I was no longer a virgin. A woman who seemed to pee every time she got excited was fucking me. I was being used and educated. My cock was sore. I was tired. I was lucky and I was unlucky. I was unsure what to do. There were five days left of this holiday.

I ended up ordering a series of rum and cokes and having brief conversations with the people who drifted in and out of the bar. Finally at about 6:30 Maggie came looking for me.

She looked at me and asked me if I would like to use her shower. She said she knew where Barbra was and it seemed wrong for me to wait for them to finish.

In her room we said nothing. I looked at the bed and remembered what had happened there last night. I was surprised to see Kadıköy Escort my clothes on the bed and a white towelling dressing gown and towel waiting for me. I stripped naked and walked to the shower. Hot water was my only thought as I washed.

I knew Maggie was going to join me. I felt her slide in beside me and her mouth plant itself on mine, soft and warm, smelling of toothpaste. Soap was applied to both our bodies a slippery lather on tits, cock and cunt. Her hands went straight to my cock and balls and she knelt in the shower. I kept my eyes closed as I felt her tongue tease the tip of my cock. I was hard immediately and expected to feel her warm mouth take me deep in her mouth. Put instead she started to slowly run her hands up and down my cock, increasing her grip and wanking me slowly and deliberately. The water from the shower was running down my body onto my cock. Maggie’s hand eased my foreskin back and as the rush built in me she opened her mouth and swallowed my cum as it shot from my jerking cock. She dribbled some out of the side of her mouth, for me to see and the shower to wash away.

Maggie was insatiable.

That evening I explored her even further. No part of her body was reserved.

My cock was sore and I was quite sure I could not go again. But we left the shower and fell wet onto the bed. She dried me and kissed me all over. She rubbed some soothing cream onto my cock where it was red and raw.

Eventually, we made love again. It seemed to last for ages. Again it was a wet affair. Maggie’s ability to gush and keep on gushing was, I thought, quite normal; Sally had been a gusher as well. Only Sarah had needed time to get wet and lubricated,

Maggie treated this session as a lesson. She coached me to give her more and more pleasure. Her demands were made in a firm and insistent way. “Go slowly my darling” – “Don’t cum yet”, “Fuck me, Fuck me, fuck me”. “Play with my nipple” “Kiss me there. Harder, harder, harder”. “Pull out and spunk on my tits” “God I love your cum”

She said she loved it when I was behind her, spooning, with my cock deep in her pussy, her long hard nipples in my fingers. She made me pull the cheeks of her arse apart and tease her by pretending to withdraw, running the head of my cock around the lips of her fanny before making me drive hard into her. She wanted me to do what I wanted.

Use me. Use me Use me.

Our sex was noisy.

The slurp and belch of fanny farts as her wetness and mine combined and my piston cock thrust into her wet cunt love pot were gloriously loud.

She loved the tip of my finger just up her bum. She made me lie on my back as she rode my cock. Her tits jumped and flew. She leaned forward and raised herself so I could see the grip her cunt had on my cock. She lowered herself slowly all the way down so that I was lost in her. Grinding herself onto me as if she had to impale herself on my cock.

She milked my cock, slowly wanking her hand up and down the shaft while her other hand rolled my balls gently together. She wanted me to cum on her, in her and over her. My depleted orgasms were now less fruitful, but I still satisfied her demands, shooting and Bostancı Escort spilling onto her breasts and into corner of her mouth.

She was never violent of out of control. She was fucking an 18 year old boy. I never thought of it as illegal or wrong. It all seemed so right.

We smoked after sex and drank. Maggie was proud of her body. At 45 she was, I learned later, well past her prime. But her cunt control and ability to fuck all night would have put many a younger woman to shame. She was insatiable.

I believe now, that she wanted me to dominate her. She loved it when her legs were wide apart and my gaze was focused on her fanny. She was amazingly supple and happy to have her body bent into many contorted positions. She was a fantastic teacher.

She was teaching me so that I could satisfy her. She loved the whole performance of fucking, from the first moment when it was inevitable that we were going to fuck to that moment when the act was complete and the sweat was drying on our bodies. Maggie loved to verbalise and describe what was happening. When she showed me how to find her G spot, how to feel my cock from her ass. She talked me through every movement.

She had no inhibitions.

She loved to be taken doggy style. Kneeling on the floor with her head buried in a pillow while I slowly pumped her from behind. Her breasts hanging freely swaying as I moved in and out. She loved to have her tits cupped, pressed together and fucked until I shot in her face.

She invited me to fuck her arse. “It will be tighter for you and I will love it too” she implored me. But I had become a converted cunt man and I could just not imagine her arse could ever feel as good as her wet, wet cunt. I didn’t want to bugger her. It wasn’t right. Some taboo existed that I had never been aware of. I was happy to fuck a boy and cum in his arse. But I was not prepared to bugger Maggie. I fingered her asshole and made her cum like that, on many occasions but I never fucked her sweet bottom.

It also made me think. I was little more than a boy. My thoughts raced and swirled.

I was happy to do anything else she suggested. I came in her ear so she could see if she could hear me cumming. I rubbed her feet with my cum and shot loads down her throat. We swapped kisses after we had cum. She pushing my cum back into my mouth as I passed her cum back to her.

The rest of the holiday has been lost in time. I know that it soon became obvious to everyone in our party that Maggie, who was definitely not my mother, was infatuated with me. I needed space but I also needed to fuck and be fucked.

Maggie and I continued to have sex whenever she wanted it. She sucked my cock on the balcony of her room while we were waiting for Barbra to have a bath. She made me put my foot in her fanny, under the tablecloth, while we were eating dinner. She lay in the bath and made herself cum as I watched her. Diddling herself while I wanked. She made me watch her peeing and taking a dump. She showed me how she trimmed her pubes and even offered to shave herself for me. She kissed and licked me from the tip of my cock all the way to the top of my crack, paying attention to my arsehole en route. We slept together every night and Barbra spent the night with Rob. Everyone knew what was happening. No one mentioned it.

She introduced me to sex and fucking. She was a brilliant teacher and I still remember the lessons she gave me.

Thank you dear Maggie.

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