Interactive Arena (Create your OC!)

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! Announcement!

The Arena seeks contestants!


Hello dear Literotica readers!

Do you like futanaris? Do you enjoy when they get hit in their testes?!

Well, I have a perfect offer for you!

I’ll be writing a story about an arena fight… Using your original characters(OCs)!

I encourage you to follow the instructions below and create your own futanari, then post her down in the comments. (You can post as an anonymous user too!)

When the time comes, I’ll choose 3 (or 4, depending on the quantity) of your creations that I like the most and write a story about them, fighting in a free-for-all 1 vs 1 vs 1 scenario.

Let the games begin!


!Please fill in the Arena contestant form!


Race: (Preferable: Human, but can be a succub, harpy, elf, or other fantasy creatures. It’s up to you, but she must be futanariable obviously)



Body type: (average, ripped, swole etc)

Hair length & color:

Eye color:

Bosom size: (cup size or just “flat”, “medium”, “ample” etc.)

Penis size:



Testicle size: (you can always compare to vegetables and fruits)

-How low do they hang: (saggy to the middle of the thigh, packed tight below the penis, etc.)

Sex preference: straight (futa on female) / gay (futa on futa) / bi (takes all and gives all)/ doesn’t have a preference

Playstyle: (Aggressive / Timid / Assassin / Tank / Other; Describe)

“Abilities” that you’d like to see your OC use in the fight: (e.g. Charge Tackle, Knees to groin, Grabs, Bites, Eye-jabs, Foot stomps, Distraction by massaging the opponent’s privates etc.)

Does she like being hit in the balls? No / Yes / As much as possible! (The last option allows to ejaculate from being hit. Also, your OC may expose her genitalia to some hits purposely)

(Optional) Weapons: No cold steels like swords, daggers etc. (There won’t be any gore!) Brass knuckles, baseball bats, staffs, flails, whips and that kind of equipment is okay.

(Optional) Quick backstory/motives of your OC (Pls don’t write her life story here ;-; a short introduction should be fine)


Here is a little backstory to my futa-reality that narlıdere escort I wrote a while ago. For those who are interested, enjoy the lecture:

Swizzle was sluggishly sitting on her throne, watching her universe down below the clouds develop slowly… She played carelessly with a silk ribbon sticking out of her skimpy, white robe covering just the nipples of her large, soft bust.

The lower part of her robe slid of off her giant, throbbing penis covered in veins which was towering over the enormous pair of godly testicles, resting between her legs on the cold throne.

Her blue, glowing eyes full of stars flinched when she heard a sudden, explosion-like sound.

She lowered her gaze from the cosmos to three portals that appeared in front of her.

With a warm smile, she sat up, fixing her blond, ravishing hair to the side and waited for the arrival of her students.

Fire gushed out of the portal to the left, spilling magma over the cloudy floor… A strong looking futa covered in runic, shining tatoos emerged from it and looked upon the deity.

“My lady…” Said Jane, the Doom of Hell. “You called.”

She whipped her long, crimson hair to the side and kneeled in front of the goddess, resting her fierce, red eyes on her shining, oversized gonads and the monstrous, perfect cock. Her own penis trembled a little. It was an honor to see the creator’s appendage from so close…

Her reverie ended with a sharp sound from behind, the second portal broke like a mirror, pieces of glass fell on the floor, their landing cushioned by its softness.

A woman with a body made of glass entered the area, her face expressing no emotion.

“Greetings, mother of all and everything.” Whispered Eridya, the Spirit Weaver.

She bowed gracefully, then stood still like a statue, staring at Swizzle.

Her see-through body reflected the light beautifully, shapes of yellow arranged themselves in playful ways along her abundant chest, going down her smooth, slim tummy and reaching her glossy cunt-lips.

“Hello, Eridya… Good to see you again.” Swizzle smiled, then glanced over to the portal on the right. “Well, we have our laggard. She never comes on time…”

The portal released a diminishing wave of plasma and suddenly a clumsy, short girl with green hair fell through it and landed directly on Swizzle’s plump ödemiş escort nuts.

“Oh… There you are, Laita.” The deity spoke calmly.

“Fuck… I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Shouted Laita, the Watcher of Realities, raising her head and looking straight at Swizzle’s scandalously big dick.

