Jacquie – Nobody’s Fool

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This is my first effort here so please let me know your thoughts.

All participants are over 18 years of age.


I didn’t realise it was Jacquie until I excused myself for jostling her in the crowded exit to the cinema. I’d been to see a film with mates and on the way out a bunch of kids were milling around our feet at the doorway, so I had to take evasive action to prevent any kiddy injuries.

“Ooops! Sorry luv. I hope I didn’t hurt you just then.” I said to the poor harassed woman trying in vain to control the kids in her care.

She was about 5 feet six or so tall and had a tousled, collar length blonde mop that I love on ladies. And if any woman is worried that bed hair is not sexy, rest assured that it is sexier than any other style known to man.

“I’m fine, ya big lump!” she replied. “Why don’t you try your rugby tackles somewhere else instead in a bloody doorway?”

Initially, I was taken aback, until the voice gave her away. It was Jacquie, a nurse at the hospital who was looking after my mum after a fall and some minor injuries. A cheeky one, this one, with a wicked sense of humour and a real impish grin.

“Get out of the way then. I think I nearly broke a nail, ya hooligan,” I replied. “You’re like a thorn in my side. If you’re not administering cold water enemas to innocent people, you’re getting in the way of God fearing citizens going about their own business!” In the next breath, I asked “So, you’ve got the day off?”

She stepped around the corner out of the throng and called to the kids to stay together and wait at the snack bar. She explained that she had her grandson and his friends for the day. Just to take the load off her daughter for a while.

I looked at her as she spoke and thought that she must’ve had her daughter pretty young. I then realised that I’m over 50 and about her age. Where did the years go? She had just a bit of make-up around her eyes and she gave me a look of amused dismay as she described what she’d got herself into. Five pre-teen boys on a Saturday afternoon. Yeah, great.

We chatted for a minute and then I excused myself to head off with my friends. Before I left I complimented her on her hair.

“What? Like this?” She exclaimed.

“I love it.” I said with a wink. “See you at the hospital if you’re on shift.” I said and waved her goodbye.

One of my mates said “A bit of that’d be nice.” I couldn’t help but agree.

Next day saw me in at the hospital again to visit Mum, and I saw Jackie as she was coming down the corridor, bag and cardigan in hand. “Don’t you ever bloody do any work?” I called to her as we simultaneously approached the coffee bar.

She smiled and said “Get me a coffee, you noisy bugger. I’m exhausted.” And then, “Hey, your mum’s going well. She’ll be out soon.”

“So what am I going to do for entertainment now?” I asked, heading toward the cafeteria counter. “I’ll have no playmates.”

“Then you can just play with yourself,” she said, with that wicked grin.

I did a bit of a theatrical double take and said “How rude!” and continued to the counter with a grin.

When I got back with the coffee, I noticed her blouse was gaping with a button undone and a clear view of her bra and a bit of cleavage. “That’s nice” I said, grinning and nodded at the view.

“Oh shit!” she said and pulled her blouse together. Then she grinned and said, “God knows how many dirty old men got their jollies from that today.”

“I can tell you this one did.” I muttered as I stirred my coffee.

“Watch it, mister.” Jacquie said with a mock scowl. Her eyes sparkled and her pixie smile had me thinking I’d better be careful that I don’t have to adjust my pants. I also noticed she made no attempt to refasten the button.

We chatted about mum and the movie and a couple of times she turned in her chair to look up the corridor behind her and I got a few wonderful looks at her boobs and bra. The bra was nothing fancy but her boobs were just lovely. Probably a C cup or thereabout, with a smattering of freckles that just begged to be licked. Luckily I managed to drag my eyes away just before she returned her gaze to me but I had this feeling the smile was a little cheekier than before. I also noticed she was getting a bit of colour on her cheeks and she was playing with her hair as she spoke. A good sign.

We chatted a while longer and parted ways. As I was in visiting Mum, the old girl said “That nurse Jacquie is a bit of a stirrer. She asked me how I managed to put up with you.”

“I hope you came to my defence, Mum.” I said.

“Nope.” She said. “You’re big enough to do that. I think you might have a bit of an admirer there.”

I said, “Well, she’s only human. What do you expect?”

