It’s A Wonderful Wife – Chapter 3

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It was well past noon when Bridget and Dewayne got into the car and headed for the “adults only” beach. They stopped along the way for sunscreen and a few things for the cooler.

The drive seemed as if it would never end. Kent and the hotel clerk both said that it would take about 15 minutes to get to this secluded location – and they were right. Probably it was closer to 20 minutes. When they were just about convinced that somewhere they made a wrong turn and were lost, wah la there it was. A very small sign saying “Private Property – Restricted Access,” exactly what Kent said. They turned onto a road that took a sharp turn behind a tall sand dune. There was a small booth.

The attendant at the beach entrance seemed like a friendly fellow. He collected the steep $50 each admission fee after seeing ID proving Bridget and Dewayne were at least 18. He also explained a few rules of conduct because they had never been there before. The main rule was that everything had to be consensual. Lifeguards and attendants observed conduct from afar. The owners would prosecute any violators. Beyond that there were really no other rules. The attendant stated that beachgoers mainly went there to sunbathe nude, be voyeurs or just for the thrill of having sex in public. Seldom did people pick up casual sex partners there. Most of the group sex action came as a result of pre-planning.

The parking lot was another quarter mile drive on an unpaved road and still behind the tall dunes. Being as is was the middle of the workweek, the beach was not exceptionally crowded – perhaps only 50 people at most. They came in all shapes and sizes from every ethnic and social background. They were probably the youngest people at the beach, but no one looked over 45.

Everyone was completely naked. Several were engaged in various forms of sex. Those having sex were vocal and unashamed. That included a group of three lesbians and a couple of gay fellows.

Bridget wanted a spot near others. Opening the beach umbrella and laying down the beach blankets took a back seat to first getting completely naked and kissing.

“I’m glad we waited,” Bridget said as she knelt on the blanket under the shade of the umbrella. “This is where the new Bridget wants to fuck the new Dewayne – right out in the open so God and everyone can see.”

After another long kiss with heavy groping the couple got into a 69 on the beach blanket. Bridget ran her tongue along the smooth skin of Dewayne’s lower stomach. She moved her tongue down to his now hairless balls and began sucking.

“Fuck yeah, this is so goddamn fucking much better than I’d had ever fucking imagined,” she said loud enough for those around her to hear. “Oh fuck yeah! Eat my fucking pussy raw you son of a bitch in front of anyone that wants to watch. Let everyone see how much we fucking love each other and how proud we fucking are of our bodies.”

Meanwhile Dewayne was enjoying a taste of shaven pussy for the first time. He let his tongue explore the area previously covered by a neatly trimmed triangle of hair. He rubbed the exposed flesh while fucking her pussy with his tongue.

Not being in a rush, both Bridget and Dewayne savored the openness of their surroundings, occasionally looking at their new neighbors doing essentially the same thing. They wanted the moment to last indefinitely.

Running her tongue into Dewayne’s asshole was something she never did before. Now she was tossing his salad while jerking him off and enjoying it. Knowing that his wife’s first anal sex was moments away, he too concentrated on her backside, while also rubbing her clit. Alternating between the pussy and ass seemed to keep kocaeli escort bayan Dewayne occupied while his cock was getting rock hard and extremely wet.

After a lot of foreplay, Bridget mounted Dewayne cowgirl style giving him the first view of her new pubic nakedness.

“I want to show everyone,” Bridget whispered a few minutes later. Going reverse cowgirl, the fucking continued.

“Expose your fucking pussy to the fucking world,” Dewayne said in a forceful but quiet tone. Spreading her lips apart to reveal the pink, Bridget stopped momentarily from rubbing her clit. She had her legs spread extremely wide apart.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she moaned in pleasure as the warm cock gently ran deep inside and then nearly withdrew from her shaven pride and joy. “Fuck that nasty cunt,” she moaned while spitting on her fingers for additional lubricant.

Up and down she bounced with her legs spread as wide as she comfortably could. Several times Dewayne simply kept his dick in place as far as it would go and then gyrated his hips for a change of rhythm. After several minutes of slow fucking, Bridget needed a momentary rest. So did Dewayne.

Dismounting, Bridget immediately went pussy-to-mouth with loud slurping sounds before again mounting RCG.

