Iron Rose Ch. 04

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Miguel Powers aka Wild Flower aka Iron Rose.

Now, dive into a tale that have got us all hooked. Miguel is a beautiful and wealth young man whose quest for revenge and justice makes worlds collide and hearts shatter. But can he fight for love and for justice at the same time? Find out as “Iron Rose” Continues.

Beauty is his weapon,

Power is his revenge.

Feel the passion…


Brian was seated on a chair near Miguel’s bed, holding his hand tightly while kissing it from time to time. He couldn’t believe that his brother was hurt that bad. He had been in that room for over thirty minutes and Miguel hadn’t even moved. He was put on drip and also oxygen. He had two bruises on his face and others all over his body.

Miguel was still looking very handsome although he was in that state. His long dark hair was tied backwards, revealing his cute face. He was wearing a hospital gown and he looked like an angel though with those bruises on his face.

“I shouldn’t have left you.” He said, kissing Miguel’s hands. “I should have stayed with you to protect you. You’ve really suffered a lot Miguel.”

He held his hand and just cried softly, praying in his heart that Miguel would survive. There were a few people outside including Christian and Felix that were busy finding out what had really happened from detective Darren.

Brian had only heard a bit before he came rushing in the emergency room where Miguel was. He prayed to God for his brother to survive and nothing to happen to him. He thanked his lucky stars that the bullet hadn’t penetrated his arm but had only scratched him. It was bandaged.

“You have really suffered a lot.” He sobbed softly. “If only I had known that you had gone back to the place where it had all started, I would have been by your side. I just hope that now that it’s over, you’ll live a normal life.”

He continued sobbing, leaning on the bed. He didn’t want anything to happen to Miguel. Suddenly, the door opened and a devastated looking Christian came rushing in, breathing like he had been running for miles. Seeing Miguel’s face, lying on the bed like he had no life, Christian felt tears building in his eyes.

His heart broke and he felt it shatter to pieces. He wasn’t used to seeing Miguel in that situation, especially after weeks of not seeing him. He had expected to find him smiling, teasing him and seducing him with his sexy body. And not lying lifeless on that bed.

He started slowly walking to his bed, his eyes not leaving him for once. Seeing him, Brian got up and tried to talk to him but before he said anything…

“No!” He shook his head abruptly. “I thought I could do it but I can’t wait any longer. I need to know how he’s doing.”

Brian sighed, trying to be strong. “He’s beat up and he…” He took a glance at his sleeping brother, feeling weak once again. “I can’t bear to see him like this, Christian.” He couldn’t keep what he was feeling to himself. “They had hurt him. They probably made him remember all the harm that he had gone through in the past.”

Brian was now facing Christian, holding his hand sweetly. “Everyone thinks that he is really bad and he deserves to be hurt. But Miguel isn’t the monster everyone perceives him to be. He just had it really bad in the past.”

Christian knew that Brian was talking about Miguel’s past and he suddenly got curious. He wanted to know the connection Miguel had with the people that he was at that house with, especially the guy that had almost killed him. But before he did, the doctor came to check on Miguel and Brian left with him.

Christian went closer to Miguel, holding his hands sweetly in his. He kissed them softly, feeling like crying.

“They shouldn’t have done this to you, Miguel.” He was pouring his heart out to Miguel though he was unconscious. “You have been through a lot and I don’t understand why you keep on going through these things.”

He sat down beside Miguel, rubbing his hand on Miguel’s cute face.

“I have never been so scared in my life before.” He added, fighting off his tears. “I thought that they were… that you were…” He paused and cried softly. His heart was racing deep in his chest and he was scared. “Now that you’re asleep and you can’t hear me, I have to tell you this. This is killing me, Miguel.” He cried softly.

At that time, Carter was making his way to the room but when he heard Christian, he stopped and just stood still.

“I went crazy thinking that I was going to lose you forever.” His heart was racing so much that he felt like he was gonna have a heart attack. “Although I will never be able to tell you this again, Miguel, I am still in love with you. I love you so much and I am afraid I will never love the way I do.”

Carter’s heart broke to pieces when he heard Christian’s confession. Tears flooded his face and his body got cold. His mouth quickly covered his mouth, preventing loud gasps from coming out. He couldn’t believe what he was beyoğlu escort hearing. His boyfriend’s words kept on ringing in his mind, making him hurt even more. It was painful. He tried to rub his face but the more he tried, the more his face got wet.