The old girl chuckled. She was getting better after her fall but still had a bit of swelling the doctors didn’t like. So she was in for a few more days. Maybe a good thing for me. I left an hour later and dropped by the local supermarket to grab some bread and milk when, lo and behold, there was Jacquie. Wearing bayan escort gaziantep jeans and a loose t-shirt sort of thing, she was wandering the aisles in the deli area when I walked up behind her, after admiring her lovely arse in those jeans.

“Looking for another victim?” I asked.

Stopping, she gave a huge theatrical sigh and turned to me and said “Are you following me?” and smiled.

“I’m not following you. I’m stalking you,” I said with a grin and dodged a pretend swipe. We discussed mum and the daily grind we all have to go through while we wandered the aisles together. At one point, we’d stopped while Jacquie put her hand on the shopping trolley and balanced on one leg as she bent and adjusted her shoe strap. This time I got a view of a very nice lace bra, a well defined tan line and white flesh at the edge and as her bra gaped a little more I was greeted with a firm puckered nipple. I was still looking as she straightened up and she asked me if I’d quite finished.

“I just glimpsed a bit of heaven . . . but I might just shut up now, shall I?” I’d turned a bit red with the embarrassment of being caught and that pixie smile and glittering eyes told me she didn’t mind. Hmmm.

We got to the checkouts where Jacquie said she owed me a coffee. Would I like one? My answer was a no brainer. As we talked she explained she was divorced, lived alone and was looking for someone to do some roofing work. I said I knew there were a few crooked operators out there and said that, while I was not a specialist, I’d go up on her roof and have a look to make sure the problems didn’t get exaggerated in any quotes. I knew a few blokes who’d steer her in the right direction, if she wanted to get them to quote as well. She accepted the offer and we made a time the following afternoon, before she went to work for her next shift.

On arrival, Jacquie showed me where best to put my ladder and explained she needed to get ready for work. Once again she was wearing a loose top with a wide scooped neck and the tops of her smooth breasts were beautifully on display. I asked her to hold the base of the ladder for me, just while I step onto the roof. That’s when it’s likely to slip. She can have a tub while I was on the roof.

“Well, we don’t need to see you in hospital as well as your mum, do we?” said Jacquie and then surprised me by footing the base of the ladder as competently as any tradesman.

“You’ve done that before.” I said.

“Oh, I’m full of surprises.” Jacquie replied with a wink and that bloody amazing smile.

I started climbing and as I got to eye level with the gutter, I stopped to have a look. The roof looked in pretty good condition from the gutter level and as I looked down at Jacquie I could see her looking straight up the leg of my shorts. Um, it was summer . . . and I wasn’t wearing underwear. . . she’d be able to see the whole package. On the other hand, she had one foot at the base of the ladder and was leaning forward with both arms holding the rails, allowing her top to fall open and display every little bit of her two heavenly mounds. Hmmm, no bra today. Dangling breasts and puckered dark nipples and tan lines and white flesh and . . . where was I?

“The roof looks ok from here, Jacquie. I’ll have a look around and see how the rest is.”

She grinned widely at me and said, “Take your time.” Again that raised eyebrow.

I could also see her watching me look down her top and we both enjoyed each other’s exhibitionism for a moment. With difficulty, I tore my eyes away from her tits and climbed to the top of the ladder where rested one foot on the roof and afforded her a decent view of my now thickening cock and dangling balls. After a few seconds, I climbed up on the roof, had a look around and saw there was a bit of pointing cement broken away from the ridge caps and a couple of cracked tiles where the satellite dish had been installed. Maybe two hours of work and half a dozen new tiles. After a decent look around I climbed down (carefully) and loaded the ladder onto my car, then headed back into the house to explain the situation. I entered the back door, looked to the bathroom door and saw it about a quarter open and the reflection of Jacquie toweling her hair in a pair of undies and nothing else. Her boobs were larger than I first thought, swinging and jiggling nicely and her nipples were almost as long as the first joint on my little finger and the colour of a light red wine. Her puckered areola were tight and her wonderfully soft breasts were sporting a beautiful vee’d tan line. And those freckles just set it all off beautifully. I watched for a few seconds, almost went in and then stepped out of sight and called out to let her know I was back.

“I’m just getting out of the shower. Can you put the kettle on? Have you got time?”

“I’ll always find a bit of time for a pretty lady.” I quipped.

Before I turned away she poked her head out through the gap in the door and said “Really?” and gave me that raised eyebrow cim cif gaziantep escort bayan and the pixie grin.

