Intimacy Ch. 02

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I walked out of Sam’s house and walked to my car. My dick was still hard and throbbing. My breathing was very heavy, and my hands were shaking. I have never looked at Sam the way I did. I’m just in a vulnerable place, I told myself. Sam is just a friend. A really good friend with lips that taste like cherry and hands that can drive me insane. I wrapped my hands around my cock. I couldn’t help it.

All I could feel were my veins pulsating. All I could think of was Sam’s lips and his hands fondling my nipples. I touched my chest, hoping to be reminded of Sam’s hands. His hands were so soft, yet his strokes were so firm. I rubbed my dick a few times until I couldn’t stop myself. Sam, I couldn’t help but moan. I didn’t care if my breathing was getting shorter and I might lose consciousness if I continued for a few more minutes. I didn’t need a few more minutes. I started shooting in my underwear.

I closed my eyes, but I could still see. All I could see was Sam’s eyes, filled with care and lust. Oh, Sam, I moaned. I kept on cumming. I could not stop myself. I let go of my cock, but I could still feel it throbbing as I slowly lost my erection. My underwear and my thighs were very sticky with cum. I stuck my finger into my pants and got some of my cum, which I licked off my finger. Sam, I moaned.

I looked up and saw Sam through my side mirror. His hard-on clearly defined through his pajamas. His arms crossed on his chest. I looked up, and he had a smirk on his face. He winked.

I drove off.

I kept on driving around town and then to the interstate, with no destination in mind. I was confused. No, confused was an understatement. I was tormented. I catch my husband cheating on me, and all I could think of is my best friend and his perfect features. Jim hasn’t touched me like Sam did. He hasn’t looked at me like Sam did for a while now. I convinced myself that it was all just lust. I needed to be with someone. I needed the passion that Sam offered.

One thing didn’t add up. Sam’s straight. He has always been with just women after women. He had never shown interest or talked about men at all. I looked back at what happened tonight. I walked in and told him Jim cheated on me. He immediately pulled me into his arms. That’s normal. It’s something normal friends do. And then while we were at the couch, he kissed my forehead. A kiss on the forehead is usually a sign of protection. He was just trying to protect me from the pain.

And then he kissed my lips. He kissed me with so much passion. But then he said he just wanted to make me feel better. He has always been a physical guy, kissing and sex must be his primary way of improving someone’s mood. It all made sense. He was just being a good friend. All of his actions and words come to this conclusion.

But not his eyes. It wasn’t just lust. I’ve seen him give the look to the women he’s been with. It works pretty much all the time. But that was not the look he gave me. There was something else other than lust. There was passion, and they offered comfort and intimacy. I’m just in a vulnerable place. I’m reading too much into this.

I sighed. A deep sigh of sadness, emptiness, and desire. And then my stomach grumbled. I haven’t had dinner. I was going to cook seafood pasta for Jim and me. My dinner plans were, of course, ruined by him fucking that guy. I remembered that I left all of my debit and credit cards at home because casino siteleri I didn’t need them today. I figured that I needed to go home sometime anyway. I needed to get some of my clothes. I drove back home. I reached the door. Do I need to knock? No, this is still MY house too. I opened the door. And again, I really, really wish I didn’t.

Jim was on the couch. His pants were down. His hands on the back of his head. His eyes looking up the ceiling, filled with so much pleasure. Jim’s hand was holding on to the young guy’s blonde hair as he guides his head up and down his shaft. Moans of pleasure and the sound of smacking made by his lips and Jim’s wet cock echoed throughout the room. Jim pushed his head towards the base of his cock. He fucked the guy’s mouth for a few seconds and then made him take all of it in again. I always loved it when Jim took control. Jim looked towards the side and saw me. He pushed the guy’s head away from his lap.

“Mark, I didn’t – I didn’t think you were coming back. I was just – He was just leaving.” Jim said.

The guy looked at me, “You’re clearly interrupting.” I could see how irritated he was.

“Shut up, Chad,” Jim yelled.

