It was My Wife’s Fault Pt. 02

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Note: this is “Part 2” you may want to read Part 1 found in “Toys & Masturbation” a few weeks ago. If not this one will seem a bit confusing. Thanks B_T


She smiled at me, gave Bard and Penny a brief glance and wave before locking me in a kiss that would have hardened my cock. Except it was still hard even after cumming all over my self. During the kiss she mounted me and slipped a finger thru the cum on my chest which she then used like lip balm on our mouths.

Penny and Barb moved onto a love seat next to the lounger we were on and watched closely while softly caressing each other. I was loving the feel of Marie’s pussy stroking me and the view of our friends so near was making me even harder.

“I only came once watching the three of you playing, I need another one right now!” my bride whispered in my ear.

Her hand snaked between us and I could feel her fingers working her clit as I settled back and watched her ride me. Not to be outdone Barb had dropped to her knees in front of Penny and wither thighs spread and legs resting Beylikdüzü escort on her shoulders she was making her moan and squirm. Marie was ready in a very short time and she flooded my cock, ball sand general vicinity wither juices. She’s not a “squirter” but when she cums it’s like opening a tap!

“OHHHHHH fuck, oh fuck that’s it I’m cumming, too!” Barb lapped as fast as she could in a losing effort to catch Penny’s cum as she gave her riding bud a great orgasm.

Barb and I exchanged looks as our respective partners slowly recovered. She had me at a small disadvantage as she was circling her clit with one hand and holding Penny’s hand with the other. I was still enclosed in Marie’s hot, very wet tunnel but her orgasm had made her remove her hand and lay her head against my chest. Penny recovered first, pulled Barb up next to her and gently licked her own juices off like a starving kitten.

Marie leaned back looked into my eyes and said “You’re not upset I told the girls about your ‘abilities’ are you babe?”

“Nope, not at Beylikdüzü escort all, but who gets to pick were my next shot lands?”

“Me, me, me” squealed Barb. I think she only got the words out first because Penny had finished cleaning up Barbs face and descended to her flame haired pussy.

I held my wife’s soft hips in both hands and rocked her back and forth while watching the action next to us. She leaned back a bit to allow her easy access to her boobs that she squeezed and thrust onto my face. Releasing one of them, the one my lips were on, she teased one of my nipples as she did her own. That’s pretty much our signal to each other that the ‘point of no return’ is near. I rocked faster until I felt er squeeze me with rhythmic contractions. As her third (I think) orgasm hit. Holding her firmly against my cock that was on the edge I managed to say “Where Barb? Where do you want me to cum?”

“On me, on me while I cummmmmmmm!”

Marie hopped off me, drug me by the cock over to her fiend and jacked me off onto her tits and toward Escort Beylikdüzü her mouth. Must have been what she was waiting for as she wildly thrashed on Penny’s face. Marie held my cock as it stopped spraying and merely leaked cum onto Barb’s lips. She gave it a tentative kiss and lick as Penny rose up and took a taste off her nipple.

We all looked around at each other smiling before starting to chuckle and giggle! “Should we get a drink and catch our breath before the next go round?” my wife asked.

We all laughed at that comment, but she had a good point. We moved into the kitchen and found various cool beverages before returning to the deck.

Everyone was relaxed, even my dock had subsided to half-mast even though the view made me think he wouldn’t stay uninterested for very long. Maries was idly stroking and squeezing it as we discussed bikes and riding.

My wife looked over at Penny and Barb and asked “Have either of you ever gotten off while you’re riding?”

They looked a bit surprised and both said “No”. She suppressed a giggle and said “I need to tell you about my old Suzuki Intruder, I never needed vibrator when I had that bike.”

They both looked at her wide-eyed and Marie began recounting er misadventures on that bike!

I decided I didn’t care if I’d been set up!

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