“Fuck yeah,” she moaned as he not only had his dick firmly implanted in her cunt, but he squeezed the nipples of her tits.

As she again dismounted for P2M, Bridget opted for a new position. She knelt on one knee, with the other rigid to form a triangle. This exposed her pussy from another angle while not being too quiet or neat with the head action.

Laying on her back and side, Dewayne picked up her left leg and held it high. Again fully exposed, he slipped his manhood into her crevices. Some small particles of sand clung to the dick. But this acted more as turn-on to Bridget rather than an irritant.

Bridget then lay on squarely her back. Dewayne began eating her pussy, while beginning to gently play with her ass. His tongue made its way near her ass when she said – “tongue my asshole.”

Needing no additional encouragement, Dewayne did as he was told. He inserted his finger into Bridget’s mouth. She began sucking it like a cock, getting it very wet. She knew it’s ultimate destination.

Dewayne relocated the wet middle finger to her behind and inserted it gently.

“Fuuuucccckkk,” Bridget said exhaling as Dewayne began gently massaging her ass with his finger. Bridget moved her hips in rhythm with his fingers.

“Stick two in there,” Bridget said but the added, “I need to suck your cock.”

The pain and pleasure increased but Bridget was getting ready for the long awaited main attraction. Now 69ing again, both did their job. Bridget made Dewayne’s cock as wet as she could. Gobs of spit and saliva dripped out of her mouth. The beach allowed her to be exceptionally sloppy.

Neatness was nowhere on Dewayne’s agenda either. Knowing the mess Bridget was creating below, Dewayne continually spit and finger fucked her asshole – to prepare it for bigger and better things. Gapping her and then spitting directly into the anal cavity, she too had as much natural lubricant as her ass would hold. The excess began to ooze down her thighs.

Changing positions – to reverse cowgirl again, Dewayne entered her ass for the first time. That’s the way she wanted it – exposed completely to the world.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Bridget screamed as Dewayne slowly inserted the entire length of the well-lubricated shaft into the warmth of her ass. Several heads turned toward her as she again moaned, “Fuck yeah”, which only encouraged her to spread her legs even wider and kocaeli sınırsız escort lean back all the more. She wanted everyone to see her ass lose its virginity.

“Fuck me hard,” she pleaded, and he cooperated. Both came almost instantly because of the excitement of anal sex in public. Cum and spit now dripped freely from her ass as she screamed in climax – “My pussy is cumming with your cock fucking my fucking ass. Fuck me. Keep fucking my ass. Don’t fucking stop,” she screamed as she rubbed her clit feverously until it came.

Then a long quiet respite as the couple exchanged a romantic kiss. They listened as other couples or small groups around them were also actively engaged in loud and unabashed sex. After resting briefly, they sprinted into the warm seawater and played like little school children.

While enjoying the warm seawater they kissed each other passionately.

“Can I ask you something,” Dewayne asked his wife? “I think you told me yesterday that the combination of me catching you masturbating embarrassed you but also gave you a thrill. I haven’t noticed any dildos in the house. Do you have any toys?”

After confiding that she did not because she did not know how he would react, Dewayne promised that on the way back to hotel they would stop at a sex shop and buy a couple of toys. Dewayne said that he would also buy her a strap-on providing she used it on him occasionally.

Noticing that his cock was getting hard, Bridget took hold of it under the water and led him gently in the direction of the shore. They stood in knee-deep water unashamedly fondling each other in front of the other beachgoers.

“You’re right though,” she admitted. “I was ashamed. But that was yesterday. I’m not ashamed any longer. I’m not ashamed that I masturbate. I’m not ashamed that I watch porn. I’m not ashamed that I’m now a fucking nasty slut. I won’t be ashamed if you want to humiliated me as long as it’s part of a sex game.”

They both agreed that one of the keys to their new relationship had to be openness and communication. They pledged to each other never to cheat on the other without telling the other partner – if not up front then as soon afterward as possible. They said when they would have sex with others it would only be to fulfill their personal sexual fantasies or lusts. It wouldn’t be for love.

“Can I buy something else when we go the sex store?” Bridget asked. “I want to buy some of those sexy platform shoes – and wear them tonight. And maybe also get a chocker that says ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’ or ‘whore’ on it. I want everyone to know I’m now a total slut.” She salso mentioned visiting a tattoo store when they got back home.

