IT Dreams

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The progress bar crawled lazily across the screen, god was he bored. Talking to Colin was an option but that would only end in more work; so boredom seemed more appealing to John. It wasn’t even as if he could go look at porn. The company were hot on that and it wasn’t worth his job. Jane was pissed at him for agreeing to work late. The phone conversation had been very clear of the implications, and a frosty night was all he had to look forward to at home.

The sound of the door opening followed by the click of a set of heels entering the room roused him from his funk, eyes tracking as the lady passed his desk, striding purposefully towards Colin, it was Chloe, the woman from accounts. She was the talk of the IT lunch crowd most days. Rumours went her and Graham from sales were shagging. John hoped not as Graham was a wanker of the highest order.

As she passed his desk his eyes swept up from her black stilettos; along her sheer clad shapely legs to her pert bottom encased, as ever, in a tight black skirt. The white shirt he was sure would have a few open buttons, her ample cleavage on show. She placed the laptop down and began talking to Colin. Bending at the waist stretching her skirt even tighter across her arse: the scent of her perfume drifted past and his mind began to wander….

‘It just stopped working; I’ve no idea what to do?’ Chloe said as she looked over her shoulder at John.

‘Well I can try a few things, may take a while?’

‘Oh if you can that would be so kind, thank you John.’

Moving to the laptop their thighs brush as she stands and moves to lean against another desk. John rapidly pressed a few keys to look busy. Not really sure what he was doing but running a program that would take a while and do very little.

‘So you like the look of my bum? I know you were looking.’ John felt his cheeks flush, knowing there was no way he could hide the truth now. ‘Well as we seem to have time why don’t you come here and have a closer inspection?’ Turning, Chloe leaned forward over the desk her arse high in the air, skirt pulled tight across it.

Heart pounding John placed his hands on her thighs, grabbed the hem of her skirt to hide the slight trembling of his hands, olgun porno pushing it up revealing the lacy tops to her stockings he so hoped she wore. Pushing upwards until the skirt was bunched at her waist, the bare cheeks of her arse on show, the thin string of her panties disappearing between them.

‘So does my bum meet your approval?’ the question punctuated by her wiggling hips, causing her legs to part, revealing flashes of her sex barely covered by her thong.

‘Wonderful.’ His heart misses a beat as what he has just said replays in his mind. There was so much he could have said and wonderful just wasn’t what he would have wanted to say.

‘Why don’t you have a feel? I love a man stroking my bum, gets me all hot and bothered’

His hands move to grasp and squeeze the cheeks of her arse. The discomfort in his trousers increases as his hands roam over her. An idea occurs to John, it could be a risk but the chance may never arise again. The smack shocks them both. John’s hand held in place as Chloe jumps at the impact; the noise loud in the empty office. Then silence, wondering what will happen next.

‘Oh have I been a naughty girl, letting my laptop break? You better smack me again.’ It feels like his cock is going to break the zip on his trousers. With each smack he moves a little faster, the impact a little harder, as she moans her pleasure each time.

‘Just what will you do to me when I say that it’s probably all the porn I watch that broke that laptop. What do you do bad girls that break their laptops by watching hot, dirty porn?’

‘Oh we have to treat such breaches very seriously. Teach such bad girls a real lesson.’ Shaking at his brazen comments, a hand slides down between her open legs, fingers stroking at the flimsy material covering her sex, finding them already soaking, her lips swollen. John felt Chloe rise and rest her elbows on the desk, her arse pushing back towards his groin. Dropping his hands from her arse he let her pin his throbbing cock between it and his body, moaning as she began to move in gentle circles.

‘Well that better include you putting that hard cock into my tight little pussy. ‘cos right now I’m ready for that lesson.’ outdoor sex Should he, just drop his trousers and boxers, force aside the flimsy thong and thrust deep inside her pussy, hard and fast until he comes? John resists the urge as there are parts of Chloe’s body that have yet to be explored, areas his eyes are always drawn to whenever she happens to be passing. His hands slide over her body reaching forward pushing his cock harder into her arse as he searches out her breasts. Finally he has them in his hands, full and heavy, her nipples hard, pushing into his palms as he massages them.

‘Oh yes get my tits out. I love them hanging free, moving, when a man is pumping me hard from behind.’ his hands tremble as they move to comply. The seemingly tiny buttons on her shirt are a challenge in his desperation to have her soft flesh in his hands, seemingly taking forever before they are undone. Opening her shirt his hands reach into the cups of her bra; release her breasts letting them fall free before his hands enclose them again. So heavy and soft, her nipples rough and proud as he pinches them between his fingers and thumbs; exactly as he always dreamt they would be.

‘Fuck me John.’ The simple plea shocks him into action and he steps back, hurrying to get his belt undone and let his trousers and boxers drop to the floor, not bothering to try and remove them. ‘Mmm, a lovely thick cock.’ He looks up to see Chloe looking back over her shoulder at him ‘that is going to feel so good deep inside me.’ Grasping the thin band of her panties he pulls them slowly down to the floor, crouching as she steps out of them, opening her legs wide. His eyes travel back up her legs until they reach the top; looking directly at the swollen lips of her pussy, glistening with her juices. A manicured finger appears, the red polish on its nail contrasting with the whiteness of her skin, before it delves inside heading for her clit no doubt. Mesmerised he watches as the finger moves in circles, moving faster and pushing harder as her moans increase. ‘Get in here before I finish without you!’

Bolting upright, he places his glans at the entrance to her pussy, letting the sensations of the lips teasing public agent porno him, before holding her hips and slowly sliding his cock deep inside. Her pussy so wet his progress is easy, her muscles pulling at him as they spasm in response to her finger rubbing harder at her clit. Totally enveloped, motionless, letting the feelings build as his cock twitches in response to each contraction.

‘Oh so thick and hard…’ Chloe pants between the moans, her skin on fire as John holds her hips keeping his cock pressed as deep as he can. ‘Ohhh yes!’ her body begins to jerk as her orgasm rips through her. Her hips moving as her pussy grasps even harder at his cock. As her orgasm calms he begins to move, a steady pace to begin, though the need to slam his cock into her is so hard to resist. The desire to cum and to prolong this for as long as he can conflict as he continues to pound in and out, her pussy so hot and tight.

‘Fuck me hard John, oh that’s so good.’ her dirty talk spurs him on, shorter, faster, harder thrusts, her hips moving back to meet him. Each collision audible over their moans echoing around the office as they continue to grind. His cock at bursting point, all his will bent on holding back. ‘I want you in my mouth, to taste my pussy on that lovely cock, drink down all the hot spunk. Can I have that John?’

‘Oh yes!’ He pulls out, his cock still twitching as Chloe moves off the desk and kneels before him. Her mouth moves all over his cock, licking up all her juices before flicking at the tip. ‘Jesus.’ Its time, John feels Chloe move and take him deep inside. He thrusts; fucking her mouth as the first stream of hot sticky seed explodes, shooting deep into her throat, her hand milking his heavy balls…

The sudden click of heels brings him back to reality with a start; heat on his cheeks as he realises his cock is pressing hard trying to escape his trousers. In a desperate attempt to hide his arousal from Chloe he moves his chair further under his desk. Mind racing, knowing there is nothing to done about the flush on his face. Fearing the worst he wants to stare at his screen, pretend he hasn’t been lost in a dream about her for the last few minutes. He has to look up as she passes his desk. Her perfect breasts at eye level cause him to pause before he forces his gaze up into her face, dreading the expression he will see. Then she is gone. The door to the office closes and the scent of her perfume drifts past once more.

Was that a smile?

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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