“Although you’re sleeping in this bed, I should pretend that I don’t care what happens to you.” The pain he was in was just too much. He felt like he was gonna explode if he didn’t tell Miguel what he felt. “But the truth is I still love you. I was going crazy thinking that you might die. I wanted to take your place.”

He lay his head on Miguel’s belly, placing soft kisses there. “I wanted it to happen to me and not you who has suffered so much. I was this close…” He gestured with his hand. He didn’t even realize his voice was rising. “…to giving my life for yours. But then…” He raised his head and rubbed his face.

“There’s Carter who is really nice and who loves me so much.” He cried. “I cannot deny the fact that I love Carter and we’re together now. I have never been so confused. There are two men in my life that… that I love but differently.”

Carter couldn’t hear anymore. He couldn’t bear it. He quickly turned and left the hospital crying his eyes out.

“I am sorry for not being around at the worst moment of your life.” He apologized. “All the pain, the torture and the entire incident must have reminded you of the time when you were abused. I feel really bad for not being there at the time when you needed me the most.”

He held on tighter to Miguel’s hand and just stared at him, pleading with him to get up. He couldn’t afford to lose him because he loved him so very much.


Carter came rushing out of the hospital, rubbing his face but he wasn’t kidding anyone. His eyes were red and they were a bit swollen. He was trying his best to believe that what he had heard back inside was nothing but a bad dream. But how could he when he very well heard what Christian had just said to him, the love of his life.

“I am still in love with you.”

He was still in thought when he bumped into someone really hard. Quickly moving away from his thoughts, he raised his face.

“I am sorry.” He apologized. “I had no idea…”

But he stopped his apology mid-way when he saw the person that he was apologizing to. It was Ryan, Alejandro’s stupid son who had just returned from abroad a few months back. That wasn’t the first encounter that he had had with him. The first time they had was about a month back when the idiot had insulted him.

“Looks like you’re not just poor, but you’re blind as well.” Ryan snapped, furiously dropping his hands.

Ryan was a cute 21 year old boy, grey deep eyes, a cute round face and curly short hair. He had the face of Alejandro and the skin of his mother. He was wearing a dark blue skinny jean and black shirt with Nike snickers on his foot, holding his bike helmet.

“I don’t want trouble.” Carter raised his hands like he was surrendering. “I have so many problems right now.”

“Oh, really?” The guy laughed at the top of his voice. He reeked of alcohol and drugs and Carter thought he was really high. “Mr. I don’t want trouble, then why did you bump into me? Are you trying to get my attention?”

“Excuse me!” His eyes almost widened, looking at the guy like he was the most disgusting thing Carter had ever seen. “Have you looked at yourself? You’re a mess. You’re paranoid, really high and messed up. You think just because your father is rich and corrupt that you can…”

“Don’t insult my father!” He warned, pointing angrily at Carter. “You have no idea what I can do to you.”

“You can’t do anything.” Carter chuckled bitterly. “You think I am afraid of you and that coward? Never! Just because he thinks he owns the world doesn’t mean he owns everyone and you can talk to us anyway you like.”


“I don’t have time for this shit!” He couldn’t believe how angry he was. “There’s still time for you to stop with all this foolishness and drugs. Excuse me!”

With those words, carter walked past him rudely and went running. He wanted to go as fast away from the hospital as he could.

Meanwhile, Gabino was watching from a tree further away, probably following Carter.


“I think it’s better if you leave.” Brian said softly to Christian when he came in with the doctor.

“No!” He shook his head, getting up from the chair. “I don’t wanna leave him alone. I wanna watch over him.”

“Please, understand…” Brian didn’t want Miguel to wake up and get hurt again upon seeing his boyfriend. “…you know very well that…”

“I know that I am in a relationship with Carter but that doesn’t mean that I have to stop caring about him.”

Brian wanted to say something else but he felt defeated. He had no idea if he still had the strength to tell Christian to go away. They all just watch as the doctor examined Miguel and told them that his condition was stable. Brian was really happy but not completely.

“I think sarıyer escort it’s better if we both leave.” He suggested, rubbing on Chris’ arm. “You very well know that both of us weren’t getting along with Miguel before all this happened.”

