It’s Only a Game

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“Okay, I understand wanting to make the characters more realistic looking, but did they really have to make her boobs jiggle around like that?” Sara asked her boyfriend as he played his new fighting game. Matt’s character, a black haired woman wearing a skintight red body suit and wielding a pair of katanas, was facing off against another woman; one wearing what looked like part of a purple swim suit. The top of it just barely held in a gigantic pair of breasts that seemed to bounce with the character’s least little movement.

Sara looked down at her own chest. She was no slouch in the tits department, having a pair of DD’s herself. She again looked over at Matt. He loved his video games. They had met as college seniors two years ago, and even then he was a game afficionado. When he was in the zone, he was really in the zone. Even now his face was wearing a mask of pure concentration; his green eyes locked on the TV screen and his jaw set with determination. He didn’t even even seem to notice a few rogue strands of his black hair that were about to fall in his face. “Dunno, babe,” he said. “I’m a little busy making sure she doesn’t turn me into minced meat with that bladed whip of hers.”

“Oooh, a bladed whip,” Sara teased. “Sounds kinky.”

“Sounds painful.” Matt’s character blocked a few attacks, and then he launched an attack of his own, grabbing his opponent and hitting her multiple times with his swords. A few well placed hits caused the well endowed game character’s shoulder armor to shatter.

“You can strip them, too?” Sara asked. “Are they gonna fuck at the end, or is this not that kind of game?” The thought of a video game where the characters could actually fuck after a fight was Sara’s kind of game. “Play as one of the guys next, Matt. I want to see if the programmers gave them huge cocks.” It may have been said in jest, but it did make Sara’s pussy start to tingle.

Matt shot a look over at his girlfriend. He knew that she was both joking and serious at the same time. “You can’t get them naked, Sara,” he said.

“Have you tried?”

“Yes,” he added under his breath.

“Perv,” she said with a playful swat to the arm.

“Hey! I’m in a fight for my life here,” he said with a laugh. A few more blocks, parries, and hits with his swords was all it took. His enemy had been defeated. The next thing he and Sara saw was a close up of Matt’s character from the chest up. “Oh look, her high beams are on.” Sure enough, they could both see her Antalya Escort nipples poking through her uniform.

“Well, they are outdoors, you know.”

Sara quietly excused herself and went into their bedroom. She took a quick look at herself in the full length mirrored closet doors. Sure she wasn’t as lithe as the virtual vixens her boyfriend was engaged in simulated combat/foreplay with, but she thought she was at least slightly good looking. She had piercing blue eyes, fire red hair, and the aforementioned big tits that always got her looks from passersby, male and female alike. Her breasts got in the way a lot, but not when it came to what she was in the mood for now. “Okay, Matt, we’ve seen how good you are with your controller, but let’s see how you are with your joystick.”

Matt was about to select another opponent and combat arena when Sara came back in. “So you like to see huge knockers that bounce, honey?” she coyly asked. She was wearing only a pair of green panties. “Try these on for size.” She put her hands behind her head and shook her chest, making her tits sway from side to side. She then cupped one of them, lifted it up to her face, and slowly licked her own nipple.

Matt had heard about some gamers who would forego sex for their games, but he wasn’t one of them. He fumbled with his controller, making sure his progress was saved before turning off the console. He stood, his now hard cock making a tent in his loose fitting shorts, took Sara in his arms, and attacked her lips with his own. Their lips parted, allowing their tongues to duel much like the combatants in Matt’s game had. His hands slip down her back and grabbed the mounds of her ass, causing her to sigh.

“Bedroom,” she growled. “And take off those fucking clothes.” She quickly stripped off her panties and crawled onto the bed. When she looked over at Matt, she saw him drop his boxers; his seven inch cock sticking straight out. Sara rolled onto her back, opened her legs, and spread her moist pussy lips. “Here’s your opponent,” she practically moaned. “Think you can lick her?”

“You’re really getting into this,” Matt chuckled.

“And you’re complaining?”

“Fuck no.” Matt climbed on top of her and kissed her again, probing her mouth with his tongue.

“My clit’s a lot lower, cowboy,” she said when they broke apart. “Fuck the teasing and just eat me.”

Matt had other ideas. He first planted his face on one of those glorious tits of hers, kissing Antalya Escort Bayan it while fondling the other. He ran his tongue around the edge of of her areola, being careful not to touch her very hard nipple. She was writhing underneath him, trying to get him to at least touch her nipples. Finally his tongue brushed the tip, causing her to jump. Sara’s tits were very sensitive, and Matt could get her off just by sucking on them.

