It’s Been 5 Years

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Many nights I sat and thought about that night in my music teachers car, it was just over 5 years ago now as I have not long turned 23. It was no lie that what I felt for him was more than sexual attraction although it did play a big part in it. We did have a bit of fun for a few months and then I graduated never seeing him since it was such a shame he was the first (and only) man to give me an orgasm. Guys after when I left school and went to college never lived up to Zachary aka Mr Danes. I missed him a lot and the first few months I did cry a lot but what can you do? Not much really. I learned that he didn’t really care for me the way I did him and that he wasn’t going to come for me. I was just a bit of fun that excited him although I don’t any more, that much was pretty obvious.

I stood in the shower letting the hot water fall onto my head. I had shorter hair since from when I was in school. It was now just to my shoulders and dark brown. Other than that I looked the same. When I finished my shower I walked into my bedroom, clad in a fluffy white towel and looked at my reflection in the full length mirror. I dropped the towel and looked at my naked body. From what I could see their was no reason for him to not want me. I work out regular even more so now but I had a hot body back then too. My breasts were just the right size not to big nor too small. I had a nice tight and firm ass and my pussy was tight and always bare. I just didn’t get it what is so bad about me?

I dressed in some short denim cut off shorts as it was hot out and a plaid white red and blue shirt. I let my hair dry and ran the straightener through it then applied my usual makeup. A few dabs of perfume to the wrists and just behind the ears and I was good to go. It was my day off work so I thought I’d do some well earned clothes shopping.

It’s so hot out I really wish that I had worn a vest or something, I thought to myself as I walked down the side walk I had brought some jeans and stuff and all I wanted to do was go home and have a cold bath or something, I should really invest in a pool. I wasn’t paying attention as I was knocked off my feet and onto my backside.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” A male voice asked, I was sure I knew that voice but I just couldn’t place it.

I looked up into a pair of bright blueish green eyes and my breath caught in my throat. Of course I knew the voice.

“Shannon?” His forehead creased into a frown and I felt my heart drop, he didn’t look happy to see me at all.

“Yes,” Was all I said then stood up and walked away in the opposite direction before I started crying again.

Seeing him again in the flesh for the first time in 5 years just brought it all back and it felt like I had just graduated again, ankara escort those feeling welling up in my stomach making me feel almost nauseated. I also felt extremely turned on the same way I always was. As usual when I was around him the dampness between my legs was there but got worse when he called out to me again. I ignored him, he just wasn’t worth all that hurt again. I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning me around.

“What the fuck do you want?” I asked harshly, his eyes flashed with hurt and made me feel bad but I pushed it to the back of my mind, his hurt is nothing compared to what I went through.

“I guess I deserve that,” He started and I laughed at him then cut him off.

“You GUESS? You know what Zach, you are the most fucking..” I couldn’t finish it off my heart was pounding in my chest. I just couldn’t turn my feelings for him off, I couldn’t even tell him off for leaving me either.

“Why?” I breathed out helpless and breathless.

“I don’t know, I sort of thought that with you going off to college you wouldn’t want me any more so I just had to let you go.” He said looking straight into my eyes. I sighed.

“You could have told me.” I muttered and he nodded.

“I am really sorry,” He said and I shook my head.

“You’re not, you don’t know what I have been through!” I breathed at him and he laughed.

“You don’t know that Shannon, I haven’t had anyone since you.” He said and my eyes widened I found it hard to believe but for some reason I believed him too.

“I wish I could say the same,” I said and he nodded in understanding. “It didn’t work though, I didn’t get over you and they were nothing compared to you.” I stated.

“How many?” He asked his jaw flexing.

“2” I admitted and sighed.

“So,” He said and I nodded.

The next thing I knew I was in his arms and his lips were on mine. I was too shocked to respond to the kiss at first then I felt his tongue on mouth. I responded finally and opened my mouth letting his tongue caress mine as his right hand caressed my cheek the left on the small of my back. Their was something different about the kiss, it wasn’t the same urgent and rough kiss we used to share this one was soft and slow and passionate, much better.

He pulled away and grinned at me. I smiled dreamily at him as he continued caressing my cheek and jaw. I really wanted to fuck him right their and then and by the feel of him against my thigh he felt the same way.

“My car is just around the corner,” He murmured in my ear and I nodded. Car sex again, just like our first time 5 years ago.

I was surprised to see he now had a Mercedes convertible in a matte black color not like his larger silver old car.

“Not teaching any escort ankara more?” I asked him as he pressed the button on the key thing and I opened the passenger seat and got into the car, the top was already down.