“I just needed my cards. I’ll be out of here.” I walked towards the drawer in the living room and took my other wallet.

I looked at Jim before I left, “Let me know when you could spare a few hours without him so I can grab my clothes and the rest of my stuff.”

“Chad can – he can go home tonight,” Jim said. I didn’t believe him. His hard cock has not softened at all even after I caught him and Chad. Jim’s cock was a glorious 6 ½ inches. He obviously wanted more.

“No, you clearly want to cheat some more. Just call me when no one’s home.” I walked out of the house.

I really needed some clothes. But it didn’t really matter. I couldn’t stay in that house knowing that my husband is being pleasured by someone else. I wasn’t ready to go to the bedroom and be surrounded by the smell of sex and cum knowing that it was a product of my husband cheating on me, forgetting about the promise to stay together forever that we made when we got married. I was hurt. I’m damaged. I shut off these thoughts knowing full well how damaging these can be for my psyche. This isn’t my fault.

I was sitting in the car contemplating which hotel I should stay for the night. I don’t deserve to stay in the hotel. I didn’t cheat. I then remembered that Sam did have a spare room, and he had some of my clothes. If I were still married, I wouldn’t even have entertained the idea of staying at Sam’s after he has shown interest in me. While I was still technically married, I knew that my marriage was over. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialed Sam’s number. He picked up almost immediately.

“Hey, Mark.” He didn’t sound as enthusiastic as before.

“Sam, I really need a place to stay for tonight. Can I come over?” I asked.

“Of course, you know my door is always open for you. My spare room is clean and ready. But so is my bedroom.” His tone was seductive as he mentioned his bedroom.

My cock twitched with the thought of him and me in his bedroom. “I’m on my way,” I said.

I got to his house and knocked on the door. Sam opened the door. He was no longer wearing his old blue shirt and his pajamas. He was only wearing black boxers. Sam’s shoulders are broad, I didn’t realize how much I loved canlı casino resting my head on them. I can see the veins on his arms. I remembered how his strong arms were wrapped around me just a few hours ago. His chest was perfect. His nipples were pink and seeking attention. A part of me wanted to just attack them with my lips. The low-lighting provided by his porch light helped reveal his six-pack abs. I looked lower and saw how defined his huge cock was. I had never seen it before. Sam’s dick was longer and thicker than Jim’s. He was at least seven inches. I gulped.

Sam cleared his throat. “Like what you see?”

I did. He let me into the house, and I shut the door behind me. I grabbed his wrist and started walking upstairs.

“Mark? Wha -”

“No questions, Sam.” I interrupted.

He didn’t ask or say anything else as I lead him to his bedroom.

He pulled his arm out of my hands. “Mark, I’m not going to force you into anything to stay here.” He said. He looked at me with concern. I saw how much he wanted to protect me.

“You can stay in the guest room. We’re best friends. I know that. You don’t have to do this.”

I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his raging hard-on. His cock was betraying everything that he just said.

Shut up, Sam. My marriage just ended. My mind was filled with questions and confusion. The last thing I need right now is to think and worry. I needed Sam’s shoulders to rest on. I needed his arms wrapped around me. I needed to lick and suck his nipples. I needed his lips on mine. It’s time to think about me for just a few moments of pleasure.

“Please. Make me feel better, Sam.” I begged.

He dragged me towards the edge of the bed and then pushed me down. He smacked his lips to mine, and I still taste cherry. I moaned. I needed to know. I pushed his chest a few inches away from me.

“Why do you taste like cherry? I’m not complaining or anything. It’s fucking addicting. How?”

He chuckled for a little bit. “Cherry-flavored lip balm. You can’t tell anyone.”

I won’t. I just need it back with my lips. I pushed myself up to kiss him again. I wrapped my hand on his nape while the other went to his left chest. I started making circles around his nipples. I extended my tongue out of my mouth, seeking entrance to his. He parted his lips and licked my tongue before giving it a gentle bite. Ugh, I moaned. His nipples were now pointed and hard.