That was it. I couldn’t hold back. I walked straight to the door and took her in my arms. She’d already tilted her face to mine and our lips met in a heated kiss that made me dizzy. Jacquies tongue swirled around mine and she reached around my back as I grabbed her bum in one hand and slipped my other hand up her back to hold the back of her neck and ran my fingers through her hair. We both were panting as I held a handful of hair and moved her to the wall. I kissed down her neck and shoulder while I held her breast and squeezed her nipple between my middle and index finger. The skin of Jacquie’s breast was soft as only an older woman’s can be and I gently squeezed and kneaded her flesh. My thumb roamed around the side of her breast and onto the other and I could feel her pressing her groin against mine.

“Jesus you’re beautiful.” I said.

“Ohhh, shut up and suck on my nipples.” Jacquie panted.

She fumbled with the elastic waist on my shorts, and once past my cock, they came down easily. Her legs seemed to weaken so I lifted her and then slipped her free nipple into my mouth and sucked, felt the puckered areola and hard nub of her turgid nipple on my tongue, pushing it to the roof of my mouth, drawing it further in. Her breathe came out in a high pitched exclamation and then I could feel Jacquie trying to reach my cock, which was drooling pre come onto her thighs. I moved closer and Jacquie rubbed the head of my knob and made a chuckling hum when she felt the lubrication.

“You’re ready, by the feel of that. So am I” she said, moving her back around and leaning against the vanity.

Her breasts swung beautifully as she lifted one leg to reach around my thigh with her heel. She’d already removed her knickers and as I pushed against her I felt my knob rubbing against her vagina, wet with our combined juices. I looked down and could see her pussy lips pulling back with my withdrawing cock and then disappearing under the trimmed fur of her pubes. My cock was slick and shining and as I looked up she was squeezing one of her breasts and twisting her nipple. Seeing my gaze, she held it out to me to suck.

I bent my head and licked the side of her breast and across her nipple as I rubbed my shaft along her pussy lips, revelling in the feeling of my cock head sliding around her slippery opening. Jacquie pulled my head to her breast and thrust her pussy at me, humping against my shaft with a panting moan.

“That’s so nice,” she said in a ragged voice.

I withdrew my cock and rubbed it against her opening and clit while I held her nipple in my mouth. Jacquie was starting to buck against me, grabbing the hair on the back of my head as she pushed my mouth into her breast. I was getting close to coming when she tensed and grunted a few muted moans and wrapped her legs tighter against me, pulling my cock to her. I pushed harder into her warmth and increasingly she jerked and quivered while I held myself tightly into her and sucked harder as she continued to hold my face against her breast. I began quickly and repeatedly flicking her nipple with my tongue and I held my groin thrust forward, pushing it hard into her pubic bone while Jacquie ground herself against me in a gasping spasm that just went on and on, until she slowly slumped into me, gasping and kissing my chest and shoulders. I was incredibly close to coming myself with the way her opening ground against the base of my cock but I’d held back with all my might and every bit of my limited knowledge of trigonometry. Trust me it wasn’t easy.

“Wow! I really mean WOW!!!” Jacquie took a deep breath and giggled with joy as she said “Far out! What happened?”

“It’s still happening” I said and slid my cock out of her and knelt at her feet.

I pushed her up onto the vanity, put her legs over my shoulders and licked her juice slick thighs and up to the junction where paradise awaited. Jacquie sighed again and held my head while I licked along the side of her pussy and sucked one of her swollen lips into my mouth. I slid it between my lips and ran my tongue over the soft flap of flesh and then gently pulled it with my teeth. Letting go, I moved to the other lip and did the same before licking the skin on the side of her mound and then slid my tongue up the length of her slit. All the time, Jacquie was making mewing sounds, groans and giggles as well as muttering endearments about my tongue. I alternated between licking up the centre of her slit, probing deep and sucking her lips and then I sucked her clitoris into my mouth. Her little nub wasn’t very prominent but it was in the same place as every other clit I’ve played with. I had my mouth nearly full with the top of her pussy sucked into it as I started pushing my tongue to the underside of her cleft. This put Jacquie over the edge and she came again. Hard. Her hands were pulling my hair (not a fan of that), her legs pulling me into cinsel bilgiler her with her feet in my back and she was thrusting her hips up into my face. She moaned and jerked and grunted and I caught a glimpse of her hand once more squeezing a breast tightly as she writhed above me.

She gasped a few times and I lifter her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. She was sucking in huge gulps of air as I made it through the doorway.