“Nope,” He simply said and started the engine.

He didn’t stop the car and drove to a small house a few miles out of town and I couldn’t believe it. He was actually taking me to his house! Usually it was in his car, over his desk, in the bathrooms at the school after everyone had left. He stopped the car and got out, I followed.

I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings as he picked me up as soon as we walked through the door, I wrapped my legs around his waist and attached my lips to his again as he walked me up the stairs, kicked a door open and threw me on his king sized bed. He looked at me and smiled running his hands lightly up and down my legs.

“You look so amazing,” He breathed out making my cheeks flush from the compliment.

Like he didn’t! He looked even better than he did back in school. 5 years on making him now 29 and he still looks like a 25 year old his tattooed body was thicker and more muscular than before obviously he had been working out maybe more than I do.

“You know, I always thought you had nice legs but fucking hell they are something!” He said dropping his gaze to my tanned, toned and smooth legs running his hands over them still. “These shorts are rather nice too,” He said looking at the cut off’s which were like hot pants. He undid the button and fly pulling them down slowly revealing my plain black lacy undies. He bit his lip and opened my legs. I closed my eyes as I felt his hand work on my pussy through my panties. My clit was so swollen since I saw him in town and it sent bolts of pure pleasure through me every time he touched it. I felt my underwear being removed next and I opened my eyes to see him looking directly at my pussy, then up at me. He smiled and then his head disappeared. I moaned feeling his breath on my hot wet pussy then I felt his tongue lick my slit slowly and with a lot of pressure. He done this a few times just teasing, as if he was making up for lost timing. I reached my hand down and grabbed a handful of his hair and shoved his face into my pussy grinding myself against his face. I felt him suck my clit into his mouth and I moaned out loud. He was so great at eating pussy this was truly one of the things I’d missed. I felt him insert his middle finger into me and began pumping it in and out. I felt my orgasm approaching and then he curled the finger upwards and rubbed against my G-spot, I had heard about it before but never experienced a G-spot orgasm, until now. I lashed against his face and arched my back screaming his name as my walls tightened ankara escort bayan around his finger. I felt my juices flow onto his hand as he lapped everything up. Then he raised his head and half smirked at me, he was so gorgeous. He crawled above me then moved to my right side and began to unbutton my shirt. It fell open and my tits were exposed in their lacy black bra. He smiled to himself and pulled one of the cups down taking my tit in his hand and massaging it firmly. Twisting and pinching my hard nipple then he took it in his mouth and sucked and nibbled on it.

I wasn’t happy with how much more clothes he had on so I flipped him onto his back and started with his black t-shirt raising it slowly. He definitely had been working out that was for sure, his chest and stomach and everything was so hard and he even had a six pack! I ran my hands over his body taking in every inch of him and then pulled the t-shirt away from him and threw it across the room. I then worked on his belt taking that off and then undoing the button and zipper I pulled his jeans and boxers down his huge cock standing to attention for me. I licked my lips and the licked the tip of his hardness. He groaned and I jumped in at the deep end and deep throated this monster. He gasped and his hand went straight to my hair as he started to fuck my throat. I closed my eyes tight and sucked on him as he thrusts his cock into my mouth. I feel him throb and he quickly pushes me onto my back and hovers over me his cock at my pussy.

I felt him rub the head against my slit then he pushed himself into me. It slid in without difficulty with how wet I was. “You’re still so tight.” He gasped as he started with a steady pace. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I just stared into his eyes. I pushed my hips up to meet his thrusts and then managed to flip him over and I was the one in charge. I still had my bra on and the first thing Zach did was undo my bra and throw it away. I started to bounce on his hard dick. I could feel him hitting my womb, that’s how big he is! I hadn’t ever been on top before and I was loving it. I dropped down onto him hard and ground my hips against him. His hands gripped my hips and I picked up my pace, Zach began thrusting up to meet my thrusts and I felt another orgasm approaching. My body was covered in sweat and my chest and face was flushed, I could feel the heat from it and I threw my head back as I felt him spill his seed inside me as my walls clamped around his cock. I had never came WITH anyone before it was such an amazing feeling. I fell limp against him and he wrapped his arms around me stroking my back as we both tried to catch our breath.

“I’ve missed you so much Shannon,” He breathed out and I smiled against his chest.

“I missed you too,” I said and frowned as I remembered I would have to leave soon. I went to get up and his arms tightened around me.

“Stay, please?” He asked and I looked up at him with a grin.

“Well it HAS been 5 years..”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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