It was a Good Summer

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Summer had been good to me but now it was almost time to start college. So instead of keeping the roads hot I decided to stay around the house and spend some quality time with good old mom.

I was unfamiliar with a new neighbor lady my mom had made friends with so when I saw her out working in the flowerbeds I decided to go out and get a good look at the woman. I was rewarded handsomely for my effort too, because mom’s new friend was quite the looker. She had on short Daisy-Duke cutoff jeans and a tight ‘wife-beater’ tank top with ample cleavage showing.

Her name was Denise and she was now my heart’s desire, five foot of feminine perfection. She had shoulder length brown hair, big green eyes, tanned to a golden hue and a fine pair of thirty four D’s barley hidden in that lacey bra and her tight ‘wife-beater’ tank top. When Denise bent over to check out mom’s prize winning flowers it gave me an ample view of her prize-winning breasts. And I wasn’t going to miss a show like that.

My situation started when she glanced up unexpectedly and caught me drooling over her glorious breasts. I was embarrassed to be caught but she just gave me a smile and a little wink and bent over a little farther to give me a better look. When she left I made sure to scope out the sway of her fine ass and as I expected, it was rounded to perfection.

I needed to know more about this lady so I went straight to mom when she left.

Turns out Denise was married, thirty four years old with no kids and lived two doors down with a husband that was seldom home. Bingo, music to my ears but how was I going to make this happen?

I needn’t have worried, two days later Denise called mom and asked if I could come over and help her with some chores around the place. Mom said, “Sure,” and sent me right over.

When I got there Denise handed me a cold Coors and told, “Sit down on the couch.” Then she went to the back of the house to get into some different clothes for the job she wanted help with. Now I liked the jeans and t-shirt she had on but I wasn’t going to argue with a woman about her work clothes.

When she came back in the room she was wearing a white lace and satin push-up bra, a white lace thong, white hose with lace around the tops and a pair of white stiletto casino oyna heels. And much to my delight, that was all she was wearing.

She smiled and said, “Since you seemed to have enjoyed the show in the garden, I thought that I’d give you a better view.”

I took another swallow of my beer and told her, “The view is breath taking.”

She smiled, walked over to where I was seated, knelt down between my legs and started to unzip my Levis. It didn’t take me but just a second to take over and slide my Levis and underwear down and off. Unhesitantly, she grabbed the base of my now hard as a rock, eight inch un-cut cock and started to suck the head like it was a snow cone and she was starving to death. A few sucking sounds, the feel of a warm tongue massaging my throbbing cock and it was off to the races. I shot a load so big in her mouth I just knew she was going to choke, but like a real pro she swallowed ever drop and even licked the last drop of cum off the end of my dick.

Then Denise told me she wanted us to go into the bedroom so I could satisfy her. As we were going down the hall she stopped to pull her panties off. When we entered the bedroom she walked to the bed, spun around and fell on her back legs spread and asked, “Do you know how to eat pussy?”

I told her, “Hell yes,” as I fell face forward into her sweet wet pussy. I licked, slurped and ate her out like a fat man starving. She cummed so hard that I thought she was having a heart attack.

We snuggled for a few moments on the bed then she asked me, “How do you like surprises?”

I told her, “They’re okay. And this one was the best that I’d ever had.”

Giggling, Denise told me, “The surprise hadn’t happened yet.” Then she got out a blindfold and put it on me. I didn’t protest because I wanted to see what happened next.

I felt her get out of bed, heard some noise, then felt her get back in bed and wrap her warm soft lips around my cock and suck it even better than the first time. She was sucking it fast and hard, just the way I like it. I could feel a load of cum building in my balls. I was so excited that I wanted to be able to see her, so I asked, “Can I pull the blindfold off?”

She said, “Yes,” but I never felt her take her mouth from my cock.

I canlı casino quickly pulled the blindfold off and to my amazement; it was Denise’s husband, Kevin not her with my cock in his mouth and my balls in his hand. Even though I was horrified, it was too late. My teenage balls exploded and I was cumming in his mouth. Before I knew it I had Kevin by the hair and was driving my cock in his mouth as deep as I could get it. As the head of my cock hit the back of his throat, he moaned, “Aaaaaaaaaah,” and started to suck my cock even harder.

Even after swallowing my entire load, Kevin kept sucking like he was trying to pull every drop of cum out of my nuts. It was the best blowjob that I’d ever had. As I was trying to catch my breath, he then slid up to my face and kissed me. At first it was just our lips touching, then he was kissing me like a man kisses a woman. To my surprise, I loved feeling his cum coated tongue in my mouth.

When Kevin got up and stood by the edge of the bed, I was mesmerized by the sight of his nine inch flaccid cock dangling from his big clump of curly pubic hair. He must have like the attention, because as I watched it slowly stiffened and became erect. I’d never been around naked guys before, but now that I was exposed I found myself very aroused by the sight of his hard cock. As strange as it sounds, even though I’d just graduated from high school, I’d never seen a hard cock before. In the 50, when I was in junior high people were more modest than they are now, so guys didn’t run around the locker room nude. Because I was a late bloomer, I always waited until everyone else was finished before I took a shower. Then in high school I was in a work program where I got out of school two hours early to go to work, so I never took any gym classes in high school. Consequently, having never seen a naked guy I didn’t know that a cock could be so big or so powerful looking. When I saw it,

I was so astounded by his size that I just stared at it in amazement. I was in such turmoil that I made some stupid comment about its size as I got on my knees in front of him and took it in my hand. As it lay in the palm of my hand, it felt like it weighted a ton. Closing my fingers around it, I slowly moved my hand up and down its length.

After kaçak casino fondling it for a minute or two, I tried to put it in my mouth, but Kevin pushed me away and said, “No not yet, I want you to lick my balls first.”

Undaunted, I eagerly lowered my face down and kissed the head of his cock. Then I licked the shaft from the tip to his balls. I started licking his swollen balls for In a couple of minutes, Then I placed each of his balls in his mouth. They were so big and cum filled that I could only get one in my mouth at a time. When I gently sucked on them, Kevin got so excited that he couldn’t stand still. When he started working his hips, I licked my way back up to his cockhead and took him in my mouth. I marveled at the salty taste of his pre-cum as the head slid across my tongue.

Knowing that he liked it, when I took him in my mouth and started sucking but continued to massage his balls. My mouth went all the way down his shaft, taking his cock deep in my throat. Unable to contain himself, Kevin grabbed my head and started franticly working his hips forward and back, fucking my mouth with his hard cock. Then he stiffened up. His ass clinched, his cock swelled up, his balls pulled up tight as he shot a powerful blast of hot cum slamming into the back of my throat. Since I’d never sucked a cock before I wasn’t ready to swallow yet so I backed off.

As soon as I pulled his cock out of my mouth, Kevin started shooting cum all over my face. After he was spent, I was a little embarrassed so I told him that I needed to go to the bathroom to wash my face.

After that it became a routine thing for me to swing by their house, so I could fuck Denise and Kevin and I could suck each other’s cocks. I was a quick leaner, so now Kevin was cumming in my mouth and I was swallowing it. This went on for the rest of the summer and only stopped when I went off to college. After that I had a steady girlfriend and was in a serious relationships.

In the years that followed, when we would see each other around the neighborhood I usually had my girlfriend with me, so we never mentioned our past to each other anymore. Although whenever I would see them, I would get horny thinking about what it would be like to get them alone somewhere so that we could rekindle old times.

After graduating from college I took a job out of state. A couple of years later my parents moved and I eventually lost all contact with them.

All in all, it was a good summer.

The end…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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