“Stop teasing,” she moaned. “Or I’ll do worse to you when it’s your turn.”

Matt’s mouth enveloped her nipple, making Sara arch her back. He grabbed it with his teeth and gently tugged, all the while pinching her other nipple with his free hand. She had started to make little mewing noises when Matt abruptly stopped. Sara gave him a death glare when she finally opened her eyes. Until she saw him heading south, that is.

Matt was now face to face with Sara’s trimmed red bush. He gently spread her dripping pussy lips and ran his tongue over her slit like he was licking an ice cream cone. He saw the way Sara was squirming and decided to be merciful. He sucked her clit into his mouth and began furiously licking it.

“Fuck!” Sara nearly screamed. “That’s what I want, baby! Ah yes!” Matt then slid a finger into her slick tunnel, quickly followed by a second. That drove Sara over the edge. She grabbed Matt’s head and pressed it harder into her pussy, riding his face while a powerful orgasm rocked her body. When it finally ended she collapsed on the bed, panting like she had just run a marathon.

Matt looked up at her with a smirk. “You’re welcome,” he said in a smug tone.

“Isn’t this more fun than video games?” Sara asked when she got her breath back.

“I never said it wasn’t.” He slid up beside her and again initiated a war between her tongues.

Sara grabbed hold of Matt’s dick and slowly started to stroke it. She felt the sticky moisture at the tip. “You’re leaking,” she said in a low voice. “Let me clean you up.” She pushed Matt onto his back, brought her face to her target, and licked off a huge glob of pre cum. After running her tongue around his swollen cock head, she inhaled him and bobbed her head on as much of his cock as she could take, all the while stroking what was left. When she released it there was a loud pop. Sara was done playing around. “Condom. Now,” she demanded as she sat up.

Matt didn’t have to be told twice. He reached into the top drawer of his nightstand and pulled Escort Antalya out a foil wrapper, which Sara quickly swiped from him. “Gimme,” she said as she quickly tore it open. She unrolled the latex sheath over her man’s twitching cock, and then slid herself down onto it. Matt reached up and started rolling her nipples between his fingers. Sara looked down at him like she was a predator on the hunt. Her lips were curled, her teeth were clenched, and she was grunting and moaning like there was no tomorrow.

Matt loved it when she got like this, when she was like a wild animal. He released her tits, grabbed her shoulders, and pulled her down on him. Then he flipped her over, pinned her hands above her head, and started thrusting into her like there was no tomorrow.

“Yes!” She screamed. “That’s it, Matt…. yes!” Sara wrapped her legs around Matt and held on for dear life. She could feel the tingle starting in her clit. “I’m gonna cum, baby,” she moaned. “Make me cum, Matt! Please make me cum!” Matt pumped her faster and drove her over the edge. Sara clung to him and trembled, her body quaking with pleasure. “I love you,” she said in a breathy voice as she came.

“Love you, too, Sara,” he whispered in her ear.

Sara released him after her orgasm subsided. “I don’t know how much more of this I can take, big boy. How close are you?”

“Pretty close,” he replied. He started to move again, slowly at first but building up speed with each thrust. He could feel the tickle in his dick get stronger every time he withdrew and pushed back in. Sara took his face in her hands and held him steady, feeling another orgasm knocking at the door.

“I’m gonna be so bowlegged after this,” she said with a smile.

“Are you complaining about that?”

“Fuck no! Now cum for me, baby! I want to see a huge fucking load in that condom when you take it off. Cum for me, Matt. Cum for me……” She trailed off as the pleasure again built up to explosive levels.

Matt meanwhile was thrusting faster and grunting like a wild beast. “Almost there, Sara” he groaned. “Almost….. there!” Matt’s legs shook as his cock burst, sending waves of cum into the tip of the condom. When the last few shots were fired, Sara’s head flew back as she came yet again. For a few brief moments their bodies shook and trembled in unison. When they finally regained control of themselves, Matt sat up and gently withdrew from Sara’s still wet pussy. The tip of the condom was sagging, weighed down by a full load of cum.

“Not bad,” Sara smirked.

“No, not bad at all,” Matt said.

Sara sat up. “You are so much better with your joystick than you are with that controller.”

“I should hope so,” Matt laughed. “I’ll take this over video games any day.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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