He pushed me down. He then started kicking my earlobe. “I’ll make you forget, Mark.” He whispered just before blowing air to my wet earlobe. My cock twitched, and it was met with resistance. I looked down, and I realized that I had been rubbing my cock against his thigh.

He moved down and started gently kissing my neck. I could feel his breath and the tip of his teeth. I realized that he wanted to bite me to leave a mark. “Do it,” I said. And he did. He bit my skin and sucked hard. That’s gonna leave a mark. But I didn’t care. I wanted more. But he didn’t continue.

Instead, he moved towards my right nipple and started licking. “Fuck,” I whispered. It was even better than just his wet hands. It was ten times better. He then started sucking. That gave me a hundred times more pleasure. But that wasn’t the end of it.

His hand made its way to my cock. He started slowly stroking it. I couldn’t help but scream his name, “Sam! Please, you’re driving me crazy.” kaçak casino He moved to my left nipple and treated it the same way he did the other one. I lifted my head up to have a better view of how he was treating me. I felt my sweat dripping from my head to my neck.

He stopped licking my left nipple. His hands moved from rubbing my dick to belt buckle. He started removing the belt, and he opened my button. He unzipped my jeans. I lifted myself a little bit to allow him to take my jeans off of my legs and out of my feet. And then he stopped.

He looked at me. I saw how much lust was in his deep blue eyes. I have looked at them before and felt so calm. But not this time. His eyes were filled with desire, and it caused my already-throbbing dick to release some precum.

“Mark, there’s no turning back after this. We can stop now if you want. Tell me what you want me to do.” He said.

I touched his cheek with the back of my hand and then pulled it back.

“Sam, I need -” intimacy, passion, to feel loved, to be wanted, “I need you.”

He pulled my briefs down, and my dick popped up and hit his cheek. He grabbed my cock with his hand and started stroking it up and down. He started slow. He then licked the head in circles while speeding up his stroking. I was already in so much pleasure. I thought my eyes were going to roll in circles.

But that pleasure was exponentially increased when he took my dick into his mouth. He wrapped his mouth around the head and started to drive his head down. My dick was almost 6 ½ inches. I was certain he couldn’t take my entire cock, especially knowing that he’s probably only been with women. But I was wrong about the whole thing. Slowly, he started to take my cock deeper and deeper into his mouth. He went on until there wasn’t more to take. He made a choking sound but kept my dick inside his mouth.

“Fuuuuck, Sam,” I yelled.

He then pulled back and looked at me. “Like that?” He asked.

“You’ll give me a heart attack. I -” But before I finished, he started sucking my cock again while stroking what he couldn’t suck. He reached his hands to my nipple and started playing with it.

I was in pleasure overload. He sucked a few more times, and I knew I was close.

“Sam, I’m close,” I warned him. I tried to pull his head out, but he pushed his mouth lower. He stroked my dick a few times while playing with my nipples. It only took about three more strokes, and I was shooting cum deep into Sam’s throat. I must have shot at least five times. Sam took all of it. He never took my cock out of his mouth.

I was shaking after my release. Sam lifted his head out of my cock. I expected him to start spitting my cum out of his mouth. Instead, he swallowed all of it. Fuck, I can go again. But it was his turn.

“Your turn, Sam,” I said.

I was about to get up and pull him beside me, but he didn’t let me. Instead, he helped me lay down comfortably with my head on the pillow.

“What are you doing? I want to pleasure you too.” I said.

He was now laying beside me. I turned to face him.

“It’s all about you tonight, Mark.” He said.

“No, I want – I need to taste you.” I reached out to his touch his nipples. But he pulled it away.

I saw a slight blush. “Look, I came when you did.”

“Oh my god. That’s fucking hot.” How? “Sam, you’re not gay.”

He wrapped his arms around me. “Mark, rest. We’ll talk later. You need to sleep.”

I did. I was exhausted from the pain, from the crying, and from the intense pleasure. I shut my eyes and felt him kiss my forehead. Then I was fast asleep.

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