Christian sighed, nodding. He knew that Brian was probably right and Miguel wasn’t gonna take it well if he woke up and found the two of them there. He wanted Miguel to get better and that was only gonna happen if they weren’t there.

With a final look at Miguel, Christian nodded and started leaving together with Brian. But he barely reached the door when something stopped him…

“Don’t go!”

He thought his mind was playing tricks on him but he could hear Miguel’s voice. But he heard it again and he quickly turned to find Miguel weakly staring at him. When their eyes met, Christian felt like life had come to him. He wanted to rush to Miguel and kiss him hard on the lips.

“Please, stay.” Miguel was feeling really weak and in pain but he wanted his man to stay.

The doctor went to Miguel and checked him again.

“I don’t think you should talk to anyone right now.” The doctor suggested.

“No!” Miguel’s voice was really weak but he wanted Chris by his side. “I want my loved ones to be by side for me to be at peace.”

He looked at Brian and asked him to give them a little time. Brian and the doctor left, leaving Miguel only with his lover.

After they left, Christian rushed to Miguel and held his hand tightly, smiling brightly. He felt his heart beat peacefully. He was really happy and couldn’t stop smiling.

Miguel was happy seeing Christian there after a really long time. His man was looking really handsome in a navy blue shirt that was tucked in a cream white skinny jean. His hair was messy and his beards trimmed but he was still handsome as fuck. Miguel wished he was kissing him.

“Thank you so much for coming here.” Miguel said, trying his best to smile. “By coming here, you may not know it but you’ve savedd my life, Christian.”

“There was no way I would have been home knowing you’re here.” He chuckled nervously, kissing his hands.

Miguel couldn’t feel the pain anymore. Being so close to Christian, he felt like life had returned to him once again.

“I know what I had told you the last time we met and I am sorry.” He said with tears in his eyes. “I know I told you that we were gonna meet that night and you must have gone there and you must have guessed that something was wrong when I didn’t show up, right?”

Shit! Christian felt like something had hit him hard on the head with the burden that he felt when Miguel asked that question. And here he had been hoping that Miguel had forgotten what they had agreed on. He tried to open his mouth but closed it again because he had no idea if he had the courage to answer that question.


“I didn’t go there.” His voice sounded a bit hoarse and low.

“Did something important come up and stopped you from coming.” Miguel felt a bit angry. “I told you that I wanted to see you, didn’t I? Tell me why you didn’t come. Where the heck were you?

“Well, actually…” Christian swallowed his saliva, feeling his body get cold. “I… I was with Carter.”

Miguel felt like someone had just shot him right in the heart. A sharp pain passed through his entire body all the way to his throat that he failed to speak… His heart nearly missed a beat as his breaths instantly stopped. He felt tears building in his eyes but he suppressed them. He felt both cold and hot. He was disappointed and that look on his face wasn’t hiding anything at all.

Christian on the other hand felt like he was in heaven being judged with the look that Miguel gave him. Suddenly he felt Miguel withdraw his hand from his and he felt broken and alone. At that moment, he regretted telling Miguel the truth because he knew he had hurt him.

“Go away!” Miguel panted, wincing in the process. He was able to feel some sharp pains in his chest. “Get out!”

“What?” To say Christian was surprised would be an understatement. “Miguel, I am sorry but…”

“Leave!” Miguel’s voice was hoarse. “Get out right now.”

“No!” Christian shook his head. “I…”

“I don’t wanna see you.”


“I gave you a chance to prove yourself, Christian.” Miguel said, clenching his fists. “You chose your own path.”

“But Miguel, let me explain.” He wanted to tell Miguel the truth. “I didn’t come to you because I was afraid.”

“Afraid of what?” Miguel snapped but ended up groaning in pain. He wanted to get up but the pain was too much. He couldn’t do it. “Afraid of loving me? Afraid that we were gonna make love again? You knew that you wouldn’t be able to resist me when we are alone together.”

Christian’s face said it all. He couldn’t deny what Miguel had just said to him because it was the truth.

“Leave!” Miguel said, ripping his eyes from Christian. “I don’t want you in here and I sure as hell didn’t need you. I would have still been maslak escort able to survive even if you hadn’t come here. I don’t need you by my side. I don’t need you as my lawyer either because I have Brandon. And if you’re worried about my protection, don’t worry because I have Mark. Those people can do everything for me that you’ve been unable to do.