“Ooooh, you haven’t come yet have you? Ooh, goodie” she said and that was all it took to make me throw her on the bed, roll her onto her stomach and lift her arse to meet my hot cock. I slid easily into her and reached under to rub her clit with my fingers. Jacquie moaned and humped back at me, meeting my thrusts and wriggling herself hard against me at the end of each down stroke. I was getting closer and started to pick the pace up a little.

“Wait, wait. Lay down. My turn.” she panted

Who was I to argue? I lay back with my hand above my head when she gave me a funny look.

“Wanna try something different?” she asked.

I replied that it was fine by me and she reached into a bottom drawer of her dressing table, pulling out some cuffs. One purple fluffy pair and another black. She then grabbed a couple of scarves and tied my ankles to the foot of the bed. She leaned over me and cuffed my hands to the bed head while I lathed her boobs and puckered nipples with my tongue whenever they came within reach. Jacquie crawled on all fours and settled with her pussy above me but out of reach and did one of the things I’ve always loved. She turned her head and trailed her hair down my chest and belly as she licked her way down to my pulsing cock.

I gasped as she licked my loins, hip and groin. At this reaction, she grinned and did it a few more times, eliciting the same response. Jacquie ran her tongue across my balls and then up along my shaft and I could feel her nipples briefly brushing my skin as she explored my painfully throbbing cock. It was twitching and jerking and oozing pre come into a pool on my belly. She made a humming noise as she licked the underside of my knob and then sucked the head of my cock into her by rolling her tongue under it and almost levered it into her open mouth. My cock was as rigid as a crowbar and my balls were starting to ache. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the tender ministrations of her mouth before I erupted the building load of come that was just a few more strokes and licks away.

She pulled her mouth away and said “I’m not very good at this, so tell me if I hurt you or if you don’t like it,” in a sort of apologetic tone.

“Fuck! You say that’s not good? I’m in heaven. Don’t stop, for God’s sake!”

Jacquie’s mouth and tongue were warm and wet and soft, then tight and she alternated between sucking hard and soft, licking and rubbing her lips on me. I got to the point of no return and told her I was coming. She lifted her mouth away from me and grasped the root of my shaft hard and tugged up and down as I started to come. Then, lowering her mouth onto the head, she sucked and jerked me as I spewed cum over and over, flexed, moaned, gasped and finally lay spent on the bed.

Jacquie wiped her face on some of the sheets and grabbed a drink from a glass next to her bed.

“I can’t move.” I said.

“That’s because you’re handcuffed to the bed.” She replied.

“No.” I said, laughing weakly. “I can’t move. And you might have to pull the bed sheets out of my arse, I came that hard.”

She laughed and snuggled up to me, gently stroking me. My arms, chest, shoulders, thighs. She rested her head on my chest and her hair tickled my face. She smelled of shampoo and sweat and sex. I could feel her eyelashes flicking on my chest hair as she blinked and let out a soft sigh.

“You ok?” She asked.

“Yep. Happy.” I replied. “That was awesome. Beyond awesome. I still can’t move.” And it was true. My limp cock was dripping the last drops of my come onto my thigh and my breathing had come back to normal. “Kiss me and then give me those lovely boobies again. I wanna play.” I jiggled the handcuffs and made a grunting caveman noise. She laughed and straddled my belly and lowered her mouth to mine and we kissed passionately for a few minutes as her breasts swayed and brushed against my chest. Her hard nipples kept my attention on my chest, rather than the kissing and after several minutes of this I was getting hard.

“Could I have your tits please miss?” I asked with a grin.

“Maybe.” Jacquie replied. “If you promise to fuck me. But ONLY if you promise.”

In reply, I thrust my erection up at her. From her position, it poked her in the back of her thigh. She laughed and lowered a nipple into my mouth, where I rolled my tongue around and around, before sucking as much into my mouth as I could. I mumbled the word ‘promise’ with a mouthful of boob.

“Close enough,”she said.

Jacquie lowered her pussy down until I felt first her wet lips and then her slippery wet twat sliding gently along my cock. Soon she was rocking around on the underside of my cockhead as we both let out the occasional groan and gush of breathe. I alternated from nipple to nipple, breast to breast and Jacquie’s soft breasts – so much softer is a mature breast to a young one – were mesmerizing. They hung down from her raised position and as one was in my mouth, the other was softly caressing my cheek.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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