She backed up immediately and got down on her knees. “I’m sorry my lady… I didn’t intend to touch your… divine… umm… orbs…” She blushed, nervously shaking.

“It is the holy jewels of creation that you’re talking about! Have some respect! These marvellous gems of glory gave you and all of us life! You could’ve hurt them!” Shouted Jane, clearly offended… and jealous.

“It’s alright, Jane… I’m fine.” Swizzle smiled, calming down both Jane and Laita.

“My lovely students… Today I’d like to teach you about the act of creation. So make yourself comfortable and listen closely.”

Jane, Eridya and Laita sat on the floor, looking at Swizzle with admiration.

“So… As you know, there are two different realities that I’ve created… Vanilla and Fantasia.” The students nodded.

“Vanilla contains only humans, that live their lives unbothered by magic and monsters. On the other hand, Fantasia consists of many more creatures than humans: Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Demons, Angels… They all co-exist in there, building society in unison or… in groups of their own kind.”

“What about technology? You said that Vanilla is much more advanced than Fantasia.” Spoke Laita, blushing. She may be clumsy, but she is intelligent and exemplary when it comes to studying.

“That’s correct, my dear… Vanilla compensates for their lack of magic with their advanced electronics.” Swizzle smiled, warming all three half-deities with her radiance.

“And now… A little riddle. I gave a fraction of my power to every race, everywhere… One ability that’s very, very important to life itself. Who will tell me, what special power is it?”

“Umm… You gave some kind of power to everyone? How can that be?” Jane seemed surprised and angry.

“Oh, you dummy. It’s not like super-strenght or super-speed, obviously!” Laita spoke bravely.

“It is the gift of creation. Isn’t it, my lady?” Calmly said Eridya. “The two different elements that fit together perfectly. Exactly the same purpose, but different looks and operation.”

“You seferihisar escort are right, Eridya. Female and Futanari. All races everywhere divide into those two… What differs them, lies between their legs.” Explained Swizzle.

“Hehe… Isn’t that funny… I always thought that vaginas existed only to satisfy me and to house my seed when I need my testes to feel lighter.” Jane grinned.

Latia became red from anger and got up, clenching her fists, then took a running start and kicked Jane right in her balls, resting loosely on the floor.

“Gaaah!!!” Screamed Jane and groped her aching nuts.

“House my kick, you… you… silly!” Latia stomped her foot on Jane’s long cock, pinning it to the ground.

Swizzle giggled. “Now now, my students… Calm yourselves.”

Latia immediately backed up, apologising, while Jane tried to focus and suppress her rage.

“Jane… Don’t be rude. If it wasn’t for vaginas, there wouldn’t be life.” Said Swizzle, smiling warmly.

“Guh… Fine, I’m sorry.” Groaned Jane, angrily ogling Latia. “I’ll rip your ass tonight… You’ll see- I mean… I’ll… Make sweet love with your ass. Tonight.” Jane glanced at Swizzle.

Swizzle giggled “Alright, my students… The lesson is over. It is time for your daily dose of nectar.”

“At last!” Jane jumped up. “I missed your ambrosia, my lady…”

Swizzle’s godly cock started to pump itself even more erect and hard, Latia blushed deeply and Eridya approached, resting her glass-hands on the deity’s twitching gonads.

“Ah… Here it comes…” Swizzle bit her lip as her eyes shone brightly.

Glowing, thick cum shot out of her monstrous penis, splashing all over Eridya’s face and chest.

Jane began to caress the sides of Swizzle’s rod, as another wave of cum was ejected, coating Latia in its hotness.

Latia timidly approached the godly pair of testicles and started to rub her hands on the deity’s right orb, trying to help release the semen out. Eridya got onto Swizzle’s left gonad and began to lick and kiss the tip of her glans while Jane furiously masturbated the giant dick, licking the cum off of it.

The goddess ejaculated the final load, completely covering the three students with her jizz.

“Ahh… Yes, thank you for the contribution… Now let it sink, let it enhance your divine powers…” Swizzle smiled as her three creations began to lick the holy substance off of her privates.

She enjoyed every single second of watching. And watching was what she did almost always.

Swizzle loved to observe her creations, how their stories developed… And there was a lot of stories to follow…

Some of them in the past… some of them were yet to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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