Isabelles Lads

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I thought that I would share with you some memories from 1960’s Coventry, England.

I was part of a gang of lads all aged over 18 who regularly bullied some of the younger lads; a thing of which I am not particularly proud these days but that was just how it was. One particular lad was known as “Alis” and he came in for some fairly rough treatment.

One day he told us that his mum knew what we had been doing and that she wanted to see us, presumably to tell us off.

One of the other lads, Stanno, said, “Hey, I’ve seen his mum. She’s a Scottish bitch with a nice arse and tits. I wouldn’t mind fucking her.”

“Yeah, I bet she needs a good hard shag,” said another lad.

One day we bunked off and went round to Alis’s house; we knew his dad was at work. We knocked on the door and told her who we were.

” I thought you wouldn’t be brave enough to come along?” she said.

I replied, “We had to come and see you Mrs, because Gez said you were a good looker and he’s right, you are.” She was about five foot four, with darkish brown hair with a bit of grey.

She laughed and replied that her name wasn’t Mrs, it was Isabelle and that we had better come in because the neighbours would wonder what was going on. There were 8 of us and we piled into the new council house on the Ernsford Grange estate.

Isabelle was in her early 40’s. She had on a fairly short skirt – well it was the sixties! – and a loose blouse which was partly undone at the top. She asked us if we wanted a drink and we said, ” Yeah, ok.”

When she sat down her short skirt revealed her tan stocking tops and she knew we could see these.

She replied that we had better say nothing and that her old man would not be happy if he knew. She split 4 bottles of beer between us and then asked us to stop bullying her son.

Stanno replied, “We could, but how about something in exchange?”

She smiled and knowingly asked, “Well, what?”

Kev, another one of the lads said, “Well, like Stanno says, you’ve got a nice arse and tits.”

Isabelle smiled, saying, “You’re cheeky bastards aren’t you? I could tell my old man about this, but I won’t. Its fun having young lads like you think that; so what do you want me to do? Flash my tits, suck your cocks or do you all want to shag me, because if you do, I like it hard you know lads!”

There was another longer silence. I think most of our jaws had hit the ground..

“Oh well,” said Isabelle, “better do something; which one’s Stanno then?”

Stanno replied, “Me, come on then, suck my cock!”

Isabelle commented, “Oooh, I’ll suck your cock alright, but only if you promise to fuck my nice arse; you want to do that don’t you darling? But first lads, I want you to strip me and then ALL of you get your cocks out for me to inspect and suck.”

We virtually ripped Isabelle’s blouse and skirt off revealing her tan stockings, white suspender belt, pink knickers and white bra. I then pulled her knickers off and Ricky unclipped her bra revealing her lovely firm tits, which we guessed were about size 36.

Clib kissed her fully on the mouth and she responded with her tongue, and then made sure we all got a good snog. We grabbed and fondled her tits, pulling at her nipples, which were getting casino siteleri visibly harder. Her pubic bush was, I remember, very tidy, but not clean-shaven as many are today.

Isabelle started sucking all our cocks in turn, by which time we were all very hard and struggling not to come. Her mouth was so hot and her tongue just licked around all our cocks in turn, covering them in her saliva. She didn’t mind us pushing our pricks deep into her mouth, tickling her tonsils and almost fucking her throat.

She said to Stanno, “Right then you wanted to fuck my arse didn’t you; well rub some of this on your cock.”

She produced some Vaseline and Stanno smeared it round his cock. Isabelle in turn spat on his cock and then she bent forward and, almost shouting at Stanno, said, “Come on you bastard, ram that big hard young cock up my arsehole.”

Stanno pushed into her quite roughly, which she seemed to like and started ramming in and out. Meanwhile she continued to suck our cocks as we kissed her and played roughly with her tits.

She was moaning quite loudly as Stanno rammed her; Isabelle was pleading, “Come on then, let someone else have a go, but you sit there”. Stanno pulled out with a slurp and Isabelle then straddled him, taking his cock in her lovely juicy cunt.

She then said, “Now I want one in my arse as well, who’s next?”

There was almost a fight but Clib just beat me to it! He plunged his cock into her lovely firm and rounded 42 year old arsehole and both him and Stanno began ramming in and out much to her obvious pleasure.

Seeing Alis’s mum like this was fantastic. If the poor bugger could have seen and heard his slut mum talking like she was and loving it; her language was disgusting, shouting things like, “Come on you lovely young bastards fuck me, fuck me hard, ram me, I want all your cocks and spunk, you dirty fucking bastards.”

We replied saying things like, ” You dirty fucking whore, you gonna get fucked till you can’t walk, you slut, yeah you Scottish whore. We’re gonna screw the fucking tits off you.”

Clib and Stanno banged her as hard as they could and the other 6 of us fought to get wanked or sucked, or both by her. Clib’s cock slipped out of her arsehole and as he tried to guide it back in he pushed it up her cunt by mistake! She moaned loudly and yelped as her two fuckers rammed her; she screamed out.

“You dirty fuckers! Two up my cunt! If my old man could see that! Go on, ram them up there lads, fuck me like a slut, ram them up so hard I can feel your balls banging me”.

We were obviously not very experienced and soon Stanno gave a groan as he shot his spunk into her, closely followed by Clib. As they withdrew a large stream of spunk ran out of her gaping cunt.

All of us then shoved and jostled to see who was next and at last I got my cock in her, pushing up her lovely hot and juicy cunt. I was not too bothered by Stanno’s and Clib’s spunk running out of her. We rolled on to our sides and then another lad, Kev, pushed his cock up Isabelle’s arsehole.