Christian got really hurt but he couldn’t do anything and he didn’t wanna leave.

“I think you’re being a little sarcastic.” He said in a voice filled with pain but Miguel didn’t give two hoots about it. “Try and understand what…”

“It’s not sarcasm. I have them and anyone I want.” Miguel chimed in, shaking his head. “The man whom I valued the most wasn’t by my side when I needed him the most. The people that I undermined…” He gestured with his hands. “…they are the ones that value me and they’re the ones that came to my rescue. I don’t wanna see you anymore. You’ve already made your choice.”

Miguel slightly raised his head. “I might just be another guy in your life but you are one less man in mine.”

Christian just stood there without moving an inch, digesting Miguel’s words. His heart was torturing him deep inside for what he had done but what could he do? He was really stuck and he had no idea how to get out.

“I don’t wanna see you, Christian. Get out and leave me alone!”

But at that time, he had to leave Miguel alone so that he could get better. He didn’t wanna hurt him anymore.

“I am going, Miguel.” He said with a sigh. “But I will be back.”

With those words, he quickly turned and left the room. As he slowly went away from the room, he got lost in his thoughts as Miguel’s painful words rang in his brain. He was still deep in thought when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly raised his head and found George, his best friend staring at him with a stern look.

“I hope you’re okay. You don’t seem fine.”

“I will be.” He tried his best to smile.

“I hope.” He patted on his shoulder. “By the way, hasn’t Carter come out with you?”

“Carter?” Christian felt his heart pound hard in his chest. “Where is he?”

“You’re the one to tell me.” George chuckled nervously. “He came looking for you and went to the emergency room a while back.”

Shit! Christian was screwed. He was definitely screwed. If Carter had come there then it could only mean that he had probably heard what he had been confessing to Miguel. Shit! He felt restless and really scared. He gripped his hair, staring at his best friend like he had just grown another head.

“Oh my God!” He shuddered, pulling on his hair.

When George saw his best friend’s reaction, he got really worried. “Chris, what’s wrong?”

“I… I told Miguel something that I wouldn’t have told him if he was awake.” Then he gasped in fear. “I think Carter might have heard me.”

While he talked to his friend, he was dialing Carter’s number. But to his surprise, there was no answer. He tried again but there was still nothing. When he tried the third time and Carter still didn’t pick up, Christian knew that there was trouble.

“I need to talk to him.”

He slipped the phone in his pocket and started running away from there.


Miguel slowly opened his eyes, looking all around. He was still in the hospital, still not feeling well after what he had passed through. The moment he woke up, he was welcomed by a memory that he didn’t even wanna remember.

“I love you.” Gabriel’s words rang through him and he couldn’t help but get emotional. “I am sorry. Forgive me.”

Though his ex-husband had betrayed him, in the end he had given up his life for him. Going back to those thoughts, he wondered what kinda life he’d have had if Jack had been the only one that had died. Would he have completely forgiven Gabriel and let him leave peacefully and did Gabriel truly love him?

But he didn’t wanna think about that. Taking a sigh, he moved his eyes, scanning the whole room. But his eyes landed on someone sleeping beside him. Seeing that person, a smile popped up his face as his hands moved to caress the guy’s hair.

“Christian, my love?”

But he got disappointed when instead of Christian, he saw Brandon there when he raised his face. To say Brandon was disappointed would be an understatement. He was really hurt because he had been by Miguel’s side through it all but the guy wasn’t getting appreciated. He was ready to give his life for Miguel but…

“Why do you always do this, Miguel?” Brandon got up, obviously really upset for what Miguel had done. “You’re always putting that guy ahead of everyone when he doesn’t even care. I have been by your side through it all but you don’t even show any value for me.”

The guy was dressed in a light blue shirt with a dark blue tie, black designer’s trouser and pitch black shoes. His hair was combed perfectly and he was keeping a beard. He was staring at Miguel like he wanted to make love to him on that very bed.

“Brandon, I am sorry.” He apologized. “I honestly…”

“You always do this.” He was angry and he didn’t care what Miguel was going to say to him. “One day, you’ll realize that you drive all of us away and that guy won’t even do anything for you.”

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