“What kind of ink do you want?” Dewayne asked.

“I’m not sure right now. I’m really infatuated with those large fucking tribal on the lower back. But I also want one I can see. We’ll find a way to pay for it, even if I have to sell myself and become a real life whore. I have some homework to do on both a tattoo and piercing. I want my tongue and pussy pierced too. I’m going all the way. Nothing is going to stop me. When we get back home I’ll do whatever I have to and if it means fucking someone that’s what I’m going to do.”

“Would that fucking excite you – becoming a real whore and selling yourself for money?”

“Fuck yeah. I’m going to make up for a lot of lost time. You OK with that?”

He answered by planting his tongue squarely in her mouth while the two continued caressing and fondling each other. As she dropped to her knees, Dewayne stopped her.

“Let’s go back to the blanket and watch our neighbors fuck.” he said. “That ought izmit anal yapan escort to get us in the mood again or just set the stage for tonight. Besides it wouldn’t be fair to do all the performing and none of the watching. We need to be voyeurs too.”

Liberally they rubbed sunscreen on each other. Their nude bodies were a slick oily mess as they enjoyed the sun and the show that the others were putting on.

Bridget began sucking slowly Dewayne’s dick but her eyes were riveted on the lesbian three-some only a few feet away. Oh how she wanted to join them, but remembered the attendant saying that all sex had to be consensual and that most people didn’t pick up anyone on the beach. But that did not stop her from lusting after any of those three women and wishing she were in the middle of them.

Dewayne too had his eyes watching the gay couple and lusting after their cocks while he fingered his wife’s pussy.

They got into a lazy 69 for better viewing of their neighbors.

One of the girls in the lesbian group repositioned herself. Now her pussy was in Bridget’s clear view – as if almost inviting her to join in. Bridget restrained herself and settled for sucking even more on hairless cock. Feeling Dewayne’s fingers and occasionally his tongue invade her, Bridget often repeated the same phrase, “Oh my little fucking pussy loves to be eaten by a hot tongue. Eat my pussy.”

Anticipating an even wilder night of action and not wanting to get too sunburned, Dewayne felt it best to leave. He wanted time some sexual frustration as a way to help fully recover before the possibility of fucking Janelle – and doing it in front of Bridget. In all they stayed at the beach less than two hours. But they accomplished their main objective – fucking in public – anally at that.

As they pulled into one of the sex stores near their hotel, Dewayne suggested they buy a toy as a present for Janelle and Kent to thank them for upcoming dinner and for paying the entrance fee to the beach.

Bridget found a pair of clear platform shoes and a couple of chokers. She also found a pink sleeveless top that was a size too small but had “Easy” written across the bust line. The smaller size made her natural tits stand out more.

Dewayne looked over the dildo selection but waited on making a selection until Bridget approved finished her shopping. He bought a large strap-on, a glass dildo and an 18” double-headed toy. A tub of lube and a couple of porn DVD’s finished out the order.

When they got back to the hotel they saw Kent walking toward the lobby and bar.

“Hi guys, you just getting back from the beach? Hope you had a lot of fun!”

“We had a memorable time,” Dewayne said. “I can’t thank you enough. I don’t how we’ll ever repay you.”

“Let’s not even talk about that now. Janelle is getting ready. Dewayne, why don’t you take a quick shower and meet me in the bar. I’ll text Janelle to stop by your room and see if Bridget is ready. But you know how women are – they keep us waiting at least an hour while they tend to doing their business.”

After a good laugh, Kent started heading toward the bar then added, “We’ve got dinner reservations, but dress very casual. Hope you guys are hungry and like steak and seafood. We’ve got just the place picked out. Then we’re going to take you to a great club. For you it’s entertainment, but for me it’s work – scouting new talent.”

“What kind of talent are you scouting?” Dewayne asked.

“They are amateur dancers but I’m looking at their photogenic qualities. You guys better hurry and get ready.”

Dewayne and Bridget went to their room. A few minutes later a completely clean Dewayne made his way to the lounge, while Bridget finished her shower.

When he saw Dewayne heading across the parking lot toward the bar, Kent sent a text message to Janelle. “See you in an hour or so. Have fun!”

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