She sucked on the other two lads’ cocks, and it proved too much for Ricky, as he shot his spunk into her mouth and over her face and hair. She has almost possessed, grabbing and wanking Ricky’s cock till it had canlı casino spurted its full load over her; she wiped it round her face, smearing her lipstick as well.

I was trying my best to ram her lovely cunt and soon my cock exploded its load into her; it was a fantastic feeling, to shoot my spunk in to this lovely 42-year-old bitch’s cunt. Gez pulled me off and soon took my place; Kev was still going at her arsehole.

Isabelle shouted, screamed and moaned, “Ooohhh arghhh, you lovely bastards, fuck me, fuck me, shag me like a fucking slut, come on I want all the spunk you’ve got.”

Kev eventually gave one last lunge and groaning loudly, said, “Here you are you shag bag, take my spunk up your arse.”

In the meantime another lad, shot his spunk in her eager mouth. Isabelle now had spunk dripping from her cunt and arse, in her hair, over her face. Lipstick was smeared all over her face as well; she looked just what she was, a fantastic dirty fucking slag.

After a while all eight of us had shot our loads in one hole or the other or over her lovely firm body. It was nearly 3.00 in the afternoon as we finished our glasses of beer and Isabelle handed some ciggies around. For a while we fingered her and groped and sucked her lovely tits; one or two of the lads played with a beer bottle in her cunt. She called us “perverted bastards”. We laughed and by this time several of us had got hard again. She was getting a bit worried because her lad would be home around 4.30pm and her old man about 5.00pm.

I was glad I’d got hard again because I wanted to fuck that lovely arsehole and be able to tell Alis that I had screwed his mum up her arse!

Stanno had started screwing her cunt and rolled to one side saying, “Come on Gally, ram her up the arse, its like a velvet glove.”

I didn’t need any encouragement and soon slid my bone hard cock up her well lubbed arse, and started thrusting in and out. In the meantime Isabelle busied herself with Dek and Clib’s cocks, sucking and wanking them furiously. Her arsehole was like a vacuum but so hot and moist; she gripped my pounding prick as I rammed every inch into her right up to my balls. I soon felt my spunk pumping up and then squirting into that lovely 42-year-old arse.

Stanno shouted out, “Gally, pull out! I’m gonna shoot my load up there.”

I pulled out with a slurping sound and my spunk ran out of her reddened arsehole. Stanno rammed straight in furiously; he was ramming her so hard, we all thought his cock was going to come out the other side and nail her to the floorboards!

Isabelle was screaming and gasping and began to orgasm so violently she passed out for a few seconds; coming to, she groaned out, “Oooooh yes, yes you dirty fuckers! That was fantastic. I don’t think I can stand up!”

Dek and Clib by this time were exploding all over her face and into her mouth, their spunk dripping onto her tits as she tried to gobble it all up.

The groaning, heaving and swearing subsided and then there was panic in Isabelle’s voice.

“Fucking hell, it’s nearly half past four. Come on lads you’ve gotta go.”

We busily got dressed and looked at Isabelle as she stood up. There was spunk everywhere – in her hair, dripping down her tits, running down her kaçak casino face and chin, as well as running down her legs and stockings from her cunt and arsehole. There were also globs of spunk on the bedclothes.

She busily picked up the bedclothes, wrapping them up in a bundle, saying, “Fuck! I’d better get these in the washing machine before the old man comes home.” She then opened the window and busily removed the beer bottles and fag ends.

She put her housecoat on and showed us to the back door, looking first to see if any neighbours were looking. We quickly crept out, telling her that we would see her again.

She then said something that just amazed us, “Yeah, you bet lads. Bring some more friends next time or your older brothers…………and their mates, if you want?”

Want? Fucking right we would and did. For the next two or three years we gang fucked Isabelle at least once a week. We fucked her in the nearby woods, empty lock up garages, mates’ houses, even a public toilet!

On some occasions the orgies got well out of control. One day in particular when the new estate was being landscaped there was a large gang of workmen nearby. Isabelle had made them drinks, her old man being at work. We turned up with a load of our mates and older brothers etc.

I will never forget the sight of a queue of men and lads down the stairs in Isabelle’s house, because we couldn’t all get in the bedroom! I reckon about 30 or more cocks went up her that day, there was so much spunk flying around she had to make out she had spilled something on the bed, and had to wash the mattress for when her old man got home.

Fuck knows what the neighbours thought? Especially with the sounds coming from the bedroom and the shouts, screaming and moaning.

Her anus in particular took a good battering from all the cocks, and at one point she was tied with her ankles over her head to her wrists and then both wrists and ankles to the bed posts!

Later we met a lad called Geoff who at 25 was older than us and he told us that he knew Isabelle from her previous house in the Willenhall area. He had fucked her several times with his mate and even his dad and his mates! He even told us stories about Isabelle being screwed in the coal sheds by a group of painters and under the railway arches.

Geoff also said that his father had taken photos of the gang fucking, but we never saw them. I wonder where they are?

One night, however, at the local workingmen’s club, my father and his mates took turns dancing with Isabelle thinking that her old man was on night shift. Owing to a break down at the factory he came home early and went to the club. He was not too pleased seeing his wife acting like a slut and pulled her outside. Then a fight followed, with her old man well outnumbered. It stopped very quickly!

We were also nearby and Isabelle was upset, so we grabbed her and groped her in front of her husband. Soon our dads and mates joined in and we virtually stripped her in the alleyway at the back of the club, then we ALL got stuck in and gang fucked every hole she had! Her old man slunk off to the cries, screams and moans of his wife getting the good hard fucking she wanted and deserved.

There are a few more tales to tell but we often wonder what happened to her as we all moved away. She left her old man in 1969. So there we go, what a sex education!

I wonder if anyone else amongst your readers remembers Isabelle in Coventry around 1966 -70?



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