It Started At The Office

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I’ve been watching you at work for some time. Although we had been flirting, I am not sure you had really noticed how interested I was. My body always knew when you were around and would get wet. I just knew that the sex between us would be great. One day, I decide to do something about it….

One quiet afternoon, you’re concentrating on the papers in your hand as you walk past the storage closet. Suddenly, a hand reaches out, grabs your arm and pulls you into the closet. The door shuts, leaving the closet in total darkness.

You stand in the closet, your eyes deprived of light, your ears trying to hear any sounds. You can only smell a subtle perfume that seems vaguely familiar. “Who’s there?” There is no response, just a rustling sound, then my hand on your chest moving you back against the shelves.

Another hand joins the first, pulling your shirt from your pants. The buttons are being undone, the shirt pushed to the sides. My hands caress your chest, the fingertips running over your nipples, nails scraping Samsun Escort lightly.

The hands move down to your waist and rest there for a moment. You jump a little as my tongue runs across your nipple, then my mouth closing over it and starts to suck.

My hands are now undoing the fastening of your pants, pulling down the zipper. Fingertips dip into the opening, teasing the base of your shaft. My hands move to your hips, rubbing lightly as they start to push the pants down your thighs.

My hands move over your thighs back up to your cock, lightly running over the hard length. My hands move away from you, leaving you standing again in the darkness. Another rustling sound fills the closet for a moment, and then all is quiet.

Unexpectedly, my tongue flicks over the head of your cock, which twitches at the sensation. My hand comes up to hold the base as my mouth closes over you, tongue twirling. I move forward and begin taking you in and out of my mouth while my hand strokes along.

After Samsun Escort Bayan some time, I feel your body tensing. I take your cock in as far as I can, throat closing around the head. With a muffled shout, your hips jerk and you begin cumming into my mouth. I swallow all I can and lick up the rest.

I keep swallowing and licking until you’re done. As you begin to soften some, I kiss the head. You hear rustling sounds as I stand up. You’re leaning against the shelves, breathing heavily.

I run my finger across your lips and then move to the door. As I start to turn the handle, you grab my hand, pulling me back to you. Your mouth closes fiercely over mine, our tongues tangling, as you turn me around against the shelves.

Your hand goes under my skirt and feels the wetness. You pull the panties down my legs and I step out of them. You move the skirt out of the way as you kneel down.

I feel your tongue go to my clit, tongue tapping and teasing. Two fingers thrust inside Escort Samsun my pussy, pressing against the walls. Your tongue moves over me while your fingers work inside, faster and faster.

Without warning, you move out and away from me, standing up. You take one of my legs and move it around your hips as your cock brushes against me. You drive into me, stretching and filling me. You begin to pump in and out of me aggressively.

I brace my hands on your shoulders and put my other leg around your hips. Your arms are around my hips, helping to keep us moving together.

The friction inside of me builds the swell of sensation, which breaks over me. I clamp down on your cock as I cum. My convulsions cause you to start spurting, filling me with the heat.

Once the spasms die down, my legs fall to the ground, trembling, and you gently pull out of me. You move back against the opposite shelf, trying to calm your breathing.

I straighten my clothing as you stand there. I walk over and give you a kiss. I place my panties into your hand as you hear a voice whisper, “Find me and maybe we can have some more fun.”

I turn away towards the door and open it. You close your eyes as the light pierces the darkness. All you see is my outline as I step out and shut the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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